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Open an ANZ Access Advantage Account and Get $100 Free [NSW & ACT]


[EDIT] Some people from other states around Australia have signed up using the promo link without a problem. Whether or not they will get credited the $100, time will tell. Apart from the link restricting people in other states logging in nothing in the T&Cs states they are ineligible.

To get $100, open an ANZ Access Advantage account by 31 August 2014 and then deposit $2,000 and log on to ANZ goMoney™ or ANZ Internet Banking by 30 September 2014. Offer available to new ANZ everyday bank account customers who have not previously received $100 from ANZ.

^ $100 offer eligibility and offer terms:

Eligibility criteria: This offer is only available to new or existing ANZ customers who do not have an ANZ everyday account as at 31 July 2014, and customers who:
Open an ANZ Access Advantage account:
during the period from 1 August 2014 and 31 August 2014; and
via the promotional link on anz.com, or at a NSW or ACT ANZ branch; and
Have not have previously received $100 from ANZ for opening an ANZ Access Advantage account in 2014; and
For personal banking trust accounts, the trustee and all beneficiaries do not have an ANZ everyday account as at 31 July 2014; and
Deposit at least $2,000 in total into the new ANZ Access Advantage account by 30 September 2014; and
Register for (if not already registered) and log on to ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ goMoney™ App between 1 August 2014 and 30 September 2014.

ANZ everyday accounts include ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Access Select, ANZ Pensioner Advantage, ANZ Everyday Visa Debit, ANZ Access Basic, ANZ Access Limited, ANZ Access Savings, and ANZ Passbook Savings.
Offer terms:
The offer is limited to one $100 deposit per customer. Joint accounts and trust accounts count as one customer and are only eligible for a single $100 deposit; and
Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, $100 will be deposited into the new ANZ Access Advantage account by 15 October 2014. The account must be open as at this date for the $100 payment to be made; and
Terms and Conditions apply to the use of ANZ goMoney™; and
ANZ can withdraw this offer at any time.

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  • what are the t&cs? last time it was restricted to certain states

    • updated with info

      • Hey are these the full T&C's above?

        • Pretty much but here's the other standard part that's not really relevant to the promo.

          *Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances and tax affairs and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends that you read the Savings & Transaction Products – Terms and Conditions and the ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges, which are also available by calling 13 13 14 before deciding to acquire or hold the product, or take up the offer.

          ANZ goMoney™ is provided by and is a trademark of ANZ.

          ANZ goMoney™ for Android™ is only available in Google Play™. ANZ goMoney™ for iPhone is only available from the App Store. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

    • People in all states were able to claim last time.

      • Just do it online -

        "via the promotional link on anz.com, or at a NSW or ACT ANZ branch"

        All i take from that is you can only walk into NSW and ACT branches, doesnt say anything about it only being valid in those states.

      • How considering it's geo-blocking?

      • did anyone from outside nsw & act get their money from the last deal?

        • Yes. I'm in SA and got the money as per the last thread. Others in other states also got the money.

        • Yes, I'm from QLD and got the $100 after jumping through the relevant hoops, I applied via a cached ad I found on the googs.

  • I saw a billboard at Town Hall station (Sydney) this morning but didnt get a chance to see the details - is this actually mentioned on the website yet? I cant see it…

  • Just to let you guys know that this is tax free.

  • I really don't see it ? I must be blind. Clicked the link and can't see this promotional detail anywhere

    • Try clearing your website browser cookies and temp internet files…
      even in the small Ozbargain snapshot image of the webpage it's showing up!

    • I cant either - it says you must apply via the promotional like - I cant see it .

  • Careful you don't inadvertently get stung by fees:

    What fees do you have to pay?

    No monthly account service fee if you deposit at least $2,000 a month2, or if you meet our other eligibility criteria3 (normally $5 a month).

    So you have to put in $2000 a month (e.g. have your salary go in) to avoid fees.

    • funny enough, just yesterday i called them to cancel my account and they offered me 1 year fee waiver for account fee's. I took the offer :)

      • it was cheaper for them to do that then give you $100 for starting a new one today

        • it was cheaper for them to do that then give you $100 for starting a new one today

          but i already got $100 for the deal few months back. So the fee waiver was a bonus :)

          Also got $10 fee's already charged on my account waived,

    • $5 a month in fees is still only $60 a year if you forget and you would still end up with $40 in your pocket, its nothing to really worry about.

