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Galaxy Note 3 $869, Xperia Z Ultra $708, Xperia Z1 $708 Au Stock + Free Shipping or Pickup


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  • Any chance you'll get the purple Xperia Z1? Great price on the handset.

    • Sorry, we don't have ETA for the purple Xperia Z1

      • This is even cheaper than $720 2 years plan from virgin mobile.

      • Hi mobileciti,

        how long does this promo last?

        • this promo finish today.

    • +8

      They're aimed at different people, Iphone 5s is a phone and Note 3 is a phablet. It really comes down to what floats your boat. Me after many years of iPhones have finally gone an Android phone because i'm sick of being locked into iOS and having no choice in phone or features.

      Also my 4s recently had the wifi module die, which is a pretty well known fault. None of my iPhones, which have been well looked after, have been passed on to family without requiring a warranty or OOW replacement. For me the reliability is poor.

      So based on that I say the GN3, even thought it's massive the stylus is awesome.

        • +5

          well even the "messiah" Steve Jobs miscalculated what consumers wanted, he said 7" tablets were 'Dead on Arrival' and Apple was never going to make tablets smaller than 10", well, after every [company]man and his dog came out with a 7" tablet and sold boatloads he was proven wrong!

  • Does the Sony Z1 come with any freebies as it's Aus stock?

    • I don't think so, but I will check again.

      • Note that without the magnetic charging cradle you need to open the waterproof micro-usb flap to charge the phone everytime. And the flap probably will snapped in less than a year, it's just a plastic flap like in Z.

        • +1

          I ordered one of these - much cheaper than a dock.

        • cheers thanks. does it void the warranty though? especially if it might leak the battery? some custom charger can overcharge the battery I heard, like some powerbank.

        • I wouldn't think it could since it's really just connecting the power leads from the micro USB cable to those on the dock connector - you still use your genuine charger.

          That being said, I don't know anything specifically - just speculating.

    • Virgin mobile Z1 comes with this, how come yours not? Virgin has OZ stock for sure.

      Magnetic Cradle with Cable for RoW, DK31
      Headset Black MH410c
      Extended Warranty Card
      Micro USB Cable
      Charger Head
      SEN Sony Entertainment Network Voucher
      Start up guide


  • Any chance on a Note 2 deal? thanks mate

    • +7

      Note 2 stock getting low, I can try talk to supplier again, what price it need to be? how many people here interested on Note 2.

      • anything closer to the $500 would be awesome

      • I am also interested in Note2. I remember they were on sale for $499 free shipping last month…Can you do better?

      • Interested in Note 2 as well, cant justify the Note 3 prices atm so will just have to go with the Note 2 for now

      • yeah am interested too

      • I love how you ask what price we want. Not sure I've seen any other retail store do this…well, there's JB ask for a deal. But they always say no to me :(

        • +1

          Because we love our customer more than others :)
          We negotiate deal base on the cheapest market price and amount of request, so valuable information are very important to us..

        • And on that Note, pun intended :) any updates on a Note 2 deal?

  • HTC One deal? Cheers

  • when would you guys have z1 in stock to pick up instore?

    • +2

      ETA around late next week, you can put thought preorder, don't have to pay until you pickup. We will email or call you when stock arrived and ready for pickup.

  • -2

    and people complained apple products were expensive~

    • +2

      well, within 6 months the prices for these products would drop $200 or more whereas apple keeps the same price and rarely have any price drop.

      • +8

        You only have to look at the price of iPhone 5c 32gb at $869 to know how grossly overpriced they are. And this is supposed to be a 'mid-range' device.

    • +2

      Apple products rarely drop price, the old iphone 5's STILL cost $700+ yet a Nokia 920 can be grabbed up for $400. Sheep keep flocking, few that have a rational reason to stay, most too stupid to realise alternative options much cheaper.

      • +1

        Cost is essentially the difference between what you pay for new phone and what you can sell old phone for, so for many people it is sensible to buy phones (indeed, anything) that depreciates slowly, not rapidly. In two years time, will the iPhone or Lumia have lost more value?

        (I don't have either of these, indeed any smartphone at all)

    • Top end 5S retails for $1169…

      Previous top end was $999, and that's how it always was.

  • +3

    Hi whats your policy in regards to dead pixels? Note 3.

    • +3

      Confirmed from the Samsung distributor visible dead pixels will be cover under DOA.

  • +9

    Look at these nice shiney phones that I can't afford…

    • Note 3 isn't as shiny anymore.

