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Sniper Elite V2 FREE! on Steam for 24 Hours Only!


Just went for free for 24 hours,
seems permanent, just add it on your library and download,
and keep it forever!

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  • Forgive the dumb question, but if I add it to my library, does not downloading it change anything?

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      All you have to do is hit "Install" at the store page which will take you to a page confirming that you've added the license to your account. You don't have to download it now.

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      Yup - as Eon mentioned you can download later; I have few games in my account and still have not got time to install any - including steam itself.

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      After hitting "Install" you'll get:

      Sniper Elite V2 is now registered to your account on Steam.

      Then you can download at your leisure. :)

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        Or more likely, never.

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    Awesome, download time ~2 hours with ADSL2+, already playing, can someone tell my boss i will be late for work? Thanks!

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      Yes we will tell your centrelink support officer for you… :P

  • I only bought this a few weeks ago so I could play through the coop with a friend before 3 comes out, oh well.

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      Where is your ozbargainer spirit? You should be happy for us!

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        dont know if its wise to mock a guy who enjoys sniper games…. n is not very happy to have paid for it!… hehe

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    Good tip with steam when you buy a game (or get a free one in this case) and you're not really sure you're ever going to play it, buy it as a gift.

    Its no different to you as its always in your list to convert into an installed game if you do decide you want to play it. But if you never do and you find a friend that actually wants it you can gift it to them.

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      Sorry accidental neg, thanks for the great tip

    • im new to steam, 2 week sold in fact. can i buy the game and then also gift it to someone during these offers? do i need to buy it (free) twice, during this 24 hour period?

      how does gifting work.. can i gift a game i no longer want to play to someone (like the old days, hand over the CD to them!)…?

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        how does gifting work.. can i gift a game i no longer want to play to someone (like the old days, hand over the CD to them!)…?

        No i dont think so, i think its more like at christmas time when you go and buy something and they offer to wrap it up as a gift for you when you purchase it.
        So at purchase time you can choose ether gift or for yourself ( unwrapped)

      • "how does gifting work.. can i gift a game i no longer want to play to someone (like the old days, hand over the CD to them!)…?"

        No i dont think so, i think its more like at christmas time when you go and buy something and they offer to wrap it up as a gift for you when you purchase it.
        So at purchase time you can choose ether gift or for yourself ( unwrapped)

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          When you do a reply there is a little grey button at the bottom that says 'Formatting Help'. In particular you might be interested in the block quote. By typing > at the beginning of the line it will automagically format it to look like a quote. eg

          When you purchase a game on Steam, we offer the option to “gift” the item to anyone you choose, whether or not the recipient is a current Steam user. The recipient will receive the gift as an attractive e-mail card with a personal message from you and instructions to redeem the game.


          can i gift a game i no longer want to play to someone

          I wish, I doubt that will ever happen though :'(

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      I think that is a really good idea but how do i do it?

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        I dont think you can for free games, but for paid ones you can click "this is a gift" or something like that.

  • Thanks for the bargain OP!

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    This is the sexy skeleton shattering X-ray one, yeah?

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      Yes and X-ray nutshots included!

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        That's gross, I'm in.

        • I see you guys are going to be Hitlers worst nightmare……oh wait that's a DLC :)

  • Only thing better than a free game is a quality free game…thanks Gabe :)

    • So… is this game a free game or a quality free game?

      • quality free game


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          He's mocking you for saying "quality free", meaning it is free of quality, not quality and free. Which would mean it's bad.

          The english language is a fickle beast.

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          One should say a quality game for free.

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          He's mocking you for saying "quality free", meaning it is free of quality, not quality and free.

          …and he is doing a very bad job of it.

          I do my best to help with poor literacy on teh intarwebs…everyone knows you use a hyphen to join words :)

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          Shots fired!

        • L4D2, Red Orchestra 2, ARMA, Sniper Elite 2 - Steam is on a roll. It's great that EA have pushed Valve into giving away free games. Between Origin and Steam we get tons of high quality games for nothing :D

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          The difference between Valve and EA is that Valve actually means to give the games away - EA gives them way through administrative cock-ups (notice the hyphen, kirt ;)).

          On a lighter note - I'd forgotten how good this game is. And the graphics are beautiful!

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          notice the hyphen, kirt

          Gold star for you johnno!

  • Very good game. Even better that it's free!

  • Thanks for the heads up OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • Notice the DLCs aren't free though. That is where they hope to make money. Its a bit like printers: they are cheap to acquire but refills cost beaucoup money.

