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$2 Large Sundaes at Hungry Jacks' and Other Handy Tips and Tricks


<MOD: The vouchers have expired on 12 August however the tips shared here are still useful>

Hey guys, similar to the deal posted by SnowDragon in regards to McDonalds, I’ll share my tips and tricks in regards to how to get the best deal (and service) at Hungry Jacks. I’ve been with the company for 8 years now so if you have any questions about the company or our burgers, please ask and I'd love to help you out as best I can.

  1. Use vouchers, always. They are excellent value and often save you 50% or more off of the original prices. (Please let your server know before you order that you’re using a voucher, especially if you’re going through drive-thru.)
    Instead of getting the Mega Meal for $19.95, get two Whopper classics for $19.90 or two meal deals for two for $21.90.
Voucher Items Price
Mega Meal Whopper, Grilled Chicken, 2 Cheeseburgers, 4 Small Fries, 4 Small Drinks. $19.95
2 X Meal Deal for Two 2 Whoppers, 2 Tendercrisp, 4 Small Fries, 4 Small Drinks $21.90
2 X Whopper Classics 2 Whoppers, 2 Junior Whoppers, 4 Small Fries, 4 Small Drinks $19.90
  1. Cheaper way to get a Large Sundae.
    i. Large Sundaes used to be only $2 on the Penny Pinchers menu but they’ve been replaced with Storms (similar to a McFlurry, Oreos/Flake/MnM’s in a small frozen coke-sized cup with soft serve icecream. It does not cost any extra to add Chocolate/Caramel/Strawberry topping to your storm, therefore if you request a cookies and cream storm with chocolate topping you’ll get one of the most delicious things on the planet, it’s up to you whether or not you ask for no oreos to make it the equivalent of a Large Sundae.

  2. How to ensure you get fresh fries with the perfect amount of salt.
    Ask for your fries no salt. This forces the people in the kitchen to cook a fresh basket of fries especially for you. (Just remember to ask your server for a few sachets of salt!)

  3. How to ensure you get a fresh burger every time.
    Although Hungry Jacks’ has adopted a Make to Order burger making process, mistakes happen and sometimes people get burgers that aren't as fresh as they could be. Change just one thing on the burger, I like to add Angry Onions, they’re free and easy to pick off if you don’t actually want them. (Give them a go though, they’re delicious especially with Spicy Sauce.)

  4. Free Refills
    Hungry Jacks' (at least all of the stores I've been to/worked at) allow for free refills on soft drinks and coffees! This allows you to save money on upgrading if you don't mind on getting a smaller serve of fries. (I am not sure all stores do this, your results may vary so check with your server first.)

  5. Dipping Sauces
    Dipping Sauces are completely free, go ahead and ask your server for a few!

Sauce What it goes well with
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Fries or on your burger if you forgot to ask when you were ordering
BBQ Plum Sauce Nuggets, some people like it on the Bacon Deluxe to add a sweet element to the burger
Spicy Sauce I LOVE this sauce, it goes very well on our chicken burgers/nuggets and angry onions
Honey Mustard Nuggets, Onion Rings and Fries
Sweet and Sour Our most requested sauce, great with nuggets
Sweet Chili Dump it on any burger with mayonnaise

Take these tips with a grain of salt, I have no idea of how the person is serving you will act or allow these tips to work. I personally allow all of them but unfortunately I do not serve every single customer at Hungry Jacks. If you have an issue consult the manager on shift.

Also, this is my first time posting on OzBargain, please be gentle. If I remember more tips I will definitely share them with you all.

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  • The fresh chips is good and I can just imagine the sneer on people's faces the moment you ask for the salt satchels.

    Can you actually get free refills, also?

    It seems that custom made-to-go orders is the way to go.

    Good first post, OP especially with the condiments table!

    edit: the tips do indeed go into the forums section, however good 'deal' anyway.

    • +7

      Thank you :)

      I'm more than happy for this to get moved to the forum if it is deemed more appropriate there. :)

      Still trying to figure this all out.

      • +6

        It's not a big deal that you posted it in the wrong place, being new IS an excuse. Some people on here are very pathetic when it comes to the rules.

        • -4

          Some people on here are very pathetic when it comes to the rules.

          That is so true. The Mods should crack down much harder on people who break the rules…

          We cannot have anarchy on Ozbargain.