  • If I pre-order a Note 3 today, when will it be ready for pickup? Thanks

    • +1

      It will be ready to pick up from next tuesday. We will contact you once the stock come in. thanks

  • Note 2 please.

  • -1

    Hi guys, why is there so much interests in the Note 3 but not in the sony ultra? isnt that a bigger phone with a cheaper price and similar specs?

    • +3

      The Z ultra is freaking enormous - far bigger than the Note 3.

      • Oh my……………! The bigger the better says the ladies. lol
        So apart from the size. Any other reasons why Note 3 is more popular?

        • +2

          If I had to guess, it would be because the Xperia Z Ultra only has an 8.0 megapixel camera, with no LED Flash support. I'm surprised at Sony since they normally offer great camera support, but they obviously consider this device more of a tablet.

          Other reasons I prefer the Note 3 are better pixel density, faster updates, an extra GB of RAM and an extra 16GB of storage.

          The only plus for the Xperia Z Ultra for me is the waterproofing, and the fact that I quite like the Xperia UI compared to Touchwiz.

          But I still prefer smaller phones and am hoping the rumoured Xperia Z1 Mini is more than just a rumour.

        • +1

          A very accurate description. Didnt know it has no LED Flash support. That is a major down side for sure. Note 3 it is then. Too bad there is no more black in stock.

        • Wacom digitiser, 4k recording

  • +1

    is the note 3 black out of stock already? can't see the add to cart button.

    • Fixed. thanks

  • +2

    The nexus 5 is coming out soon.

    • I also cant wait for christmas…

      • My christmas will be when the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 come out. You'll be waiting 2 months longer than me for xmas then.

        • unless they have a million devices at launch day, you my friend, will be waiting a while.
          just like last time…

    • you are a like nostradamus Risser, the new phone came out just like you predicted.

      the deal has well expired, so I bet you are glad you waited!

  • I would never buy Sony Ericsson handset. Sorry thats just me. Have had way too many faulty handsets in the last 2 years. maybe these premium phones may have had better quality control.

    • +3

      They aren't SOny Ericsson anymore, just Sony. They split ways in the phone department. I've had 2 Sony Ericssons, one of which I am still using. It has been treated badly but still goes on at 2 years old.

    • Sony Ericsson haven't been around for years.

  • order sony z1 or ultra on amazon uk will get a free smart watch .

  • damn how about a Z1 with the QX100 bundled together?! it will be "shut up and take my money"

  • when is xperia Z1 available ?

    • Current ETA 7-Oct-2013, we will update you if any changes.

  • +3

    Is the note 3 black out of stock? Can't see the add to cart button again.

    • Hi uu

      too many backorder, adjust the qty now, should be ok.

      • Is pre-ordering now still with delivery date of 30/09/2013?

        How long does delivery take if I select the free shipping option?

        • Free shipping = normal eparcel service, normally 2~7 working days to delivery depend on your area

        • I just ordered but selected delivery as eparcel which cost $13.80. Since this is the same as the free shipping could you refund the $13.80? My order number is 100056132.

  • Hey Rep,
    I already put an order through earlier today. Can you amend it to reflect this discount? I can pm you or post the order number.
    Also are you planning on selling the gear as well?

    • Please send email to [email protected] with your order, customer service people will fix up the credit tomorrow

  • expensive!

    • Expensive now, but few hundred dollars cheaper in December. Only if you can wait.

  • Did I miss the boat? It's $893 on website now.

    • did you enter the coupon code?

  • Hi Rep, The Black Notes 3 seems to be out of stock again? Can I still order?

  • Wow very good price on the Z1 and much cheaper then the note3. Thanks rep, just ordered one. When will it be arriving?

  • Looking for either Note 2 or S3 4G

  • Just with the Note 3 I know your product page says 'Network Branding Unbranded' but last time I bought a phone off you guys the HTC 8X it came with Vodafone applications on it (not that it worried me too much because the phone was for my mum). I just want to make sure there is no carrier branding/bloat software on the Note 3's?

    Also it's still saying that they are both out of stock?

    Thanks in advanced.

    • I've just placed an order for a black Note 3, thank you MobileCiti.

  • Looks like I am too late, Note 3 is now out of stock :(

    • Increased the Pre-Order qty.

      Again, Thanks for all your supports!

  • What does "network branding" mean Rep?

    • +2

      So, it will have either a Telstra (or whichever network) logo printed on the phone, or you'll see an operator logo upon start up and there may be propietary software pre-installed.

      As if buying a phone from Telstra, Optus, etc.

      Not sure if this means the phones are locked (I doubt they are locked though)

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