    • No account keeping fees if you show them your student card at a branch :)

      Thanks OP, I missed the last deal for my brother, so I'll get him on it.

    • Also:- "You can apply for us to waive the monthly account service fee………if..You are aged under 18 or over 60". Us mature aged Oz'b'ers safe! I just have to work out how to apply for exemption. Retired but full time job now doing OZb! hehe!

    • Also note they have the [email protected] program. If you work for one of the companies on their list you get that fee waived.

      But in the past i've just called them up and said "I was told to call here to get my access account fee waived" and they always do it. So the fee isn't a big deal.


    Should the $2000 be there until we get the money? Or we can use it? Or at least $2000 should be there all the time?

    • Deposit at least $2,000 each month. wait for it to clear and show up in the account.. then your free to do whatever you want with it. (Move it back out)

      • Last time this was on I opened the account at the end of March, deposited @200 in April (And immediately transferred back to my main bank) waited for the $100 credit in May and immediatly closed the account.

        • Don't know if they will reduce your credit level if you keep doing this tricks.

        • @minicat:

          How would it.. its not credit, its his money! its a savings account no credit check required.. the bank takes zero risk with savings accounts only you do by putting your money there.

  • damnit !
    Can't seem to access that page. Cleared cookies and temp files same thing.

  • Thats a killer :(

    *Have not have previously received $100 from ANZ for opening an ANZ Access Advantage account in 2014

  • Tried incognito , tried firefox , tried my mobile.

    =/ damn you anz !

    • ditch wifi turn on 3g-4g on the mobile! don't use the same internet connection… Your ISP may not have registering/populated the new website change yet.

      • Yeah must be IP locked to NSW and ACT .

        If anyone makes it work in another state let me know

        • What error are you getting?

          I didn't realise this deal was only for NSW & ACT, I thought that was just relating to in branch.

          The website doesn't explicitly mention this term (I am in VIC and can hit URL fine)

        • The link is working fine for me and I am in Queensland - the promotion appeared first thing.

        • My Work Internet routes via VIC so it didn't work on my work PC. Worked on my mobile using chrome (i'm in NSW)

        • I had the same problem - finally got there on my mobile.

  • not fair to Queenslander!

  • Dammit shoulda of closed my old and account from the last $100 free promo

    • Edit: nvm

      • Have not have previously received $100 from ANZ for opening an ANZ Access Advantage account in 2014

        Damm - not good.

        I may get my whole extended family to apply. $1000+ nothing to be scoffed at

  • +8 votes

    Last time I closed my account their closures team girll'd me about it. Not fun.

    • Just tell them the truth. I just opened to get the free $100 promo.

      When I went in to close at the end of month they tried to charge me the pro rata of $5 fee.

      And they told me this promo will never be ran again coz people were opening and closing. LOL

      So let people know if u really wanna be a ta, close the account on the first day of the month.

    • Strange. It was really easy for me to close. Just called up and said I didn't like having too many accounts and this one had a service fee. No trouble at all. Done in less than a min.

    • +8 votes

      They are just trying to keep you as a customer. Honestly I don't know why Customer Service would bother really (unless there are incentives for customer retainment - but how would that be measured against individuals I'm not sure). Customer Service does not own the bank they are just employees and it's not like they get paid a Mike Smith kind of salary to be "loyal" :)

      These types of promos are run by marketing specifically to increase customer base. They would have calculated the amount of potential customers (ie. Ozbargainers) who would just take their $100 at the end of month and run. This would have been lower than the amount of customers they would retain (and hence make money by growing their customer base through fees, interest earned, upselling, cross selling, etc).

      Ask yourself if you feel bad about taking $100 from a bank which made $3.5billion profit in the last SIX MONTHS. These are incentives which are skewed in favour of the bank.

    • I told them that it was because UBank gives a better deal… better rates, no fees (without a required monthly deposit,) and the auto sweep feature. They customer service guy agreed I was better off with UBank hahaha

    • I've been Grill'd at before but never Girll'd at, how does this feel :P

    • their closures team girll'd me about it. Not fun.

