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Air New Zealand to Auckland & Christchurch RETURN ex Melb $230, ex Syd $234 (Fly May/June)

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Crazy prices for a quality international carrier. Plenty of return flights available during May and June. I tested using departure date May 9, returning May 19. Incredible how the return fare is only $93! Note that some flights to Christchurch are operated by Virgin Australia.

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  • Cheapest I'm seeing from Adelaide is $331 (189+142)

    • $50 from ADL to MEL isn't such a bad deal!! Think of us in Tassie, over $460!

      • Especially when it's a <5h flight skipping MEL :-)

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      Cheapest I'm seeing from Adelaide is $331 (189+142)

      Exact reason I didn't include Adelaide in the title :)

      But you get the cheaper flights to KL. Can't win them all.

  • Real good price. I got similar price last year to QT.

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    quality international carrier

    So you haven't flown with them lately I take it?

  • Aren't these flights with v-Australia?

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    Let's hope they keep it in the air ;-) Seriously though, Air New Zealand transtasman service has gotten a bit shabby since trying to compete with jetstar. 60 odd bucks for a bag and a sandwich? No thanks, I try to fly Qantas now.
    Edit: just realised these are return prices, I won't require that $60 sandwich as I will eat my words instead, booking now, thanks op

    • Agree, I normally use Emirates for trans-tasman - they're undoubtedly offer the best service and often the cheapest option.

      $232 return to Auckland though, I can tough it out & just fill up in the crappy NZ SYD lounge.

      • Why do you want or need a lounge for a 3 hour direct flight?

        • Because it has free food, drinks and magazines*.

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    This deal is sweet as bro!

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      Thus deal will go well with my fush n chups bro!

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        Do they charge extra baggage for my chully bun?

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          This will be my sexth time traveling there

        • +2

          okay okay, no more of these baaaaaad jokes.

    • Cheers!

  • Wish the March dates to/from Queenstown from Melbourne weren't such a small window. Great deal still though

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    If anyone is interested the Queens Birthday long weekend is on the 9th of June and there are sale fares available from Sydney to Auckland - leave on the Friday 6th at 645 and arrive back on the Monday evening at 530pm.

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    Air New Zealand flight makes emergency landing at Melbourne Airport

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      Old news. See links above.

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    Thanks Tightarse, just booked myself in for 2 weeks of snow season for $290 to Christchurch return. Am a happy camper.

    In my rush to book something, I didn't realize I booked no baggage. Funny how easy this airline makes it to omit the baggage. 7kg carry on is good though. Lucky I don't have much snowgear … will pack a lot of thermal wear and wear a lot of it through the gates.

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      Just use a Jaktogo.


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        I'd rather pay $20 each way than have to wear all my winter gear through the airport and onto the plane looking like a marshmallow having to deal with all that awkward bulk on a 5+ hr flight I think

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          Sure donga was joking

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          Haha dude where's the ozbargain spirit? =) Plus the video shows it folds up into a handbag. And can use the soft bulk as a pillow

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        LOL! I've been doing it wrong all this time! Can anyone lend me €238.65 stat?! I'll take the dresstogo but must have it in leather cause you know, fashion.

    • You can usually call them up to add more baggage with the same cost as doing it through the website. Some websites allow logging into the booking and adding more baggage through the website.

      • Thanks I might have to do that. Will test pack my luggage this weekend to see if I'll need the extra space though generally I'm a pretty light traveller

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    Is virgin also having a sale?

    Found return flights from perth to christchurch for $600 around those dates

    • Yes, it started yesterday. I thought about posting some of the fares here but I didn't get around to it and it was hard to find the available dates in the short time I spent searching. Generally these same fares that Air NZ have can be booked with Virgin too for flights between Australia and NZ.

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    bought tix with Citi Platinum Visa (also from here) for complimentary international insurance

    • You sir, are a true OzBargainer.

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    Just wanted you to get 100.

  • Do these prices have an expiry date? Also, are there any other particular periods that NZ flights are cheaper than the usual rate?

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