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Seagate 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive $69 Delivered at DSE


Can't find this hard drive cheaper anywhere. Here's a staticice price check. Model number is STBX1000301. $69 includes free delivery Australia wide. Make sure you include the coupon code at checkout. Good luck!

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Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Good price TA! and with free delivery…

    I also used coupon to get Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Desktop Hard Drive USB 3.0:
    $199 - $10 with DS29519 + $4.95 delivery to Sydney = $193.95
    Cheapest on Staticice

  • Cant be beat at this price!! +1 fore sure! and +1 more for free delivery if i could

    Also worth noting is that this is a normal 2.5" Samsung hard drive with SATA still attached to it that can be removed and put into a PS4 or Laptop :)

    How to, Dus-aus-umble video here :)

  • This is a very good deal isn't it? Why doesn't this have more up votes and comments?

    • Too busy ordering lol

    • Good deal but maybe it is because the 2TB version is available (though not from Australia) at a better price per GB from this deal.

    • maybe because a fair few people wouldn't trust their data on a Seagate drive if it was given to them for free ;)

      • And you trust your data on a WD drive? lol.
        I wouldn't trust my data on any hard drive which spins and can be moved around.

        • Yes.

          Out of about 12 external HD's I own, the only one to fail was a seagate and all the others were WD and they've never failed me yet…

        • @billyb67: I was the opposite, I had a 2TB WD fail after six weeks, taking 1.5TB of data with it. The 2TB Seagate I bought to replace it is still chugging along, even though it has basically run near constantly since I bought it about two and a half years ago. Ditto for the other three Seagate externals I have.

        • @billyb67:
          My least favourite is Toshiba. I would take any other brand over Toshiba. I have been fairly lucky with Seagate and WD.

    • Seagate is generally regarded as the least reliable of the mainstream HDD brands

  • Thanks TA

    • Its a normal 2.5" sata SAMSUNG HARD DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the plastic is made by seagate.. I'm sure they make reliable plastic haha


        Samsung's are shit too, after a while they develop bad sectors. Then you RMA it and they send you some refurbished crap which will also fail after a while. Then you are outside warranty and when complaining to Seagate that their refurb. died very quickly, they will give you the finger and ask if there is anything else they can do for you.

        Besides all this, DSE are hopeless on-line, chances are you will have to do numerous phone calls/ emails to get a refund when they find out they have no stock to send out but won't give you your money back without a fight.

        • all hard drives fail .. the number one reason these 2.5" drives fail is from people just moving them around

          When you pick up the drive and put it down on a hard surface the small impacts over time damages the drive.. micro-impacts.

          using a leather padded case can reduced these to ZERO and help keep your drive healthy!

          I put all my drives in these things
          Never had a 2.5" portal drive ever fail in a Leather Case pouch
          Black -
          White -

        • Thanks vid_ghost1, just bought one.

        • To add more fuel to the 'seagate fire', in my experience Samsung have been great, I owned several 1TB & 2TB EcoGreen drives, but that was before Seagate took them over. Funnily enough fail rates increased after this occured, I'm not sure what Seagate did to them :)

          In short, Samsung drives are probably more Seagate these days.

          Flame suit on :)

          …Buy a NAS (or 2 like I have) and back up any brand.

        • @vid_ghost: I read somewhere, (probably ozbargain), that heat was the biggest cause of HDD failure (apart from bumping)? :-~

        • @marcozmitch:

          yes heat in 3.5" drives crammed into a PC case stacked ontop of each other cooking away at 50+c

          these 2.5" laptop drives run very cool and only warm up if copying 100's of GB's in one go.

        • @vid_ghost:

          thanks. don't you find it hard fitting into the pouch though? I just compared my WD elements to my seagate expansion, both 2.5" drives, but the expansion is so much wider , like a block, compared to the WD which is a brick. SO depending on the case it might not fit.

          Just bought the current transcend 2GB hdd's deal on ozbargain, reckon they'll fit into your recommended cases?

    • Interesting.

      It's fortunate that I only purchase 4TB from Seagate, but it seems like I should consider switching

    • Hmmm… I was about to buy this HD before I saw this article. What are other people's thoughts on the reliability of Seagate?

      • OMG its a Samsung hard drive lol seagate purchased samsungs hard drive division a while back but the samsung factories still pump out the drives, labels, stickers, bar codes and all samsung

    • Meh

      Who cares, any drive could fail.. I've never had a drive fail (touch wood) and still have 15+ yr old seagates/wds running!

      All you have to worry about is backing up your important data. Period.

    • Bad Statistics = Yes!

      Read this part of the article:
      Backblaze's data covers a range of drive models, capacities, and ages. In aggregate, the company has just under 40PB of Seagate storage, 36PB of Hitachi storage, and 2.6PB of Western Digital storage.

      Somebody must have paid the reviewer to do this article, as it is totally skewed towards proving that Seagate = Bad.

