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David Attenborough: Planet Earth Complete BBC Series (Blu-Ray) GBP9.41 (~A$17.92) Delivered


I purchased this blu ray set last year when it was discounted on Amazon UK (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/108629). I'm unable to see what the Amazon exchange rate converts the price to in AUD, however XE estimates it to be around $17.10. May be a little higher depending on how much your bank takes.

A$17.92 delivered - thanks chewkl

Lowest price tracked on Camel Camel Camel: http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Planet-Earth-Complete-Series-B...

Product Description
From the team behind the multi-winning Blue Planet comes this epic series celebrating the Earth as never before. Embracing the world’s incredible landscapes and fascinating wildlife, Planet Earth takes the definitive look at the diversity of our planet.

Four years in the making, with a budget of unprecedented proportions, Planet Earth has stretched the boundaries of natural history television. High definition photography, revolutionary ultra-high speed cameras and detailed images from the air enabled the series to capture the most amazing footage ever seen.

This stunning television experience combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet’s best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earths most extreme habitats. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Planet Earth.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • +1

    Must have and fire this price it is a no brainer. best nature series ever! The episode on the snow and mountains has the most breathtaking nature scenes I have ever seen!!!!

    I don't usually do !!!!'s but this series really is good if you like documentaries. It's a must-have for documentary fans!!

  • oh, my ..I bought this set in Jan for about $32. Should have waited.

  • +1

    AUD17.92 delivered.

    • That price probably includes the bank currency conversion fee.

    • +1

      Fixed - thanks!

  • do all credit card companies charge international charges?

    ordered from amazon us for around 200aud, got charged $5 interntional charges.

    • The majority of banks do charge a currency conversion fee.

      • +1

        that fee should also be considered as part of total costs.

    • +2

      Two that don't charge fees for international transactions: 28 degrees card (through GE money) and Bankwest Platinum.

      Anything you purchase will simply have the conversion rate applied.

      I have both, and every time I make an on-line purchase, I send an email to myself with the estimated charge, and compare on my CC statement when it arrives. There is somewhere on the Mastercard website where you can find the conversion rate of the day, but I just use Google, e.g. search for "9.1 gbp in aud" will tell you pretty close to the amount you'll be charged, it's usually accurate within 1% to 2%.

      Note that 28 degrees will usually delay about three days before putting the charge through, so the conversion rate could change in that time.

      • +1

        I find the Visa currency conversion rate is usually 2.5% of the order amount. Not every body is able to get a 28 degrees card i applied for one and got knocked back yet i'm able to get a standard Visa or Mastercard debit card no worries.

        • +2

          yet i'm able to get a standard Visa or Mastercard debit card no worries.

          That could be because you are referring to a debit account. There are no credit checks for debit accounts as you can only spend money your account is in credit. Anyone can get a debit account providing they meet the age & ID requirements.

          Credit accounts (like the 28 Degrees card) do a credit check on you and you are subject to the banks lending criteria.

      • Don't forget Citibank Plus and their debit Visa card.

    • +2

      If you've been on Ozb long enough, you should absolutely get a 28 degrees card (or Bankwest Platinum (any of the Platinums) / Citibank Debit). Their exchange rate is spot on with the Mastercard (or Visa, with Citibank) exchange rate.

      • Does anyone know if Citibank - Debit or Platinum CC charge international charges or only conversion fees?

        • I know citibank debit doesn't charge any international charges. not sure about the credit card, but i assume so.

        • Thanks

        • citibank credit cards charge forex fees :(

        • Hmm. in that case, better to use the debit card.

    • Depends on the product, not just the bank.

  • Thanks OP.

  • . sup

  • "Please note that this product will not play on US spec 60i Blu-ray players as the Blu-ray discs are authored to UK 50i specs."

    Is this going to be an issue in Australia?

    • No issues because Australian bought blu-ray players and LED/Plasma TV's can play 60hz and 50hz blu-rays.

    • We use the same system as the UK so nope, all good.

      • What about the region codes?

        • +1

          UK blu-ray region code is B, which is the same as Australia.

          Source: Been buying blu-rays from Amazon UK for years.

          DVD region coding however, is different.

  • Thanks OP. Also picked up Blue Planet http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000ASALVK/ref=pd_luc_mra... for the same price

    • +6

      I assume you're fine with that Blue Planet release being just the DVD?. A DVD won't look any where near as nice as a blu-ray HD.

      Personally i would have got the blu-ray from Amazon US. Much nicer video quality.


      • +1

        Bought the DVD version as Blu Ray wasn't available.. Didn't know its coming out soon..
        Guess I could just cancel if from my order.
        Thanks hollykryten.

        • +2

          Blue Planet has been out on blu-ray since last year. It's available on Amazon US as i pointed out. For some reason there isn't a Region B release on Amazon UK but the Blue Planet blu-ray from Amazon US is reported as region A & B confirmed according to blu-ray.com so it must be in fact region free since it's BBC blu-ray which is generally region free. It costs slightly more than the DVD but hey it's blu-ray HD. The video would look amazing in HD.


        • +1

          Wonder about the narration on the US release - the US TV broadcast reportedly used Pierce Brosnan as the narrator, and there's one review for Blue Planet Blu-ray suggesting some of the episodes have Attenborough and others Brosnan:


      • Keep in mind that this is not full HD - 1080i only. If was filmed a decade ago, before FHD was available.

