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Audio Technica ATH-M50 Professional Headphones with Coiled Cable ~ $113 Delivered from Amazon


Hey guys, was looking at these headphones last night, were at $119 ex. shipping,
now they are $101.98 ex shipping, lowest price on Amazon yet!

~$12 shipping and paying with 12 Degrees makes this an awesome price :D

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  • I'm really keen to give these a go after falling in love with the $20 Audio Technica T400's from CoTD!

  • yeah the M50s are great. Though for me, the similarly priced AD700s has significantly better sound.

    Probably worth mentioning to any one looking for M50s, apparently they're very popular among counterfeiters so be careful if a price seems too good from a dealer that's not completely solid.

    • Should be quite safe with this one since it's from Amazon.

      • Yeah exactly, this is amazon not a store.

        • +1 vote

          only partially true, amazon won't knowingly sell counterfeits but no supply chain in the world is 100% secure.
          there's also some very high quality fakes out there too, if concerned look up guides on how to check if genuine or not (IIRC it involves taking it apart), but yes, should be safe from amazon despite them not being an authorized Audio Technica dealer.

    • I've heard good things about the AD700's too, but since they're open backed unlike the M50's for some people they just aren't as useful.

    • yeah, if you want to look like a total dork in public, go with the AD700s!

      • I love my AD-700s and I'm not worried about looking like a dork, but they are really not for public use… unless you don't mind irritating everyone with your music that they can hear even when it's set on the lowest level.

        • I used to wear my open back hd555's on transport and never got a single complaint. I actually got some compliments on my music :) (old school beastie boys if you wondered)

        • You're lucky. No way this would happen in Brisbane, at least with me liking metal.

        • I listen to metal too, tool; mastodon etc. Anyone gives you a dirty look you just gotta bert stare em down. Mind you i wouldnt sit down so people next to me and behind could hear, id always stand.

          I joke though, closed are better for transport and solve most of these problems.

        • I don't look like the massive metalhead haha. but yeah i dont sit near people anyway.

        • IMHO looking like an idiot is a small price to pay for spectacular music with fantastic sound, anyone who looks at you and laughs can go get stuffed anyway, cause you know when they go home they'll use their improperly installed $2000 sound system with inferior sound quality.

          I was told by a few audiophile friends that the AD700s have zero noise insulation and isolation, but I find the AD700s actually have pretty good noise insulation. Have tried them on Sydney's old style loud ass trains in peak hour and didn't get any disapproving glances, noise isolation isn't half bad either but you need to crank it up SLIGHTLY. Besides, I think it's dangerous to not be able to hear what's going on around you.

    • AD700 definitely lack bass - so if you like classical, slow music, they sound really good with spot on soundstage(definition). But M50s are a better all-rounder and the ones I would choose.

      • slightly disagree there, I think the AD700s only lack bass when COMPARED to the M50s. They still have good bass though, it's just that the M50s have great bass.

        • Completely disagree with you there but guess there is no point arguing.

        • Well I'm no audiophile so perfectly willing to admit opinion is unqualified.

          Additionally, there's no need to argue. You seem like a calm and reasonable person and if we simply discussed things we'd both be better for it.

        • Ha ha that was my point exactly :-)

          What I mean is that if you find the bass in the AD700 sufficient than that is all that matters… I certainly do not but this is just a personal preference!

          If you want to look at it in more objective terms than have a look at the following graph:
          HeadRoom Build a Graph

          Both the AD-900 and HD600 are what I'd consider neutral in the bass region. You can notice immediately that the AD-700 is signigicantly below. So yes, the M50s are much above however when saying that the AD-700 lack bass, I am not comparing them to the M50, I'm comparing them to headphones which are (relatively) neutral.

          BTW - if you said something along the lines of " I think the AD700sAD900s only lack bass when COMPARED to the M50s" then I'd agree :-)

  • fyi there is newish special edition m50 in RED.
    around $150-170 i think.

    • Yeah, I do like the look of them, but not for ~$60 more.

      • how about pro500mk2. they have in red and similar price with m50

        also for red m50, how about extra $32?? search on ebay, from dwiinternational. they are selling real stuffs btw.

  • These have a great sound signature for the price, with just about no leakage.

    Btw however, if you have a big head (like me), the clamping force might start hurting after a half hour or so.

    Also, Audio Technica redesigned these sometime in the last 3 or so years and they no longer sound as bassy as they did before. Keep this in mind when reading reviews if you're a basshead.

    • I've been reading re: slight stretching of the headphones with a tissue box if need be.