      The % of failure goes up as you have more disks of that brand.
      You can see that the test machine had 20x more Seagate Storage than WD Storage, which means the chances of it breaking is 20x higher if you make it porportional.

      Also are they taking factors like "Batch Issues", so did they buy HDD's from different batches, or were they all from the same batch.

      There is so many factors to take into consideration, however it appears that this article may have been paid by WD or Hitachi to prove that their HDD's beats Seagates.

      Mathematically and Statistically speaking, that article has so many holes in it, if you look carefully, it really makes you feel that a company most likely sponsored it.

      • +3 votes

        I don't really have time to reread the article, but based on a cursory read of your comment and the memory of that article, I would contend that you have some quite fundamental holes in your understanding of statistics.

        More drives increases the chance of unit failure, but it does not increase the chance (%) of proportional failure.

        More drives will move the proportional failure rate towards a more accurate value (ignoring your other qualms of batches, environment etc).

      • which means the chances of it breaking is 20x higher

        Did you mean 20x more drives failed compared to WD? This statement would've been technically correct but that would've been a stupid comparison in itself.

        Sample size increases accuracy/confidence levels not necessarily % rates (think about it - both drives failing and drives not failing are increasing, not just one). If your failure rates are increasing as your sample size increases, then you truly have a bad product(s).

        Read the actual report written by the company. They don't have WD for specific reasons, the greens don't perform well due to vibrations and are constantly turning off to save power - not what you want in servers.

        Thinking caps before tinfoil hats please.

  • Thanks, ordered :)

  • Awesome. Been looking to buy a new HDD. Good thing I waited. :)

  • Will this work for mac (iOS)? As the overview specify windows compatibility ?

    • YES!! its a standard 2.5" drive that can be formated into whatever you want .. NTSF, FAT32, MFS (Macintosh File System) ext..

    • Any drive works with MAC/iOS. The only thing compatible with Mac advertised products is the exorbitant price you pay.

    • Do you mean OS X?

      It will work on Macs however (as will any drive). Worse case you use the built in tools to format the drive to a native file system.

  • Ordered , thx tightarse !

  • PayPal gateway has rejected request. The Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this Transaction (#13113: Buyer Cannot Pay).


  • Being a real tight arse still using 2.0. Can now loosen up for a change. Thanks TA.

  • Thanx TA :-)


    been after one of these for a while. Thnx

  • Hmm. Can you use the code more than once (on the same account)? If I try to make another order and re-use the code it says that it's invalid. However if I log out and order as a guest then it accepts the code. Maybe it's just me.

    • Nope not you… i did the same and the code is for only one unit, so logged out and bought as a guest also. :)


    Its Seagate. No wait its Samsung. Cheap is cheap, good for music drive.

  • lol. i dunno what i'd do with another 1TB HDD …. sigh but price is so good.

  • I have only had problems with Seagate drives with my macs in the past. Spent a bit on a Lacie and have never looked back.

  • Will these fit a PS4?

    • I have read PS4 needs…
      2.5" Hard Drive
      9.5mm or less height
      5400 RPM or faster SATA II

      Don't know if you can remove the drive from the Seagate case though.

  • Thanks tightarse, like lplau, I have heaps of similar drives, but couldn't go past the bargain!!

    And I just got a 'shipped' email now also! Impressive service from DS!

  • Bought this! Thanks. I am also looking for desktop style external hard drive. Any recommendations?

  • Made a mistake! Didn't put the coupon code. how to cancel order? HELP!

    • Oh no! Call them…

      • Called them to cancel. Have to put in another order from online.

        Brilliant customer service. Got an e-mail from a dicksmith employee saying it's cancelled.

        "Order is already cancelled. Just dont forget to put the code when you place the order again. Thank you."

  • Bought one for my Sis after she bricked her old WD 320gb model.

  • Is this a 9.5mm hard drive or 7mm? Thinking of adding a hard drive to my metabox p157sm llaptopbut I need a 7mm drive.

  • Thanks TA - Haven't ozbargained for a while and this has got me back on the horse!

  • just tried ordering this, unfortunately coupon code doesn't seem to work anymore

    • You are right. Just expired. I just managed to order with the coupon code probably 10 minutes ago.

      Coupon code "DS29519" is not valid.

    • still worked for me, 12:06

    • Have you used it before? I tried logging out from my account then the coupon code is applicable.

      Coupon code "DS29519" was applied.

      Try and see

    • Also worked at 12.12pm

    • Have you used the code before? It's single use only.

      Try ordering as a guest with the code.

      • you're right…. must have been that Chromecast deal ;)

        logging in as guest seems to be ok… thanks mad1dude & others

      • I used the code twice because I needed 2 drives.
        I think you are right when saying you can order as a guest with the coupon, because the first one I ordered, I couldn't remember my password and wanted to buy quick before they sold. After logging in afterwards to link the sale to my account I could use the coupon again for another one. It was accidental on my part, but it worked.I also used PayPal if it makes any difference.

