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Sennheiser HD 218i Headphones $20 + $9.95 Shipping Dick Smith Online Only


Just browsing through the website when I found this offer. There was a previous offer on this for $44 + plus 9.95 shipping and was surprised that they reduced it to $20. Really good headphones for this price. Not sure when this offer lasts though.

*Apparently the headphone mic doesn't work with Android.
ty dealboy for heads up :)

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  • just received mine and didn't even get dispatch notification.

    feel very solid for the price

    thanks OP

    • Not sure i felt the actual cabling to be say thin.

  • Received mine also. Did anyone get the carry bag? I didn't.
    Thanks OP.

    • i bought 2 and none had carry bag.

      • There is no carry bag.

  • Got mine a while ago and tried them just now.

    Sounds like absolute crap. Tinny, no bass, starts crackling at very low volumes. Disgusting.

    • +1

      Sounds like you got a dud mate, they're definitely not supposed to be tinny or without bass, or crackle at all.
      Are you going to try refund/exchange them? If you aren't, I'll gladly take it off your hands for parts for my HD228s - it doesn't require the drivers, just the mic in-line cable + earpads.
      Let me know through PM if you're interested.

      • Not sure yet, I'll have to check if I even have a case to return since it's not "faulty". I've never used can style headphones before so I dont have anything to compare it to, but it's far worse than my old earphones (sennheiser cx300ii) and my 2x6W logitech speakers.
        I'll keep you in mind for when I decide though.

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          2x6W logitech speakers

          yea if they dont sound better than logitech speakers your either deaf or there broken…..

          tried them in a different device? its not something silly like the socket is broken in the device your using?

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          It should have "Powerful Sennheiser bass" on the packaging - see if you can return it under - False advertising.
          They are supposed to have a nice subtle roar to the bass, but it sounds like you got a lemon.
          Even without taking out the foam - it should not crackle at all (foam-removal "mod" will clear up the muffling and treble, but if it crackles, sounds like something is wrong with the drivers)

          but it's far worse than my old earphones (sennheiser cx300ii)

          Definitely a lemon then.

        • I tried them in a few different ports on my computer - same result. Maybe it's only meant to be used in iphones or something…
          I'll give it a shot at returning.
          Thanks for the tip

        • +1

          do you have a fone/tablet capable of playing mp3's or something? or some sort of walkman thing? try it in something other than just your computer. it may be setting on your PC causing it. if you try it in something else it will rule out it being the pc causing it.

        • Good idea. Tried my android nexus phone and it's pretty similar. Maybe a little bit better and bassier but I'm probably imagining things.

          The headphones look a bit cheap overall and I can't find a comfortable position on my head, so I'm not really getting the vibes that these things should sound good anyway. They were what, $20+p/h? Not sure why I expected better.

        • If its crackling at low volume, its a dud.

  • I only just opened mine. Not the best pair of Sennheisers I've ever had but still decent for the price. Not as good at the PX 200s I used to have but they were $120 so I guess that's to be expected. These still sound better than half the crap headphones that come with iPhones, Android, etc.

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