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Vodafone Huawei G526 $79. G300+ $39. HTC Desire 310 $74. @ Target


Nationwide deal.

G526 $79 G300+ $39 plus others in the Vodafone line up.
It was not a one store only clearance. They had plenty of stock.
It does not appear in any catalogues that I have seen.

Photo here

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • I was in Target in Forest Hill (Melb) today, no such luck. The G526 was still $179.

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      If it is like the K Mart Vodafone special then the roll out may be staggered as Voda reps did the display changes with that one.

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        Is the new price nation wide? So when you scan the product the new price would show up regardless of the price on display.

        • From a report on WP it does scan at the discounted price :-)

    • I was also at Target today and did not see any Vodafone special.

      • See the post above……….

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      This post looks like deliberate misinformation. I didn't bother because of your post and now likely missed out. Meanwhile… you drive around to target stores picking them up to sell on ebay?

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    The G526 is a very good phone for this price. It supports 4G and has very good battery life.

  • If you are unable to find stock, Dicksmith is selling Huawei G526 for $117.20 delivered using code SUPER10 (ends tonight). Description says 2yrs warranty.

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    The G526 for that price is STUPID! It's one hell of an awesome phone. Blows anything else in that price range into the stone age. I'm turning it into a mobile eftpos/gps machine but it still rocks my socks! Great unit. If you need to update, buy it. Don't think twice!

  • Great phone for its price indeed. My only complaint is the "creaking" sound the back cover makes. It's annoying actually. Putting in a case helped a bit.

    • We have been using 2 of them here for the past 6 months… no creaking at all. Brilliant phone!

    • Been using for a few days with no creaking. Nice phone.

  • Photo please. ..

  • Does the 526 have Vodafone branding in the software? Could it be rooted to a cyrogenmod?

    How much for unlocking Bagman?

    Would this take better photos than the Moto G?

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      There's no official cyanogen support for the G526. The list of cyanogen supported phones can be found here:

      Probably best not to expect official cyanogen support for the G526. There are more phones not supported than there are supported. If you are into modding and want the future proofing then buy the Moto G.

      The camera is nothing special. Huawei are never praised for their cameras. I own a G526. The camera is fine for bright outdoor only. Otherwise most of the photos turn out blurry due to camera shake. Most of my photos on a cloudy afternoon turned out blurry.

      The G526 is a $79 phone. Best to set expectations accordingly. That's a third the price of a Moto G.

      Software wise the phone is already good. Its fast, no bloatware and the interface is very friendly.

  • Ah yes, 2285, that suburb…

  • can bagman unlock this?

  • According the last deal on these they were unlockable. Can also root them but nothing out there to do with them atm. No updates or ROMS. Happy wth mine as well from last deal. Upgraded from HTC Desire.

    Think the unlocking was 8 bucks as per this link.


    • I bought one from Target today for $79
      I unlocked it free of charge here - https://unlock.vodafone.com.au/voila/handsetunlock/self-serv...
      and successfully used a Telstra sim in it.

      • Hi mullsie,

        I tried the link, but it wants to charge $25? Any trick that I need to do? Thanks.
        Btw, just bought it from target Waverley Gardens before closing time, happy with the $79 price tag, but still cant unlock for now.
        Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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          Ebay unlock -$3.68. Two days for the code to come through

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          I think it must be luck i.e. which batch of phones are in store

        • @mullsie:
          Oh well…. I am unlucky then :(
          Anyway, bought from eBay for $3.99, can't find the $3.68 as suggested by spy.

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          Still a bargain.
          I've upgraded to this Huawei from a HTC One after cracking its screen
          Huawei = better signal
          HTC One = better camera + nicer icons

        • @Jrimbo: yeah that listing comes on and off…

        • Just bought an unlock code from eBay for the g526 for EUR 2.59, which eBay reckons is $3.70:


          It says the seller is away until 10 Sep, but they processed my order in under 2 days.

      • mullsie - Did you connect to Vodafone first? Until now I've always unlocked free, but had always used first with Vodafone SIM.

        Tried 4 IMEI out of 6 $79 G526 in stock at Carindale Target (Brisbane) - all showed $25 fee :-(
        Stock of G300+ $39, Sony Xperia M $99

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          LOL They actually let you check the IMEI?

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          Why not - it's on the side of the box ;-) Rest of stock had similar IMEI.

