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[IN Store Only] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear Watch $112*12mths on Vodafone (Preorder)

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Note: Thanks to kaizer who confirmed that promo code worked for $100 credit. According to jd code will expire tonight.

At the risk of being flamed by Voda"fail" haters, I'm posting this due to the seemingly high interest in the galaxy note 3 and its accompanying galaxy gear smart watch

Vodafone is currently offering a combined package of phone+watch & plans, calls + data on pre-order (before 3rd of oct) for a range of their plans, $60 and above, both 12 and 24 months. You can also sign up for the phone only

Generic, starter link here :…

The shortest plan available is a 12month $60 plan plus $52 repayments for both the phone and the watch. This gives you $700 worth of calls, unlimited voda to voda, unlimited standard and international texts, 1.5gb data (total $1344 over the 12 months)

For an extra $5, you can upgrade the plan to have unlimited national calls (total $1404 over 12 months)

Of course, there are other plan options and combinations, but I thought the least possible time with Vodafone would be favoured by most.

Plus signing up and redeeming the offer through this website may offer a cash back of $96 or $120 depending on the total plan value chosen.

To put this into perspective, the handset is expected to retail from $870-$~1000 and the smart watch $300$~370, meaning a total of anywhere from $1170-$1370. Using the above plans as the price reference, and taking the minimum outright cost of $1170, you are only really paying a TOTAL of $174-$234 for the plan/s themselves.

$1344 - 1170 = $174 or $1404 - 1170 = $234. <— total plan cost over 12 months…meaning…
$174 / 12 = $13.50 or $234 / 12 = $19.50 <— monthly plan cost

Additionally, if you are successful with the cash back offer, you would be refunded $96 (for the meeting the first minimum requirement), meaning a TOTAL cost of $78-$138 for the plan for the 12 months (a monthly cost of $6.50 or $11.50 respectively)

Of course, customers currently with Vodafone could also call their Vodafone and see what other sweeteners can be offered. Maybe even if you are not currently with Vodafone, you might still want to call up and try?

Yes, Vodafone may be considered "bad", but it works for some. Perhaps the pricing on these plans is good enough to tempt some over (or back) to their network? And yes, the recommended retail price will most likely drop after some months, but for those interested in having it first, here and now, these plans may offer good value, especially when you factor in the outright purchase of these devices, plus the cost of paying for your current plan or buying your recharges.
This is especially true for the $65+$52 unlimited option vs $1170(/12=$97.50)+$40(?)unlimited prepaid options via boost/amaysim which offer more data, but not 4g speeds. You can always add data packs on top if you need.

Anyways, massive apologies for the long post. I hope i got all the maths and facts right. its late =)
And just to clarify in advance, I am not a rep, just hoping this can be of benefit to someone out there.
Comment, correct, flame, rate, hate away!

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  • +137

    +1 for thesis

    • +3

      Poor OP,..he posted long detailed explanation, only got 86+ votes (11.47pm), compared to revolushenary's comment which only has less than 4 words and gained more votes… -_-". C'mon OZBers have mercy..
      Just kidding..
      Good deal anyway OP!

      • +1

        Hey… similar thing happened last time…
        Chthonic quoted my comment and said, "lol."
        and it got almost twice as many upvotes as my original comment… haha

        But really… Haven't seen such a considered post in a long time.. Kudos to OP

        • +1

          HAHA damn. i remember that and being so confused

  • +14

    Does the watch 'drop' the time ? #latenightattemptatvodafailjoke

    • -2


    • +3

      Oh come on people. This is far from jv's worst comment. It's almost funny in fact!

    • +1

      Well played +1

    • Nah i am sure the time is pretty steady… it's not using Optus so more likely to be reliable..

    • With Redbull and Kogan already closing shop, it's actually cheap unlimited pre-paids that will be a thing of the past. No one needs anything expensive, it's clearly a want factor to feed our consumer based world.

