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Dick Smith 2m Standard HDMI Cable $2.98 Save $42 (Click and Collect) 9am to 5pm AEST


Good price for a 2m HDMI cable RRP $44.98. Now $2.98 until 5pm today.

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    LOL @ the RRP

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      You will be suprised how many people buy HDMI cables at shocking RRP, especially when you just spend $2000 for a brand new big TV and the salesperson tell you it will not work with your DVD player and Home Theatre systems unless you get one of their fastest HDMI cable for highest quality sound and pictures quality.

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      @Rockhard—RRP= Real Rip-off Price.

    • "Dammit - bought 250 of these yesterday at full retail!"

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    cable RRP $48.98


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      To be fair it's probably insulated with unicorn leather

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        with pixie dust.

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    That awkward moment when they actually sold at RRP:

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    Lol at ozbargain paying anywhere near RRP

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      Lol at anyone paying RRP, for these anyway…

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        Gavat ibne

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          Ulan agizini bozma

        • Ne oluyoz burda

        • puşt oğlu

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    Got a few as I'm always running out of these but never seem to use them for myself! Too generous to friends & family, damn it. Cheers OP!

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    saving = $0

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      How so Zwarzy? Sure, we're not saving $42 but where else can you get mid-quality 2m HDMI leads for $3 within 24 hours?

      • hot dollar

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    omg paid $45 yesterday.

    going to hang myself using the overpriced cable. Good bye.

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      Please tell me you are joking..

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      Good buy*

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    Do these offer virus protection?

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      if you shove it up your nose, it offers 90% protection against influenza and measles

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      don't think so. just put the mrs' stocking over the plug then plug it in and it should catch most of them

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    This is Much better at what MSY are currently offering at the moment,,theirs is only 1m for $2 and I was planning to buy from MSY, thanks to this post! Im off to DS later! =)

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    Their mobile site is horrendous

  • Note: 1.3b not 1.4

    • what's the difference?

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        There's a nice green and read graph that compares the missing features.

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          I believe HDMI Versions refer to the connection and not the cable, makes no difference unless you're after Ethernet over HDMI

        • @remorina:

          You need 1.4 if you need
          1. Ethernet
          2. 3D
          3. 4K (but only @ 30FPS)
          4. Audio return

          Each one of those is going to be useless unless you actually happen to want to use the feature.

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          3D, 4K and audio return work fine with v1.3 high speed cables, the only feature v1.3 high speed cables don't support is ethernet over HDMI which no devices support anyway.

      • Basically a max resolution of 2560×1600

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          A v1.3 high speed HDMI cable will support 4k video.

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      1.3 does not support 3d

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        HDMI cables certified under v1.3 category 2(high speed HDMI) will support 3d video.

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      There is no such thing as a HDMI 1.3b or 1.4 cable. These are High Speed HDMI cables which will handle all existing HDMI specifications (except ethernet over HDMI).

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        Don't know why you got negged for giving correct information. (fixed)

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    zzzz I literally paid like $25 for this a month ago.
    wonder if I can use credit card price protection

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    Important question: Are there any specifications in a hdmi cable that actually matter in terms of audio/visual transfer performance that would actually make more than a negligible difference in the final output of sound/visual images?

    I was duped by Narvey Norman in the past to buy $400 of monster cables otherwise 'they wouldn't work with the 3d blu ray player'.

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      You're not from around here, are you?

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      plz do yourself a favor and read up this bog, people

      hdmi cable is a cable transferring DIGITAL data (0 or 1) with error correction, that means there is only difference between working perfectly or not working at all. There is no such thing as improved quality, because digital signal ONLY has 0 or 1, it DOES NOT have 0.x. To make it clearer, there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between a working $2 hdmi cable and $20000 hdmi cable.

      • DSE and other electronic retailer, Talking bollocks since beginning of their rise

      • i can't be bothered reading the article, but long cable length combined with really high resolutions might affect operation

    • Earth is full of dangers, please keep your eyes wide and open before you land on this planet, lol -_-|

    • With digital, the signal either gets there or it doesn't. It's not like analogue where the quality of the cable affects the clarity of the output. So in terms of audio/visual performance, as long as the cable is capable of transmitting the information, there will be no difference whatsoever. However, poor quality cables will have lesser shielding and generally be a bit flimsy, therefore be more liable to break or degrade to a point where they will not pass the signal.

      • That's actually a myth. But it takes a rather weird setup or a very long distance run (20-30m) to see the evidence that it isn't true. Only 0.001% of people using hdmi cables will ever see it.

        With very long runs or unusual setups you can get green shimmering on the image. But you still get an image. Google for "green spots" and hdmi and see for yourself.

        I discovered this when running laptop->hdmi->dvi adapator->dvi switchbox->monitor. But generally people discover it by doing long runs of cable (20-30 metres and more)

      • I enjoyed that

      • That was a useless youtube video and a useless test. Why would you connect 2 cables together with a joiner in a test? Obviously the best cable will be as crap as the dodgy cable that it is plugged into. This should have been a direct connection, plus a lot more testing.

    • Nice troll

      • I have to disagree with some of the above.

