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Watch Dogs PS3, PS4, Xbox One, XB360 $54 with Coupon @ Target


Target selling watch dogs for all consoles for $64. This could be used in conjunction with this bargain for $10 off


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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +$9 postage if you dont click and collect.

    • Is immediate click and collect possible online, or is it like big w where they post stock to store?

      • They post to the store:
        "Select our Free Click + Collect service and we will ship your order to your nearest Target store. You will be contacted via email or SMS when your order is ready for collection."

  • I got the EBGames Dedsec edition on preorder - https://ebgames.com.au/ps3-162356-WatchDogs-DedSec-Edition-P...

    kinda thinking of cancelling it


  • Nice. Been holding back as I really need to stop spending money, but $54 pretty much sells itself ha ha.

  • Waiting for tomorrow's possible $40 price ;-)

  • Mario kart 8 will also be $64 on the 31st. Using coupon will bring down to $54 (Not listed on website yet)

    • But it's $58 at Big W! Best to use this voucher to get 10 bucks off the price of Big W's Watchdogs than to get 4 bucks off their Mariokart.

  • We cannot preorder? Do we have to wait until May 27 before we can buy it?

    • That's essentially the catch. You have to 'order' it online on the 27th, and then you have to wait until they have stock at your store so that you can collect it, or wait until they ship it out to you.

  • How do you add it to your cart?

  • So many deals for this game cropping up, the temptation for me to just give in and fork out money to buy it is palpable.

    For those in the same boat, I'd like to remind you all that this game will inevitably drop in price - the multiplayer component isn't core to its gameplay in comparison to other games, meaning anything you pay now really is for the sake of immediacy.

    The game has been in production and experienced multiple set backs and you've had to deal with that - if you can demonstrate some self-restraint you'll probably pick this one up for a considerable markdown soon.

  • How are the reviews for this game?

  • Signed up, but no email from them about my account. Anyone able to get that going?


      Takes about 10 mins.

    • Have worked it out now. When I signed up on the page there was no section for a password, upon registering they said they would send me one. Just went now and it was a different signup page, with a password section, so I created another account. At the end it said account created and automatically signed me in. Working now, but guess I must of stumbled on an older sign up page or something.

  • Feeling kinda dopey at making a special effort to go preorder the ps4 version at dickies last week. Better be available when I go in tomorrow to pick it up, or if want my $10 deposit back and will buy it from target or bigw.

  • I paid 148 bucks for the dedsec edition :/ hmmm Not sure a plastic doll is worth nearly 100 bucks hehe.

    We need an ozantibargains website we can post horror stories of paying to much for crap ;/

    • A large number of posts would be HDMI cables at ridiculous prices from harvey Norman.

    • I find it bizarre how popular special edition pre-orders are for games.
      Game publishers must love it though. Add crap that probably costs $5 to make and charge double the price.

      • I used to buy special editions all the time before realising what poor value they were. Only Blizzard Collector's Editions are worth anything due to digital bonuses. Even now, not so much since they're producing far more than they used to back in WoW vanilla days.

      • Same thing happened in the comic industry about 20 years ago. Speculation over the value of books lead to the publishers making special edition issues where you could buy it bagged with a trading card or with a special holofoil cover etc. Most henious was the variant edition which would contain 8 pages of different material meaning you essentially had to buy the same comic 4 times to get the entire story.

        The publishers pandered to the speculators coming up with regular reasons for a special covers through 'events' and the the comic readers left in droves. Then the speculators realised their X-Force #1 in mint condition with polybagged trading card was worth nothing they abandoned buying crashing the industry and leaving Marvel in bankruptcy (mind you this was also for other reasons).

        Took them 20 years to climb out of that pit. Now they're right back there with big events and special varient covers etc.

  • ebgames don't pricematch coupons do they?

    • Not technically, though I know at my local store, they price match deals yet to start and expired, may be worth a try if they're lax about it.

    • Your mileage may vary. EB in Galleries Victoria used to let you get away with murder and price match almost everything, but there are a lot of new faces there and my local EB absolutely refuses to price match anything unless it's in the same shopping centre, forget coupons.

      • When I asked my local EB to price match Bravely Default at Big W recently (Big W is 58, EB is 59, I'm that petty) she said "Okay, that'll be 48 dollars!" So yeah. Pretty much getting away with murder.

  • Given the Price of this game keeps dropping, I'm starting to think its going to be a flop and they are getting the cash asap before the reviews are finalised…

    • I don't think this is the case, right now it's all about beating local competition in hope of retaining customers and making up losses.

    • The code expires on June 30, so if anyone is unsure, wait until the reviews are out.

  • Guys, you might want to wait for the review before getting one copy. The pirated copy was leaked a few days ago and based on the review posted by early adopters, it's not ideal. A lot of complaints about graphics, said to be sandbox but rather linear storyline and terrible control in car.

  • Well greenmangaming and ozgameshop both have the game for $50 on pc. So if you have the bandwidth you could always save $4 and a trip to target and get it emailed to yourself

  • +1 vote

    To those considering using a gift card, I suggest against doing so. A similar promotion is available on fashion, manchester and footwear, and whilst magazine ads don't say so, the actual voucher states it excludes coles group credit cards and I believe target gift cards (need to check).

    Also, good spotting. A search on the website returns no results.

  • Shame there's no pre-order option, so we need to order and pick up on launch day.

    • You will need to preorder and wait 4-10 days to pick up, after they dispatch your order to your closest store and send you a sms/email. I believe that it's main warehouse is in Melbourne. Same pick up method used by bigw

  • only have a ps3 - will this version still be fully featured?

  • Why didn't everyone get the DSE preorder deal last week when it was $54.95. I know i did

    • Don't you mean $64.98?

      But yes, spoke to DSE today, and to be selling for $69.98, which meals we'll get it for $59.98

      • Hopefully my store honours it. I had the same experience as a lot of other people, had to show them their own catalogue and then they said "oh we'll take $10 off when you pick the game up".

      • My Bad i meant 64.98. Just a shame i cant pick up today as in away for work. Will get it friday

  • I just rang target it's scanned for $89. Where does it say its $64 without coupon???

  • Not many reviews out yet but the ones that are out don't exactly give it glowing reviews. The general theme seems to be "does not live up to the hype". May wait until I see the proper reviews.

    • Definitely wouldn't be able to live up to the hype in any regards, but I'm still getting the game.

  • EB Games Marion (SA) said the Target and Big W pricing are errors that they called around today and they'll be selling it for $74 on PS4 and XBOX One. They refused to price match DSE's $64.98 as well, so told them to refund my preorder deposit, went to the Southgate EB Store and price matched Target's $64 with no drama.

    I guess it all depends on what store you go to.

    The only bonus EB gives you is a code for the Signature Shot DLC pack.

    It kinda makes the Season Pass and Deadsec versions redundant since you get the Breakthrough DLC with the PS4 version of the game, so all that's missing is basically The Palace Pack and a few other minor bits.

    • I went at midnight to Target. The PS3 & 360 versions scanning for $64 and the PS4 & Xbone were scanning $74. Showed her the website where it was $64 on my phone. Everyone in line behind me then asked and got for $64 (as they bloody should have!)

  • Stupid Target….. Watch Dogs page says BUY NOW. But as of 12:05AM its still not an SKU on the site!

  • Guess someone didn't log in last night and activate the sku for online. Stupid Target IT staff.

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