      • +1

        Telstra offer unlimited via their Boost brand…

        • $40 <> Cheap

        • +3

          $40 unlimited on telstra 3g = cheap

        • Aldi is cheaper, but they might close shops like others…

    • +4

      Yes, I was estimating at brand new release prices. I do believe I even put the disclaimer that the RRP will drop in several months, but this is for those who want (nay, need!) it now

      Did you see this post?
      Clearly people are interested in laying their hard earned dollar down for it. Some probably already have
      So I'm just offering an alternate in thesis form

      This is a 12 month contract. So quite short in the scheme of things.

      And yes, again, i mentioned the alternative of buying the phone outright and going on a prepaid 'unlimited' plan
      The current retail price total of $1170 was being conservative. Using your $29 recharge (over 12 months) means you will have to buy the two together for between $1000-$1100 to equal the cost, upfront.

      But, again, as I said, it's merely an option for those more relevantly targeted to consider. If you are happy to wait, wait. I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat. Ymmv

      No offence, but your point is, for this current point in time…moot

    • +2

      What is your solution around this by the way? Don't buy phones full stop?

  • For 24 Month contracts, total cost is:
    $1392 on $30 plan (+$28 for device)
    $1800 on $60 plan (+$15 for device)

    I tend to agree with reptile, get it as a second phone on 24 month plan and you'll have a spare SIM card with some monthly credit

  • -3

    <insert vodafail joke> ( hey it's mandatory in OZB! ) :P

  • Does anyone know whether it's possible to sign up for a contract like this, pay the handset payments in a lump sum at the Voda store, get a receipt and then claim GST back with the Tourist Refund Scheme? Anyone tried it?

    • I highly doubt it…

    • I'd doubt you can prepay your handset charges - sort of defies the purpose of being on the plan.

      • You can definitely do that. Thing I'm unsure of is whether you could claim it on TRS,

        • You can claim TRS on GST with Telstra MRO where you are invoiced the handset cost.

  • i always sign the 12month contract on iphone or galaxy and sell it to the dealer or someone else.
    works out ~$30 per month on a $65 cap.
    prefer to buy my own phone anyway, usually unavailable from vodafone, such as lumia 920.

    • +13

      So why not just get Aldi Mobile for $35 a month? Unlimited SMS/Calls/MMS and 5gb data.

      • I think he enjoys making life difficult for himself lol

  • Got 1 few days ago, but didn't use the cashback. Should I call and cancel the order to re-order using cashback?

    • +1

      yes you should, if they allow u!!! $96 save mate…
      in OZB world,..even few cents saved is a deal!

  • +2

    What can you do with the watch that you can't do with the phone?

    Actually what is it's intended purpose, in addition to telling the time?

    • +19

      What can you do with the watch that you can't do with the phone?

      You can wear it on your wrist

      • lol

      • +1

        Not only that! It also fits in your pocket!

    • +1

      It's for Dick Tracy fans.

    • +4

      Not a reason for a neg.

    • +3

      If you're one who changes phones every 2 years, you have to be a fool to jump in on the 'S' years. A new generational leap (if you can call it that) happens between the S models. S is like Intel's ticks. Not a substantial update.

        • +4

          If you do get it, just make sure you dont actually use the finger print scanner on it. It's only a matter of time before someone other than the intelligence agencies find the back doors and exploits in the software. By "someone" i mean criminals, and with the advent of (relatively) cheap 3d printing anyone could leave your fingerprints anywhere. If i were you and i were an iphone user i'd go for the iphone 5c - no obvious security issues, more affodable and no tacky gold/silver theme.

        • +13

          iPhone 5c stands for Cash, cos we taking it from all you bitches.

          iPhone 5s stands for Same shit we put in last time except we added a fingerprint scanner

        • +1

          @Deal Seeking Missile -
          Around 3:27PM today the government satalites will have a blind spot over my house, I have a ration of 300m of tin foil. Use it wisely but be warned, communications are being monitored by the lizard people.

          VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!!!

        • David, is that you?

        • More secure than a 4 digit code that anyone can read over your back.

        • +2

          You can change the pass code easily, while with the fingerprint scanner, you only have 10 finger before you're running out of option.
          Unless you don't mind using your toe to unlock, which still only give you another 10…

        • -2

          I believe that the 5s is a better choice for most people, considering at the hefty price tag on the 5c, which, supposedly is the 'cheaper' iPhone. The 5s also is a much better buy; it has much better processors and all new chips for a better performance in gaming and web browsing.

