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Get Rdio Web + Phone Unlimited Music Streaming for $1.83/Month


Basically this is a hack that will allow you to purchase your subscription at the Philippine's pricing. After being pissed off at paying $2/month more than the US per month I found out this method. You can choose what to pay by using a different country.

Step 1: Signup to Rdio
Step 2: Install hola.org free
Step 3: Set country to Indonesia (Thanks to sunilkimm) or Philippines.
Step 4: Go to subscribe and it will show you the price in that country.For me it was 99 Pesos. https://i.imgur.com/Mw89lh4.png
Step 5: Subscribe. (I used it on a Debit card, make sure you select Philippines/Indonesia and use a random postcode) DO NOT SET COUNTRY TO AUSTRALIA AT ANY STAGE!

Optional: Use it in conjunction with a spare tiny debit card account. I used it with my Ing Direct free $50.

You won't need to use Hola again whilst playing the music as the Rdio pricing locks in since people travel overseas everyday and they can't randomly change the price.

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      • What handset are you using + Android version?

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    Just signed up, will post how it goes.
    For anyone who is having difficulty with Hola (incredibly slow for me!) try using vpngate. It's free too and really easy to use - just double click 'VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers' after you open the app and select an Indonesian server.

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    Would sign up however with the Rdio App on my Ipad some of the songs in the billboard Hot 100 are blanked out as unavailable. On the PC version the same thing, unless you switch to USA with Hola and then they are available.

    At least with the Spotify app all the songs are available on the App once you have signed up via the US Hola proxy.

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    I tried changing to Philippines in my spotify profile. I almost got it to work… But rejected my CC.

    • What was the price?

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      I signed in with my CC details and added an Indonesian Postcode and selected country as Indonesia.

      Rdio desktop apps for Mac and Windows

      • Thanks ciab. Good link.

    • I already tried this last night if you will read up a bit towards the top i posted that both my NAB and my ING cards got declined.

    • Same here, with no mention of Australia and whilst using a VPN - price was about $4/mo

  • Not sure if it exists, but a geo-locking wiki should exist documenting all of these cool finds.

    But yes, unfortunately Spotify verifies both Paypal and Credit Card Accounts, so no luck there.
    A work around is to use a Prepaid Card but that is getting much deeper.

  • I ended up canceling my Rdio account and changing my Spotify to Brazil, as I hold a CC there and it costs about AU$ 7. Don't know why I didn't think about it before…

    • Well done. No different in terms of content?

  • I had an old account not new and although billing went through OK at 36,000 Rupiah if I now go to my 'Subscriptions' page in RDIO it says:

    "2 Unlimited subscriptions for $36,000.00 a month."

    Yes a dollar sign… hope they don't try for $36K next month :)

  • my cc's are not being accept with indonesia and real postcodes for Indonesia :)

  • People are reporting issues. Not sure if I should pull the trigger on this deal

    • speaking as someone to pulled said trigger theres no problems if you do it properly.

      • So there aren't blanked out songs as mentioned by https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/153389#comment-2126615 ?

        • For $2 it's probably worth testing but give me some song names and I can check for you. OR make your rdio profile public and PM the link to me and i'll screenshot what's greyed out.

        • I'm finding some Aussie artists have partial listings (INXS for one). But for $2 per month, I don't really care all that much.

        • That's not an issue thats todo with copyright same as when youtube videos are not avalible to Australia.

        • There are those issues as I mentioned, however those same issues would still appear if yoy pay your $12 and signed up from here in Australia.

          It would seems that some songs are blanked out for Australia, but are available if you are using a USA proxy. Easy to verify. Just look at the Billboard Hot 100 without a proxy so Rdio knows your in Australia, and then change to a US proxy so it thinks your in the US and those songs are now available.

          If you can live with those caveats @ $2 per month then go for it. Otherwise for myself spotify, though full price, doesn't restrict songs once you setup your account via a US proxy and then access the service from Australia. YMMV.

        • I decided to give it a try, its only $2. I couldn't get Hola to work though so using an Indonesian VPN found at http://www.vpngate.net/en/

          edit: successful! at $2/mth I won't even notice the charge and it means I don't need to pirate my music. Very worth it.