  • I've already got 2 x 1TB USB 3 portable HDDs. But at this price. How could I not buy one?

  • PS4 controllers $56 + shipping after spring the code

  • i have one of these, works great for the ps3 and 3k3y

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/154297

    wouldn't this be a better buy?

    • If you want 2TB and want to wait, sure.

      If you only want 1TB and want it this week, nope.

  • all consumer grade hard drives are shit. No one brand is better than another. Even enterprise grade hard drives where you pay big bucks for them you get hard drive failures.

    The best solution for your back ups is to keep it on multiple types of media.

    But this is still a good deal. Just put my order through and paid via paypal for those who are interested.

  • Bought one WD 1TB in JB HIFI when it was 79. Can someone tell me which has a better quality? Or actually all the portable HDD are the same?

    • My general feeling they are all roughly equal, at least at a consumer level. For every story or report regarding one brand being better than another, you'll have another story that says the opposite. In the end of the day you should always backup your data if its important, and if you really are worried about reliability buy from the brand with the better warranty.

      The exception is that over the years there has been some specific models that have had mass issues, in which case you avoid that specific model.


        Worked on film shoots doing data backup where I would swear Lacie were best and peeps would tell me no they suck, so they all use WD where WD for me in the past were crap but I'd trust them now. English first language.

  • Would this be suitable for Xbox One? Not sure whether to go powered or portable.

  • Code still working here…1:12…the cart only updates UNDER the home delivery moniker…not the item description when in the cart screen.

  • Seagates very reliable.

  • USB powered drives need a lot of care and attention,

    1. never ever drop it, treat it like an iphone

    2. never move it around while it's connected. The best is to lay it horizontally flat with the HDD itself positioned upright, but this part is tricky as I have seen Seagate screwing up the position of the internal HDD by flipping it upside down while the case is upright with the rubber footpads touching the table (yeap that HDD broke down).

    3. always disconnect from windows taskbar first before pulling out the plug. I use USB Safely Remove which powers down the drive.

    4. never stress it for too long as heat kills any mechanical hard drive, max temps around 55c, this is easily achievable due to the tight enclosure and lack of airflow.

    5. make sure your USB port has enough power supply, the back ports of a desktop PC will always have more stable power output than the front ports. If the laptop or PC starts having issues detecting the hdd, grab a USB Y cable to pull more power or add in a powered USB hub to connect the HDD.

    6. an unproven theory, but I have noticed first hand, longer USB cables could degrade the performance of the external HDD, anything 1m and above, from problems detecting the HDD to slower transfer rates. Hence I stuck on a 50cm cable and never had any issues since.

    7. you should monitor on the health of the HDD with HD Sentinel or Crystaldisk info if you're planning to use it regularly.

    I can't vote + this deal since this is the standard price in the brick n' mortar shops from where I'm staying at the moment (not in Aus of course), so good luck all :p

    • USB powered hard drives need LESS CARE and attention then a 3.5" powered drive that has zero disk stabilization and idle parking that's on these notebook drives due to the fact people use notbooks on laps and move them around while in use.

      All drives are delicate

    • I don't bother with any of that crap and my very portabled 2.5" drives don't seem to be bothered in the slightest.

      Ignore annoynnimous's post, imo. :)

      I paid the same price for a 1TB Silicon Power drive at a recent Good Guys sale and am very happy with it.
      My old Samsung 500gb usb2 drive has lasted for years and just treated like you would a cheapo thumb drive.


      this is the standard price in the brick n' mortar shops from where I'm staying at the moment (not in Aus of course)

      You know that this is OZBargain, right?

    • USB does degrade over distance - just like all Cables. I wouldn't be surprised if the manufacturer said only to use their cable.

      I think in the case of a USB HD the current draw is quite high and hence the longer the cable, the more voltage drop you will get in the cable and by the time it gets to the hard disk, may not be enough to turn it on!

      Most USB will work up to 5M without a repeater.

    • Aslong as you're not pulling 5G's on the damn unit while the head isn't parked (during read/write sessions), then you're all fine. My last samsung was left on a powered usb hub for more than 2 months straight, not sure if it slept when my tablet was off but its still going strong after 3 years.

      You can set your drive to allow safe disconnects without disconnecting it on windows. I've never right clicked and disconnected - again don't pull it out while its writing or youll get bad sectors.

  • Can only be used once & is for a single $10 discount (no matter how many you order).
    Great deal!

  • You can use it twice if you buy one logged in as guest, then again when you login under your username.
    Read my post above for how I found out.

  • I don't love you anymore tight arse.

  • i really don't understand why people would get this if you can get 2tb for ~$100 delivered as it's so much better value for money.. unless of course extra storage is needed for an emergency

    even though this might be the lowest price at the moment.. the value and actual price is mediocre considering that we got 1tb usb 3 seagates over a year ago for $60 from OW —> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/85121

    • You could carry one 1tb around and use the other 1tb as backup. This plan would fail if you needed 2TB on hand.

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