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Chromecast $38 ($33 with $5 signup bonus) 9am-9pm Thursday 6/11 @ Harvey Norman


Spotted in today's Herald sun. Not sure whether available online or not, but if so could be $33 if signing up to new account with the $5 signup bonus.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Sorry Gerry, you are late… Most of us already completed our chromecast business with DSE.

    PS. Good deal OP, would be even better if it can be combined with $5 welcome voucher.

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      If HN actually send the $5 vouchers…

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    I wonder if the recent specials are because of the impending Chromecast V2 release? Great find all the same Johnno.

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      No. It's because they know at this price point we will keep stocking up on these things for no reason like Eneloops.

      • soon someone will have a collection of chromecast

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          Too bad we can't run the Chromecasts on said stockpiled Eneloops.

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          @KayDat: Nothing some simple wiring and $1000 on labour and materials can't solve.

        • I'm looking forward to a beowulf cluster of ChromeCast!

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    Online is still showing $49.

    • +5

      Deal says 9am-9pm Thursday.

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    Ha, looks like Gerry has just discovered 'Chromecast'. Wonder if he will do another ABC business special and tell everyone what 'Chromecast' is! Gerry on LIVE CHAT

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    Where is the link to get the $5 credit?

    • By opening a new online account.

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    Harvey actually wake up earlier than JB this time. JB is still dreaming that people will buy Chromecast from them for $49 each. Keep dreaming JB. Soon you will need to mark it down to $29 to have any sale.

  • Doesn't look like the price is coming down online if it's AEDST

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    I still don't understand why there is much sale hype about Cromecast? This is a dumb device. I believe the retailers are selling this instead of dumping in the big bin.
    I have been using ROKU player for about 3yrs and i am very impressed with the features.
    Have a look at this video: https://www.roku.com/streamingstick-vs-chromecast

    • Sold my roku3 and bought two Chromecast a few months ago and some cash for more eneloops. Not missing the roku at all.

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    Go Harvey Go!

    • +3

      Go home Davo, you're drunk.

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    The killer feature for me is being able to stream Google Play Music All Access from my phone to my home theatre. That's the main reason I switched away from Spotify, which wanted me to upgrade my 2 year old high-end A/V receiver in order to do the same. I used to use the WDTV SMP Spotify app, but it's not nearly as handy as using your phone. Not bad for a 'dumb' device.

    Also, unlike the Roku or WDTV, ChromeCast is an 'always on' device and doesn't require a separate remote.

    I see Chromecast's growth coming from the ever increasing number of supported apps, rather than the device itself getting a ton new features, as it already does what it's supposed to.

    By the way, the All Access service is actually as good as, if not better in some regards, than Spotify. My only regret is having missed out on last year's $10 per month for life subscription special.

    • Have you used the free 90 days all access you get with a cc?

      • No, I got both CC and AA prior to that offer.

  • no it is Go Hardly GO!

  • If I stream a movie from my mobile phone to the tv using this, will it use up my 3g data?

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      The Chromecast requires WiFi as far as I know, not only to connect and communicate with your phone, but also to stream content from the internet.

      • But I don't want to stream content from the internets. I have movies on my phone I want to watch on my telly. If I do this will it eat into my data allowance?

        • No, it won't.

        • @elektron:

          But will he be able to make a network with the chromecast without wifi?

        • @Sindex: My understanding is the the device (phone) needs to be on the same wifi connection as the CC - but I could be mistaken

        • @Sindex:

          He definitely needs wi-fi - I assumed he already had it. You can have set up home wi-fi network without being connected to the internet.

          He can create a hotspot with his phone and connect CC it. In theory, this should work without consuming data. I haven't tried it myself though.

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    I wonder why Google don't just throw Chromecasts into cereal boxes - it's all about consumption of Google advertising and services.

    • -1

      Well, Chromecasts don't have advertising on them - but it's not a bad idea.

      Free chromecast providing you accept advertising anyone?

      • No thanks

  • -3

    LOL I'm sick and tired of this chrome cast, they are the new eneloop except eneloops are way more usefull.

    I don't like the chrome cast, feels like a blotched down Android TV stick.

    Been waiting ages for the Nexus Player type device, hopefully it has sales like the chromecast.

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    Chromecast 2 is coming out very soon. So everyone is getting rid of Chromecast 1.

  • Just signed up expecting to get some sort of code for sign up bonus. Haven't received anything. Tried welcome5 with no success. Anyone know of a working code?

    • I signed up on this page, and a few minutes later got the email with the $5 voucher code (looks to be unique).


      If you've already signed up for an account with HN and try to use the same email address it will just return an error, so you'll need to use a different email address to sign up again.

  • ~48 hour delay for the $5 voucher.

    • +1

      ? Got mine in about 5 mins, and it says it's only valid for use in the next 100 hours.

      • Really? I even asked live chat and they said 48 hours.

        • Weird! Maybe it's just a bit random and they say 48 hrs to be safe.

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    I'm on my third Chromecast replacement in a month. It is one of the worst products I have ever bought.

  • +2

    COTD back in stock $27 delivered with BDAY code if you have signed up with them before.

  • +1

    Wow check out the photo on the HN page.
    Hope it's not actual size as I'm waiting on my COTD CC to arrive and I didn't order a mega HDMI to HDMI adapter to go with it!

  • -3

    ok, i guess i have to include the link to the best deal atm: http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/42894/product/google-c...

  • so this isn't really just $33 is it? you have to pay for subscription services to get anything out of the device?

    • What do you mean subscription? On Chromecast?

    • +1

      No subscription. No hidden fees.

  • I can never get the email signup to send me the $5 voucher. I have tried my own domains email, gmail and two versions of my work email address. Nothing! Which email service are people using to get the voucher? Thanks

    • Just hotmail. Email came through in about 5 mins.

  • to get the $5 voucher you need to sign up for an account with Harveys online. The links here are old.

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