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Free 5000 Samples AGAIN: Reflex Pure White 50% Recycled Paper


Similar to previous deal yesterday for 5000 samples,

They add another 1000 samples, so be one of the 1000 to sign up at (<- This link does not work BTW, try the link that I've supplied)

and receive a FREE SAMPLE of Pure Enwhitenment.

995 samples left at time of writing.

16/8 6PM: Back in Stock : 4905 samples remaining

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  • Thanks :D

  • +2

    931 left!
    I got the last offer, so I'll pass this time.

  • Thanks. 926 left

  • Thanks. 855 left

  • Thanks. 835 left

  • 681 left
    50 gone by one refresh!!!!!

    Thanks a lot !

    • +3

      That was me…

      • That one refresh?

  • Cheers, got one.

  • Thanks OP!

  • 663 left, Thanx OP.

  • I kinda see a pattern here, after 1000 is gone, they'll come back with another 200…

    What'll they release after that?

  • +1

    Is this a full ream? :-)

  • 560 Left. Love free "Pure Enwhitenment"

  • 474

  • thanks OP

    408 left

  • 377 to go

  • 374

  • Thanks op. 368 left, going quick

  • 320 left

  • Thanks, must be 319 now, though it was 322 when I did my thing.

  • 292

  • 321

  • +3

    Called Reflex and it's a 15 page sample!!! Wow, generous.

  • 28

  • +8

    This shows how people willing to waste good bit of effort for a freebies even though it cost only 15cents (15 page with $5 usual price for 1 ream) it is still freebies??

    1 hour of work = $20

    cost to fill the detail etc ~1.5 minutes
    cost to fill the detail in $ = 50 cents

    For 15 cents worth of freebies it is sure a disproportionate effort and not a good economic judgement

    • -3

      Have you factored in driving to office works/Coles/wherever to pick up a ream of paper, waiting in line, paying, driving back, as compared to doing this online with a few keyboard clicks?

      • its much cheaper to factor in cost/time if its just getting up from the desk and going to the stationary cabinet……

        • As long as the cabinet really does stay still..

    • +3

      how much time/money did you just expend on that cost-benefit analysis?

      • -1

        even worse, did he print it out on 15 pages of paper until it looked right?

    • +5

      antzz: I think you may be missing the point that for ozbargainers this is a hobby, and time spent on hobbies is almost by definition disproportionate to the tangible economic value.

      You are confusing cost benefit analysis for a business with cost benefit analysis for a hobby. They can use quite different values of time/effort.

      • I think you'll find most people on here are professionals, not hobbyists.

    • +1

      Couldn't an argument be made that since you are prepared to work for $20 an hour that you value your time at less than that and not equal to because if you valued your time at $20 an hour then it's not worth your working unless you can get more than that.

      Cost for me to fill in a form is nothing and I get the enjoyment of getting another package in the mail. I used to hate getting mail since all I ever got was Christmas cards and bills, now I get parcels with gadgets and cool shit I ordered 5 weeks ago (and have forgotten about) from china and a couple of times a week I get a freebie.

      Also from your logic you just cost yourself a dollar to post that…

      • I think the $20 an hour could be seen to be lost opportunity cost. If you miss $20 of earnings from spending 1 hour on another activity then the cost to you of that other activity is $20 - assuming that is the after-tax take home pay.

        But do you really lose $1 income if you spend 3 minutes on ozbargain or getting a coffee or checking FB …

        • I'm just trying to use his logic in the 'cost 50cents filling in a form'.
          Of course it doesn't cost anything to fill in the form, I mainly found it funny that he/she typed out all of that to say that it's not worth it to fill in the form.

          Lets assume he didn't fill in the form, not filling in the form and it took him at least 2 times as long to type the message as it would to fill in the form and he got nothing. Or just fill in the form and get some free paper.

    • +2

      Time to fill in detail etc ~4 seconds with Chrome auto-fill.

    • your just spewing coz u missed out, sore loser!

    • many people work at a computer or have a phone, tablet with some kind of form filler.. so really 'time taken to fill the form' is just you being butthurt you missed out two times in a row..

  • 0 left

    I kept resubmitting the form haha

  • gone

  • +1

    Too late.

    I don't like Ozbargain anymore :-)

  • Thanks OP got one :)

  • Yay free paper

  • Back in stock 5:53PM

    • Thanks. 4669 now… Again!

  • 4608.. make that 4607 :D

  • I got recycled Reflex at home. I always support environmental friendly products.

    • Is that pure comedy?

  • 3700 samples left people! Better hurry before goes out of stock in 6hours again.

  • Still available this morning! 3395 left.

  • 3194 Left

  • 3126

  • +1

    LOL you can claim more than one sample with the same information. It works because once you claim another one, the number of samples left would decrease by one

  • How many sheets in one sample?

  • 1250 samples left - thanks OP.

  • Just noticed they added another 5000…So 4533 remaining at time of this post!!!

  • It's on again, only 158 left hurry up

  • Received the sample today. Received 30 sheets. A bit disturbing as my address label was stuck on top of someone else's. Looks like they're not getting a sample…

    • hmm, there is also a delivery address under mine

  • i received my sample today.

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