          Staff member suggested scanning them, but my old $25 Huawei Y201 won't do that - 1 of the many reasons to upgrade. Used Westfield's free WiFi to check IMEIs on Vodafone site.

          It may be possible to unlock free once used with (included free) Vodafone SIM???

          Now to adjust to a faster phone & far bigger, better screen.

        • Tried the imei on the vodafone site before I opened the box and it gave me the unlock code. This was at buranda btw

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          Bugger - Carindale is expensive, but close ;-) Could have popped down to Buranda if I'd known that. Probably a different batch. Oh well it will only cost a few dollars.

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    Rang East Gardens store and was told they sold 3 today for $79 and they are out, doh!

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      Rockdale store had 3 left and I've them put one of those aside for me, sweet.

  • I just got a black G526 at Rhodes NSW there were 2 left at 11:45am also 2 x G300+.Original sticker price on shelf but scanned at reduced price.

  • Just rang my local store Hervey Bay still $179 here

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      They told me it was labelled $159 but I asked them to scan it and sure enough it scanned $79.

  • The y300 was, $49. Confirmed a while ago. Will put my receipt up soon if anyone wants to pricematch

    Completely out of stock, everywhere in the gold coast, except for Harvey Norman. They had heaps, and I mean heaps of stock. So maybe they just got the new shipment? haha


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      Talking about G300,not y300

      • I know that, however the Y300 in comparison to the G300+ (according to specs) has Android 4.1 installed instead of Gingerbread, a 4.5" screen in comparison to the 4" screen the G300+ has, and has a dual core processor instead of single core.

        My point being if you want to spend an extra 10 bucks you'll get your moneys worth.

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        • I must've misread the specs page.

          But anyway, my comment still stands on the difference in CPU's, and the android version

          Jellybean is a ton better than gingerbread, imho.

          Edit: also have a receipt if anyone wants to give a shot at pricematching the y300. If you happen to find a store that still stocks them (try hardly normal, you might be surprised)


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          The Y300 should outperform the G300+ (a nice phone - I have one) but NB the Y300 omits the 3G 900MHz band, used by Optus and regional Vodafone networks.

          G300+ 850/900/2100 Mz
          Y300 850/2100
          G526 850/900/2100


        • Also the G300+ should be able to update to ICS 4 OTA through Voda using the included sim before switching sims if you do.

  • Hervey Bay had 2 now they have one. All i need now is a micro sim
    Mine is $25 to unlock

    • Go ebay +- $4 unlock

      • i am waiting for my unlock code. I also bought a case and screen protectors while i was on ebay

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    Just picked up a G526 for $79 at Target Deer Park in Victoria. There were about 5 left.

    Unlocked it for free on the Vodafone website.

    The Sony Xperia M was also scanning at $99. There were 2 left.

  • Does anyone have a receipt of the g526 so we might be able to pricematch with bigW?

  • Thanks Op. For One from Target Macquarie Park. Plenty of Sony M available @ 2113

  • We like the "LG Optimus L3 II" ("a.k.a. LG-E425f") - also discounted to $29.00 (but at Big W), EXCEPT it doesn't seem to run EchoLink properly (despite seeming to handle Skype & Zello OK).

    Oh, and 512 KB RAM is a limit (eg, to # of app's).

    Does anyone unlock this Telstra cell phone at low cost?

  • great need a new phone as my S3 is now stuffed, can anyone confirm if telstra sims would work after i unlock it? not sure if vodafone version will run 850mhz like telstra

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      Yes to both

  • For those who have the Huawei G526 4G, is there any forum on available custom rom? I can't find any useful result from XDA Developer, Modaco.

    The only one that I found is from The Android Source, But it has very limited content: http://www.theandroidsource.com/forumdisplay.php/1269-Ascend...

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      Go to www.whirlpool.net.au… android phones… Huawei… Heaps of info in there re modding the g526.
      (I personally do not recommend modding though.)

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    Went to Target Armadale WA and they still have 3 G526, 2 Xperia M and 4 HTC Desire 310. The salesperson was unaware of the promotion until I asked him to scan it.

  • Target is ditching Vodafone prepaid….

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      Fact or rumour?

      • Salesperson said.

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          That sounds like a rumour then.

  • a family member got one from target today i managed to get free unlock code from vodafone last time deal was on at kmart it didnt work when i tried 2 handsets

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    Has anyone asked for a raincheck at stores with out of stock? Should be possible because it is not a clearance item?

