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Sennheiser HD 218i Headphones $20 + $9.95 Shipping Dick Smith Online Only


Just browsing through the website when I found this offer. There was a previous offer on this for $44 + plus 9.95 shipping and was surprised that they reduced it to $20. Really good headphones for this price. Not sure when this offer lasts though.

*Apparently the headphone mic doesn't work with Android.
ty dealboy for heads up :)

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    Cool deal ..

    But, Just fyi — based on Amazon Review .. Headphone's Mic doesnot work with Android.

    Android specific comments here:

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      ah thanks for the heads up i'll edit in the original post

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    I literally had 6 different headphones thanks to OzBargain.

    Now I have 7.

    Great find OP!

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      You could've bought 1 actually good headset with the money you spent on 7?

      • +17

        If he's anything like me; I have good headphones, but every time a deal comes up, I'll think "Oh, this will be my muck around set", or "I know my other one is better, but it will sound different".

        Headphones and hard drives always bring out the hidden hoarding loony inside ;)

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          Sounding different is what an equalizer is for. You should buy new headphones that sound better.

      • +2

        I'm exactly like sama.

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        But if you are actively using them out and about, it's probably better to have seven that's good enough rather than knew very good one. I don't know how many pair of head phone I have gone through. I actually had a pair of hd 238 that broken on a trans Pacific flight, it had a straight plug that just broke right off when I accidentally pushed side ways while plugged in.

        • +1

          I had a pair of Skullcandies that were my "Just in case they get wrecked" pair on a trans Pacific flight too. They were wrecked 2 hours from the moment I bought them because I got up to use the loo, and forgot I was wearing earphones.

          So maybe you're right, I don't always get them for sound… I get them cause I'm an idiot.

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    Voices keep telling me to buy more.

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      That's just Scotty's new site feature.

      • Or him forgetting to take his meds

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      Thanks to OzB, from the last wave of torch attacks - I have bought 5!
      But I only need and use ONE.

    • If you're like me you've stopped telling your friends and family about your ozbargained purchases… Its become a virtual dependency which I have no interest in giving up.
      I walk around my place and see the stuff everywhere I look..

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    Only one problem, the ear pads start peeling within a years time… :(

    • In 1 years time we'll still be here hoarding Sennheisers and Audio Technikas, maybe even Beats by Dr Dre (dons Flame Suit quickly)?

  • Especially CLEAR mid-range perf out of the 218/ 220s, certainly unsurpassed for zeroing in on voices. I suggest in for a treat if you enjoy own 201, px200, 595 even. That is this pair's forte.

  • pricing error? missing a 1 at the start?

    • what do you mean? when I click on the link it says $20…. oh you mean if it's dick smith's problem?

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    BAM!! Been waiting to get some phones for a while now. These will go nicely with the four G Shock watches I bought yesterday! I think I'm now complete.. for now. Thanks OP!

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    have a set of sennheiser pxc250s, px200s, but still bought these haha

    thanks OP

  • So tempting…. Arrggg still thinking…. :(.

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    I will have some explaining to do when these arrive in the post.

    Any advice on the best excuse for such frivolity?

    I have already used - Nigerians got my credit card details and accidently sent it to me instead of themselves.

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    • +5

      lmao! My thoughts exactly!

      Was thinking I'd get them shipped to work and then casually bring them home..

      "Ohh nah honey, that's an old pair, always had those ones.."

      She busts my balls all the time for the 5 cans + 2 in ear buds I have.

      • +1

        LOL. My excuses was it is for the kids or nephews

      • +1

        Why bring them home? I kept them all in my office :)

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      I have many headphones, my wife cannot even differentiated a new one… :)

    • +4

      If you're this whipped- a $20 headphones purchase is the least of your worries :)

      • +2

        Whilst I can accept the whipped comment, there comes a point where you must explain the Audio Technica ATH-T400, and the Skull Candy in-ears last week then this.

    • +1

      I'll get these sent to work, then when I get home i'll explain i found the headphones on a park bench seat at lunch!
      (I've "found" a few things at "the park") LOLz!
      FYI "It's as cheap as a SUPER CHEAP DRESS"

  • +1

    Alright ordered 2. Thanks OP ^^ That takes shipping down to $5 each. My current pair of $2.50 Microsoft are about to die.

  • Good replacement for my dead porta pros??

    • not too sure as I personally haven't tried your headphones.. Don't your headphones have a lifetime warranty though? for $30 (incl. shipping) you can't go wrong. Plus if there's anything wrong with these headphones you can return them. In my experience Dick Smith don't chuck a big fuss about returned products.