    Still, even without the addons, you have a good, solid game to keep you entertained for a day on the weekendwithout laying out a cent.

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      a day?

      I don't think you fully got into the sniper spirit. Camping out for hours on end waiting for that single perfect double head shot over 1500m, curving the shot around a wall (taking advantage of the high winds) whilst the bullet finally ricochets off an empty bottle and hits a gas cylinder taking out a further 2 enemies :)

      If you are playing a sniper game and not crawling everywhere then you are doing it wrong.

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        Loved V1… need to finish V2… we still need to team up…. but WoW has been keeping me busy lately. :(

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      Its a bit like printers: they are cheap to acquire but refills cost beaucoup money.

      Except refills are required to keep using a printer. You don't need DLC ever for this game.

  • Can't get steam to load for me.

    • Steam is getting ozbargained.

  • as a console gamer for the past 5 years, so glad i opened a steam account a few weeks ago…. first BF3 for free, now sniper-v2 for free…. u just cant beat the price point!

    these are all still very good games, despite their age.

    i am still a console gamer, but it doesnt harm to have steam/origin to complement the gaming suite.

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      i opened a steam account a few weeks ago…. first BF3 for free, now sniper-v2 for free…. u just cant beat the price point!

      That is how it starts…

      Next thing you know, you will be buying a $10 controller adapter:


      …then the mid year sales will hit…the rest will be history ;)

      • It happened to me too, it can happen to the best of us. Was going to buy meatboy on Xbox when it came out but it was 5 bucks difference… and suddenly, I started buying everything on pc :O

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        Bundles… just don't start on them… they are a curse.

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          But. But. But Magicka was like 8 bucks FOR THE WHOLE FRANCHISE!

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        Get the adapter - get it now. I do about 90% of my gaming on my PC at the moment (this will probably swing the other way a bit once the X1 gets a decent roster of exclusives) but there are tons of games that are still better with a controller. I like outputting my PC to my TV, switching to big picture mode and playing games from the comfort of my bed with a wireless controller. Bliss.

        • The control and comfort of a console without the horrible resolution and framerate. Everyone wins!

      • phew, lucky im a ps4'er not an xbox'er…. that $10 adaptor wont work on me! :P

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          then spend $2 on a bluetooth adapter and use the PS4 controller? Controllers are awesome and the way games should be played ;)

        • so ur saying if my mboard already have built in bluetooth its a trivial matter to just sync a ps3 or ps4 controller to the windows PC ?

          i never thought this was very reliable…. (?)

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          "ps4'er not an xbox'er"

          I wish you had said xboner. I wish you had said xboner.

          But yeah, you should have a controller for pc games. Some games, like Dark SOuls (apparently) and Castle Crashers do nut even tell you the keyboard controls in game, you have to whap every key on the board to gradually figure it out.

        • Is there a tl;dr version?

        • ok, thanks, but still in beta it seems…

        • You don't even need Bluetooth, download MotioninJoy and use your PS3 controller via USB.

        • Looking at the number of games these days which support the 360 controller so well, I have spent bit of extra money and bought a wired 360 controller. Fark messing with adapter drivers etc to make my wireless 360 driver work, or the MotionJoy to make my PS3/PS4 controllers work. Don't regret a cent I spent on the wired 360 controller.

        • You don't even need to buy a Bluetooth adapter, the controller works just by hooking it up to your PC with the same cable you use to charge it (or any other microusb cable you have around). Just download DS4Tool and it will emulate a 360 pad so work on any game an xbox controller does.

        • A cable…a cable? in this day and age? Let me grab a 5 metre micro USB cable so I can be a couch gamer :P

        • I would recommend it, with the PS3/PS4 controllers when you plug in the cable the controller actually switches from Bluetooth to using the cable for data so your input latency is reduced. Don't have to worry about buying a wired controller like the XBOX. Just get a long microusb cable and you're set.

        • I admit getting the Xbox 360 controller to work wireless is a right pain in the ass, but it's worth it once it's set up. I personally prefer the 360 pad over the DS3 (personal opinion), but it's a fact that most games that support gamepads are optimised for the Xbox controller. Hell, every other indie game you boot up will have a note/splash screen that says "THIS GAME IS BETTER WITH A CONTROLLER". Sync up your 360 pad and BAM - perfect controller bindings. It's a wonderful thing.

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      It's all downhill from now mate..


      Over the last 8 years, you've spent 428.8 hours playing this selection, which includes 75 items, is valued at $1172.32, and requires 448.6 GB.

