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15% off at Woolworths with $100 Spend (10% for $50- $100 Spend) - 3rd to 6th October


Staff, Friends & Family VIP offer!

Friday 3rd October to Monday 6th October

10% OFF your shop when you spend over $50
15% OFF your shop when you spend over $100

How to redeem:

IN STORE: Print & present this flyer or swipe your Staff Discount Card when you shop at any Woolworths supermarket.
ONLINE: To redeem this offer online shop at woolworthsonline.com.au and enter “FRIENDS” at the checkout.


Simply print and present this flyer or swipe your Staff Discount Card to receive 10% off your total shop when you spend $50 or more or 15% off your total shop when you spend $100 or more, in a single transaction at any Woolworths Supermarket between 03/10/14 to 06/10/14. When shopping online, enter code “FRIENDS” at the checkout, subject to delivery availability. Visit woolworthsonline.com.au for full terms and conditions. Offer is not valid in store without a printed copy of the flyer, one voucher per transaction only. Offer and Discount excludes purchases of Liquor, Smoking/Tobacco products, Gift cards (including iTunes cards) and selected services. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Standard staff discount applies for transactions under $50. Offer is valid for recharge vouchers.

Additional Info (Thanks to unity1):

Note an order of $100 exactly will give you only a 10% discount after using the "FRIENDS" discount coupon. You need to order $100.01 or more to get the 15% discount.

The discount coupon "SAVETEN14" can be stacked on top of the "FRIENDS" discount coupon as long as your initial order (before you apply any discount coupon) is exactly $100 or more. Make sure you enter the "FRIENDS" coupon first then add the "SAVETEN14" coupon next.

If you want to combine this with the $20 off for $100+ spend AMEX offer you need to make sure your initial order (before you apply any discount coupon) is at least $129.42.

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  • +2

    nice! hopefully something i want to buy will be on special next week

  • +7

    time to stock up on travelten bus tickets!

    • Which woolies sell traveltens?

      Is there a list?

      • all woolworths,sell them at service desk

    • it is a selected service, so wont be included.

      • Really? Shame, would have been a good opportunity :)

      • +3

        It works for mybus tickets. I got 3 mybus3 tickets.

    • hope theres some good specials

  • nice find OP!

  • i wonder if this works with opal top ups. Doesnt seem to mentioned in the TnCs

    • You can top up at woolies?

      • yeah.. i saw some checkouts having opal card top up signs

        • Only seen this at Town Hall store. Is it available anywhere else?

        • +1

          met centre wollies at wynyard

        • +1

          @madge: I've also seen it at Wynyard, Haymarket and Central Park.

        • top up available at Warringah Mall and Mona Vale,probably all stores

      • every woolies have a top up pod. there's definately one in service desk and few on express checkouts.

        • +2

          Every might be a stretch.

      • +1

        A lot of them have Opal topup:

        search here:

        • +10

          Full list of Woolies with Opal topup capabilities:

          Woolworths Ashfield
          Woolworths Auburn
          Woolworths Avalon
          Woolworths Balgowlah
          Woolworths Bass Hill
          Woolworths Norwest
          Woolworths Bondi Junction
          Woolworths Boronia Park
          Woolworths Warringah Mall (Brookvale)
          Woolworths Burwood
          Woolworths Burwood Plaza
          Woolworths Campsie
          Woolworths Central Park
          Woolworths Metro Coogee
          Woolworths Dee Why
          Woolworths Double Bay
          Woolworths Eastlakes
          Woolworths Eastwood
          Woolworths Fairfield
          Woolworths Frenchs Forest
          Woolworths Glenorie
          Woolworths Gordon
          Woolworths Haymarket
          Woolworths Hillsdale
          Woolworths Hornsby
          Woolworths Lane Cove
          Woolworths Leichhardt Marketplace
          Woolworths Maroubra Beach
          Woolworths Marrickville Metro
          Woolworths Marsfield
          Woolworths Merrylands
          Woolworths Mt Druitt
          Woolworths Narrabeen
          Woolworths Neutral Bay
          Woolworths Neutral Bay Village
          Woolworths Newington
          Woolworths Northbridge
          Woolworths Eastgardens
          Woolworths Parramatta
          Woolworths Pendle Hill
          Woolworths Potts Point
          Woolworths Redfern
          Woolworths Rockdale
          Woolworths Rouse Hill
          Woolworths Top Ryde
          Woolworths Strathfield
          Woolworths Surry Hills
          Woolworths Town Hall 1
          Woolworths Town Hall 2
          Woolworths Warriewood
          Woolworths West Ryde
          Woolworths Wolli Creek
          Woolworths MET Centre

