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BIGW Family and Friends Sale Extra 10-20% off - Starts 31st May


Got sent this thru the grapevine - thought I would share it with the Ozbargain community. Enjoy!

Extra 10-20% off at BigW.

$50 minimum spend.

2 days only.

Exclusions include Apple iPads, unlocked Apple iPhones, Apple iPods, Samsung Tablets,
Samsung Galaxy S5, tobacco & cigarettes cartons and packets, all Wish Gift Cards and all Woolworths Limited Gift Cards and new laybys.

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  • Hmm, on the same day Mario Kart comes out..

    • So, $52 Mario Kart? Man, what time do they open on Saturday again?

      • pay using ING DIRECT DEBIT or Discounted WOOLIES gift card for another 5% off

        • Yep $49.59 after ING cashback.. Phew sub $50 gonna pull the trigger and take the risk with the Mrs..

        • Yep, i just got an ING debit card (part of the iconic $250 voucher targeted sign up offer), so I was happy to see Big W's cheap launch day price for Mario Kart, was happier still that i could get the 5% back on pay wave, and happier STILL to get the 10% storewide on Saturday! Brilliant!

      • 8.30am or 9am depending on location.

  • This always happens a couple of days after I've bought things!


    Ahh beat me to it

  • Good that all ozb users her are friends and family. Does anyone know if with staff cards will get further 5% staff discount?

    • What's the point of making it friends & family? May as well just publicise it?

      EDIT: "Staff discount policy continues to apply to all staff during this period."


      Usually deals like these aren't in conjunction with any other offers

  • Mario Kart 8 premium bundle looks very appealing with 10% off…. may finally cave

  • Exclusions include Apple iPads, unlocked Apple iPhones, Apple iPods, Samsung Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S5, tobacco & cigarettes cartons and packets, all Wish Gift Cards and all Woolworths Limited Gift Cards including BIG W, Woolworths, Safeway, Woolworths Petrol, Safeway Petrol, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Cellar Masters, Essentials, Groceries Only and Masters Gift Cards.

    • No where near as bad as DickSmith. Dick always (profanity) us over with those stupid 11-12% off coupons.

      • Not sure I understand your self righteous logic here.

        Offering 11-12% off to their customers surely has to be a win - especially when its a greater discount than what staff members get and even more impressive when you consider the tight margins most electronics retailers operate on.

        Naturally exclusions will happen if the item is already advertised or will be below cost after the discount.

        Just be bloody thankful they are offering discounts…

    • Dick Smith vouchers are available at BIG W but they would not allow me to purchase, they classified this as a Wish Card which is complete bull crap.

  • 3 Days Only

    Saturday + Sunday = 2 Days

  • Time to buy Lego.

  • +9 votes

    Nice deal. I don't understand the Venn diagram in the flyer though.

  • MIght be time to layby a 3DS XL

    • You can only do that if you have a staff card.

      e 20% off discount offer does not apply to new Laybys, the 10% off the rest of
      store offer does apply to new Layby transactions for Staff Card holders only, not available for family & friends.

  • Too bad it doesn't work online, they have stacks of kids books like 'wheres wally' at the moment for $2

  • Any decent Televisions on sale?

    • I hear Hitachi is awesome /s


      Big W has stopped selling televisions now

      • They stopped (earlier this year?), but now they have two Viano types available. They seemed to get a bunch in but don't know if they're replacing them.


          Well in SA anyway. All the stores layouts are trying to become similar to one another. Our store had gotten rid of all TVs to combine the home entertainment and photo lab together

  • Have set a reminder for the 31th of May.

    Thank you OP

  • Remember when kmart and target used to have 15% off storewide sales every month or so and big w never had an equivalent, used to only buy things when the next sale rolled around.

  • The Brita Filters are all mine.

  • So; anyone (me) can just print that flyer out, get Mario Kart & register will scan the flyer…? Or do I somehow need a staff card?

  • Can I use this to buy the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle?

    • +8 votes

      No as they will all be sold before you get to the store

  • Sale continues on until 1th June.

  • Interesting that it is only Woolworths Limited gift cards that are excluded. I'm pretty sure Big W sell prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards which one could technically buy and use anywhere else. E.g. So you could buy a $500 prepaid MasterCard giftcard for $450.

    Event Cinema gift cards would also be a good deal at 10% off.

    • I just googled, found this link:

      It refers to the prepaid mastercard as
      Woolworths Everyday Money Prepaid MasterCard

      Would this be considered a Woolworths "gift" card?

    • That is like 10 % off cash if no processing fees and included in this sale. Nice find. Will try in store.
      Edit: last three words in the t&c 'masters gift cards' is referring to gift cards for Masters hardware store?

    • If they don't come under gift cards then could you buy a prepaid mastercard with the amount you intend to spend pon something else.. say $400, get your 10% off in buying that, then use that same card in a separate transaction to buy the goods you wanted and get a further 10% off?

      Or worse, continually buy prepaid mastercards cards at 10% off with the discounted mastercards?