      I love a good girling.

  • good find! Will go nicely with my bonus 50,000 qantas points from their CC deal. HERE recommended.

  • only need to deposit 2k withdraw (to avoid account keeping fees and then close the account after you get your money). im happy to do that; i dont see why its only a ACT/NSW deal? T&C doesn't say its location based only

    some of these comments about account keeping fees for a year are a tad confusing…. you can close your account any time?

  • I don't see anything on the link about the $100. Where is the info about the deal?

  • So, it is NSW/ACT only, right ?

  • $100 free aside, i really don't understand why anyone would bother using ANZ as their primary bank. their ATM network is rubbish, you don't even get fee-free access to your accounts in NZ and other asian countries with ANZ branches/ATMs, their account keeping fee is $5, instead of the $4 charged by WBC/CBA (and instead of the $0 charged by NAB!), their internet banking is nothing fancy, certainly no better than offered by NAB/CBA/BWA (although I do note that WBC's internet banking is total shite)…

    they don't even have any particularly competitive savings account or credit products.

    • I'm not going to say no to a free $100 for just depositing $2000 (waiving the account fee of $5/month)and then transferring the money back to my main bank for a month and a bit till i get my $100…

      • I was with ANZ from 2001 to 2010 and I am inclined to agree that they have good customer service, but really no better than BankWest or NAB, or even CBA (so long as their call centre is still in Tasmania, as it was circa 2010 when I last had accounts with them). (I have a moral objection to Westpac so have no experience with them).

        For a long time ANZ was the only major bank charging a monthly account keeping fee with no option to waive it if you deposit your salary into the account (as WBC, CBA and NAB all had a the time).

        Maybe there are more ANZ ATMs interstate but in SA, I cannot think of any ANZ ATM that I ever used when I was a customer with them which doesn't also have a CBA ATM within 50 metres of it.

        Indeed, as at 2010, ANZ claimed to have only 2600 ATMs nationwide - compare this to Westpac (2800), CBA (4000), and NAB (3100 including RediATMs).

        I will concede however, that the location of ATMs are just as important as their number. 2000 well placed ATMs are worth more than 5000 poorly placed ones. But I cannot say in my experience that ANZ ATMs are even that particularly well-placed…

    • I used to have all my banking with ANZ and they are in my opinion the best for customer service. I never had a problem finding an ATM but you are right about them not being competitive compared to everyone else now.

    • I bank with anz because I find their ATM networks quite good, always around where I shop, where I work and in my travels, also because my 2 previous employers have a business relationship with ANZ I've never paid the $5 a month fee ever (have been with them nearly 13 years now). Each to their own though, I find CBA incompetent and NAB not personable even for a bank


    do you have to pay tax on the 100

  • just curious about how ANZ detect a customer that has already opened an account in 2014?

    I don't think they could do that but rather than warning people to stay away who has got the last deal.

    • Have you received the $100 already this year and closed you account AND are you going to try again by opening a new account? :)

  • I called ANZ to confirm the T&Cs of the promo but I was told no promo existed.

    • Its funny cos I called and they said that the promo is there.

      They all are saying something different. See my post below.

      Seriously ANZ? Get your act together.

  • I'm in SA and when you click the link it appears

    Open a new bank account and you could get $100^

    To get $100, open an ANZ Access Advantage account by 31 August 2014 and then deposit $2,000 and log on to ANZ goMoney™ or ANZ Internet Banking by 30 September 2014. Offer available to new ANZ everyday bank account customers who have not previously received $100 from ANZ.

  • When I click the link I see no mention of any deal.

  • ANZ probably checks where you are connecting from. It's certainly showing from my connection (Sydney). We are also taking screenshot from a Sydney server. Here's a larger version of the screenshot:


    • If I use my Adam ISP connection, geolocation services correctly identify me as being in Adelaide. However if I use Optus 3G mobile data I always get placed in Victoria or NSW as that's where the internet gateway is. Might be handy to get past geoblocking.

    • Can you please give the direct address of the link when you put your mouse over the "apply now" button under this deal? I can't see the deal, and so can't see the address.

    • i couldn't see it. then i tethered my computer to my phone (optus via nsw) and it showed up