This was posted 9 years 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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FLORSHEIM Online 50% off Sitewide


Nice Sale 50% off everything
Good quality shoes & bags
I find their men's shoe sizing pretty true to size
Being that the sale is across the site there is a good selection

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2014

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  • can we order online and pick up at store?, there is one just near town hall.

    seems there is a bug in the shipping calculator, $89 shoes got 50% disc become $44.5 but i got free shipping to nsw 2000, despite the site says free shipping only for order above $50

  • RE: In-store pickup. Dont think so, as the returns/exchanges cannot be done in a store.

    Thanks for posting the deal.

  • Great deal! Site seems to be timing out for me.

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    Website seems to be under siege!

  • +3

    Site is kill

  • +1

    yeah site seems down

  • Let me IN

    • Is it sad when i look at the time of my firstcomment and that i have been trying to place an order since :(

    • Finally!

  • +1

    HTTP Status 404 -

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    descriptionThe requested resource () is not available.

    GlassFish Server Open Source Edition

  • Site down

  • I just want some new shoes!! Good deal

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    I got as far as the front page 5 minutes ago then it timed out. Frenzy + Ozbargain = server chaos

  • +1

    Yes, seems like an ozbargain attack :)
    Good shoes, been wearing mine for over 3 years, about time to buy new one, but site is down….

  • +4

    wow … cant handle the frenzy.. lol site down for me too

    OZb DDOS attack

    • It was telling me sizes were out of stock, then I check again a moment later and stock is available. Weird.

      I do a bulk order every 3-4 years, and the styles are pretty much all the same as last time :/

      • +5

        when will these online shops ever learn? if there is a slight chance you end up on ozbargain's front page you need to at least double the web servers you got running.. hehehe

    • It's called the…

      OzB effect

  • Way to DDOS your own website Florsheim

  • since i need small sizes ie 7.5 US i think i will be fine, will go to the store first and try before buying online.

  • +1

    Bit cheeky putting some shoes at $49.50 with the 50% discount then offering free shipping for orders over $50

    • have you check? that $49.50 after discount still give me free shipping, to nsw 2000

      • +1

        Not yet I keep getting all sorts of errors (404, 500, 503 etc) :|

  • any possibility of getting gift cards at half price? So I can go in store and try them on

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  • can't open a single page..

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  • Servers down.

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    Kim Kardashian didn't break the internet. Ozbargain broke the internet

    • can you put the link of her pictures here, so people are not confuse

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    404: Bargain not found….

  • Ah, hopefully the site comes back soon, could really use this sale to stock up on some new work shoes!

  • Comfortechs are really comfortable for office shoes

  • Wow half price, seems like such a good deal.

  • +15

    I suggest we pass the time waiting for the website to come back up by writing haikus. I'll go first:

    Florsheim Deal Starts Now
    Cheap shoes for everyone, but
    Server has no sole

    • If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour and style!

    • +1

      Getting too highbrow
      This is ozbargain my man
      Stop with the haikus

      • anawth I see your point
        this is not the time or place
        the haikus will stop

  • +1

    Their website is cactus! been trying for the last hour

  • Their website is hammered at the moment

  • 503 service error

  • Got excited for a minute there, as the site splash came up, and I could search. Then it died again. sigh

    Been down for all intents for a few hours now.

    • why the negs? Just curious.

  • Their web server is still down at the moment.

  • A joke ? A sale yet a no Sale ?

    • Reminds me of when Priceline went down for almost 2 days, the duration of their sale with 'free delivery.'

      As soon as the free delivery finished, the site came back up.

      • That's pretty bad. I called Florsheim Australia, tried to reach their help desk, but no luck.

        Reception isn't able to advise any ETA of recovery, nor if extension of promotion will happens.

        She is very nice and polite though.

  • +1

    They're not a massive retailer - they definitely wouldn't have expected such a surge. Deals aren't always on OzBargain. This may even be the most +ve votes on a deal of theirs.

  • When does the 24 hours start? When they get their website working?

  • Has anyone bought Florsheim shoes before? How is their quality?