    • +1

      I bought an opal card yesterday with a $5 off $30 spend everyday rewards promo, and it came out all good. If similar T&C's are used here, then it's full steam ahead!

    • bought 3 opal cards
      ready to top up $750

    • +1

      Got $200 recharged in 2 seperate transaction . Saved $40 all up with ING rebate!

      Was told by Woollies staff that the max credit you can have on the OPAL card is $250.

      • Just be aware for stores with only one opal top up terminal, the stores limit is $1000 a day.

        • Wow that isn't a lot. 4 recharges of $250 and you're done for the day.

        • A local newsagent, maybe. Woolworths? only $1,000? No way!

        • @uggugg:
          No chance, I was there Friday and there was a line of people recharging. I was at the end and still got my charge. And this was middle of the day.

  • So this is meant to be for staff?

    • +43

      …and FRIENDS and FAMILY, so just make sure you are especially FRIENDLY if you encounter staff to make sure it works. Feel free to marry the chick at the checkout to become part of her FAMILY, however you don't have to.

      • +4

        Facebook friends with the manager should also be good enough

        • +2

          If that's the case, I'm Friends with the whole company!

      • +14

        How about friends with benefits?

        • +5

          Then you get 15% off the benefits

    • +2

      We're all friends here.

    • +4

      Pretty much

      • +49

        I am with strikerzebra, when faced with mathematical analysis and logical of Montorola's calibre, it is best to agree with them and let them be.

        • +41

          I think he's onto something .. we should all spend $50 and do it 10 times … then we'll get 100% off!! ;-D

    • +61

      10% off 100 (2x $50 transactions) is $10

      15% off 100 is $15 off

    • +8

      it is % not $…
      2x$50 spend will fetch you a discount of $10
      1x$100 spend will fetch you a discount of $15

    • +18

      Two savings of 10% still gives you combined savings of 10% no matter how many times. Doing it 10 times doesn't make it free.

    • +3

      Your comment made me LOL

      • +35

        Haha my own comment made me lol too, sorry guys I'm in weekend mode already

    • +3

      lol this is supposed to be a joke.. right?

      • +75

        Sadly it wasn't, I'm not going to make excuses, I'm dumb.

        • +9

          we all make mistakes and for many maths is not a strong point.
          good on you for admitting the mistake and having a laugh over it.
          not all would be able to do that (me!)

        • +19

          For a brief moment I was with you, then seen the negs and realised I'm as stupid as you

        • @cypher67: same here in afraid to say

        • it actually sounded very logical at first glance. i seriously loved it. good to get first thoughts on the board. sometimes get negged to death but still useful to hear all the perspectives.

    • +1

      aloo, aloo. montorola? hang on, do you mean Motorola? no wonder (JK;)

    • +2

      that was so funny. one of those straight face jokes that isnt a joke but is. couldn't stop laughing for a full minute. more than the bargains, this sort of entertainment is why i lurk around ozb

    • depends whether you are paying by notes or coins.

  • -3

    Haha , if you go back 10 times you got every thing free , that is still 10 percent off by go back twice , that is not 20 % , haha

    • +9

      Maybe if we go back enough times, they'll eventually start paying me right?! Bargain!! :P

  • +18

    Im feeling sorry for your Maths teacher

  • +1

    Awesome 1st up post Cecil. Thank you.