  • +3

    Although this is a great price. The whole streaming music setup is just not worth the problems

    1) Geo restrictions as mentioned (I'm talking generally even if paying the full price, where certain content is only available in certain countries for certain time periods)

    2) Label/Artist restrictions

    and worst of all

    3) You create a playlist and then songs start disappearing because of 1 & 2.

    So much potential but so disappointing

    • So with this method you can set Rdio to US and get even more content than Aus.

    • I haven't come across any of the above. I'll check on my subscription.
      What artist/songs?
      What labels/artist?

    • +2

      1) people are doing it wrong mines working perfectly no sign in sign about any geo restrictions other then the neew for hola for the obvious sign up.

      2) comes with Australians version aswell


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    Awesome. Worked a treat. I've been a lurker here for years. Had to sign up just to vote + and says thank you.

    • +1

      Cheers! Much appreciated.

  • its restricted certain artists and albums. i.e. Machine Head's Burn My Eyes album (among others) disappeared when I went Indonesian and purchased the subscription. I'm thinking or maybe cancelling and trying another country.

    • Even if you do US it's still $2/month cheaper than here.

  • all done and signed up. put the kids on too, second one was a whopping 90 cents. mother in law has a subscription that will be cancelled today and replaced by a 70 cent invite one. thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks, love Rdio. Pandora can be a bit repetitive at times so this is a welcome change. Cheers

  • Just signed up without any problems. Used my Australian (Westpac) CC. Works on web and iPhone (Wifi and 3G/4G) without any problems.

    • Where is the OPs + vote?

      • N00b question - how do you tell that he didn't?

        • +2

          People who plus 1 has a + symbol nextto there name

  • +1

    $1.84 on 28 degrees

  • very cool. thanks OP!
    ..now too see what i do/don't have access to

  • Still working today - just signed up using hola and 28 degrees.

  • Just signed up, took a little while but seems to be okay so far. I used ING card and Hola proxy using Indonesian server R20,000 apparently to be taken out on August 5, 2014. Says Visa ending XXXX expires 10/2017. Massive Bargain if it all falls into place!

  • Anyone else having Geo-Blocking issues? Im finding it confusing to see that some people have full access while others (like me) don't! :( Anyone have a go-around with this?

    • It's been mentioned before. You may need to choose another country.

  • Yeah same issue here can play "One Day - Mainline" album using a free AU trial but once subscribed via Indonesia the album is unavailable.

    • It's been mentioned before. You may need to choose another country.

      • But what do you mean 'choose another country?' How? Hola? Preferences?

        • Yep, you can use hola and subscribe for another country like the US and it will still be cheaper than Aus.

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    For those who were trying to do something similar with Spotify, I've found Malaysia works and is approx A$4.99/mth.
    Philippines is the cheapest but could not get it to work.

    I'm finding the Rdio app to be really sucky so am going back to Spotify.

    • +1

      Im finding (apart from the freakin geo-restrictions) Rdio really good - especially for $1.83 per month, but wouldn't hand out $11.99 AUD, that's for sure.

    • You're awesome! - this works. It didn't work on my Visa but did on AMEX… perhaps this also worked for other regions. Happy at the moment and thanks again for this.

    • hey kruton24, can you please confirm how you made it work ? my payment methods doesn't work coz i only have cba cc and debit cards, paypal didn't work either.

      • I used Hola on Chrome with a commbank debit card which seems to work well for overseas subscriptions.

  • +1

    Went through checkout process when this deal was announced on Ozbargain and it was under $2 per month. Just been charged by Paypal today for the full $12. Anyone else have that issue?

    • I'll update on Aug 5 when my billing cycle starts. Anyone else?

      • So no nasty surprise for me for billing cycle, any clarity on why you've been charged the $12?

        • I guess they didn't purchase the sub straight away and therefore didn't lock the price in. Now they will have to pay full price unless they start a new account.

        • He used paypal which would of shown his proper country and therefore the full price.

