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Sennheiser HD 218i Headphones $20 + $9.95 Shipping Dick Smith Online Only


Just browsing through the website when I found this offer. There was a previous offer on this for $44 + plus 9.95 shipping and was surprised that they reduced it to $20. Really good headphones for this price. Not sure when this offer lasts though.

*Apparently the headphone mic doesn't work with Android.
ty dealboy for heads up :)

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    Thanks bought one. Great post, excellent reviews referenced.

  • My Canon D20 is on backorder, I assume these will be also or canceled due to a Ozbargain headphone orgy

  • Dafaq just happened?

    I joined the crowd and bought one for no reason in particular…

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      Dont worry you will get yoru money back in a couple of weeks

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    I caved in and bought a pair. Couldn't resist at that price. Thanks OP.

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    Page not found
    We are really sorry, but we couldn't find the page you were looking for.
    Was the link incorrect? It could be that a mistake has been made in entering the link, the page is no longer available or that we are in the process of making site updates.

    • So in effect, getting the digest in the morning is saving me money

  • Thought it was a good deal until hit with $14.95 freight!

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    Good Price, I've got two, sorry for late post

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      so you should be

  • Haven't received an email yet saying order is canceled. How long does it usually take them if they do?

    • me neither, but the order status has changed to "backordered".

      • Same. "Your order is on backorder and will be shipped when available." :/

    • I guess they are still having meetings deciding who to fire and how they should handle this. Cop the loss or create a media sh!t storm.

  • Yup, just checked status and it's listed as backorder for me too.

    Since this happens a lot with DSE apparently, can I actually expect to ever receive this or will the order just get canned?

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    Well ozbargain needs a system in which reps of stores will get notification if there is a deal created to their stores. Its then the reps job to quickly verify the deal in case its a pricing error, then you can save everyone time, and people jobs lol.

  • Bloody Dick

    • It is painful

  • Surely they know about OzBargain by now and surely they can foresee good deals being posted here. Why don't they have a system to deal with this sort of thing instead of pissing everyone off and backordering/cancelling their orders? Limit 1 per customer? Anything!

  • You'd think their online store could keep track of stock levels.. Personally I'm not in any rush (with in reason) , and don't care whether they come through or not, but hopefully it doesn't take till next week for them to get back to us to inform us what they intend to do about it.

  • Looking at the officeworks site, they have the same headphones but they are on "special order" which are ordered directly from the manufacturer, does anyone know what this means?

  • So, thoughts from anyone on past experiences - cancel for money back or hang in and they might still honor in the next month? I can't help but think all we're going to get is a sorry and refund in a few weeks time perhaps with an option to pay significantly more for something else?

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    If it was a price error, surely it shouldn't take long for them to let us know. I'll be mighty pissed if we're left waiting over a week, only to be told, "Sorry, we f'd up, here's your money back".

  • Whilst i would like to think and hope the delay is caused by negotiation with the manufacturer to cover the order at the price we paid due to a bulk purchase. They do have a 30 day policy where they can do basically nothing before offering your money back or asking you to pay more.

    • 30 days! WOW.

  • They did sell the hd 220's for $29, they aren't much difference to these. So there's some hope they can come through.

  • +3

    Ok so its backordered, bloody dicksmith, so does this mean we should cancel the order and expect refund if they don't deliver within X amount of days.

    Also my Credit Card has already been charged.

    Why are they charging people if they don't have the goods to deliver? It should be charged when it gets shipped!!!?? Probably busy talking to suppliers or just holding on the cash.

    That's like keeping their cashflow higher, holding some money of fellow Ozbargainers….

    So bullshit.

    I swear if they don't deliver for this or refuse refund with no ETA, will not ever buy from DSE again!

    DSE obviously cannot handle "professionals"

    • A plus from me.

      Dear Valued Customer,

      Due to overwhelming demand we have sold out of the Senheisser Headphones you ordered from us.

      New stock will be arriving on Monday the 3rd of June and will dispatched to you immediately.

      We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions or would like to cancel your order then please contact our call centre on 1300 366 644.

      Kind Regards,
      The Dick Smith Team.

  • I'm also on backorder. I wonder if anyone actually got these. Hopefully they honour the deal. I paid with PayPal, so if they don't send it by day 30, I'll open a ticket to get my money back.
    Or hopefully I get my money back, and someone get these headphones by some random stuff up :D

  • everyone still on back order?

    • yup is for me

      i bought a set of wireless fones from another deal on here the other day so thinking of just cancelling my dodgydicks order

      • So did you get the wireless fones or not? is that also back ordered….?