      And according to that list, I've only played 11games :(

      edit - thanks OP, added Sniper to my hoard..

      • Wow…. That is really cool.

        Over the last 6 years, you've spent 630 hours playing this selection, which includes 86 items, is valued at $1551.25, and requires 623 GB

      • Over the last 7 years, you've spent 1348.9 hours playing this selection, which includes 66 items, is valued at $1001.9, and requires 387.5 GB

        Perhaps i need to get out more :(

        • +2

          Over the last 10 months, you've spent 1007.1 hours playing this selection, which includes 596 items, is valued at $7355.06, and requires 1938.2 GB

          I think you're fine..

        • Dear sweet Jesus, 417.57 hours of DOTA 2 in the last 10 months. That's an average of 1.4 hours every single day, for the last 10 months. I really don't understand the appeal of this game, but obviously it's doing something right! And not to mention you've apparently spent $24.51USD, on average, every single day of that as well. Respect! I think!

          EDIT: Just realised that that is current market value of the games - not what you've actually paid for them.


          Over the last 9 years, you've spent 1166.5 hours playing this selection, which includes 418 items, is valued at $5177.68, and requires 1231 GB

        • Definitely paid nowhere near $7k for games lmao, I am on OzBargain after all, I've spent probably a few hundred all up, I reckon around $500 max honestly for my collection so far (lots of bundles, and usually only purchase at 75%+ off, pretty sure I have not paid full price for anything).

          Regarding DOTA 2, I was one of those kids that played DotA a lot, use to go to this computer cafe after school with friends and we would just chill and play. DOTA 2, it's a game I can just jump in for a game or two after work and not really have to commit to, there's no real progression, it's just a game you can enjoy without worries.

    • I'm in a similar situation , having tomb raider, bully, Orion: dino horde and now this game still under $10.. Winning!

    • Aww I didn't hear about BF3 :(

  • Thanks op great find

  • Thanks just got it

  • Random question..

    Can anyone suggest a game like 'Treasure Adventure Game' from GOG on steam?

    • "Treasure" "Adventure" and "Game" are three words that define every Roguelike ever (Cataclysm excluded), other than that I have no idea what you mean :3

      • +2

        It's an awesome open world adventure game from the GOG site. Really old school type feel which left its epic graphics at the door. Loved it.


        • +2

          It looks like a Metroidvania from my keen eye of gaming observation, and yes, there are games similar to that on steam.

          Want some examples?

          I can't think of any!

          Useful +1

        • +1

          Rogue Legacy!

          There we go, it only took me almost 4 hours, I've set a new record.

        • Haha thanks mate!

    • Terraria or Starbound?

  • Another game to my collection. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Bring on the gratuitously unnecessary violence! \o/

  • thx op

  • My CPU IS

    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo SP9400 @ 2.40GHz, Penryn 45nm Technology

    Apparently not enough for this awesome game :(

    Could overclocking help?

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      I wouldn't try overclocking a laptop cpu. That's a pretty fast road to needing to buy a new laptop.

      It's free though, so who knows when you'll be able to play it in the future?

      • -1

        EXCUSE ME, but overclocking ALWAYS helps in EVERY situation. Trust me on this one.

        • That's not what she said.

    • It is enough to run it, and depending on the GPU even at high settings.

      I've got it running on high settings at 1080 on a C2D e6420 with 1gb AMD 5770 and 4gb DDR2 ram.

      Your C2D 9400 is a better CPU even though it's a mobile CPU, and I'm guessing a higher 1066 FSB with DDR3 ram, so really you should be able to run it well if you have a dedicated GPU.

      The requirements for running the game are very low.

      • I put the game settings on the lowest possible setting, now it's "playable", but far from desired.

        Is updating GPU difficult? I know jack about it

        • For a laptop it's almost impossible if it's possible. Which is most likely isn't.

          You could try updating your drivers, but you haven't said which GPU your laptop has? If it's an integrated chipset and not a dedicated GPU from that era then your SOL.

  • +1

    cool, goat simulator update as well

    • +2

      That's what we were all waiting for after all.

  • +1

    awesome! too many games to play after my exams =D

  • Probably a sacrilegious question for fans of this game, but does anyone know how to turn OFF the killcam? I love sniper games, but I've never liked the killcam on this game.

    Great post OP, thanks

    • You can't…unless you have the German version, which doesn't have kill cam. Well, make really crappy shots instead of nice head shots and it won't trigger the x-ray cam. You might still get follow through of the bullet though.

  • +1

    Woot something to do after exams!!

  • Thanks…got it

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