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Xbox One Titanfall Bundle $538.20 at DSE



Yes I know there is a separate post, but this one deserves its own.

also Thief for $56

10/3 2pm: Temporarily out of stock.

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  • For $56 if i am a thief?

  • $497.83 if you have a woolworths discount card. Pretty good buying for an awesome game and a months gold on top of the regular xbox one console.

  • then register console for 2 yrs warranty


  • hahaha I just thought of this.

    Thief for $56… what an absolute steal!

  • How do you get woolworths staff discount online? Have no idea where you enter the card number.

    • It's during the check out stage, shows up after you enter your address where you enter payment details. There's a "staff discount" box

      • Worth a try, anyone willing to share their staff card and I'll split the difference with them?


          Sharing someone's staff discount card is a breach of policy so I wouldn't do it if it puts my job on the line

  • Missed out on the last xbone deal on Valentines day for $510. Kind of glad i did now. $510 + titanfall would make it about $590… now i have fooled my mind into thinking i got an xbone for $460 and titanfall for $78… i know it's a digital copy. Just let my brain think what it wants :D

    Side note, Big W and EB games near me would not price match it…

  • Titanfall looks like a awesome game - Certainly looks like the best game so far this generation - the comparison to Killzone shadow fall makes its look like a generic shooter. Xbox seems to be getting momentum.

    • Isn't XB1 around 5 million sales, so not too far behind, especially for a console being more expensive. Doesn't the PS4 have some sort of Killzone bundle too? So they're in the same boat.

      • Killzone bundle is $600 or Knack Bundle is also $600 At the gamesmen.
        Cheapest i have seen.
        I'm trying to sell my copy of Killzone Shadow fall, it's awful game. Looks beautiful! but everything else in game is MEh.
        $50 if anyones wants it…

      • Man, you xbone fanboys hate logic don't you…

        The best reported ping on whirlpool was around the 140 mark on fiber optics, and the xbone was around 3.6 million last time micro talked about sales. There is also some conjecture as to whether that number is all sell through and not buffed by the shipping channel stock.

        There are numerous aussie youtube clips show casing the lag from the beta, but hey feel free to down vote me for telling the truth again.

  • Presently there is no confirmed aussie server for titanfall, and it will be run through Singapore instead. How is any self respecting geek going to play a 150-250 ping fps game?! :S

    • +5 votes

      How is any self respecting geek going to play a 150-250 ping fps game?

      Or a console…

    • I played beta 110 was my ping, and it played smooth as silk.
      Never did i feel like i was behind or lagging.
      Titanfall baby!

    • Well if everyone has a 150 ping then doesn't it even out? Had no problems playing the beta.

    • I played the beta for countless hours on a 150-170ms ping and the game was perfectly fine when going up against others on similar connections but introduce those from SE Asian regions and Sandgroper's on sub-100ms pings and you really started to notice the lag.

      Hopefully with private matches coming we won't need to worry about that anyway. Just group up with a bunch of Aussie's and enjoy it with others on a similar ping.

  • Played the Beta this game is amazing! i got my PS4 also the week of Titanfall and i touch it once.
    TF is going to sell a lot of Xbox Ones! at this price it is cheaper then PS4 and it comes with a game plus Kinect!

  • Does Titanfall come as a game disk or digital download?, i thought it would have come as a game disk when i pre-ordered it.
    What are the best games for the xbone?

    • Xbox One my favorites Are Killer Instinct! Ryse! Dead Rising 3 or Forza 5 if you like racing sims.
      Also Plants vs Zombies is freaking awesome! all these are Xbox One exclusives.

      • i believe u just listed every xbox one exclusive out… loll your a cheery positive fella aren't you..hehe

        @glennh70 Best to read a few review on a couple of diff gaming websites and see what games suite your taste… :)

        last place id ever ask what a best game on a console is in a forum or comments section of something to do with a console.. hehehe (specially either xbox one or ps4 … loll)

        • No theres one other Xbox1 exclusive abomination "fighter within" stay the (profanity) away from it lol true story.
          PS4 theres 2 retail exclusives Knack is ok! and killzone shadow fall which is freaking awful! digital game called Resogun is awesome!
          I'm a console guy, and have them all.
          Try to be cheery,but sometimes games like fighter within and Killzone come along :(

  • Great deal! … i got the ps4 in the last 10% off sale they had so im outa money thank god!… even worse i would feel compelled to reply as a fanboy in comments regarding both consoles… at least my work is halved at the moment.. hahaha

    on a serious note this is a good deal and def worth grabbing if you got the $ :) and don't fret i'm a long time Nintendo fan so no trolling on either of these consoles from me :)

  • Had to get one…been holding out for too long. It's actually cheaper than US right now…so why not? How good is DSE when it comes to shipping?

    • As long as you know this is a pre-order deal (titanfall isnt out yet) once they have it in stock about 2-4 days, my ps4 in stock came in about 3 business days from the day they specified they would have stock.

  • need another great deal for the wiiu!

    • I think when i got the WiiU at 50% off they said they are not going to be stocking anymore nintendo consoles and they were clearing stock.

      • When/how/where was it 50% off?

        I don't want a Wii U but would happily buy it if it's the same price as a PS3/360, which is around $200. Willing to pay that for a few Nintendo games. Won't get used much otherwise.

  • Another $400 and you can buy yourself a decent computer..

  • Anyone willing to sell their download code for titanfall once they get this deal?


      Yeah mate not interested in FPSs. What you thinking?

  • Hi please do not buy the console. they are rejecting all the orders placed online and giving all sorts of excuse. when you call the customer care one will say the email address is incorrect and the other will say out of stock. my order was rejected for no reason. please be careful as you are giving your card details online.

    • I'm having the same issue. Spent an hour on the phone this morning trying to get my order un-cancelled. First they said my credit card had been rejected, but I had seen the charge appear on it last night. They then accepted that it wasn't the credit card/bank at all, it was due to the fact that my personal email address does not contain my exact name (just my nickname). Still trying to sort it out with them now. They told me to reorder using a different email address, but it's now listed as out of stock on the website.

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    PS4 console from DickSmith Website today only for $456.20 using PROMO CODE: THANKYOU

    • wow that much better value than this deal. You are paying 20% less for an the ability to play your xbox games in 1080P

  • Anyone had their bundles ship yet?

    • I know a few people had their's ship yesterday and mine shipped this morning but only after 5 phone calls and abusing 7 different people.

      • Was that because they tried to cancel it? I emailed them and just got the blanket "it'll ship when it ships" response :/

        • Yeah they tried telling me 3 times on Wednesday that it was shipping that day and I phoned up today and they told me I had a refund pending for the XB1 despite me never cancelling it. Needless to say, a short time later my shipping email came through.

          I've had some really good experiences with DSE and they have some great bargains but when they're bad…they are really bad.

        • Cheers. 50 minutes on hold as the 'next in line' to be told mine has been picked up and tracking won't be available until Monday. Not filled with confidence.

        • Still not shipped, even though I was told by 2 people it had shipped last week on Friday. Not happy DS, not happy.

  • Mine was shipped yesterday and I revived it a few hours ago, I had no issues with my order at all.

    My one problem was that dick smith just slapped a shipping label on the Xbox one box (so everyone could see xbox one) and the box was a bit damaged. I think they should have placed it inside a brown box or something but that's just my opinion.