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HTC 8X 4G $149 with Telstra No Lock in Plan (Starts at $60) @ JB Hi-Fi *Pls Read Post First*


Hi guys n girls,

Sorry, there's no information available on the website right now, but I saw a big banner being displayed in a jb hifi store tonight (didn't take a picture, sorry again!). I'm assuming this started as part of the sale going tonight, and I don't know how long it will run for. Maybe be quick if you want it and you think it's a good deal?

Looks like if you sign up to any Telstra no lock in plan (i think they start off at a minimum of $60), you can buy the HTC 8x outright for only $149 as part of the plan. JB is selling these outright at $504

Good price for a seemingly popular phone here on OzB.
Similar/related post here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/111093

Plus good way to test the 4G Telstra network, or see what windows phone has to offer, or both!

I'm guessing from their website, only blue is available and I'm also guessing that it will have Telstra software loaded onto it (feel free to confirm this or report otherwise!)

I added the link so you get a general idea of the phone specs.

Hope this comes in handy for someone!


  • Banner at JB Hi-Fi reads "Only $149 When you sign up to a new no lock in $60 plan with Telstra". Looks like you need to be on Telstra's service for at least a month, so $149 + $60 minimum spend. Thanks to @crazycs.
  • Receipt from JB Hi-Fi. Thanks to @unity1

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    It would really be no lock in if you could get the phone without having to get a month of telstra.

    Otherwise, you really would be locked in for a month which kinda means there is a lock in period of a month

    • -1

      you could always cancel 24 hours after you sign up and be charged pro-rata = ~ $2 since its a no contract within the cooling period

      • +1

        I'm fairly sure this is not possible. For retail store purchases there is no cooling off period. For automatic contract cancellation with no fee it must be cancelled on the same DATE, not within 24 hours.

        • -2

          All plans have cooling off periods (insurance, internet,phone, etc).

          Its part of the consumer protection laws

        • No Lock-in plans

          Things you need to know

          You can cancel your plan at any time but if you cancel you will be charged the minimum monthly spend for that month.

          Only available to new customers and those with a 13 digit account number. Included allowance and Unlimited Text excludes some usage; such as calls/text/MMS to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12455, 12456 numbers and to some satellite numbers, content charges and use while overseas. Unused allowances expire monthly. These plans require you to bring your own (BYO) Next G® compatible handset. Handsets that operate on 2100 MHz networks are not compatible with our Next G® network. To find out more, visit telstra.com.au/2100-devices. The spectrum device and ™ are trademarks and ® are registered trademarks of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.

          Just chated with Telstra Live Chat, see below

          Me: Regarding No Lock-in plans Month-to-month, if i sign up on a plan and cancel , lets say after 2 days, Do i get charged for the whole month or Pro-Rata
          Nympha: You will be charge a pro rata.
          Me: Thank you

        • +4

          That's not quite correct. If the consumer initiates the contract (ie: they walk into the store) then there is no cooling off period. What you have said is true in regards to door to door sales.

        • +1

          Just chated with Telstra Live Chat, see below

          Me: Regarding No Lock-in plans Month-to-month, if i sign up on a plan and cancel , lets say after 2 days, Do i get charged for the whole month or Pro-Rata
          Nympha: You will be charge a pro rata.
          Me: Thank you

        • -1

          You are talking about pro rata cancellation as opposed to a cooling off period. Lions is correct re the cooling off period.

    • +8

      Well guys and girls, this is the way I see it

      Even if you have to pay the full month and the pro-rata, you would only have to pay $149+~$60, making of a total of ~$210, which is still cheaper than the previous mobiciti link I added (which was phone ONLY and still well received). So you get the phone, PLUS one month of the $60 NLIP Telstra.

      If you can cancel straight away, you get it at an even better price.
      Seems to be unlocked/unlockable so should be no issues there

      For those neggers and those commenting on the deal not being available yet, I have stated that I saw a banner yesterday night (during the late night sale), and that the link is for phone info only, not the deal itself! so feel free to head into a Jb today to confirm, comment and report back

      So that's it from me. As I said, hope its useful to someone out there!

      • +1

        Some of you may remember the $388 LG Optimus G deal from JB a few months ago which had the same string attached of the $60 no lock in contract. Unless their system had changed, in their system inventory, it should say $149 so you should get them to check that because they definitely can sell it to you at the price that is listed in their system. That's what I did to get my $388 LG Optimus G and the sales rep was more than happy to do it.
        Edit: the deal (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/101790) I mentioned

        • I bought one of those but didn't spend any more than then $388 O_o

  • Well you can buy the HTC 8S for $129 outright without having to go onto a plan.
    Maybe they'll have the HTC 8X on the website soon as well with a similar kind of deal?


  • +2
    • +5

      Lot of things we don't need. But must buy.

  • +1

    Cracker deal, if someone can demonstrate that you really can opt out in one day and unlock the phone to boot.

