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Free Easiyo Yogurt Sachels from Easiyo


Easiyo is giving away 2 free Easiyo Satchels due to the product being discontinued at Coles Supermarkets in the next few weeks.

You need a Yogurt maker to be able to use the satchels, if you dont have one, they are currently on special at Coles for about $17.50.

Just fill out the online form for the satchels to be posted to your address.

Easiyo satchels are usually around the $3-$4 price range at the supermarket.

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  • Yumm! I love Easiyo. So easy to make. Ordered 2

  • Awesome find, thanks!

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      That's not a very cultured comment!

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        I find it hard to digest your comment.

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        Nice one danyool, that was very smooth

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      update: 2 love yogurt and 17 dont

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        maybe quit the badge-hunting…

  • I have nfi if my details were submitted; site didn't offer any feedback when I hit the submit button.

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      Green writing pops up above where you entered your address - "Thankyou …. blah, blah." I was expecting a pop-up screen too.

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      It does - not on a new screen though - just above your name "your e-mail has been submitted" or something to that effect.

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    PS - True Ozbargainers do a cost benefit analysis of using 1 cup Powdered Milk to extend the life of these sachets and get 4 times the yougurt - eg… - or, even more if you use a bit of your last batch as the start of new.

    • I do this, except I only put in two tablespoons of easyiyo. It's mostly skim milk powder in the plain flavours anyhow.

      You do need to be quite clean with your containers and give the bacteria more time to multiply than the normal instructions say though.

    • I find if I use any less than half a packet the yoghurt texture is compromised. I basically cut half weight easiyo powder with half weight milk powder.

      • You might want to try the left over yoghurt as seed - around half cup of yoghurt leftover + 1.5cup milk powder. It sets around 8h for me last night.

        Great find OP :-)

    • Yes, I add milk powder into the mix. It's much cheaper than the Easiyo powder and bacteria of course happily multiply without asking for more money.

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      I make a batch of Easiyo, then freeze it as ice cubes.

      I then use each ice cube as the starter for a new batch. Just add a few tablespoons of milk powder and a litre of long-life milk to the (melted) ice cube, stir it up, and put it in a yogurt maker.

      By doing this, I can make a litre of yoghurt per week, for six months, from one sachet of Easiyo.

      The above deal would be enough to make a litre of yogurt per week for a year.

    • I really don't think people would buy these on eBay

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        haha Ebay? Will give them away to family.

  • It's so easy, yo!

  • Thanks! Hope these turn up

  • I bought many packets of these, but they NEVER worked/thickened. I followed all instructions though. Does anyone have any tips? =)

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      Is it cold where you live ? If so put a bit of warm water in with it (does the trick for me)

      • Oh yes I do pour warm water into it. How much do you put in and at what temperature?

        • Boiling water, and the level is in the instructions, are you sure you have read the instructions?

        • Yes, but it seems to never work if I put only boiling water in it to the levels they say on the packet.

        • Tap water/ Filtered with the mix and boiling water outside the jar right?

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      Make sure everything is cleaned properly and free of contaminates

  • 2 satchels per email address……

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    just wondering why would they give the coles stock away for free as opposed to redistributing them to other stores as listed on the page?

    • Maybe they could be expiring soon?

    • Logistics of doing so?

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      How do you know they are giving away Coles stock? This is not the idea i got. Easiyo has a website and they sell through the website, although they do not sell to Australia, perhaps this may change without Coles, and they will be getting more customers details through the free samples promo. Im sure this free sample will have info maybe a fridge magnet on where to purchase Easiyo from, they may also be able to build a customer database to sell other Easiyo products, this promo makes sense to me.

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    Another reason to boycott Coles.

  • *satcheTs

    • Plain or flavoured?

    • *sachets

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    I make my yoghurt from 1L milk, 3-4 spoons of powdered milk and 2 spoons of culture from the previous yoghurt I made - (usually) much cheaper and (usually) better than sachets.

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      How is it for flavour, and how does it compare with the number of friendly bacteria to a sachet? My guess is that you couldnt do this forever, it would require a sachet for every 5 or so of your home made yogurt.

      • Flavour is usually good or better than before.
        Some people keep re-using the same culture indefinitely (as per link below) but I tend to do 4-5 batches in a row before starting with a new culture - either from a packet or just from store-purchased yoghurt.

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    AS mentioned before just do it the traditional old school way with milk and a tablespoon of your last batch of yoghurt.…
    (You can use your easiyo using this method as well and it's infinitely cheaper)
    I guess if easiyo is discontinuing then this will be the method you'll have to adapt to.

  • So why are Coles discontinuing stock?

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      The two reasons I can think of are they are changing suppliers or can't justify the shelf space to the sales they receive.
      Or for the conspiracy theorists there's always the chance they are trying to run all the little guys broke and take over the world.

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    People who do most of their shopping at Coles might stop seeing Easiyo on the shelves and think they stopped operating, unless they knew to look somewhere else. Aside from knowing where to buy from, this would probably also build loyalty to Easiyo since they need to persuade people who currently buy from Coles to go out of their way to get Easiyo brand yoghurt

  • Looks like this freebie now requires sending in the barcode from an Easiyo product to claim the 2 sachets. So not Ozbargained, but they must have received a lot of requests!

  • Has anyone received their satchels yet?

    • Nope, haven't received my nescafe sachets yet or the cat food either.

    • Not yet.

  • +3

    They just sent an email

    "Free EasiYo Yogurt Sachets
    Thank you to all those who entered the EasiYo Free Sachet giveaway promotion.
    (found on our Yogurt Sachets at Coles supermarkets).

    Due to the overwhelming entry response, (which shocked our staff into a coma of disbelief) we have been a bit slow to get them all posted out to you. However, I am told that the pack & posting is now well underway…. So expect your parcels soon."

  • Thanks for the update.

    Was wondering what took so long :)

    • Sounds like the coma of disbelief was some of ozbargains work.

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