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Free $10 Lowes Gift Card When You Subscribe to Their Newsletter


Seems simple to obtain a free $10 giftcard from Lowes, just input the details and you'll receive your gift card right away

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  • +3

    Nice quick and easy. The way bargains should be :D

    • yes, $10 in less than 20 seconds!Thanks!

  • Any min spend for this?
    Do they offer free shipping or free pickup from store?
    Looks like https://www.lowes.com.au/checkout.aspx is throwing err.

    update: Postage: AUD $10. and no free pickup from store

    • "You can shop with it either in-store or online."

  • Great find…thanks OP

  • Hope they respect this gift card.

  • -3

    So I subscribed, no prob. But then went to buy a pair of sports socks online and found them on sale $12.95, so I applied the gift card, no prob. However, the postage on a pair of socks is $10.00 ….. kinda defeats the purpose :(

    Guess I'll wait to go in store next week…

    I wonder if I can stack the gift cards ? If I subscribed a dozen times…

    Would it seem strange if I presented a dozen gift cards at the checkout ?

    Or maybe I can go in and out a dozen times and grab 12 pairs of socks one purchase at a time :)



  • Wonderful find OP. Got my gift card. Pity that Lowes doesn't offer click and collect.

    • seems to be only for school uniform

  • +3

    Resisting urge to use multiple emails…

    • Do vouchers stack?

      • tried it but not working :(

    • +1

      Too late.

    • Resisted. Now to buy me a new flannelette.

  • Thanks OP and old bloke Lowe
    Might stock up on some things…
    EDIT: is it just me or is the lowes site getting hammered?

    • +1

      Fine here. I keep getting quick responses. ;)

      • +1

        You stacker!

  • Thank you :)

  • Anyone going instore with a dozen codes?
    * anyone want to be the guinea pig*

    • My bet is the gift cards are not stack able in store either.

      And who has a dozen email addresses any how?.

    • +2

      Tested this. They had to call I.T. :P
      Turns out "1 per customer per day"

      • Oh well. Then you must go back every day and redeem 1 gift card each day. Can do just takes a bit of effort.

    • I just bought 2 hats ($31.90) with 3 codes… (Mine+Wife+Son)
      $1.90 I paid.

      So, it works if the guy serving is in a good mood I guess.

  • I'm thinking this is an old promo page not meant to be found? Their current subscription page is for a 10% off order offer rather than $10 gift card.

    • A quick google of the URL comes up with only 1 result, apparently posted this morning at 7:35am, a thread on lottos.com.au

      • And according to that thread on lottos.com.au it's claiming only 1,000 gift cards are being given away.

        Also says offer expires 4 of November 2014.

    • This was on Facebook as an advert

  • Thanks! I wonder when these expire.

    • The online site FAQ claims that gift cards expire 12 months from date of issue. But i'm not sure if it's the same for these promo giveaway gift cards.

  • +3

    Deals are most likely to be honoured if you honour the conditions ie. one per person!
    I hope not to have to read whinging from the multiple subscribers next time a deal gets cancelled.
    Why can't you guys just appreciate a deal and not rip off retailers to get stuff for free?!!

  • Thanks OP, $10!!!

    So how do you claim it in shop?

    • Print it or show the email on a smartphone?

  • LOWESSUBSCRIBE for 10% off when subscribed

  • thanks..

  • +2

    Got 40 codes :) thanks

    • +2

      I will worship you.

    • Shame they're not stackable. At least not online.

    • Looks like it's unlimited. Submit a new email address, receive another code.

  • Vouchers are not stackable :-( Wife and I both got one, can't stack online.

    $2 for $10 Lowes Gift card
    Buy a $10 gift card
    add the coupon LOWESSUBSCRIBE for 10% off
    add your girt voucher.

    total is $2 DELIVERED
    with this gift card, it may accepted when stacked instore?


    • -1

      So you're swapping one $10 gift card you got for free for another of the same value which you must may a few dollars for?. You already have a $10 gift card. You're swapping a $10 freebie gift card for another $10 gift card which you're end up paying $2 for?. Shaking my head.

      These are already $10 gift cards which you're getting for free from this newsletter signup promo which can be used online or in store. The exact same type of card number and pin you'd find on those plastic gift cards.

      And i doubt that the gift cards are stack-able in store, they certainly can't be stacked online. Your exercise may be pointless and costing you money for nothing.

  • +1

    Thanks OP got this for my dad

  • how long did the email take to come?

    • Instantly

  • Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical difficulty on processing the resource you are accessing. Please try it later or contact us on [email protected].

  • Same thing here,

    (Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical difficulty on processing the resource you are accessing. Please try it later or contact us on [email protected])

    Though when I retry, it says email already been used…

  • yeah exactly what happened to me too.. and since @JSQUARED said the email appears instantly (which it hasn't on mine).. then i think it's safe to say we missed out and they got a free subscription from us -_-

  • +1

    yup - would appear to be ozbargained :)

  • "Sorry, this limited offer is all finished." :-(

  • Bought some bonds trunks using the voucher, thanks! They didn't really know about the subscription promotion in store but they entered the gift card in and it worked so they were happy to honour it.

  • Does anyone know how i can use the gift cards online? I have tried eating the gift card number and it says it is not valid? Do i need to put the card pin number somewhere?

    • +2

      What did it taste like?

      • I mean "eat"

      • +1

        I mean "enter"

  • +1

    All the Lowes offers came along AFTER I bought from them for years.
    Make sure to sign up for their free membership card for a regular 5% off. That was also too late for me.

  • Only got a teal/silver raglan tee today, but if the server lets me i'll stack next time