        • As if studios weren't using higher than full HD quality recording tapes a decade ago.

        • Planet Earth was the first documentary of it's kind to be filmed using digital cameras…in 720p.

    • That's DVD though…

  • +1

    Amazing price. I still have this on HD-DVD but guess I'll buy this too!

  • +1

    This is a must have for anyone with a HDTV and a Blu-ray player in my opinion.

    • -2

      or an internet connection ;)

      • +4

        I guess you could use ~20gb of internet quota per disk pirating it, to get it in the same quality as the Blu-rays.

        Or you could just spend the $18 for a phenomenal collection.

        • +1

          AFAIK you can't own a digital copy of Planet Earth. The only downloading of it would be then considered piracy.

  • +2

    I don't even have a blue ray player but still I am thinking of getting this. Best nature documentary ever. Thinking of getting a ps3 for blue ray as well as gaming. Any good deals on ps3?

    • No current deals on the PS3 that i know of. You must have missed the Target PS3 12GB + Battlefield 4 bundle $199 delivered deal the other day.

      • Damn… I missed that one

  • +1

    Thanks for this! Had plenty of GBP left over on my travel money card, so I just paid with that. Also, the number £9.41 looks a lot nicer than $17.92 :P

    One concern though, when I added my travel money card to my account and went through checkout, it did not ask for my CVV number at all. Is this usual?

  • Amazing deal

    Especially for blueray!

    Can't wait to get it!

  • Great deal, bought!

  • +4

    If you've got kids - this is a no brainer purchase - it makes amazing weekend viewing, it's really amazing footage of things which may never be captured on film again - very informative and beautiful.

    • Can't agree more. Nothing better than enriching young minds with something visually stunning, spectacular and informative.

      I can bet the only doco kids have seen these days is Never Say Never featuring Justin Beiber.

  • +1

    Great production, 'Life' is also well worth having.

  • For those who don't know, its only 1 season, there is only 1 season.

  • Thanks OP, great find - Purchased :)

  • Thanks OP, ordered!

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • Got one. Thanks. How long does it usually take to arrive?

    • When I ordered it suggested a possible delivery date of 3 April … so 2 weeks.

  • The dollar must have just gained strength I got it for $17.16, thanks OP.

  • +2

    THANK YOU! This is by far my all-time favorite nature documentary! I had previously purchased a copy in Ireland but it got lost during the move to Australia. Now I can watch it again in it's pure FullHD glory. And what an incredible price too - what a steal!

  • +1

    Thank you (AUD$17.79) Now I have an excuse to purchase that Panasonic Viera Link BluRay player at last! (Everything else I have is Panasonic Viera so I guess this will be the icing on the cake.) Now, for checking out the best buys on OzBargain for my BluRay player …


  • +1
    • Haha … that's what happens when you talk to them. Must admit mine are not that big! :o)

  • +1

    Its a marvellous production. Its on Gem channel some nights. with a 3D signal too at times.

  • +1


    We are pleased to report that the following item will dispatch sooner than expected:

    "Planet Earth: Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray]"
    Previous estimated arrival date: April 03 2014 - April 11 2014
    New estimated arrival date: April 02 2014 - April 03 2014


  • There are some reviews on the page about bad/non-working discs in the set. I hope that's not the case with ones being ordered at this price.

  • I'm seeing £5.83 + £3.58 postage. Is this right?

  • Use xe.com for a decent currency exchange calculator. Sounds correct to me.

  • Ordered. Thanks. +1

  • +1

    It's 7 pounds now, so it should save us an extra ~ $4.

  • I got the Planet Earth Special Edition. Worked out at £12.50 + £3.58 postage or just under $29 AUD delivered. The special edition is lots better apparently has 1080i 25fps video on 50GB BD's. The standard version only has 25GB BD's and 1080p video. Higher video bitrate and proper 25fps the same as the original PAL master recording. I thought that was worth the extra $11. Will play nicely on my PS3.

    • If this is true than you got ripped off - 1080i (broadcast quality) is lower resolution than 1080p (full HD / blu-ray quality).

      • Your point is moot considering the fact that Planet Earth was recorded at 1080i on the master tapes. The Special Edition simply matches the master tape recording at the correct 25fps on full BD50 discs. No 25fps to 24fps speed-up. Oh and by the way 1080i is FHD blu-ray quality it's simply interlaced video. This is blu-ray 1080i video discs we're talking about not some TV channel broadcast transmission that probably just upscales a standard definition video source.

  • +1

    Mine got delivered on friday 28th.

    Planet earth worksheets here if anyone is interested.

    • Thanks for this it is great resource.

  • Does anyone have any playing issues? Mine is stopping and starting I am very frustrated with some of the discs. I don't know if it is my player or the discs yet. My player is 3 years old. Never have issues with any other discs.

    • Did you get the Special Edition by any chance?. There was a faulty batch of Planet Earth Special Edition sets with manufacturing faults in discs number 2 & 3 but that was a few years ago. Unless you were unlucky enough to get one of them left over.

      I'd say those discs you've got are stuffed. Manufacturing fault probably.

  • Sorry updating wrong thread :(

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