    • +3

      As a Telstra Postpaid handset it will come factory unlocked. Only Telstra Prepaid handsets and iPhones are locked.

  • -5

    No Lock-In plans are SIM-only and from looking at the JB Hi-Fi page linked it says it is $0 with the $60 EVERYDAY CONNECT plan, I don't see anything there about $149 or NO LOCK IN. In fact it says outright is $504

    • Didn't you read the post? It clearly states it is not on the website at the moment. The poster saw it on a banner at a JB store.

      • Sorry I missed that bit. Neg taken back.

  • -5
    $60 Monthly Plan Charge + Usage Charges

    x 24 Month Minimum Commitment
    = $1440 Minimum Cost + Usage Charges


  • DOes this need to be unlocked to use with Boost Mobile, I would assume not?

    edit: Boost FAQ confirms it doesn't need to be unlocked.

      • +1

        this comment looks pretty nerdy to me

      • Fanboi talk here. Obviously never had a phone bigger than 4 inches to understand what it means for screen real estate and less strain to the normal eye.

      • +1

        My hands (and other appendages) are XXXL sized, so it suits me fine. I guess you'll just have to enjoy your micro sized phone so it makes your "hand" look bigger.

      • No point to argue, just depends on people's preferences and demands.

    • +1

      What? Agora vs Htc 8x? Just laugh to tear with this comment :))

      • Yikes…… thats a seriously weird comparison.. lol

  • +2

    till someone confirms this in store with receipt, there is still doubt of getting it for $149 outright.

  • I hate that this doesn't have a mircoSD slot, but for that price it's actually tempting.

  • +1

    Seems like a great price and I'm tempted but I'm not sure it's an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus S though :/

    • +3

      I say keep your nexus, I was in your position and swapped to 8X, the only good thing about this phone is the 4G.
      The apps are so out of date, the OS not polished enough.
      Android FTW

      • +1

        I had a windows phone before (LG) and really enjoyed the interface and my girlfriend still happily uses one. That said, I think you're right, it's a bit of a sidestep.

        • -1

          While the apps are getting better day by day, you really have to pick a Nokia phone or stay on Android because Nokia is light-years ahead of HTC and Samsung.

        • I disagree, the only Nokia app I would have missed is the navigation but that's available on all W8 phones now. Great buy and thinner and lighter than a 920

  • +2

    So there's 37+ votes and counting but has anyone ACTUALLY got this deal?

  • +1

    Great deal, though has anyone actually gone through with it?

  • +1

    I rang my local jb and they knew nothing about it. Rang the jb in the next town and they knew nothing either.

  • +2

    maybe it's just a store special? Which store did you see this OP?

  • +4

    Haven't return to comment in Ozbargain but I need to write comment on this one. Just want to clear the air regard to the pro-rata mthly charge. Telstra changed to minimum of a month charge apply since 1/7. Here is the detail : "You can cancel your plan at any time but if you cancel you will be charged the minimum monthly spend for that month."

  • +2

    This isn't a deal to me until we get some clarification on:

    1) which store was this at?
    2) are other stores offering it?
    3) has ANYONE at all managed to get this deal.. seems to me answer is no

    Can't understand all the upvotes until then???

    Appreciate the effort OP to give us a heads up on it, but would be great if you could at least let us know the store you saw this at… pretty crucial bit of info :)

  • From what I have come to know through JB HIFI Westfield Sydney is that they have very limited stock. I was able to get one through them even though they do not have the stock but 1 piece has been kept aside for me at Top Ryde which I will pick up this morning. The guy told me that I should be able to get the prorata rate if I cancel within a month since I do not have any Telstra services so I can try and then cancel if I am not happy.

  • +3

    Just rang the store at bankstown sydney they dont know about the deal and he said it does not exist
    He said the only offer is 50$ off any outright handset if you go with the no lock plan
    I asked him about it might be a store special he said no if one store offer it all other stores will do the same.

    Can some one provide photo of the deal pls

    Edite: had to make the topryde store call bankstown the deal is Confirmed

  • +4

    Just rang JB:
    - confirmed the deal is a go
    - 149 + 60 for first month with telstra
    - only have blue stock

    • I wonder why is this post getting negged? = =

  • Which store?

  • Robina have 2 and Tweed heads have quite a few.

  • As mentioned in my above post Top Ryde had 3 in stock as of this morning and Macquarie Centre had 1

  • Just went of the phone with Telstra customer service. If the service activated you will be charged the 60$ and no refund
    So basically its like a prepaid service when you recharge your phone .

    So the deal is 150+60= 210$ total coast of this phone

    • Can you sign up and not activate the service till later (i.e. not get charged)

      And then cancel the service without activating ?

      Or does the plan come pre-activated once you sign up ?

  • +2

    Here is a pic of the deal

    • +1

      I thought it was this

    • +3

      And here is a receipt http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/39370/17486/htc8xtelstr…

      Seriously, someone needs to train their staff better.