      • yeah they do have a lifetime warranty which I've used once when in the UK no problem. But the local Koss people were d!cks and said I needed to pay $20 and wouldn't guarantee they'd fix one of the problems (connection of drivers to headband is loose and disconnects easily). So maybe time for a new set, or something different.

      • +1

        I agree so much with the 'can't go wrong' comment that I just bought 2. haha.

  • Anyone know if this mic will work with the headphone/mic jacks they use on ultrabooks?

    • +1

      I don't think any ultra book use TRRS receivers, except for MacBooks.
      TRS = 3 ringed connector, 2 black/white visible stripes on the plug, your standard micless headphones, 1 is for earth wire, 1 for left, 1 for right.
      TRRS = 4 ringed connectors, 3 black/white visible stripes on the plug, usually indicates the headphones will have a mic on them, 4 allows the inclusion of a mic wire as well as your standard 3.
      I could be wrong though

      • +2

        My samsung series 5 ultrabook works fine with my iphone headphones/mic, with both mic and headphones.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought a set for myself and one as a gift for my mate. Perfect timing!


  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just got one.

  • +1

    Thanks, Bought a pair (:

    • +20

      That inverted smiley makes me uncomfortable.

  • +2

    Bought two pairs, excellent price.

  • succumbed :( - I hope the sound quality is reasonable now.

    • +1

      I've never owned Sennheisers that didn't sound amazing.

  • Bummer. Just bought the $20 Sony ones from yesterday's sale. mmmm. Maybe a spare set or 3?

  • Hmmm, cannot get to the last page to checkout :( just comes up as a blank page.

  • +6

    arrgh, spent so much already over the past 2 months, a laptop, a Windows Phone, 2 torches, lingerie, knickers, 6 Blu rays, a waterproof camera, a non-waterproof camera…holy S***!!! better stop typing or the wife might glance over my shoulder…

    • So feel you on this.

    • +1

      (sigh)…I just ordered….not just 1 but 2.. (I am going to stand in the corner now)

      • +1

        Same here. Brought two torches yesterday & two headphones now. Naughty corner I GO!

        • I could resist the torches temptation yay!

    • You bought lingerie? But you're a guy…..

      • I'm Larry David. I happen to enjoy wearing women's panties

  • +1

    Wonder if these would sound better then the Ozbargained Phillips Uptown Citiscapes..

  • Oz bargain tend to do that. Sometimes you get free stuff too, which saves you money to make up for the stuff it forces us to buy. Lol

  • Dammit. Getting eye twitches. I want to buy. Need a push!

    • +2

      do it… I dare ya..

  • +1

    Thanks O.P.
    I will mod my old HD228 headphones, repair it with the ear cushions on these, and also replace the cable with these.
    Old HD228 + New HD218i + screwdriver + solder = HD228i :D [not officially made by Sennheiser]
    For anyone that also bought the $20 Audiotechnicas from COTD for spare parts on their M50s, take off the $20 pair's earcups, flip them inside out, and put it on your M50s.
    Also, unscrew the headband from the $20 pair, and doublesided tape the $20 pair's headband under the M50's non-existent cushion headband :)
    Supercomfy m50s!

    • I don't really think the T400's earcups are more comfortable than the ones that come on the M50 at all, maybe they'd be handy as a spare pair tho?

      • I flipped them inside out, see this photo
        T400 earcups are very slightly slimmer than the M50s.
        The thin foam piece (m50s have them), is non-existent on them (T400 earcups), maybe either the M50s I have, finally burned in, or the mid-highs is now more clear.
        I like them flipped because the pleather on the M50s and the T400.. make my ears sweat.

        • Ahhh, very interesting. I might try that out, no harm done if I don't like it.

        • The M50 earcups are slightly thicker (more foam filling in the pleather?) than the T400, so when you do try to flip them, you will find the pleather (flipped inside out) will be a bit bulgy and hard to slip on the earcups.
          It takes a little patience putting flipped T400 earcups onto the M50s :P
          Have fun and let us know how this goes for you :)

    • How do these compare to the COTD Audiotechnicas?

