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Woolworths Save $10 When You Spend $100 or More at Woolworths Supermarkets


Got handed this coupon after paying for petrol at Woolies. I'm assuming this is nation wide.

Save $10 off $100 when shopping at woolworthsonline.com.au. Valid until Sunday 12th Oct 2014.

Excludes purchases on Liquor, Smoking / Tobacco products, Gift Cards, gifts ideas items and selected services. One voucher per transaction only. Not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

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  • what coupon ?
    Link points at 'shop online' site with no meniton of spend $100 get $10

  • wow..spend $100 and get $25 off this weekend

    • Stacks those deals with your wish card (purchased at 5% off) and we're talking 30% off.

      • Yeh I wonder if you can stack with the staff deal

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        Not sure how the system calculate if using both codes,

        $100 -> 15%OFF -> -$10 = $75
        $100-> -$10 -> 15%OFF = $76.5

        $75 -> 5%OFF = $71.25 -> 28.75%OFF
        $76.5 -> 5%OFF = $72.675 -> 27.325%OFF

        • It is almost worth spending to see the calculations alone. Ps. Well done you for seeing the dilemma that awaits!

        • the question is, can we stack up 3 code?

        • max two codes

      • Why would you stack it with Wish cards, when you can get $20 off $100 spend with the Amex deal!

        • Not everyone received the Amex offer.

    • "Wow..spend $100 and get $25 off this weekend"

      Where did you see this/ how can I get that?

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    Isn't the 15% off better? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/162907

    • agreed!

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      yes, but what would be EVEN better is if both codes were stackable.

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    also use your AMmerican Express card…..

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    It does say not valid with any other discount

  • Still waiting for the $30 voucher (or similar) after qualifying; spending over $100 per week for 3 weeks. Kept my receipts but it all seems above board anyway as I have had several emails from Woolworths on that particular offer. Don't recall receiving the online offers though.

    I am trying to remember to load up my Qantas frequent flyer (prepaid) MasterCard for shopping at Safeways for those frequent flyer points …

    On a small $ value Woolworths receipt tonight there is a 10% off at Masters …"excludes appliances, commercial quantities and purchase of Wish Gift Cards. 10% discount will be applied to a single transaction only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. To redeem online shop at masters.com.au and enter this code at the checkout SUPER10" Discount valid to Sunday 12 October 2014.

    Hope that assists someone.

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      I think $10 off is also in store since it is mentioned in terms and conditions here: Promotional-Terms-And-Conditions (last section).
      A coupon or bar code is needed to use in store.

      • Whilst that sounds good..

        In-store terms and conditions
        Present your coupon to receive $10 off

        Who has a coupon, other than OP?

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          Go in store buy $100+ and get the voucher I guess

        • @BTB:
          It clearly says op got handed a coupon. I have no such coupon.

          It also says

          Save $10 off $100 when shopping

          It sounds exactly like you need to already have the coupon and it applies on your next shop.

          If it is to be earnt during our next shop over $100 then the post needs to be completely rewritten.

        • @BTB:

          $10 OFF $100 Promotion refers to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/162024 :)

        • @tonester: No. That was the old voucher expired on 28/09/2014. New voucher expires on 12/10/2014

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      I got my congrats / confirmation email for that offer last night at 11:56 pm ($30 gift card for 3 x $100+ shops in 3 weeks).

      And, there's also another bonus offer this week, get another $15 bonus voucher on the receipt for spending $100+ by October 7th, not sure if this is targeted though.

      Btw the masters 10% thing is already on OZbargain, last week I think.

      • I also received the same email for $30 off coupon; pity we have to wait for it though.

        I am shopping today using the 10-15% off friends and family coupon (was posted on Ozbargain earlier this week) too. Is only valid from last friday to today though … so better hurry up with my gardening….. Beaut day here in Melb!

        Shame about the Masters coupon I had .. no one needs anything here … have given to a friend; I did try to write exactly what was on that receipt and fairly confident I did not omit anything.

        These discount offers … they do my head in lol!

  • Code not working for me… says I am not eligible :(

  • Got one given to me when buying fuel last night

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      Do you mind send me a copy of the coupon with barcode for in-store use??

  • All I got with my WW fuel receipt was docket deals for overpriced junk food.

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    The code worked fine for me online, for pick-up.

    $100.88 total, then applied SAVETEN14 and FRIENDS to pay $75.75 on my Amex. One more small order later this month and I will get $20 statement credit.

    Of course all items were on special already, some 1/2 price.

    Happy shopper!

    • Now that is very weird: Amex sent an email that I now fulfilled all criteria for the credit and should expect to see it within 5 days. Is it possible that they use the before-discount amount? How would they know that?

      Let's see whether the credit actually happens. Of course I'll switch back to using Wish gift cards for another 5% off as soon as the Amex credit is in…

      • Nope they calculate the after discount amount (which is what is charged to your card).

      • Same here.

        Spent $101 and after discount was around $75.
        Got the Amex email immediately!!

        Let's wait and see then!

    • In the running for OzBargainer of the year …. good on you!

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    Thanks, stacked with FRIENDS and AMEX offer.