  • +7

    I suggest everyone print/save/screenshot the voucher before Woolies asks the mods to take it down

    • +3

      it's for friend and family. we're a big family of ozbargain

      • +1

        We're the equivalent of that ikey Great-Aunt that buys everyone pencils for Christmas.

        • Guppy1975, I just had to LOL

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Stock up tissue rolls.

  • Wonder if you can buy 365 day mobile broadband like say Vodafone for $125 and get the 15% off.

    • Yea you can. This is an ideal opportunity to stock up on mobile recharges.

  • -2

    10% off itunes cards x2 is $20 off $100 seems to be for all gift cards to.

    • Offer and Discount excludes purchases of Liquor, Smoking/Tobacco products, Gift cards (including iTunes cards) and selected services.

      • Would that also exclude mobile phone recharges?

        • Mobile phone recharge isn't a giftcard?

          But that's just my interpretation.

        • Hope recharge is included…!!

        • @amelyn:
          but it is a selected service that is not included.

        • Thats what I was referring to. "selected services". What exactly are the products and service this exclusion refers to? As this doesn't specifically mention either way if mobile recharges are included or excluded.

      • Seems to work with liquor.

    • 10% off 100 (2x $50 transactions) is $10

      "Two savings of 10% still gives you combined savings of 10% no matter how many times. Doing it 10 times doesn't make it free."

  • Is the barcode a generic one or is it tied to a particular person's staff card? If it is tied to one person's card then I'm wondering if they'll cancel it if it gets ozbargain'd…hope not!

    • +1

      You could always use the code "FRIENDS" online and then pickup in store… I think.

    • I very much doubt they've made unique barcodes for the 1000s of employees…

    • its friends and family. 1000 friends on Facebook??

      • I'm sure it is a generic one but I just thought I'd put the question out there.

    • +1

      I got sent this via another friend, and it's the same barcode.

      I'm guessing its just one code Australia wide.

    • +4

      It's a generic barcode. Any 13 digit 93xxxxx barcode is generic.

  • Great!! Thanks OP

  • +3

    does this scan and discount automatically at the self checkout?

    • +2

      Yeah just scan it yourself like a normal bar code.

  • +1

    Pay by 5% gift card…20% off thankou!

    • +8

      hmm , its not really 20% off with the additional 5%
      because the 5% off is on the balance rather than the original price.

      If you Spend $100
      get $15 off from this deal
      get $4.25 off from wishcard

      but its close enuff to 20% !

    • +3

      19.25% off

      • -1
        • 5% if you paywave and buy the wish gift card
        • -1

          Gift card is not included in the offer. Read T & C

  • Cheers

    • +4

      3rd to 6th October

  • -1


  • +3

    Will this be like the Big W family and friends promotion where you couldn't scan the voucher and your Everyday Rewards card in the same transaction. There was nothing on the voucher about this but the instore staff had been advised and had signs up. This would mean you couldn't combine EDR offers with the abouve discounts. I'm making more than 15% off all my EDR transactions at the moment so I don't think it's worth attempting to combine the deals. I did see a note above about not being able to take up any other offer with the transaction so I'm guessing stacking EDR offers with this won't work.

    • +1

      Last time at Big W F&F offer they wouldn't let me scan the EDR card as they said it would negate the discount. I was pissed off they wouldn't even attempt it and I emailed EDR about this with my receipt details and they manually credited me the points.

      For online transactions it should stack as your EDR card is already saved in the system.

      • Yeah, I got my points manually credited as well.

        My issue for this promotion is that I don't know whether it will stack with my current $10 off for spending $50 instore EDR offer.

        I'm waiting for more instore reports of how the deal will work.

        • Based on instore reports I've heard, you can use the voucher in conjunction with an Everyday Rewards card and multiple promotions will work provided you calculate your discounts carefully.

    • +2

      Seriously dude. Not only it's mentioned in the original post but it's been asked before

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