      • +2

        ehh does that mean u were able to get the phone without joining the telstra plan?

      • +2

        Why are you saying they need to train the staff better?

        • +6

          Because I rang 2 different stores in the morning and they said there was no such offer. Went into a different JB whilst shopping and found out it's available.

          No, still had to go on the $60 no lock in plan, but that part will be bill by Telstra. You only pay $149 upfront at JB for the phone. The handset was blue.

      • Awesome tag team right there!

  • +1

    I went to the world square JB this morning, signed a $60/m plan, paid $149 using the ING card. There was no stock in any of the Sydney CBD stores but there were a few left in Broadway.

    I picked it up from Broadway. Very impressed. The contract says min 1month so if I were to cancel, I'll still need to pay for the month.

    Ill try Telstra 4G for a month and then cancel.

  • How about the battery life of 8X?

  • Didn't see the discount at Broadway

  • Awesome deal, got one at Chatswood, they said they have 2 in stock (well now 1 because I've got one for myself ><)
    And they said 6 more will be in stock tomorrow
    Awesome phone if you don't use too much apps other than Facebook, Instagram, and any other "basic apps"

    • -1

      Did you have to sign up to the $60 plan?

  • -3

    How do you get billed by Telstra in this deal, can you give fake details so you never get billed by Telstra?

    • +4

      yes you can, but they will give you fake (dummy) HTC in return for your fake id for $149 :)

  • Surely you can turn the $60 credit into purchasing apps?

    • I would expect no. Once the plan starts, you will have $600 cap credit, not $60 real credit, which is the credit you can use to purchase in Google Play.

  • +1

    got 1 from jb bourke street melbourne that was the last one but he confirmed at Elizabeth JB has 5 in stock
    also confirmed about phone is unlock and i can cancel contract any time
    pretty good deal courtesy by scotty , reptile n oz

    • +2

      Lets spam the gumtree poster with calls and emails !!

      • Make sure you block your number otherwise they will return the favour.

    • maybe he bought it then changed his mind :P

  • Apparently if you sign up for a business no lock in plan you can cancel and get charged pro rate??


  • Bankstown JB have them in stock

    Will sign up to a buisness plan as i have an ABN

  • Ok

  • JB Mt Gravatt refused to honor the deal despite with the sku and receipts copies shown to the staff and manager. They have quite a few units there though.

    • JB Upper mount gravatt/Garden city had this deal when I was there today. Maybe try there?

  • Regarding the OPs remark about potential crapware, windows phones don't allow carriers to pre install apps, only OEMs. But they are still deleteable, unlike android. The carriers can have their own section in the marketplace, so nothing goes on that you don't want.

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up from knox City, Vic. They also had a sign up promoting the deal in the mobile phone section. $149 on the 60 no lock in.

  • Picked one up from Blacktown last night on a whim. Will need to ring Telstra today and cancel my contract.
    I'm still having second thoughts about whether I want this particular model of phone or not and might sell it sealed in the box. I need to get more enthusiastic about the mobile W8 proposition before I can commit to their system. It's a great deal nevertheless.

    • +1

      I have been using an iPhone for the last few years. I am finding the 8x quite a good phone and already liking it. I am going to miss some of the apps that are on android or iphone. One of them being the ANZ banking app. It seems all other banks support Windows mobile except ANZ.

      • Thanks for your reply. I think as the W8 platform matures we can expect bigger and better things from it. My main reservations of this phone are the limited battery life and limited storage space.

        • @ wolfenator87

          Im happy to take it off you if you want to sell it

          We can maybe meetup in Lidcombe or something

        • How much you offering?

        • $150 cold cash (Ill throw in a $10 iTunes Card)

        • Sorry mate, that is under price and I already got a hard offer for $220.
          The more reviews I read the more I am thinking of keeping it :)
          I don't use itunes :P

        • -1

          no worries, im just trying to avoid going in JB hifi, signing up for a business account and then cancelling the account an hour after and being charged pro rata

          Will cost me ~ $150 with method above

        • I wish I knew this earlier :P
          I could have used my father's company name and ABN with his permission.
          Not sure about the ID verification process for business owners though.
          TBH - I'm surprised this deal isn't getting more fame and accolades, only 64~ votes after 2 days.

        • neither do I, no. 1 reason W8 sucks is no mass storage support and doesn't plays well with Linux

      • @zebra Glad to hear your phone is working. Did you grab the last one?

        • Hi Unity1. I am not sure if it was the last one.

        • When I purchased mine yesterday, the guy grabbed it from the cupboard and ended up dropping it on the hard concrete floor. Don't know if anything happened to the phone (highly unlikely), however, the guy put that one back in the cupboard and got me a fresh new one.

        • from knox?

        • glass can get microfractures. Just because there is no visible damage does not mean its not weakened.. and it will break more easily due to normal wear and tear.

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