        I have always been told with HDMI it either works or it doesn't, but I recently purchased cheap Chinese (locally stocked) 1.3 HDMI cables that were 28AWG and 1.5m long for $1
        .50, one of the cables would constantly glitch every few seconds when outputting my IQ2, it was consistent with the cable, I suspect it couldn't handle the constant high bandwidth. Just letting people know it has happened to me, so despite what the "Theory"says, in practice you can get a bad/poor cable.

        • +1

          I think you are misunderstanding the point people are trying to make. If you have a genuine High Speed HDMI cable, there will be absolutely no difference in picture quality between any other genuine High Speed HDMI cable. This is different to analog where there can be very marked differences in output quality between cables.

          Maybe the manufacturer/seller lied and it just doesn't meet the required standard to be classed as a High Speed/Category 2 cable (necessary to be compatible with 1.3 equipment)? In that case, all bets are off and you can make no assumptions about it's performance.

        • @dazweeja: agreed but thats not too say that you wont ever encounter other issues with poorly built hdmi cable…such as an intermittent signal, shorter lifespan, etc I've had a few duds from MSY.

          I like to get my cables from - well priced and dont feel like they're going to break apart.

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    one of many sites explaining why you dont need to pay such super inflated prices.

    BTW I used to work for a computer store and we were always told to push the cables as they were one of the biggest profit items. For a typical 1.8m cable I could see on the store system the cost was $1.40 and yet we would flog them for $24.99, such a rip off and glad I no longer work there.

  • sold out in the whole WA I think…

  • Great timing, need a cable right now, as media needs have changed, and have swapped the cable to different outputs about 5 times the last week. Would also be handy to have 1 for the 2nd TV that I can quickly plug my laptop into, so got 2. Couldn't find an easy click and collect, so paid $10.91 delivered for the 2, which is still reasonable.

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    please make sure ..New HDMIcables (Version 2) for $K resolution ,all these are old stuff.. 1.3 versions

    • +1

      Just no. Read the numerous links above.

      There are only four HDMI cable types: high speed with or without Ethernet, and standard speed with or without Ethernet. Almost all HDMI cables sold these days, even on eBay, are high speed which are more than capable of handling 4K resolution.

      Straight from (

      "Does HDMI 2.0 require new cables?

      No, HDMI 2.0 features will work with existing HDMI cables. Higher bandwidth features, such as [email protected]/60 (2160p) video formats, will require existing High Speed HDMI cables (Category 2 cables)."

      • +1

        Category 2 refers to testing standards not HDMI v2.0.
        Category 1 cables a standard speed and not guaranteed to support 1080p.
        Category 2 are high speed cables, the bandwidth required for cables has not changed since v1.3 therefore any high speed HDMI cable certified under HDMI 1.3b category 2(high speed) will work fine with all video signals including 3D and 4K.

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        No @montorola. You are reading it wrong.

        Almost all currently available HDMI cables - including this one - are High Speed HDMI cables (Category 2 cables). I doubt Dick Smith or any other major retailer has sold Standard Speed HDMI (Category 1) cables for years.

        Category 2 is not the same as HDMI 2.0.

        In practical terms, there's a 99% chance that any cable that you buy will be a High Speed HDMI cable that will work with HDMI 2.0. There is no such thing as a cable that is certified to be compatible with HDMI 1.3b equipment and not HDMI 2.0 equipment.

        EDIT: Beaten by Blackrose by 2 seconds ;)

  • Thanks OP, bought 2!

  • +3

    Unless you are picking up your order in store it's cheaper to order on ebay for $3.89 delivered

    • and that is v1.4 ..good if your TV supports 4k resolution

      • These do too, as do all High Speed HDMI cables.

  • if your from WA you have to order online with delivery… add $4.95

    • still save 37 bucks tho!

  • Good deal

    After a 3m one tho :(

    • buy a connecter :)

  • +3

    DSE'S RRP is nothing compare to this

    Read reviews for real fun…

  • Tried Click and Collect, looks like they dont send it to your store anymore. Pretty much sold out in Canberra

  • got 3 from highpoint. thanks Tackka

  • Thnx. bought 2 for collection.

  • if you cant pick it up from DSE and dont mind shorter cable, noworries sell 1.5m for $3 delivered

  • My closest one was 100km away for click and collect. Got 4 posted for $4.

  • Sold out around Brisbane. Ordered mine from Mt Ommaney.

  • Thanks just picked it up along with my 40" TV

  • Still available in Rockingham WA

  • +2

    the price just jumped back to $44.98 but the "save $42.00" is still below the price, which make it $86.98 RRP, LOL. Looks like those who bought it actually saved $84! You could have a really good evening today. :)

  • There are actually differences between high quality hdmi cable and a cheap one. Immunity to noise -> BER -> throughput

  • Bought two at 16:59…just on time, thanks very much

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    missed damnit!

  • +3

    I'm going to Harvey Normans for a price match, on the most expensive hdmi cable they got. just to let them know that i know how much they are price gouging cables hehe.

  • +4

    Woot! Got $180 worth of cables for $12! I'm gonna go straight to cash converters first thing in the morning.

  • +2
    • The first comment was about the bullshit RRP at $44.98. Well, seems Dick fixed it.

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