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7-Eleven Buy a Large Slurpee and Get Unlimted Refills for The Day - 23/9


1. Buy a large slurpee and collect your sticker
2. Come back to the store to refill
3. Present your sticker to pay and then receive another sticker
4. Continue Steps 1-3 till the end of the day

It seems a better deal than the BYO Cup Day

Terms & Conditions

Receive a sticker at the counter after you purchase a Large Slurpee on 23.9.13 to receive free Large Slurpee refills for the remainder of the day at any 7-Eleven store in Australia. Must present the cup with sticker at counter to receive free refill. Offer available until 11:59 on 23.09.13 & subject to availability.

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  • +21

    I imagine the machines will 'break down' a few hours into the promotion ;)

    • I'm surprised they didn't do this in winter. Slurpee peak periods are coming now. :D

  • +3

    The paper cup will 'break down' within few refills

  • +21

    Free Diabetes Day

    • -2

      Huh?? A slurpee has the same amount of sugar as a typical soft drink. It's no different than having a couple of cans of Coke. Does everyone who drinks Coke end up with diabetes?

      • +2

        Probably. I don't drink it.

      • +1

        The problem is the free refill :) It's too tempting, I'd say

  • +7

    So many possibilities..
    - Can you transfer your sticker and cup to a mate, out of sight?
    - Do I have to return to the same 7-eleven? Could do a city tour!
    - Keep a massive esky in the boot of your car and go in and out to potentially fill the whole thing?

    Man it better be a hot day.

    • +3

      "at any 7-Eleven stores in Australia" so yes you could do a crack sugar city tour

    • -1

      "Must present the cup with sticker"

      Rules out points 1 & 3

      • +45

        If you're really desperate, you could have your mate follow you around and stay out of the store.

        1. You walk into store and buy 1 x Slurpee.
        2. Apply sticker to cup.
        3. Walk outside, around the corner with your mate.
        4. Pour your Slurpee into the cup they brought with them.
        5. Walk back into the store and refill your cup.

        However, you need to balance that fine line between OzBargainer and Sad Hobo, and as you're crouched in a urine-stained alley, transferring a Slurpee to another cup and ending up with sticky residue all down your sleeve, you might ultimately decide your dignity has a small value. :-)

        • lol @ sad hobo

        • +6

          6) walk outside to mate lying on ground with major brainfreeze

        • +1

          Would be easier to just grab two cups at once, (one inside the other) fill the cup pay for the slurpee and then the sticker is on the outside clean cup ready for a mate outside with a fresh clean cup with a sticker.

  • +2

    You could just start stockpiling cups now ;-)

  • +7

    I don't recall a day where I actually wanted to drink more than a single large Slurpee. :\

    • +2

      i don't recall a day when i wanted to drink slurpee fullstop :/

      • +5


        I won't pretend they are healthy, or that I have more than about 1 per year, but slurpees are goddamn delicious and you know it.

        • +4

          neh. i get my frozen cokes for $1 from HJ the ozb way

        • +1

          Why do you pay for them? Aren't you using the HJ App to get them for free?

  • +1

    BRING 7eleven TO ADELAIDE!!!

  • Why do you get a second sticker?

    • +1

      So you can get more Slurpees?

    • I was wondering this too… because then what I have my original cup with a sticker on it, plus this new sticker? Or are they giving you a new cup every time? Or are the stickers just to show how many you've gotten?

  • +5

    I guess it could be worse, like Bart and Milhouse getting the All Syrup Super Squishy Bender


  • +1
  • +1

    I don't think I could stomach more than 1 large Slurpee in a day. Gettin' too old for this shit!

  • good activity for the kids on day 1 of the holidays.

    kids already been thru once.

  • bringin the cup back in from the outside is an OHS concern… p.s dont bash the messenger there the rules.

    • +1


    • +1

      Messengers have been bashed for more coherent posts than yours. Watch out.

  • Whaaaat that was today?!

  • +3

    I got the cup, but i couldn't face refilling it, so bloody sugary.

    • +1

      I suspect that's their motive.

      You're given the false illusion of incredible value, but unbeknownst yo you, it's worthless value.

      • Was wondering why there were kids lying outside motive!

  • Free big mc from mc champ at mcdonalds + slurp + shake and win from HJ, Gota be full after.

    • +1

      There's no more big macs :(

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