    • Not in catalogue, so no rainchecks.

      • Is that Target policy or a personal opinion?

  • Knox City (VIC) has a few of the G526. Not sure on the other model. Its not on display so you need to ask and he has a few behind the counter.
    Read this post and bought one without seeing if its compatible with optus 4g…hopefully it is

    • For now it should work for Melbourne,but maybe not for the new Optus band that the ACT also uses. Google for compatible details of 4G bands for Australia.

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    Confirmed at the Glen (VIC) this morning.
    They had 1 G526 and about 3 of the Sony's left

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      Picked up last G526 from glen store, confirming 3 Sony still available and 1 more HTC Desire on display.

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    For anyone who wants to pricematch or collect:


    Burwood Target NSW has stock of Sony and G526 at 11am Sunday 13th July

    • They are out of stock of g526, no Huawei's left. I rang to set one aside.

    • What was sold out on the bottom of pic for $24 ? Maybe wifi router, that would be a bargain too.

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    Don't forget $10 credit back from AMEX https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/149045

  • picked up 3 huawei g526….Tried vodafone site to unlock but no good 2 imei numbers wanted a $25 unlock and the 3rd could not be found in their database . I paid $3.99 each on ebay and sent details just have to wait for unlock codes.

  • thanks op,got one from bondi junction target,one more left.

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    Got the last G526 at Castle Towers Target just before closing. They still had a few Sony Xperia M and HTC Desire 310 in stock. They don't have them on display or any 50% off advertising. Just ask the sales person.

  • Anyone know when is the last day?

    • 30/7/2014 showing on display tickets.

  • Went in to Target at Coffs Harbour today.

    They had the Sony XM at $99, G526 at $79, HTC Salsa at $70, G300+ and G300 at $39 each. There was also an Alcatel and a Samsung one but I can't remember the models sorry :(

    Staff said the offer ends July 30th.

    Is the Sony better than the G526 for the extra $20?

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      Don't forget that the Sony Xperia M is way more expensive to unlock (~$25 on ebay) compared to the G526 (~$5). So the Sony works out to be $45 more expensive than an $85 G526. That's over 50% costlier and there's no way the Sony is that better.

  • sent away for 2 unlock codes for 2 g526 phones first one worked fine but second phone just wont unlock with the supplied codes. They gave me a refund on those codes. So i bought again from another seller on ebay and guess what they sent the same codes farrrrk. Vodafone want $25 to unlock but they might supply the same code im thinking to take it back for refund .

    • Did they send you 4 x 16 digit codes? I thought I may have to try all four but luckily the first one worked.

  • You have a set of four 16 digits codes but please only enter first set of 16 digits Code.
    How to Enter a Code:
    1. Insert a non accepted SIM card (your new one)
    2. Switch the phone on
    3. The phone will ask you to enter NP Code '' ( or something similar )
    4. Enter the First 16 digits Code Above.
    In case first set of 16 digit code didn’t work, please do a factory reset and after reboot enter the 3rd set of 16 digits code it should unlock

    1st code - Network code (Network PIN)
    2nd and 3rd codes are SP codes (Service Provider PIN)
    4th LAST code is the Simblock/Reset code (In case if your phone is Hardlocked)

    I bought 3 codes for g526 phones several months ago for dick smith purchased phones all worked 1st time with 1st set of 16 digit codes

    and 1 phone i purchased from target worked 1st time also but another i tried all 4 codes on but all unsuccessfull.

    • tried 2 ebay unlockers and got the same codes . Oh well guess im gonna take 1 back for a refund tomoro to target..

  • If anyone has a g526 they decide they done want I would appreciate a PM very much, happy to pay price plus shipping if necessary/unable to pick up. Been calling everywhere and can't find anything

    • As a last ditch effort you might be able to try to price match at Office Works. A few OzBargainers maged to do a price match with the previous Kmart G526 Vodafone.

      • It's not appearing on the officeworks website thought :-/

    • Jackson, I should be able to find one for you :)

  • Cheers OP - just grabbed a G526 :)

    IMEI not found on the Voda website, so put in my details, and hopefully they will send out unlock code…

    • Hey Kirt, where did you get your G526? Been calling up so many targets but they're all out of stock. Thanks

      • Rockingham WA.

    • Picked up two on Tuesday, requested missing codes same day, got SMS today codes were now available on Voda site. (For G526).