        • +1

          You can change the pass code easily, while with the fingerprint scanner, you only have 10 finger before you're running out of option.
          Unless you don't mind using your toe to unlock, which still only give you another 10…

          plus another two option if you feel adventurous: 0-0


        • Well, excuse me, but I own the 3 year old iPhone 4, so i believe that this is a great update for people like me.

          You should have got the 5 last year and the 6 next year.

      • +1

        Not really.. if you upgrade on the S years you're getting the better version of each iteration of phone.
        I've never understood people saying don't jump on the S years cause either way you're going to have 2 years on each iteration of phone.

        • Not really.. if you upgrade on the S years you're getting the better version of each iteration of phone.

          And the next one after that is an even better phone that that.

          The difference is bigger than the S.

          In terms of functionality, I think the 4S only added Siri?

        • But you'd be going to the from the 3GS to the 4S.

          Look at it this way… you'll be either going from say a iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, or from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5S. Either way it's going to be a huge leap and you'll get a version of the new form factor. With the S models, you get the BETTER version of each form factor as well.
          It really shouldn't be a deciding factor.

        • You have to wait longer to get the things that the next non-S gets. Whereas someone who has a non-S doesn't miss out on much for skipping an S.

          You're right that 4S is as big a leap over 3GS as 4 is over 3. But 4S over 4 is a smaller leap than 5 over 4S. You will feel you got a big leap over what you had before, but not a big leap over the last model (Which you didn't get).

          At the end of the day, as long as you're happy with it, that's all that counts. But I'd be happier with a non-S.

  • P.S. They aren't offering any discount for existing customers on this pre-order. I guess it's normal for latest/pre-order devices.

  • +4

    For a change, Note 3 looks good. Finally decided to remove the curved edges and it's certainly appreciated.

  • +6

    These items depreciate over time. Besides Vodafone horrible service bundle with this and 2 years contract. No thanks.

    Best thing to do, wait few months to half a year then grey import or get these on discount. Put a prepaid on it, you will be much better off and no locked contacts in the long run

    We all know android handsets and price goes down in 3-6 months time

    This is the traditional ozbargain way. We all know it by now!

    • Yeah but some people need to get the phone on D-day. This is by far the cheapest/best way to get local stock.

    • +1

      Best thing to do, wait few months to half a year then grey import or get these on discount. Put a prepaid on it, you will be much better off and no locked contacts in the long run

      No Warranty
      No Samsung Support..

      I'd rather pay full retail and get Samsung Warranty

      • If you buy it locally then you will get all that.

        Noone says you can't get a bargain locally.

        Besides I don't use any of Samsung support anyway.

        When I buy cheap via import I don't consider support

  • I have no experience with vodafail, but I guess some will see this as a good deal. Lots can happen in two years, and I suppose if you don't have the money to buy these devices outright and really want them I guess you aren't going to do too much better. Unless of course you are patient, but most people aren't. :-)

  • +1

    More profitable if you sell the handset and watch straightaway, so you get 12 months calls and 3G access almost freely :)

    Your calculation is correct, however please don't forget that the current outright price will not last for 12 months too.

  • I don't think call to international numbers are included in their new plans. Am I wrong?

    • If you click on the "inclusions" link. International numbers are included in the plan. For some country, it's cheaper than local call.. LOL.

    • under the critical information it says
      International voice and video calls 3 = ticked

    • Oops, I was clicking their $65 plan in the front page and saw only $65 included value for international calls.

      So any plan under $60 are fine and that's good.

  • Don't forget about their network guarantee…

    If you don't like the service you can cancel within 30 days. You don't have much to lose.

    • Not sure if it was just the salesmen that I spoke to but I was considering doing the same thing when they first brought the 30 day service guarantee out, the guy told me 'you've been on the network before and you know what it's like so they won't let you cancel the contract because you've already cancelled one due to poor service'.

      I'm not sure if that's salesmen talk for 'this is too much effort for me' or not understanding the offer but I scoffed and walked out, hopefully if anyone does do this then they don't get knocked back and get told that they can't cancel because in Vodafones mind the service hasn't been bad enough.