      • +2

        Audiotechnicas were surprisingly good quality for their price!
        It's been a while since I've listened to HD218s, but from what I remember, HD228 (with asteroid mod, i.e. take out middle foam piece, increases clarity)> HD218 and HD238 (although their numbering system and pricing says otherwise..)
        I may try asteroid modding the HD218s (foam taken out) to see what they sound like with the foam removed, but from what I remember listening to a pair at jbhifi, the HD218s were definitely not worth the asking price from JBHifi. The COTD Audiotechnicas, while very very bulky, actually were amazing for $20. But for me, I bought it for the parts :)

        Although I am a very strong Sennheiser fan, at this point in time, I will definitely give it to the COTD Audiotechnicas (T400) if you want me to compare the HD218s (sound should be the same, the i in HD218i just says the cord has a mic in it), especially for its ridiculous price tag for $20 (I would say they are almost on par with the HD228s, had it not be for the MASSIVE headband + 2 rails above the headband).

        • +1

          Thanks for the explanation, now I can decide NOT to buy this one since I already got the audiotechnica (and few other sennheiser). Save $30 for another torch bargain! yay!

        • Thanks, thats what I thought. The headphones they have available for listening at stores - they have been fully burned in right?

        • +2

          The headphones they have available for listening at stores - they have been fully burned in right?

          They're just hanging there, it's hard to say but one would assume so.
          Also they only have one from each of the Sennheiser line (they don't have HD228s, HD238s)

  • How do these go compared to the Adidas-branded sennheisers? They look the same.

    • +1

      They're the exact same model (according to specs), the adidas badged one doesn't have a mic + controls on it though.

  • I'd love to buy these, but won't as I've been buying too many things lately, and the family isn't happy.

  • +1

    Decent reviews. Do not need but want.

    • +4

      Bought two pairs. Damn you OzBargain. Damn you.

      • +2

        Bought three! hahah

        • Anyone for four?

  • +5

    Wasn't really in the market for headphones, but I ended up ordering a couple anyway. Good spot!

  • Now i can make calls to friends, while pretending to be listening to music.

  • +8

    Ok, I waited almost 4 hours for these to sell-out, they didn't :( ….. Now I've ordered two pairs.

    • +2

      Must be another computer glitch. Wait for the apology email.

      • +4

        Fingers X'ed!

        • +2

          Same. Held out for so long but have just succumbed to Dick's headphone deal.

    • same here… aaaaaand…. i bought a set

  • +1

    Got one thanks OP.

  • +1

    Too hard to pass up on this one.

    Had to buy it! :S Thanks OP but I can't help myself

  • +1

    "Ha! Look at all those people buying things they don't need. It always happens for popular deals. I'll never be one of them!"

    …aaaaaand I just became one. No regrets (yet).


  • how quick are DSE to post by others experiences? Going overseas Sunday.. be awesome to take them..

    • Last time I ordered with them, I got my order delivered in 2 days. If you do it now, may be there is a chance that you will get them by Friday.

      • cheers, i'll run the gauntlet I think

  • Smart remote is pretty cool. Ordered.

  • Better be good, Ozbargain. I'm on a budget!

  • Seems like every oz-bargainer will be hanging around with the headphone due to the unlimited stock supply though :))..

  • Wow still not ozbargained yet? Whats wrong with you guys?
    I ordered 3 by the way :)

    • +2

      It has been ozbargained a long time ago. DS just haven't been able to acknowledge it. Seriously, who is expecting to receive their order? I am not.

  • Yeah, looking around a bit more at the prices (i.e. the $118 @ Officeworks), I can't help but feel that they've typo'd (i.e. meant to be $120) - still hoping that they'll fulfil it, but am expecting realistically an apology and cancellation;

    With 3000 clicks, and maybe that many or more orders, at a differential of $100 per order (sure, there's margin, but for sake of conversation), that'd be a loss of $300,000. Even if you factored in if the cost price was 40 (not even factoring actual running overheads), and they honoured the $20 price, that's a 60k loss…

    • Perhaps I should hit the OW for a price beat tomorrow

    • The overheads aren't that big mate, mark up is.
      HD229s which are the new HD228s, which are supposed to be a higher end model than the HD218/219s (well they are), but lets take the HD218s as comparables shall we?
      If the HD229s are selling for $50 in the US as their standard price (, unfortunately does not ship out to aus), then in the US, you'd expect the HD218/219s' normal price to be cheaper than $50 USD.
      Hence, $20 to clear these out is a definite possibility.
      I'd say cost would be around $30 at most.
      Sometimes, clearing out old stock at a loss is better than holding stagnant stock forever, lets see how this plays out.
      Also, I know for a fact Bing Lee stocks HD219s, it would make sense for them to try clear out the HD2_8 range

  • Thanks. Just bought one.

  • Still waiting on a decent deal for the HD25's

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