      • +2

        The dipping sauces are a freebie and therefore a deal in my opinion. I'm grateful for these tips which will see me head in store to try several out so HJ will get extra sales too, so win-win. Thank you!

        • -1

          The dipping sauces are a freebie

          Nope, Sauces are 25c at my local store…

    • Can you actually get free refills, also?

      Never had an issue in any of the stores I've been to, as long as you're dining in obviously.
      I have few friends (& ex GF) that used to manage stores around the S.E. Melb area.

    • +4

      The fresh chips is good and I can just imagine the sneer on people's faces the moment you ask for the salt satchels.

      Even better if you say "Could I have some salt please, there's not enough salt in my chips"

  • +2

    At my local store, Sauces are 25c and to add any extras, angry onions or onion rings included is an extra dollar each.

    But, the one saving grace is any item on a voucher is always on the system even if the voucher has expired. For example on the laest voucher the 2 for $4.35 rodeo or cheeseburger minis are no longer available on the voucher sheet but are still on the system for purchase. (Might have to show them the old voucher though)

    • +2

      You may be going to a franchised store, so I can't comment on how the franchisee has decided to price their items.

      But yes, in my experience I've always taken expired vouchers (I don't even check the dates, haha). If I can ring it up, I'll sell it to you! :)

      • This is at the Bendigo (VIC) store if anyone is wondering. A bit bullshit on their behalf.

        • I remember going there and they wouldn't even accept printed vouchers.

      • How can we tell which ones are franchised and which aren't?

        Edit: Whoops, already asked.

    • +1

      Last time I asked angry onions were extra at my local HJ also.

  • "Instead of getting the Mega Meal for $19.95, get two Whopper classics for $19.90 or two meal deals for two for $21.90."
    Don't you mean
    "Get a Mega Meal for $19.95 instead of two Whopper classics for $19.90 or two meal deals for two for $21.90"
    ? Or did I read it wrong?

    Awesome post though, thanks heaps

    • +3

      I mention that because you get better burgers for less/very much the same price, unless of course you prefer cheeseburgers over Whopper Juniors or Tendercrisps.

      • +3

        Ah. I misread the contents of each combo! You're right!

    • +2

      I wasn't aware that coupons could be bundled…..

  • What sort of things can get added to burgers free of charge? Lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato, sauce, onion rings….what am i missing?

    • +3

      At company owned stores lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, angry onions, jalapenos and any sauces are free to add to your burger.

      • is there a way to tell between company stores and franchisee stores?

        edit: nvm already asked :)

        • Easiest way is to check the door, Mine says Burger King APAC or similar so I am guessing it is corporate.

          Edit:BK AsiaPac, Pte. Ltd is the name

  • question. how to tell if the store is franchised or not ?

    • +8

      I wish I knew!

      Your best bet would be to ask your server if they charge extra for salads. I don't agree with franchisees charging for salad though, how are you supposed to 'have it your way' if you have to pay extra?!

      • +1

        So True McScotty. Simply unacceptable!

      • Can't you tell with the stickers on the door Scotty? Old local store before bulldozed was non corporate name by memory, new store same place says BK AsiaPac, Pte. Ltd would that mean corporate?

    • +1

      Ive got a voucher from Hungry Jacks that is valid at corporate (non-franchise) stores only at lists the franchise stores that don't except vouchers. Franchises are the following suburbs

      Seven Hills
      St Mary's
      Bass Hill
      St Peters
      Cental Station (@WantedtosoIdid)
      Circular Quay
      Bondi Beach

      Unfortunately not sure about other states

  • can u swap drinks/fries for large using the voucher deal?

    • Yes, $0.60 to go Regular/Medium
      $1.20 to go Large.
      (Per drink/fries)

      i.e. A Mega Meal with 4 Large Drinks and 4 Large Fries will set you back:
      $19.95 + 4 * $1.20 = $4.80 + $19.95 = $23.75 (Worth it, in my opinion.)

      (Prices may differ state to state)

  • Just a question, Rep. What's up with the Central Station Hungry Jacks? I had an where everything (really) was wrong or cold, went throught he website process & when I went in to get a replacement as directed after a extended, barely intelligible excuse fest from a manager, the one on duty was one of the rudest people I've dealt with, so I walked out, leaving his burger-to-replace-a-meal behind & now i've only got this option with you to pursue, as the feedback mechanism is flawed. Any thoughts? EECB?

