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Hong Kong Ex Per $412, Syd $475, Ho Chi Minh Ex Mel $472, Per $382, GC $515 @ I Want That Flight


Great fares to Hong Kong & Ho Chi Minh. All fares listed are RETURN.

Perth to Hong Kong. $412. Tiger+Scoot. Nov/14.

Sydney to Hong Kong. $475. Scoot+CEBU Pacific. Nov.

Melbourne to Hong Kong. $573. AirAsia. Oct/Nov.

Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh. $472. Air Asia. Aug/15

Perth to Ho Chi Minh. $382. Tiger. Nov/14.

Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh. $515. AirAsia. Oct/Nov.

Sydney to Ho Chi Minh. $504. AirAsia. Oct/Nov.

Some important stuff
Prices shown here include CC/booking fees. Prices are good until sold out.

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  • Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy $581

    So… that equates to about 19 hours in HK before you have to get back? Right…

    • Hi Martijn - The Melb->HK prices aren't great. I didn't put it in the title & only included it for completeness.

      • +1

        The price is okay. The fact that you are travelling more hours than you're spending in HK isn't. Unless you just love being a sardine in an airplane.

  • one way or return?

    • All prices are for return airfares. I've updated the OP.

  • How about some Adelaide deals rep?

  • Hi OP, I guess all price does not include checked-in luggage? How do i add 20kg checked-in luggage and how much additional i'll have to pay?


    • +1

      Hi zliu205 - Each airline/supplier has different prices for checked luggage. Just select the flight that you want at the base price (without luggage) and once you are on the supplier site you will be shown the option to add luggage.

      • Thanks OP

  • Why are the fares so cheap? It is also during a time when the weather is much milder…

    I went to HK in April this year, and it was around $800 a flight.

    EDIT: I just realised it's going via two different airlines. Cebu Pacific and Scoot..

    e.g. Syd to HK.
    Flying CEBU Pacific Air, Scoot. Return flights from $475
    Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Mon 24/Nov/14Economy$475 Select Flight

    To use one airline both ways, it still turns out to be ~$800. You won't be able to change the dates at any time without experiencing a large increase in fares.

    I'm still going to try book the flight after I find out whether there is included check-in baggage for Scoot/Cebu.

    Scoot has none except for 7kg cabin baggage that must be within 54cm x 38cm x 23cm.

    I am not sure if the Cebu Pacific flight has any preordered meals if you buy via the offer, but they can be around 8 to 13 AUD each.

    For Cebu Pacific:
    One carry-on bag is allowed for each guest. The dimension of the bag must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. 7kg again.


    Skypicker seems to be cheaper than booking directly. o_O

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