expired Osim Uphoria Leg Massager $788 Free Gift & Free Shipping Sydney


Just bought today from Hurstville store,
This is a very serious foot massager, comes with free smaller massager (uPebble) for your back, tummy or arms

My best sugestion, is to go to the nearest store : Sydney CBD, Hurstville, Parramatta or Chatswood
and try it yourself, for the first couple of minutes you might scream for joy, because this thing really gives a punch! not just air padded squeeze like any other brands that I have tried

About 20kgs in the medium box 60x50x50 cms
Colour: Cocoa Brown

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    Fathers day exclusive offer, something wrong there lol


    Anyone has experience getting osim massage chair sent to WA? There's no osim store over here…


    This is a very serious foot massager

    why so srs?

    for the first couple of minutes you might scream for joy

    well that sounds.. kinky

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    Just wanted to throw my two cents worth regarding osim's shocking after sales service. I own the osim leg massager, osim tummy massager (ufit), back percussion massager (upapa). Bought in singapore and was told my warranty was valid anywhere including australia by osim sales staff.

    Anyhow, within a couple of months the back massager blew (must have been a motor). Then shortly after the leg massager blew (same motor). So contacted osim australia, was passed back and forth, and they ended up telling me that the warranty is Not valid in australia and the sales staff had given me the wrong information. Not happy i contacted singapore hq via email, they replied after a week and accidentally cc'ed the entire email trail between osim aus and singapore. The sydney osim rep was making fun saying i'm 'scolding her because i was stupid enough to bring it back to aus'. I was furious and ended up leaving bad reviews everywhere. Never buying from them again, overpriced poor/non-existent service and really unprofessional staff.


      Sounds like "internal" jokes wink wink again. Lol reminds me of the article that was recently in the news, about a CEO telling a customer to "F" off… (wasn't meant for the customer to know, but somehow got forwarded to the customer)

      I gotta say though, you must have REALLY loved using Osim having to lug back a 15+ KG item… all the way from Singapore.


        Yep i got to admit i loved the upapa before it blew up and because i was travelling business class with two other people we pooled our luggage allowance so i didnt have to pay extra.

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      Completely agree.

      Had a nightmare of a time buying a chair from OSIM Parramatta. Staff was rude and absolutely looked down on us for buying a chair with a free leg massager as a gift - said that we were running off with a free gift after paying a $2500 deposit for the chair, because we hadn't paid the remaining balance for an undelivered chair with no ETA. Invoice was sent to us in a repurposed HSBC envelope, and also told us there was no warranty on the free leg massager - AFTER the sale.

      Had I known about other decent brands of chairs around, I wouldn't have bought from them either.

      Check out the envelope here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgt2qvfi10d335r/image003.jpg

      Also, it's not that cheap, the last iteration of the massager sold for 688, IIRC.


        Man that is so unprofessional of them. I'm glad they stooged me on warranty, we were actually saving up to buy their top of the line chair at the time (about 10k worth of kit). I consider myself lucky for not buying it.

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