    • agree ^. thats why i never consider this, but tossing between pro500mk2 or vmoda crossfade LP rogue (both are bassy)

      • l love my vmoda crossfade LP

      • The LP's are one funky looking headphone. I've heard the build quality is great too!

        They were $85 delivered a couple of times recently (searched through ozbargain), which is a good price!

      • Apart from the clamping force, the v-modas get toasty. I've always wondered if the insides of my cans turned black because of heat… or because I don't shower enough.

        The lp's are also kinda of small, if you're an elf like me, then be prepared to have your earlobes squeezed

        • do you have big head? some reviews indeed say the design is not good for big people. since i have smallish head i prefer to have strong clamping at the beginning.

    • Yeah, these are absolutely fabulous sounding headphones. But the clamping force is noticeable and fatiguing for me after about 1 hour.

    • Do you still think this is a good deal for people with big heads or would you suggest spending more on something else?

      • In my experience the AD700's provide a much better fit for people with big heads. Having said that, keep in mind that the AD700s are an open headphone whereas the M50s are closed, meaning the former will leak sound. Of course, Audio Technica also made a closed version of the AD700s - the A700s - however they are significantly more expensive and generally did not receive as positive a reception as the AD700s did.

        It really depends on what you're after. The M50s are great for music (they were at one point commonly used in studios across the world), whereas the AD700s are great for gaming (they offer exceptional soundstage, and little enough bass that in-game gunshots an explosions sound natural and won't overwhelm your ears).

        Other similar-priced alternatives include the V-Moda M80s or LPs (looks cool), Grado SR60i or 80i's (awesome sound signature), Shure SRH 840 (good all-rounder) or Sony XB700 (for extreme bassheads).

        Sorry, these are just off the top of my head. There's probably more out there for you to look at - it all depends on your budget and your individual circumstances.

        • Thanks for your help, I will look into the ones you have mention.. I'm looking for a closed set mostly for music and some movies, I already have an open headset for gaming. The M-50's sound like the would be suitable if they weren't as tight, I wonder if they would stretch.

  • How are the quality on these compared to other headphones out there?

    • Yeah wonder how this compares to my Koss Pro DJ100 headphone i got from Amazon :P

      • Converter sound signature, but these should eat the koss 100dj - as they should as they are much more expensive headphones..

    • At this price point I don't think you'll do better. The sound is very good, not as good as open headphones that demand a lot of power like the Sennheiser HD600's but these are far more practical and less than half the price.

      The build quality LOOKS good but after long-term use you'll find it's mediocre. The earpads and the plug aren't well made.

  • Bought one! what a good timing - mum is going to have a print out of the delivery note that promises her the mother's day present is coming in a few days. :-) Have nice afternoon guys.

  • I brought these a year ago. Great headphones, crappy earpads.

    After a year of daily use they're clearly damaged and unsymetrical, because they're closed headphones this makes the sound slightly uneven. Replacements cost $30 a pair.

    • Audio Technica must slap on poor quality earpads then. I've been using a Koss Pro DJ100 headphone for the past 5 months on a daily basis and the earpads are as good as the day i bought it.

    • I forgot to mention, the small headphone plug is easy to bend and the cable isn't replaceable. I'd suggest leaving the big headphone adapter attached and then buying a big to small headphone adapter.

  • Nice. Posted this on the forum the other day, got no love :(

    • That sucks, I actually did a search of Ozb last night and this wasn't in the first 2 pages, blame OzB's weird searching algorithm I suppose. Would have been handy to see.

      • It's cool, glad you posted it - I bought another one haha. Maybe you can update your post to include straight cable/white? Seems to be the near the lowest price on amazon for both too. Good day to buy m50!

  • As I posted last time these came up, be prepared to fork out for new earpads every year or so as they go crispy in no time and start cracking. Clearly not made from headsweatproof pleather. They are good sounding headphones, but are a bit overhyped IMO.

  • I haven't found a good replacement earpad yet. I was quoted about $14 USD including shipping for new ones from AT spares. Still not worth it if you need new ones yearly. Mine have only done about 20hrs and they are cracking. Sh'ous AT, sh'ous.

  • australia rrp is 219$.
    the counter (now closed - at westfield cbd) offered me $190/199 - SPECIAL price, the staff said.

    well well… who doesnt want to save $75-ish

  • Damn i just bought this few days ago for $130

  • I got these last time they were on OzBargain. I'm no audiophile, but these headphones are really nice for everything from Pop to Classical.

