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Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS - $0


As with the previous post below about Office Mobile for Android being free, it's been released for iOS devices free of charge as well. Same conditions apply as for the Android version; an Office 365 account is required for non-personal use.


  • Sign in with a free Microsoft account to create, edit and save documents for home use. A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to create, edit and save documents for business use. Qualifying plans include:
    •Office 365 Small Business Premium
    •Office 365 Midsize Business
    •Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 (Enterprise and Government)
    •Office 365 Education A3 and A4
    •Office 365 ProPlus

Requires iOS 7.x

Edit: An Office 365 subscription is required to be able to edit documents on an iPad, but not on an iPhone or iPod.

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  • +10

    Awesome! Time to update all my work, I mean, personal documents…..

  • +1

    Think you need a Office 356 subscription to edit or create documents?

    • No.

      • +1

        Says in the description Read word documents for free. To create and edit, an Office 365 subscription is needed .

        • +3

          Sign in with a free Microsoft account to create, edit and save documents for home use. Therefore, No.

        • +3

          A free account is needed for home use.
          A subscription is required for business use.

        • +13

          But we are Professionals

        • +1

          That's for the individual products (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) released today.

          This 'deal' seems to be for the Office for iOS which is really a front-end for Microsoft Live online documents.

          So you don't need a subscription to create or edit, but it's a very cut down feature-set compared to full versions of Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

        • Ignore me, was looking at Word, not office, as link deal link was't working.

  • +5

    Thanks OP, in this day and age to not have the right resolution on my iPad seems pretty disappointing.

    • +1

      This is the iPhone version, there is a separate iPad version, see links below.

  • -1

    What's the deal? This is the every day price.

    • +2

      What's New in Version 1.1
      •Office Mobile for iPhone is now free for home use.

      • Exactly, its the every day price, not for a limited time or anything.

  • Thanks Op. Downloaded on my iPad.

  • +1

    Look like it is designed for iPhone.

  • No iPad version…?

  • I can confirm that to create, save and edit it's free if you sign on with an outlook or hotmail account. The file gets saved (uploaded) to your account's Onedrive cloud space. Thanks OP, been waiting for this.

  • I thought Microsoft Office Mobile on iOS phones has always been free?

    • Yes, the app has been free, but not to use it.

      What's New in Version 1.1
      •Office Mobile for iPhone is now free for home use.

      • What do you mean? If an App is free, you can use it…

        • +1

          He probably means it was free to view docs, but not to edit them or create new ones.

        • The app is free, but if you can't log into it, then you can't use it.

  • +2

    Reviews on iTunes didn't convince me.

  • Really sucks if you still need to work when you are on a mobile……

    • +2

      Really sucks if you still need to work in an office…. at least it's a Friday. Chin up.

  • I tried both my "gmail.com" and "live.com" accounts but i cant sign in?
    I get this "We couldn't find an account with that email address".
    Could anyone advise what to do?

    • Worked with my gmail account, which is linked to a Windows 8 account.

  • +10

    Didn't realise you could buy Office 365 subscriptions as an IAP, considering iTunes cards are almost always 20-50% off this looks like a cheaper way of buying if you haven't already.

  • Tried the android version
    It just got very basic function and can't edit .doc (.docx only), good as a doc viewer thought.
    And because it can't insert/take photo, i will keep on using OneNote to take notes

  • The one posted here doesn't look the same they announced today. This one seem is designed for iPad.


    • They are different, this is just the mobile version which has been out for a while and imo is borderline useless. Only thing that's changed on it is that it's now free to read/create/edit. In terms of new software, the 3 iPad apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are what came out today, they require an Office 365 sub to create/edit but you can read documents for free.

  • +4

    Think the description needs to be updated a bit. It leads people to think that the new office for iPad apps that came out today can edit documents for personal use. They can't. Only the iPhone apps that came out a couple of months ago can. The new iPad apps require a 365 subscription for personal or business editing.

    • An Office 365 subscription is required to be able to edit documents on an iPad

    • Typical Microsoft BS, 2 versions of the same software (iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad versions, no universal app), difficult to understand use conditions, annual subscription license so you do not even own the software/license anymore (iPhone/iPod Touch free to edit, iPad free to read only).

      I am sticking with Google Docs and LibreOffice.

  • +1

    Awesome app :)

  • Is it really that hard to Microsoft to port the complete office to iPad?

    • Its not a matter of just how hard it would be, it comes down to business choices. Why support a device a competitior produces? I bet a lot of people were swayed to buy surfaces and other windows tablets because they wanted office….

      • -1

        I disagree there. If lots were swayed, surface wouldn't have died like it did - slow and painful.
        Like Zune. MS should stick with software and the odd mouse/keyboard.

        • Can't edit it anymore since someone voted.

          Why support a decide a competitor produces

          Office for mac has been out for years. They failed in the tablet market. I am happy they acknowledged it by releasing this.

        • lol, surface didnt die.

      • +1

        Also, now that people can buy an Office 365 subscription through the app, Apple gets a 30% cut of that revenue out of Microsoft's pockets.

        That coupled with the fact that iTunes cards are regularly discounted means that buying that subscription via in app purchase makes it a lot cheaper than paying MS directly.

        • Apple's 30% cut of subscriptions purchased in-app would be similar to what a distributor/retailer would get for selling boxed Office software/download key anyway for Microsoft. No big loss for Microsoft there. The distributor/retailer/merchant/foreign currency fee is already factored into the final price.

    • +1

      The complete office was basically ported to iOS and was released today. Not sure if it's up on the aus store or not yet however it requires an office 365 annual subscription to edit docs. Pretty annoying.

    • and give away 30% of their revenue to Apple…

  • -7

    Free app but $100 USD a year to edit documents on iPad? No thanks.

    • +2

      This deal is for the iPhone version of the App. Negging for the iPad version is not in context.

      • +2

        Title says ios. Doesn't specify iphone or ipad.

        • +2

          Correct but description says "An Office 365 subscription is required to be able to edit documents on an iPad, but not on an iPhone or iPod."

        • +2

          What part of edit dont you understand? That was put in after this blazing fact was pointed out by garglebutt

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly.

      I'll stick with my free office apps that Apple gave me that enable me to freely edit free of charge.

      Did I mention they were free?

      • +1

        Did you say free???

        • Only for iOS 7 devices purchased after the announcement, apparently.

          EDIT: punches self in the face for missing the joke.

  • Microsoft Office Mobile on iPad is useless with zoom x2 option.

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