This was posted 4 years 2 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Get a McChicken for $3.15 instead of $5.05 @ McDonald's


In the spirit of the McFlurry post and todays cheeseburger post, I was at Melbourne Airport Maccas last week and ordered a McChicken patty on its own($1.60) and got my friend to make an order at the next register (because I was embarrassed to do so) for a McChicken bread roll (75c) with lettuce (40c) and mayo (40c) and I then shoved the patty into the roll he ordered and voila McChicken for $3.15

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    Think this site needs to be re-branded as McBargain the way things are going.

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      Great deals so far guys…I'm lovin' it ;)

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        Man anyone who orders this is legitimately a tight arse.

        I am such a cheap skate in some instances but to do this? lol…

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          @Chthonic. You're on the wrong site, mate.

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          If it was on the menu above their heads people wouldn't have a problem ordering it. Since the slaves behind the counter don't look turn and at the menu above their head - but it is on the register in front of them - I'd have no problem ordering it.

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      Getting old very quickly… the McFlurry 'hack' was clever but they're increasingly clutching at straws. Let's not have 'McDonalds workaround' become the next 'Crucial M4'…

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        People put up ideas. Others vote for them. ozbargain.

        212 + votes
        0 - votes

        Say no more.

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      I thought Macca had BANNED listings on OzB…?

      Have them changed on this?

      In USA, Macca sales are down… Here, too?

      Maybe that can explain a change about accepting free advertising… ;-)

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    wow, even for ozb, this is taking things to a new level

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    If I worked at maccas I would abuse this so hard.

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      I work at McDonald's (and have to start in 80 minutes) and there's really no need to.

      I get 50% off when working, so I save money anyway.

      Only 20% when i'm not working.

      McDoubles are gone, but if you still want one, order a double beef n bacon ($3) and just remove the bacon (which is usually dodgy anyway). Same price as a normal cheeseburger, but an extra piece of meat.

      Technically, OP is correct. If you do order all of the items individually, it will be cheaper. Just hope that the person on the register knows what they're doing, or you might end up with something different.

      If it's a manager that is serving you, they might be a tight arse and tell you to just order a McChicken, so it was a good idea to split it between you and your friend.

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        they might be a tight arse and tell you to just order a McChicken

        But they will be saving labour costs by not putting it together for you…

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          I make a McChicken in less than 10 seconds.

          I'm sure they'd be thrilled to save that 3 seconds of putting the patty in the bun ;)


          If they are already putting a bun with lettuce and mayo together, it takes all of 1-2 sec to throw the patty in too.

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          A new business idea for Macca:

          Mobile McDonalds… For, eg, rural festivals, etc. Located too far from local Macca.

          Also for major bush fire incidents. I know the Salvo's provide food on-site for all the volunteers, but I can tell you a slice of baloney & maybe cheese & maybe a swipe of margarine… On WHITE bread, no less… Six, IMO.

          It doesn't give hard working cities the strength they need to go back out there & fight fires, I can tell you.

          The only advantage I can imagine for slightly nutritional Salvo sandwiches might be you may need to defacate less often… ;-)

          Seriously, I think Maccas could clean up selling fish or chicken beside multi-hour or -day incidents, far from town & city.

          Worth a trial, if not be Maccas, then by some budding entrepreneurs, maybe.

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          They had a temp maccas at the grand prix when I went one year. Any burger as long as it was a big mac, and there was a convenience tax on top. Pile of burgers sitting on rack, I guess before their new on demand policy (eg meat tray).

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        So what your telling me SnowDragon is that if you order the Mcchicken my way, you will only pay $1.575 for it whilst on duty!!

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        Forgetting your associated tag SnowDragon?

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        of course there's a need, you get 50% off a $3.15 burger instead of $5.05, so you are still ahead

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        I'm sure there are some employees who would ring to this little magic trick, state the normal full price to the customer, and pocket the difference.

        Definitely not saying this is a good/moral/acceptable thing to do, but it probably happens.

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          wont work that way. we can see the price being displayed on the register when they punch in our order


    This is the true spirit of OZB.

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    I have a better deal which may be easier for ozbargainers to do if they feel a bit embarrased ordering individual items(especially when I need 3 ghetto mchickens for a solid feed. Order 1 chicken n mayo- $2 and 1 McChicken patty for 1.60. Boom! Double McChicken for $3.60 and no awkward item asking. Negatives are that the bread roll isn't as good and you get slightly less lettuce, however the extra protein makes it worth it ;)

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    Real OzBargainers have no use for shame.

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    We are all going crazy. Still good stuff

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    Someone tell me how to get that Maccas Coffee Frappe for less lol

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      OK lets see water is freee and comes in a free cup.. and a soft-serve cone is err 30 cents, flurry topping is 50cents. That should get you started. lol

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        Scrap the flurrie topping, get an espresso instead, mix with ice, icecream and free water and I reckon you're 87% there.
        Anyone care to finish it.

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    That sounds like what the price should be by default, considering how measly they are nowadays.

    McDonalds realised years ago, that they'd reach saturation point, and most of their customers are addicted enough price would make minimal difference

    Still got to try the McChicken patty on its own, I'm a nuggets addcit

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    thats sad


    $1.90 cheaper for self service.

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    I still remember when actually buying a McChicken was around about $3.15.
    I generally give Maccas a miss these days with their greedy prices and stingy amounts of condiments on the burgers. It's not the staff members fault, it's just coming from the top down. Remember when you used to get lots of mayo and lettuce in a McChicken? They were so tasty. Back in the days before they made everything fresh.

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      Oh the irony of "fresh".

      Unless you ask for a freshly cooked patty, Maccas definition of fresh nowadays is a dried out patty sitting in the warmer for who knows how long!!


        Yeah they put all their patties in a UHC (universal holding centre) and assemble everything to order. The meat can be sitting there for hours.

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      I know, i went to Maccas a couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages. Got a Big Mac meal that was like over $8, and tasted like shit. Pretty much done with the old Micky Dees now.


      i noticed some their condiments(tomato sauce) are now made in china no longer in the USA.

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    +1'd for the laugh. Thanks OP :D

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    Can't you just order a chicken and cheese and tell them to leave the out the cheese and change over the patty?


    I remember getting a cheese burger for $0 (during the $1 cheeseburger offer) possibly even for a negative amount by asking them to take out the paddy, tried again a week later and they said they couldn't reduce the price for no paddy lol. Was ordering other stuff at the time didn't realize and neither did the people behind the counter.

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        Actually as he was talking in the singular, it's patty. Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

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          Then you'd just be further from the correct spelling than at the start. S/he was talking about a singular patty. S/he didn't have one patties on their cheeseburger before s/he had it removed. S/he had one patty on his/her cheeseburger.

          If you're going to correct someone, correct them correctly. "ffs"

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          I didn't wreck myself at all yo

          you just did yo dawg!

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          Yes, that's right but it's patty - not paddy. Patty is a women or a flat disc of meat. Paddy is an irishman.

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    My only concern with the surge of these "deals" is they respond by pushing the price up of individual items to match the full burger cost. Hopefully we don't get to that!

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