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NewsgroupDirect Usenet Sale - $65 Yearly for Unlimited account


Unlimited downloads. $65/year for the life of the account

2,135+ Days Retention
50 SSL Connections
30 GB of Online Storage
Access to NGD Member Rewards
Discounts on Ghost Path VPN

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News Group Direct

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    If you guys pls don't mind, can anybody let me know, why and where it is used?

    • I am not 100% sure of your meaning, but i am guessing you haven't used usenet before and don't know what it is good for.

      In the old days it has heaps of easily accessible mainstream and niche pirates materials (movies, music, games, comics, RPG PDFs, pron, etc) but some of the niche groups have dies off and a lot of mainstream stuff is posted with nondescriptive or random file names, so it is hard to find things for download using just an NZB search engine or by downloading Group headers (the old way). Posters have resorted to doing this because usenet servers have been deluged by DMCA takedowns over the past 2 years, and popular items posted with unobfuscated filenames are often deleted only 4 hours after they are posted (eg Throne of Games).

      ~$7.50/month Unlimited is good value for an unlimited account. I got a $6/month account during a Black riday sale once.

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        ~$7.50/month Unlimited is good value for an unlimited account. I got a $6/month account during a Black riday sale once.

        But isn't it $65/year ~= $5.4/month here?

  • Wanted a new block account, peh.

    • Shame - they had 3TB blocks on sale up until last week for $80.

      • at my worst that would have lasted me a month.. unlimited for the win.

        • That's a lot of linux ISOs..

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    i grabbed this deal yesterday morning. i've been with astraweb and tweaknews in the past but seem to have far less problems with newsgroupdirect (faster speed, less missing parts etc).

    These guys are happy for you to share an account too… so if you have a mate who is interested, you can each configure your clients to use 25 connections each and split the cost.

    • thats a good idea.. I have a friend who does the occasional download, so would be good for him to share.

  • how does this compare to usenetserver?

  • so has anyone any comments on retention, completion and DCMA for this provider please? I've been with usenetserver for 2 years (paying $95 USD a year) and have used occasional tweaknews accounts for finding things that have been removed from usenetserver.

    If newsgroupdirect has good retention and completion and their DCMA isn't so strict then I may change providers.

    thank you.

    • I have away my NGD account to a mate. Tweaknews was my main with Australian and NGD as a backup. Stats showed that NGD was never called upon a backup while Astra was

  • I have paid accounts with Astra and usenetserver. I have been getting lots of errors of late. I have purchased this deal and have set it as my primary download source. I will see how it goes. Would love to drop monthly fees on Astra and usenet.

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