    • Has anyone actually had their order fulfilled?
      100+ positives and 5000+ clicks

      • Mines still on back order :/

  • +2

    Just received a not so dick apology email… Good thing is that they're honoring the deal! Stock is dispatched on 3rd June

  • +2

    just received this via email. looks like its still happening.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Due to overwhelming demand we have sold out of the Senheisser Headphones you ordered from us.

    New stock will be arriving on Monday the 3rd of June and will dispatched to you immediately.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions or would like to cancel your order then please contact our call centre on 1300 366 644.

    Kind Regards,
    The Dick Smith Team.

    • Cheers for the updates guys (danblar & nosdan)

      Dispatching Monday, not too bad!

    • just checked. backorder for me too, but no apology email yet.

    • I've just received the apology email as well.

  • I'm sure if you yet to receive the email you'll get it soon enough. I am happy with their service thus far, they seem to be honouring the price and the wait time is reasonable under the circumstances. :-)

    • +1

      I can't say I agree.
      - No 'no stock' or backorder indication when ordering.
      - No email received since order to indicate backorder status
      - No email received (yet) to advise ETA.

      Sure they're a bargain and I'm happy they're honouring but it's still poor form. If it was a full price product I needed quickly I'd be fuming.

      • I haven't got that email yet. But even if they honour the deal…

        There's only one thing I didn't like is they charge your credit card when the item is backordered.

        This is clearly still a processing problem.

        amazon comments says the control…

        "Only the center Play/Stop button works. Microphone and forward/rewind/volume buttons DO NOT WORK for Android.
        This headset is designed for Iphone after all "

  • They are no worse than any other online retailers in my experience. Bing Lee and jbhifi have been vastly worse in my experience, and that is dealing with less of deals than this. If you were in a hurry and willing to pay full regular price you don't shop online…

    If you were to source this same deal from overseas you'd be paying over double and probably be waiting just as long. Other local online retailers will obviously charge even more and don't appear to have stock either.

    Yes their online store should display accurate stock levels, but they aren't the only one that does this, the only exception they seem to come through with their deals…

  • Got the same email just now, glad to see they will honor it…

  • Just got the email. Good stuff, bargain.

  • Dick Smith have just come through 3 for 3 for me so they have my vote.

    Previous ones were:
    Telstra 4G bundle -
    Canon D20 -

  • The people of OZBargain have been back-ordered by 2 D's so far this month…, ones a Dick the others a Deal… lol

  • Just got the email too and I purchased it as a guest. They still haven't charged my PayPal though.

    This was my first time purchasing from Dick Smith online but we'll see how this goes! I'm pretty happy that they're honouring it as my current cheapo set need an upgrade :)

  • I've received the email too.

  • Got the email hope they deliver next week.

    Next time gotta be careful with dick deals

  • +3

    Just got an email saying they will be shipping it soon. So should get it monday or tuesday…

    "Your order has been packed and is awaiting collection. You will receive an email with shipping information this evening which will enable you to track your order.

    Please note that tracking links may not work until next business day."

    That beat my dealings with jb and bing lee when they supposedly have stock but takes several weeks before you see it.

    • yup just got my email too :D

  • +2

    I've just received an email with the invoice too. It seems like the headset will posted today. From normal procedure, usually gets the tracking number later in the day and item will be received tomorrow or next day. I'm in Melb metro btw.

  • +1

    Me too!!!

  • +2

    Just received a new email from Dick Smith, seems we will receive our headphones soon.

    "Your order has been packed and is awaiting collection. You will receive an email with shipping information this evening which will enable you to track your order.
    Please note that tracking links may not work until next business day."

  • +1

    Same e-mail. This is good news, at least. The fact that they're honouring these makes me very happy. :D

  • My order has just been shipped via AAE.

  • I received the same email as chaos77 about 2 hours ago.

  • +2

    I've received the same emails, after tracking the consignment, it's gone to the courier's processing warehouse, so should be here (sydney) tomorrow!

    YAY, gonna catch the train tomorrow just to enjoy my new headphones!

  • Yeah it on its way for me too

  • +1

    I got an email with a dispatch notice from Startrack. Consignment starts with DS. Assuming it's from Dick Smith.

  • I have just received my headphones! Yeah! Looking good. I was expecting it to come with a cloth bag for storage, but it didn't. Oh well.

    • Same here, I got mine around 8am (NSW)

  • +1

    Just got a message from the mrs telling me there's a package waiting at home for me. It's either the headphones or one of my DX purchases!. woo hoo.

  • Received the headset from DSE, impressed they delivered before 3rd June!

