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Telstra Prepaid Micro or Nano SIM Starter Kits $15 @ Coles (with Bonus 1500 Flybuys Points)


Spotted this in the Coles catalogue starting tomorrow.

Telstra Prepaid Micro SIM Starter kits $15
Telstra Prepaid Nano SIM Starter kits $15

A good price, made even better considering the bonus FlyBuys points are effectively worth $7.50, making the net cost to you really only $7.50. Cha ching!

Oh…..yeah. Sorry.

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  • it says they are compatible with apple devices, can someone explain why there are separate nano sim starters for ipads?

    • +1

      iPad = Compatible with the MicroSIM
      iPad Mini = Compatible with the NanoSIM

      • Thanks
        but I mean why are there specific starter packs the ones in white packaging with the blue lettering specifically for ipads?

        • I believe the ones that is specifically for ipad gives you fixed amount of data only. This one gives you $ credit that can be used for calls and data.

        • oh right thanks.
          so you get the 'cap encore' with this sim instead of the 3gbs that you get with the ipad specific one right?

          so then does anyone know if after buying this we can change the 'cap encore' to the 3gb ipad specific plan? like through telstra 24x7 or the telstra chat?

        • If you activate as Cap Encore (or any other Pre-Paid MOBILE) offer, I don't think you can change to Pre-Paid IPAD (or Pre-Paid DATA+ CAP or BROADBAND). These plans are separate Classes of Telstra Pre-Paid which are not interchangeable without losing credit. If you however activate as Pre-Paid IPAD to begin with (using Phone activation to speak to an operator or 24x7) you can begin on the Pre-Paid iPad plan, with $30.00 of credit at Pre-Paid iPad data rates.

    • +10

      If you buy 72 of these, you'll get enough flybuy points to redeem a free iPad

  • I'm interested to know how you would figure out that Flybuys points is worth $7.50? Like is that redeemable for cash/gift cards or is that an approximate value of the amount you would save off buying an item through FlyBuys?

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      you can get a $10 gift card/flybuys dollars for every 2000 points

      • So if you buy 2 do you get 3000 points? If so, do you have to buy them in separate transactions? Or are these deals once per card?

        • I would think that you'd get 3000 points, and that you can buy multiple but up to a maximum number. not too sure though sorry

    • 2000 points can be redeemed for $10 to spend at Coles etc, making 1500 points worth $7.50.

  • I still think this is a "deal" compared to what you would pay these days at face value (ie. rip off), but we should be questioning big time why these SIM's now come with only 400MB data when they used to come with 3GB data. Telstra are getting tighter and tighter now their competitors are dropping like flies.

    • Not sure why they are listing encore prepaid details. These should work on any plan

    • It's only the ipad nano SIM comes that comes with 3GB of data. It's on special at Australia post for $10.

  • So, if I buy 4 in a single transaction will I get 6000 points or would I have to buy them individually?

    • It says you get the points when you activate it before 9/10.
      Also 1 per person.

  • I'm not sure how to interpret the terms and conditions but there is a line that states limit 1 per customer… [and then] to qualify for this offer you must… activate included SIM before 09/10/13.
    Link: http://www.coles.com.au/catalogues/weekly/current/c-vic-met/…

    • Isnt that for the mobile broadband?

      • Your probably right. Though from what bruchfromaustralia posted, it seems like you have to activate the SIM before the 30th Sep.

  • Ozbargainers, I'm after the cheapest Optus/Telstra (resellers included) option that includes at least 1.5gb/month and about $500 worth of calls.

    I'm at the end of my contract ($70/month) and would like to use my current phone with a postpaid or prepaid sim. Reception with Optus is fine for me.

    Thanks for any feedback :)

    • Have a look at Boost. Telstra reseller, $40 a month including unlimited calls and text and 3GB a month. On the NextG network though, so no 4G, but it is faster than Aldi.

    • +2

      Have a look at Vaya's Power Plans. This one might suit you:
      * $18/month
      * 1.5 GB data (compatible with tethering)
      * $650 included credit
      * BYO phone, post-paid, Optus 3G and 4G network

      SIM pack costs $20.

      • Thanks guys. $18/month looks awesome. Thank you :)

        • +1

          Just be careful with them & make sure you have a data counter on your phone to prove any data usage disputes.

      • +1

        Be careful with Vaya as they bill in 1mb increments. This means, if you use a lot of social networking/whatsapp,etc each message will count as 1MB instead of the usual few kB. This can add up, depending on what you use your data allowance for

    • Not as good value for money as Vaya but the $19.90 deal from Amaysim is good. Doesnt have 4G, but for most mobile data actions, 3G seems to suit me fine.

    • I am with an Optus reseller vaya.net.au For $18 a month your could get $650 call / text credit a month and 1.5 GB data. http://www.vaya.net.au/?option=Mobile&4Gsimonly&plan=Power Plans

      This price is a recent reduction. Last month they were selling this same plan for $22.

  • i think you only get the bonus points once per flybuys card and also need to activate to get it.