  • Me and my wallet hate you.

  • These vs Sony MDR-V6, considering the Sony's are $30 cheaper?


    Still a price like these for headphones is still considered on the "low-end" to audiophiles right? Should i save and buy something more expensive with higher class?

    Someone give me tips, thanks.

    • Just like drugs, never start with a big dose.

      Start off small, appreciate the improvement from your previous headphones, immerse yourself in the richness of your newfound addiction. Sooner or later, you'll find that the M50s sound worse than your friends headphones, and you'll find yourself wanting more.

      You'll purchase a 200$ set of headphones, what a bargain! RRP was 450! You'll discover that you can get more of a buzz if you hook your new cans up to an external amplifier, perfect!

      Soon you will be spending hundreds on your audiophile habit before you know it, and it will be impossible to go back to your ibuds, or even your m50.

      So no, don't skip levels, otherwise you won't appreciate the difference and will be just wasting hard earned money. I'd say the majority of audio-naive people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 200$ setup and a 2000$ setup. Anything better will require an amp and a good source anyway.

    • These are good headphones in absolute terms, not perfect but still good.

      They're far more practical than most high end headphones because of the closed-back and low power requirements. Unlike most high end headphones they can be used on a phone or Ipod without a headphone amp and unlike most high-end headphones the closed earpads will block out noise and stop your sound from being broadcast to everyone in the room.

    • M50s are pretty good, you won't regret with this price.

      High-end headphones normally need good dac/amp/source to do them justice, which normally cost much much more than the headphones…

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the help everyone. I'll purchase these!

  • Can someone explain how you get such cheap shipping? Shipping to Perth is $35 for this item?? Am I doing something wrong? I didnt see any code to enter on this deal…

    • Most of us don't live in Perth and you do, some guy in America probably under-estimated the average cost of shipping things to Sydney and over-estimated the average cost of shipping things to Perth.

    • Check it isn't defaulting to express shipping, which Amazon does.

  • Is the coiled version better than the straight cable?

    • Coiled, as per title and link.

      • I meant, are there any advantages to the coiled version over the straight version?

        • With the coiled cable you're less likely to break your headphones and whatever they're plugged into if you forget that you're wearing headphones.

        • My bad, misread the post. Coiled is shorter? I have the 3m straight one on my T400 and its way tooo long.

        • It depends, coiled cable are shorter(unless you fully extend them), and more suitable for DJ purpose as you may move around different device so the cable might be stretched often. In normal indoor and outdoor use, the straight cable is fine.

        • I was tossing up between coiled and non-coiled. I just ordered the ATH-M50S (non-coiled). I think it just comes down to personal preference.

        • WOW I'm indecisive. I cancelled the order for ATH-M50S and got ATH-M50. LOL. I realised coiled would be better for my uses.

  • After much research and trying out different headphones, I bought the M50's about a year ago or so.

    For those who are interested in critiques, my only complaints are:
    - They are a bit tight and I get a sore head after wearing them for a while (I do have a bit of a big head though).
    - If you like heavy bass, these aren't for you.
    - They do leak a fair bit of sound to those around you.

    All that aside, they are very good, but I think I'm still more of an earbuds kind of guy.

    • Do you mean heavy bass as in Beats heavy? As in feel your entire head rattling?

      • Any idea on how they're compared to Beyer-dynamic 770s?

        • I haven't listened to Beats or Beyer-dynamic. I think I'm just used to the bass from Sennheiser earbuds and a decent subwoofer in my car over the years.

          Go and have a listen with a bass heavy song and consider what you like. Don't get me wrong, they are not devoid of bass, but if you listen to bass heavy music they aren't going to cut it.

        • DT 770 wins on comfort and clarity easily, the m50 had slightly more bass albeit wasn't as controlled or extended as low. You may need some sort of amp for the 770's, otherwise the bass gets all sloppy.

          Storedj had both of them on display couple of months ago when I was shopping for new cans, I'd suggest giving them a visit if you're in syd.

          edit: nvm you're in brissy

    • Yes I find that Audio Technica makes headphones which are generally more suited to monitoring; which means they keep the frequencies fairly true and natural. For those who want [slightly] more bass focused headphones from AT, try out the ATH Pro700MkII which I'm currently using. It's known as a good bass head's choice for something from Audio Technica.

      I have tried the M50 also and can tell you that the Pro700MkII has much heavier (but still clean) bass and better isolation in comparison. Just for your info..

  • got it on ebay, $129 with express shipping and Australia local RTB warranty, worth the few dollar extra I think