        • -1

          @holden93: so he's locked in to 12x payments of $12? Ouch…

        • +1

          @rawm: simply cancle it in paypal no one is locked into anything.
          i can cancle mine right now if i wanted.

    • Just confused how it has been a month already since you began.

      • I think they waited for the free trial to expire.

  • +1

    I have been charged the discounted rate for the upcoming month. So it still works perfectly.

  • +1

    Mine got auto cancelled. Oh well

    • did they say why?

  • Just thought I would update this.

    Went through the whole process as described, used Hola and set country to the Philippines.

    I payed through paypal, and it said it would bill me ₱99.00 a month. When I agreed and went through with the payment it actually charged me AUD$11.99. Not going to do anything about it, as it's the risk you take doing something a bit cheeky, but will be cancelling the subscription.

    Careful if you're planning on doing the same thing. Perhaps they're checking payapl accounts now like spotify?

    • This has been mentioned before. I recommend only using a CC/DC.

  • idk whats going on but i didnt get charged a single cent and my subscription is still going.
    there nothing on my transaction history for my nab bank.
    i am looking at the app on my phone and it shows nothing taken out.

    • was late showing $2.43 came out :)

      • I've had a quick look at my ING account details and can't see any withdrawals from Rdio - I'll check back here again when I know more. Still have full service, this is one solid deal.

        • Update: $1.82 deducted from my VISA account on 8.9.14 - still have full service!

        • @rawm: last month was billed $1.89 as AUD was down against Indonesian rupiah.

  • syncing songs to phone/ipad is really slow for me. anyone else?

  • I originally signed up with CC - Mastercard Cashcard, thinking by using an international CC that accepts any currency would be less likely to be cancelled.

    Billing cycle is 19th of the month, August came through as 99 Pesos.

    Check on account history in Rdio > Settings for invoices.

  • Still working fine. :D

  • No cold chisel in Philippines - anyone else have this issue?

    • +1

      the Philippino climate wouldn't sustain a cold chisel. They'd have humid chisels tho…

      • +1

        You're definitely a dad (as am I).

        Seriously though, I've noticed quite a lot of "Not available" songs/albums/artists. Kinda frustrating but who's complaining at $2.50/month.

        My wife is like "why should I use rdio when every song is on youtube?" and I think she has a point.

        • +1

          Yep, dad over here.
          Deal is still working fine for me, only downside is yes, the number of 'not availables' and the fact the IDR is creeping upwards lately. Still, for $1.90ish, this app is very handy, uses less bandwidth than youtube (mobile data esp) and is quite user friendly. Still remains a solid bargain.

        • @rawm: I would be interested in seeing how many 'not available' are actually available to Australians anyway, I imagine it's mostly just USA-exclusive library tracks. I find the app great too especially since you can set a separate quality for mobile data or normal data. It's great to be able to download a bunch of albums onto my phone then listen to them offline too :) saves the hassle of finding torrents and downloading them haha

  • Rdio has 320kbps AAC in case you missed it. Enable it in advanced settings.

  • I can confirm this works with choosing the US as well. I know it isn't as cheap as choosing Philippines but you do get access to a lot more songs than you do in Australia (except for Cold Chisel and the occasional Aussie Artist).

    • If you're happy to pay more, why not just go with Spotify?

      • Spotify has a cached song limit of 3,333.. Rdio does not.

  • Still working for me, signed up for a family account out of indonesia using a VPN. $2.89 a month for me and the wife is great.

  • +1

    Still working with my Entropay CC, but failed with my ANZ, NAB, UBank, ING, Bank West CCs.

    Tried with Spotify and Deezer but Spotify seems to realise the country, even the Entropay says it's a Malta CC. Pity as I'd much prefer either of these 2 and RDIO streaming seems to stall at times and the current trends/top 40 are filled with unknown artists performing the song versus the real artist (I went Indonesia).

    Anyone tried the Spotify Gift cards from eBay (US spoitfy accounts)?

  • Just to confirm, this is still working for me on a 28 Degrees card. No issues at all!

  • Same here.

    Spotify I can't get working for the life of me, but Rdio is still going strong.

  • Couldn't get this to work, it just quotes 9.99USD for any country that I select. Any suggestions?

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