    • +1

      That's what the FlyBuys email I received stated…
      T&C: You need to activate FlyBuys offer
      You need to activate SIM by 28/10 to get points
      1500 pts per starter pack in one transaction, up to 5
      Also available for standard SIM STARTER PACK

      • In the NSW Metro Coles catalogue it doesn't mention as to whether it needs to be activated before a certain date for this particular offer.

        The activation date on the fineprint is for the prepaid broadband modem.


        • Those were T&C associated with an activated Flybuys offer I received in Flybuys email tonight, and may be different to the catalogue offer.

          Note the different uses of "activate" in the offer - activate Flybuys offer/buy by 30/9 & activate SIM before 28/10 - are different dates.

        • If that were the case, then you are basically getting 1500 points for general catalogue offer and another 1500 points for flybuys offers specific to you? that looks like a total bargain! i didn't get that offer, though :(

        • Once you buy the deal with the necessary Flybuys card, that will count as the 1 transaction, activating the offer. Of course you could just grab another card (apply at time of purchase) to get more than 1 offer :-) But seems no point as you can buy 5 SIM on 1 card in the 1 transaction.

  • +3

    Don't forget to use your ING PayWave and save a further 75c off!

  • +2

    T&C from Flybuys points email received tonight..
    (Note offer expires 30 September, so emails may still be sent.)

    Telstra Starter SIM Kit offer Offer available until 30/09/13
    when you purchase a
    $30 Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit, Micro, or Nano SIM Starter Kit for $15
    in-store at Coles (including BI-LO excludes Coles Online).

    You must activate this offer and present your flybuys card at the time of purchase.

    You must then activate your SIM before 28/10/13 to receive the 1,500 BONUS POINTS.

    You will receive 1,500 BONUS POINTS for every Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Starter or Micro SIM Starter Kit you purchase within the one transaction, up to amaximum of 5.

    Standard ID checks apply. The Pre-Paid offer you select will determine your credit expiry date and bonuses. Offer is not transferable. Points awarded after savings and discounts and will be credited up to 8 weeks from expiry of this offer.

    • So no use stockpiling!
      As you need to activate ALL (up to 5) SIMs by 28/10 to receive 1500pts each.

  • how does flybuys know that you have/have not activated it? do they ask telstra?

    • Telstra notifies Flybuys of activation, then Flybuys applies the points.

      • hmm im sceptical.. sounds like a lot of admin work and effort to get this all tied up between the companies for a one-off deal..
        my bet is that they won't be able to tell.

        • Not a 1 off deal. Coles frequently does this type of deal with Telstra - with recharges, prepaid phones with included $10 SIM etc.

  • Just what I need for play store credit. Better than pay full price.

  • Sounds like half price Android apps to me. Activate the SIM with $30 credit, put it in your phone, then buy apps and choose to bill them to your service as the payment method.

    Cheap games!

    • 1/4 the price actually, with the flybuys dollars :)

      • 22.5% after ING PayWave rebate & Flybuys redemption :-)

  • DSE are doing $15 on all their $30 SIMs, including the Telstra iPad 3gb packs.

    edit Doesnt seem to be on their site, but they had them instore yesterday (Monday) when I was there.

    • +1

      They're half price almost all the time. The deal here is the additional flybuy points.

    • But this is 1/4 price after redeeming points!

    • @ GaelicAU
      Deal ended Monday at Dick Smith (per Catalogue)

  • How about the standard sims are they also $15?

    • T&C posted above state standard SIM STARTER PACK is included in this $15 plus pts deal.

      • Correction: points only, SIM is $30 :-(

  • Do these work as android credit?

    • Read the post above or any of the old Telstra Starter pack deals (lots of helpful suggestions) - yes.

  • So the 1500 flybuys can stack, to bad it's only till the end of this month, no way I'm gonna active 50 SIM cards in a months of 30 day expiry!

  • as mentioned in http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/115840, auspost still have 3gb data-only ipad micro sims for $10 which can be changed to $30 voice/data credit upon activation via live chat

    • Grab both!
      2 from Coles ($7.50ea in 1 transaction with Flybuys) for next 2 months (can chat with Telstra to change to 3GB data use in "iPad" & still use credit for apps etc or transfer to next SIM);
      and stock up now for later at Australia Post ($10ea).

      • i've never joined flybuys - doesn't seem as good as edr - but perhaps should re-consider :)

        • Again, grab both. It's free :-)
          A choice of bargains is always better.

          The Huawei Y201 Android phone I am posting with was 1/2 price only with Flybuys plus $12.50 worth of pts ($25 after pts & ING rebate). These SIMs are $7.50.

      • 2 months? I thought there was a 6 month expiry too.

        • +1


          You must then activate your SIM before 28/10/13 to receive the 1,500 BONUS POINTS.

        • Sure there is a 6 month expiry option, but only 1.5 months left to activate any SIMs. Most would activate for 30 days for greatest benefits (eg for 3GB).

        • @tonester I am aware that it needs to be activated by that date, but I am looking at it from another point of view (not the point of view brucefromaustralia points out above about greatest benefits such as 3GB) - I was purely looking at it from the point of view of longest expiry for buying apps because that's what I use it for. In which case, you could activate one now, and another one on 28/10/2013 to really maximise expiry.

