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170g Chobani Greek Style Yogurt, 10 for $10 at Woolworths


As title suggests, Chobani Greek style yogurt: 10 for $10.
I found these in various woolworths already, and it's also available online.
These are generally $2.20 each!
The big tub is also on sale for $5.

When you buy in-store, once you buy over 10, they will all be marked down to $1, even if you get 15/17/25…. (doesn't need to be multiples of 10..)

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    Good yogurt. They're almost always marked down to 4 for $6. If you're a big yogurt eater this is good value though.

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    these are also packed FULL of protein

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    great yoghurt its been a while since they were this price hopefully it stays permanent this time

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    I got 15 this morning and was charged $15.02. Not complaining just thought it was strange.

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      Yeah , you get charged $1 each after you buy 10 :)

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        I think they were referring to the extra 2c being strange.

      • It's strange because it's $15.02

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          No. Advertised prices include GST. Also 2c/$15 < 0.2%.

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      Woolies have literally 'Put their two cents in' :)

    • Did you pay cash?

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        • that's the real ozbargain!

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      actually for the past few months has been 4 for $6.

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          Wrong sorry, I've tried taking 10 up to the register after the promotion and the 10 for $10 did not work.

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    Yes, bought 10 yesterday !

    Includes the TUBE style as well.
    Bought a mixture of both and paid the 10 for 10 :)

    • You get less in the tubes and I find they don't taste as good. I only get them when I'm out and about and want a snack there and then.

      • Exactly !
        Great for the kids, freeze em, and they defrost on the way, nice and cold, ready to rock later on :P

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    And yet suckers still pay $15 for a tub of yogurt in those 'trendy' shops.

  • Good deal, glad it's back. Try and avoid the fat-free ones, the low fat ones have a considerably better texture.

  • I bought these 5 for $5 at Coles a couple weeks ago. I looked into them because I didn't know much about the brand - apparently they're the largest selling yoghurt in the U.S:

  • How is this compares to the Gippsland Yoghurt? IMO, Gippsland is the best and most reasonably priced yoghurt in Oz. I bought heaps of the when they are $5 a tub.

    • Nutrition wise this has no fat and ~14 grams of protein per serve

      • What about taste wise? I love Gippsland natural creaminess. How does this compare? I also sometimes find Greek yogurt a little too sour.

        • i find that chobani tastes very watery, gippsland is a lot better imo.

        • Thanks. I don't really wanna buy $10 of yogurt, and then throw it all out… or Broden it ;)

    • gippsland tastes like it has alot of sugar to me and it is creamier. this chobani though is very nice, just enough sweetness and it is not sour. they add sugar to the fruit on the bottom as well.

    • The fruit is at the bottom and there is less of it too

  • any free delivery or voucher code on wolworhts online? i remember i saw that a while ago on ozbargain, but i couldnt find it anymore… anyone have any idea?

    thinking of getting the yogurt using the free delivery or voucher code. Thanks

    EDIT :

    Found it..

  • These are generally $2.20 each!

    They've always had multi deals on these, Coles had them 5 for $5 last week, Woollies has them 4 for $6 all the time and most of the time the 10 for $10 deal…

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    I'm a Woolies Employee (but not representing the company) and this 10 for $10 promotion was definitely a very (very) long offer.

    I believe it started in March and wrapped up around the end of September.

    When it was first started, there were tickets which stated 4 for $6 OR 10 for $10.

    When the promotion was renewed, the tickets were re-printed, however the new tickets no longer made mention of 10 for $10, despite still given the discount on the checkouts.

    As a till-boy, I would make the suggestion to the customer to get 10 for $10 if I noticed them bringing me 4-5 or more Chobani tubs.

    I definitely believe that this price point is perfect for the product. I was devastated when they removed the 10 for $10 option and hope that they keep this promotion for as long as they did last time.

    • Me too because I can then stop cramming 30+ tubs in my fridge and instead can buy them as I need lol.

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    Just grabbed 10 today, Blood Orange ftw. <3

    • I bought 24 natural flavor ones from QV ..
      And 18 from Racecourse Rd.

      Should last for the next few weeks. :D

  • Haven't tried these how is it compared to coinsaire?

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      One's a Yoghurt and one's a gourmet ice cream.

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      One is a yogurt and the other is not a word.

    • It is not compared.

    • or compare Chobani Yogurt, "coinsaire" Ice cream and Pauls Milk

    • It's like comparing yogurt and olive oil.

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    Just had my first Chobani. You can really taste the locust bean gum.

    • while I cant taste the gum, I do admit that the texture is a bit strange for me

  • Someone commented that 'low fat' is the best tasting. Do others agree or is still worth trying all their 'no fat' varieties?

    • I buy the 0% fat one - the 2% is in fact a lot better tasting..

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    this is great yoghurts! nicee… gonna grab it today

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    I recommend mango and passionfruit. Not so much peach.

  • Maybe the one I sampled a few months ago was actually off because this was the worst yoghurt I ever had :|

    • Yeah it's not fantastic. In fact I prefer almost all other yoghurts I've had (except the ones filled with sugar), but Chobani is quite edible. I wouldn't bother with them again though…

      I prefer a quality full cream yoghurt like Jalna with some chopped fruit put in; these are kind of fun though.

    • The plain Greek yoghurt is a bit too strong, definitely needs the fruit IMO

    • +1

      Although the flavour isn't the best, for the nutritional value, this is definitely the best tasting light plain Greek Yogurt I've ever had (IMO)

      I was in the USA earlier this year, and I cursed at eating any of their dairy product. Their Chobani tasted extremely bitter and had a 'furry' aftertaste; It definitely wasn't pleasant.
      I literally kissed a tub of Australia Chobani when I got home. I love this country.

  • Think this promo is over - didn't show up in-store register and not online either :(

  • is this still on?

    went to one store, only had the not fat left.

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    No longer 10 for $10.
    Only 4 for $7 (Save just over $1)

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