      Read up on fine print if your planning on doing this, don't forget that the network can check reception and dropouts and you may need to have had a certain number of service disruptions in order to qualify for a cancelation.

      • Once cancellation per year: The Network Guarantee applies to a maximum of one mobile and one mobile broadband claim per person per year, but it doesn’t affect any other rights or remedies you may have under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76062954554.

        That may have been the reason they kicked up so much fuss.

        For example, you should be able to use this get out clause if you purchase or upgrade with a new 4g device and you don't get regular or reliable 4g coverage. It's very easy to get out using their 30 day guarantee.

        • and 4G is not a valid reason, as their Vodafone contracts, CIS and every piece of marketing says
          *in 4g coverage areas"

          which means you are being told you only get 4G if its on where you happen to be!

        • Yes, I am talking about if your service is in a 4g coverage area. If you find 4g keeps dropping out or you stay on 3g for extended periods of time then you have a valid reason. If Vodafone try to be smart about it simply take the case to the TIO.

        • I can not believe you actually think it would be a valid reason

          4G is offered as an add on, the networks can Charge for it, remove it, add it, bar it etc etc
          Its not a core product.
          If they charge you for it and it doesn't work then you would have grounds for a refund and to have it removed.

          All networks selling 4G have to select a 4G option when provisioning your service, this means its not Core to the products they are selling, Its being promoted as "including 4G" which means you are getting that "add on' free.

          Vodafone, Telstra or Optus would have grounds to expect you to fulfil your contract if not getting constant 4G is your complaint.
          I am sure the TIO (and i have emailed them for clarification) wouldn't back you either.

      • He is technically correct.

        The network guarantee does not apply if you have used it to cut off a service with the previous 12 months, after that however you can use it again if its needed. They work on the theory that at their current rate of improvements the area should of been improved within that year.

  • +1

    Ordered mine and will get my $96 through qwibble

    • I have ordered one, but i don't know how do i claim cashback through qwibble, can you please give me advice, thanks.

  • Good deal from Vodafone

  • +3

    Recommend, discount voucher; use at checkout

    • $50 credit - well done

  • +2

    I've been on Vodafone for over 2 years (Melbourne) never had a problem with them

    • Never big cities they aren't too bad.

      Outside of that, they become less plausible. Where I am the Vodafone users often have more difficulties then others in terms of reception. Not that its overly good down here for anyone anyway. Telstra has the best service by far and thats still not saying much -_-

      • They have more regional coverage now they roam (at no cost to their customers) when outside metro areas

  • -2

    the phone is not worth 800-1000$… and we all know it. 760 is going to be the price

    • "760 is going to be the price"

      whats your source?
      760 is going to be the price… or the price you want/hope/would buy it for?

  • anyone know when these will be dispastched… after 2nd october?

    • They will ship day before launch so u get it launch day,
      Saying that orders made through third party links (such as the cash back one) are lower priority than ordering direct.

  • When does this offer expires?
    I'm waiting to see how this compares to the nexus 5

  • +2

    How is the cash back work? cheers

  • I dont get it so $60 per month deduct the $96 per month ??

    • $96 is a one time credit…

    • $96 one-off :)
      This is cashback to your bank account not to the Vodafone account.

      • so $1344 - $96 ?

        • +1


        • Can existing vodafone customers re-contract via Qwibble and claim $96?

        • You mean upgrade your contract? No, I dont think so.
          Please double confirm with qwib

  • Awesome deal !!

  • +2

    imo its better just to buy them outright and go with prepaid telstra.

    I went with a decent deal with vodafone 2 years ago when the S2 came out. Even had a $20 off ozbargain code to add with it.

    I only have 1 regret in my short life, and thats signing up with vodafone.

    I said it would be different for me, because I heard all the stories. I was wrong.

    They even had that "were upgrading our network" 2 years ago, I thought that would fix everyones whining. Now they have the "Upgrading to 4g network"

    Longstory short. Results May Vary.

  • Estimated shipping date Estimated delivery date
    25/09/2013 30/09/2013

    This is how my order looks, however those dates can't be :)

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