    • Same, received and impressed! DSE is in the good books.

      Now to hunt for more bargains I can pick up today. If I'm going to get in trouble for it, I may as well make it totally worth it.

  • +1

    I've received mine too, impressed by how fast they came. The irony is I am still waiting on a package from bing lee that I ordered about a week before this deal and supposedly the item was in stock when I ordered, yet I still haven't received my item. Bing lee hasn't emailed me to explain why the order has taken so long, unlike dick smith.

    I don't know what the guy is going on about this being not a good deal. $20 for quality name brand headphones is pretty incredible. Even in the US you'd be looking at $40-50 for these. Some people are never pleased though, even if these were $2 they'd still complain. :)

    I have a pair hd 439 for comparison, Picked them up for about $75 in the US, they obviously are a lot better than these, but these are pretty damn good for $20 or $25 with postage. Actually I'm surprised by how damn good they are. :)

    • +1

      Just got mine an hour ago.
      Agreed, suprised at the quality, they sound great for the price.

  • +2

    received mine too, even the box looks of hi quality, cant wait to test it! i am pleasantry surprised with DSE on this one….

  • +1

    Just picked mine up from the post office - take out the centre foam for increased treble response :)
    I have no clue why but these definitely sound different from the HD218s I tried in Jbhifi ages ago.
    They sound like my HD228s which is really strange. I will repair my HD228s shortly and compare them.

    These HD218s just saved their own ass from being chopped up for parts to repair my HD228s (Mic In-Line cord + Pads).

    • Looking forward to your comparison mate.

      Thanks for the foam removal info.

      • HD228s repaired
        I think HD228s - possibly because they're burned in
        But their sound is so similar now. The only difference I can tell that is only slightly obvious is the HD228's bass has a slightly louder (smooth) purr to it (like how a nice engine in a car sounds)
        The HD218i have it too, but a bit less pronounced.

        I would say this - I would buy both HD228, and HD218i but not HD218 [very strange because the HD218i are supposed to be the mic in-line version of the HD218, the HD218 on the demo stand @ jbhifi definitely did not sound like the HD218i I have in my hand)

        To put the earpad [after removing the center piece foam, a.k.a. Asteriod mod from headfi for HD228, applicable to HD218i] back into the place, imagine one of the earpieces as an egg, with bearings NESW [North being the top of the egg, South being the bottom]
        Slide the earpad back ontop of the driver housing on ONE of either East or West clips
        Adjust the earpad such that the North and South clips are in place before proceeding to remaining East or West clip.

        • +1

          I can't find the original Astroid Mod post.

          Do you have it handy?

          Do you suggest doing the astroid mod on the 218's? I read, like you said, that you lose bass but open up the sound stage. Or would you rather keep the 218's the way they were?

        • I think the Asteriod mod helps slightly with the sound, the HD218i still sound incredible without it.
          Did you need a little guide with the steroid mod?
          If you do I'll post up a pic-by-pic + mspaint arrows to show you what to do haha
          All it really is, is taking off the earpad, taking out a foam piece and putting the earpad back on :)

        • +2

          Pics please ! :p

          Lol I want to see you ms paint skills.

        • +1

          May need to be tomorrow - M50 removable cable modding atm :)

        • Thx for a wise tip cwongtech.

          The initial impression of 220s (DSE deal earlier) can be they sound slightly stuffy [coming from px200, 595 et cetera] so I removed ALL foam in my attempt to get them open to the maximum. Impressively, this does expose previously hidden higher registers, whilst at a subtraction to bass level (lower the volume accordingly to preserve hearing). In the end, I have just put the outer foam back in to support the pleather, leave out the 'yolk', and it feels comfortable again.

          They pleasantly maintain much of a well controlled, thuddy-thumpiness of px200, and whilst being 'Asteroid modded" will agree voices through clean mids make sound that much more impressive from my 30.00 dollar set.

        • Dont worry about the drawing mate. Like you said very easy.

          Pull the pads off in the up direction (clips holding it in will not break)facing the head band.

          Take out the center egg shape foam.

          Put the pads back on under the clips.

          Sounds much clearer.

        • ok that was easy,

          just grabbed the foam on the top part and pulled it out firmly.

        • Exactly.
          Pinch the pleather and pull out and in the up direction.

          Let me know what you think about the sound whrn your done.

        • yeah the treble seems to be a lot more pronounced without the middle foam.

          very happy with the price

        • hey guys, whats a pleather and where do you "grab the foam on the top part and pulled out firmly" ? - sorry, this is my first and probably only pair of sennheisers :)

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