  • Any recommended buys? Perhaps even basic groceries if it comes out cheaper than woolies/coles when they are on sale?

  • so you should be able to buy the wii u mario kart 8 bundle with this coupon, if they have stock?

  • Is it possible to just scan the flyer from my phone or would I need to print this out?

  • Thanks. I assuming one reason for the exclusion of the purchasing of the Wish gift cards is to prevent us buying more gift cards with our just purchased gift cards and starting a nasty discount cycle. :-)

    That all being said, does Big W sell Coles gift cards? (yes I know they are a competitor). If they do, what is to prevent us from buying a bunch of Coles gift cards and buying lots of Woolworth/Wish gift cards at the local Coles, then going back to Big W to buy more gift cards (using out freshly purchased Woolworth chain gift cards) and doing the cycle that way? You can probably justify it by saying that you have 10 x $100 WISH gift cards and want to merge them into two $500 ones (plus the extra 10% bonus).

    Thoughts anyone?

    As a reference, please find below the current exclusions from the PDF:

    Exclusions include Apple iPads, unlocked Apple iPhones, Apple iPods, Samsung Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S5, tobacco & cigarettes cartons and packets, all Wish Gift Cards and all Woolworths Limited Gift Cards including BIG W, Woolworths, Safeway, Woolworths Petrol, Safeway Petrol, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Cellar Masters, Essentials, Groceries Only and Masters Gift Cards

  • Google Play store cards by any chance?

  • anyone know if BigW sells the paperwhite 2 kindle?

    their website shows only the non light version

    would buy if they sell and discount applicable

  • I went into my local BigW (Doncaster) and had a quick look at the gift card stand - only a few $50 Westfield cards left - plenty of Myer and David Jones $50/$100 cards, but overall all looked a little lean…

    • I'm here now. Still a lot of Myers and DJs but someone cleaned them of all the JB hifi ones lol!


      There are more in the aisles- BUT refused to give discount.

  • Bummer, could have got 10% off of the nextbook tablet I bought a couple or weeks back

  • Was just told that it can't be used on any gift cards as the cards then can't be activated. Doesn't make any sense to me.. can anyone explain?

  • FYI notice at registers:
    The staff, family & friends offer cannot be used in conjunction with your everyday rewards card and cannot be used to earn everyday reward qantas frequent flyer points.

    • I'm negging because of this. Nowhere on the flyer does it say EDR card cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. I bought some WiiMotes as well as some groceries and was denied scanning my EDR card. The salesperson wouldn't even scan it when I just told him to try it anyway, because of your mentioned reason.

      Then at the bottom of the receipt it says "You could have earned at least 90 Qantas Frequent Flyer points for this sale. Pick up a card instore & register online today at".

      Does scanning the EDR card cancel the F&F discount? I can't see why it would if you still get the notice on your receipt. Unfortunately I couldn't self checkout as the WiiMotes were behind a glass cabinet.


        If you'd scanned the EDR card the other discounts wouldn't have come off the total.

        Try contacting EDR and getting them to manually add the points.

        • -1 vote

          Then why did the receipt say the message?

          A previous Woolworths Easter Show discount voucher posted here worked with the EDR card. I can't see why this would not?

          Any staff member can confirm their staff discount card works with an EDR card?

        • Typically it causes an error that the attendant needs to clear. You are meant to scan one or the other. I recall a while back you could do both but I forget the order. Doesn't work anymore as far as I know.

          The staff card essentially IS your EDR card now. Just have to link/register it on a staff card. For example, where they are linked, when the staff card is scanned at Woolies now, you get the EDR discount/offer (whatever it might be) and then the staff discount is applied.

          EDIT: I can't comment about this sale specifically as I didn't go and try. Not sure if that's what you were asking for.

      • There were sticky taped notices on the self serve checkouts saying the EDR card would not work with the FF voucher I scanned it anyway it did not work and a note on the screen said to seek an attendant which I didn't bother with just completed the sale FF discount worked EDR would not.

  • Thank goodness for a qff linked credit card…

  • Non woolies gift cards ARE included. Also max 10 gift cards per transaction. Need to do multiple transactions. Also works at self serve.

    • You bought some? Which ones worked for you?

    • Do you have to do anything special to activate them at the self serve register? When I buy gift cards at the normal checkouts the staff often have to do a few steps (the cards are usually blank on the stands to prevent theft).

      • It'll ask you to wait while a team member comes over to push a few buttons / authorise it.

  • Top Ryde has plenty of everything for those interested.

  • Does BigW stock Officeworks gift cards?

  • Really?just bought heaps of JB gc ;(

  • Doncaster big w have removed all the gift cards that could have been bought with discount. Kinda sneaky

    • Damn, that is sneaky. But, look closer. At the store I went to, gift cards were located in other parts of the store if they were relevant to that department. E.g. Google Play and Facebook cards in the technology section.

  • Doncaster big w doesn't want to honour the deal. 12pm update.

    EDIT: He is wrong. PSN cards scanned 10% off. No more Myer or jb cards

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