    • +4

      I'm not sure which store you're talking about mate.

      I'm really sorry about what's happened and what happened afterwards was even worse.

      Try and find the phone number of the store you went to and ask to talk to the restaurant manager (not a restaurant manager, the restaurant manager or RM.) Explain the situation (I'm sorry you have to do it one more time) and they will work with you to find a solution to your problem.

      If you give me the state and a rough location of the store, I can try and find the phone number for you.

      • NSW Sydney CBD near Haymarket at the Train Station Central.

        • +3
        • @McScotty: Thanks, appreciate the effort in your reply & followup but as you say, it's restating a problem to the store management that clearly have nothing in place to deal with it, in return for another two stage timewaste at best.

        • @WantedtosoIdid:

          Talk to corporate. In my experience the Perth one is very thorough in investigating and if they believe you they pay well in excess of the meal price, probably one of the better customer service followups I have had.

          1300 852 326 to get put through to your state office.

          Also they do read the docket surveys (only them and sizzler seem to) and just drop your phone number in.

        • A lot of the stores have/had really bad service in NSW. Write a complaint and leave negative feedback amd say it's all the time. HJ jead office usually investigate and get the site retrained. So far I've seen the 2 Bankstown stores and the Hoxton Park store retrained and cleaned up.
          I don't work there but have complainrd on several occassions.

        • You got that right. I remember when that free Whopper deal was posted here… The store I went to had posters up all over the store - but the person serving - and someone else they asked about it - had never heard of the promotion!?

    • +2

      lol central station hungry jacks. 'nuf said.

  • +6

    With a name like McScotty are you really a McDonalds spy?

    • +2

      An unfortunate High School nickname that stuck. :)

      • +3

        Being high school, it could have been worse…. McSnotty! :)

  • There used to be free refills at Burwood NSW but they've stopped that for a while now.

  • Awesome tips thanks McScotty. Especially love the sauce suggestions, going to try a few out.

  • Thanks for the tips…now I am armed with methods to ensure fresh fries and burgers at both joints!

    • I'll grab a joint too!

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • This belongs in the forums.

    • +1

      Oh really

  • +10

    McScotty I really hope you are more than a broiler-minder at your local HJs because your skill, knowledge and effort would be completely wasted in such a position.

    • +9

      I'm only a crew member. :)

      HJ's doesn't see much point in promoting someone above crew member if they're going to uni, a bit silly if you ask me but I'm sure they have their reasons.

      Thank you, though. Definitely makes me feel appreciated.

      • +2

        HJ's doesn't see much point in promoting someone above crew member if they're going to uni

        That's because the managers feel threatened you're going to take their position after you get your degree lol

  • Great tips.. Upped the post mate…

  • Good tips especially adding FREE angry onions - also worth noting HJ's offer free sauce sachets whereas other places make us pay (for WA anyway).

  • Great post @McScotty.

    Regarding the large sundae at HJ - I've tried telling them to put chocolate syrup instead of the oreo or other ingredients part of the storm. Sadly, most of the time they simply decline and say that would be a sundae and is not allowed :-(

    • +1

      If you have both a sundae and storm topping in there, they can't refuse. Cookies and Cream with Chocolate or Caramel is amazing!

      • Can we ask for everything? Cookies & Cream, Oreo, m&ms, flakes, choc syrup, caramel, strawberry, mango syrup. Since the salads are free, throw em' in too! Dont forget ketchup, BBQ sauce etc Yum

        • This one really depends store to store and mostly comes down to inconsistent staff training.

          I need to follow up myself on what the exact procedure for charging for extra storm toppings is but I definitely know sundae toppings are free.

          I'll update when I know for sure.

        • +3

          and to the second part of your comment, I've sold a few sundaes with chopped up bacon in them!

        • +1

          I tried getting chocolate topping added to my storm but I was charged $0.60 extra. So just letting people know it might not be free everywhere

        • +1


          Ugh, that sucks. You really shouldn't have been. The inconsistencies here irk me more than they should.

  • You are a god amongst men! But seriously, I knew most of these things already but still some great insider tips to share with everyone.

  • +1

    can you advise us which store you work at so I can come in and order the McScotty?

    • +2

      I'm in the process of launching HJ Yamanto but I usually work at HJ Booval.

      If any of you guys are regulars please come and say hi! I'm the tall, dark and handsome guy with a name badge that says Scotty. (I actually look like Baloo the bear, haha.)