          So the 30 day one gives you 30 days of $30 credit + 3GB data that can be used on iPad? Or just 3GB data?

        • 1) There is limited scope, you lose $20 for each 'BROWSEPLUS20' by Telstra's rates http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/plans-rates/data-pac… (700MB), which returns you to your original thought - activate on Simplicty use T facilities to jump to Long Life then purchase Android apps six months <$30.
          2) The iPad one Auspost, is a pure broadband/no-frills pre-paid product, neither especially useful nor valuable., Woolworths mobile, IME trumps it, conveniently extending 5gb to tether +w/ 4hours air plus your number (>~$24.80, sans the market apps fr 1 above).

        • Reminder to activate, if you haven't already done, in order to collect your points ($7.50) by: 28/10/2013 this weekend.

          1. https://www.my.telstra.com.au/activate [ 60d Simplicity]
          2. Insert sim, and
          3. ph #100# -> 3. My Offer -> 2. Change O -> 1. T Long Life

          Or Telstra chat for ipad plan. The above steps for 180d paid

  • +1

    Not forgetting that if you activate it as a number for your mobile phone, you are considered a Telstra customer, and you get $10 dollar Village Cinema movie tickets as a Telstra customer under their Thanks movies loyalty program (except after 5pm Saturdays) and $20 pre-sale tickets to the NRL Telstra Premiership Finals Series under their Thanks Sports Loyalty program. Potential savings ~ much more until your plan expires in 6 months. WIN

  • Android apps for 77.5% off…
    I'll get it just for that. Wow.

    • So how do you actually do this (to get the Google Play Credits)

      Is it simply buy a $30 prepaid micro sim pack from Coles ($15)

      Then what exactly do I need to do?

      Also, do you have to have that pre-paid sim in the phone when purchasing the Google play apps?
      Or does it simply link to your account?

      Appreciate the clarification.

      • Yes simply buy it, activate the SIM with your preferred plan (I choose the long-expiry one because I don't intend to use it for anything except google credit) and you need to have the SIM in when you make the purchase. There's an option to choose payment method and one of the options will be Bill my Telstra account.

        • Thanks illumination!

          Got 1 pack just now, and will give it a go.

          I had read a number of posts that said they had to call up and ask the credit to be applied to the Google Play.

          Was thinking about getting a 2nd $30 prepaid sim, but if/when that happens, what is easier? placing onto the existing prepaid LongLife Service? Does this also mean that the credit will last 6months?

          Like you, I will only be using for GooglePlay credits.

  • +1
    • @ wdwd123
      no it is available in QLD too.

    • Can't find it in SA catalogue either

  • When converting to Google Play credit, do these also have to be used up within 30days?

    • You don't need to convert. Some people use that credit2u thingo but there's actually no need to convert it to be able to use it as Google Play Credit.

      • Thanks.

        My activation is underway.

        I guess I was thinking of whether there is a way that the credit can be pushed onto Google Play, in the same way as iTunes holds a credit balance.

        This way the credit is already off the Telstra system and I dont have to insert the Prepaid Telstra Sim when I want to buy an app.

  • !#$&( i forgot and looks like I missed it..
    I remember reading T&Cs saying expires 30 Sep? but that must be just the FlyBuys points. Damn.

    • Went to Coles today and still came up half price.
      Cool :)

      • Which Coles did you go to? I would like to pick one up if it's still available.

        • Ashfield NSW - was told I got the last microsim one thoguh (they still had normal sim)
          As far as I know it should still be available because the email promo shows it's available from Sept 9-Sept 30. It's only the fact that it's missing from this week's catalog and was in last week's one that made me think otherwise.

        • I see, thanks for that!

  • Okay so 14/10 seeing 1500 points flow in for my flybuy activated SIM card a few weeks ago,
    14/10/13 Telstra Telstra 17/09/13 $0.00 0 1500

    but (contrastingly) then:
    a 2nd SIM activated online chat just before cutoff of <28/10 &under IPAD (data), appears yet to reflect credits on my pts statement— albeit it will be CR "up to 8 weeks" >28 /10/13 i.e.: by latter end DEC.

    1) Did others find this time that you waiting over 1 weeks (so far) your 2ND batch of 1500pts, to clear after your flybuy #2ND SIM activation. ( my first SIM was rather fast)
    2) I doubt many would remember "@8w=x'mas", moreover:
    3) is there knowledge a frequency of flybuys cyclic TLS processing, -or-
    4) might we have been more (pre)cautious to scanning the flybuys card coles in multiple times by split staggered purchases (though that's silly) ??

    It seemed relevant:
    " You will receive 1,500 BONUS POINTS for every Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Starter or Micro SIM Starter Kit you purchase within the one transaction, up to amaximum of 5."

    • Same here. Received 3 lots of 1500 points by 14th of October, which were activated end of Sep, but nothing for the other 2 activated early October. Was wondering if there were any tricks.

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