  • Ask for your fries no salt. This forces the people in the kitchen to cook a fresh basket of fries especially for you.

    Or just ask them for fresh fries…

    • +2

      The only place I wouldn't want to ask for unsalted fries is KFC, their seasoning is a godsend!!

    • I think the point is, they could ignore you if the chips are recently out of the fryer. Requesting no salt solves that problem.

  • Do servers get annoyed when you ask for unsalted fries or add almost every salad to your burger?

    • +3

      Just be respectful and don't push for too much when they're all busy (e.g. peak lunch+evening times). When it seems quiet or moderately busy then I imagine they don't mind.

      • This, a million times this!

  • +1

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for us Sir McScotty. I hope you do well at uni and move on to a job where your talents will be a bit better utilised! What are you studying btw?

    • Mechanical/Motor Racing Engineering at QUT.

      HJ's is super flexible about rostering and I genuinely like working there.

      Thank you for the kind words. :)

  • +1


    Member Since 27/09/2011
    Statistics 1 posts / 29 comments

    took a while but nice start :)

  • +2

    I liked your commentary on the sauce pairings, almost makes Hungry Jacks seem like fine dining experience

  • Just curious, what other toppings can you add to your burger for free?

    • +1

      Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, jalapenos, onion rings and any sauces.

      • +1

        Damn! Was hoping for beetroot, pineapple or egg as well

        • Beetroot and pineapple (when its available) are free! My mistake sorry

  • Rep, Im curious, much like others here I always find my burgers rather cold and cheese not even close to melted when I get burgers from HJ's. So I have to microwave them before they are eatable :(

    What is the procedure for making burgers, are they all frozen and the patties just microwaved and put in the burger when the order is made?

    Or is it freshly grilled in store? (I once heard that the grill lines are painted on (I think that's just a silly rumor though))

    Also do you know why you guys cant give out Sunday lids of mayo or ranch sauce anymore?
    a staff member told me someone complained they got sick because of cross-contamination so head office said they are not aloud anymore?

    • Our meat is 100% Australian Beef, I've actually worked in the factory that makes the meat patties, too. Haha.

      It's flame grilled over a gas flame in a broiler.

      The reason why your cheese wasn't melted is because the person making your burger did not microwave the bottom (bottom bun, beef, cheese and bacon) of your burger before finishing it. That is completely unacceptable and definitely a valid reason to take your burger back.

      I've heard this story about the mayo and ranch and it just comes down to poor communication and training. I'll make a few inquiries and get back to you about the reason why we can't do it.

    • +2


      Apologies for the mobile link but thats how your meat is cooked.

      As for the quality of the meat, I was genuinely surprised by how good the meat that went into the patties was. I'm more than happy to eat it.

      • So this is done in store when you place your order?

        Or at the start of the day and then microwaved when you place your order?

        and as I said I microwave it when I get home because I never eat in store it's always take away for me. So I can't be bothered going back (bare in mind much like when I go to Mccas I ask for the burger and fries fresh but a lot of the time they don't seem to actually do this, I'll try the salt trick for the chips at least.

        Very curious to hear back on the mayo issue, used to love dipping my fries in them!

        • +3

          I'm 90% sure it has to do with non-sealed containers and no expiry date.

          I'll break down the whole burger making process for you.

          We'll cook a batch of meat whenever required to maintain a level (buffer) of meat required for the upcoming service. This cooked meat has a hold time of 45 minutes at ~75C until it is thrown out.

          When you order your whopper with cheese, I'll toast your bun and then place a 5 inch (diameter) cooked patty from this level or buffer on the bottom of the bun with two slices of cheese on top and then put it in the microwave for around 10-12 seconds. This will increase the temperature of the meat and melt the cheese appropriately.

          While it is heating in the microwave, I'll be preparing the top half of your burger.
          Mayo first followed by lettuce and two tomato slices.

          The bottom comes out of the microwave and onto the bottom half of the box.

          4 pickles, 3.5 swirls of ketchup and some onion go on the bottom then the top gets flipped onto the bottom, completing your burger.

        • Yeah, mine are usually a bit on the cool side. Must be ordering at the 44 minute mark. Although, one time, I got one through drive-trough and it was so hot it was burning my leg!! Had to let that bad boy cool down for a minute. Damn it was tasty though!

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