    • +3

      Yes, numerous times. I'm actually wearing a pair right now. Quality is great. Much better than Stacey Adams!

    • +1

      I have bought a pair before(5 years ago?), they were very stiff at first but the materials were good and once they were worn in they were good shoes, and lasted reasonably well.

    • +1

      I've only tried them on in store but never purchased as the prices are a bit more than my budget allows but they are good quality, which you pay for, of course.

    • +1

      I have got 4 pairs (since last 3 years) and would say the best of all what i have tried so far. Very comfortable and lasts long plus the quality is very nice

    • Thanks for the replies, I'll give them a look!

  • +1

    Site still ozbargained =(

  • This is the reply i got from support team, hope the code stays long.


    Yes sorry we are working as quickly as we can to restore service.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    The Florsheim Online Team

    Florsheim Australia Pty Ltd
    E: [email protected]

  • -2

    at what stage is this not a bargain?… we cant even see wtf they have worth buying.. hehehe

    • ok the ppl that neg'd tell me have you actually gone past the main page of the website? let alone buy something that's considered a bargain… ?

  • +1

    Has anyone managed to purchase anything yet?

    • Yes I managed to finally place my order via the normal checkout.
      Paypal checkout failed twice!

  • Website seems to be working fine for me now.

    • I lie - seems to have only worked for about ten minutes and now it's stuffed again.

    • I still get a small variety of errors on the site. No luck so far.

    • Front page only.

  • ……and we're back down again.

  • i think i got the amex small business credits for my purchase. i managed to place an order and it crashed on the confirmation page. i'm assuming the order went through cos of the amex notification.

    • +1

      Amex small business promo does not apply to online purchases.

    • +1

      Same here. I just ordered a pair of shoes from Florsheim online and I got email confirmation a minute later from Amex saying I got $10. I didn't buy anything else, so I am guessing their online store is part of the Shop Small promotion.

  • Finally got through and ordered 4 pairs of shoes.

  • A little slow, but it's working!

  • website down again. Was working fine while I was browsing, but not anymore

  • +1

    Looks like Florsheim need a new IT guy.
    Maybe they just need an IT guy?

  • Maybe I should try again tomorrow morning.

  • when ausie stores will learn to get ready for special promo events?

  • Just got an order through for 2 pair, after trying for hours. No glitches. Email confirmation received. Paid via paypal.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a pair. Went to chadstone VIP today and saw one, but was too much for me to splurge.

  • After all that…there's nothing really worth buying… :(

  • good to see how the non black models are cheaper! good for someone like colours on their feet

  • I want to purchase the Cage shoes but their return policy turns me off. If it's the wrong size, you have to ship it back at your expense to them. Can't go in-store

    • +1

      If there's a store near you, go try it first. That's what I did during lunch and then placed my order.

  • Just bought this for work

    Hopefully the quality is ok. It seems to be one of their better soles being leather soled.

    Website was slow as this afternoon, but appears all ok at 5:30pm. I'm assuming people went home for the day :D

  • I bought the accord. But last time I bought this was 2 years ago and it was for $10 cheaper (with 50% off).

  • when does it end?

  • Site is working now. Disappointing that they don't deliver to parcel lockers though.

  • Finally!! got on and got what I wanted! the beresford mens boots! this will be my 2nd pair.. they are quite tuff and lasted a few years of wear!

  • 50% off + 5% Cashback + $10 AMEX credit.

    That's some good Ozbargaining.

  • Just bought my annual pair of 50% off Florsheims! Bonus of $10 Amex credit too!

    • +2

      please clarify re the amex credit?

  • I find that my dress shoes (Julius Marlows) are one size down from my runners/sports shoes. Is that the same case with these Florsheim shoes? Meaning 10.5US for runners are 9.5US for my dress shoes. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise will have to go to a store and try them on.

    • Are you sure one of them isn's Euro size and the other US size?

    • I'm in the same boat - take a 10.5 US for dress shoe (Julius Marlow) and 11.5 for runners. Can anyone comment on how the sizing compares to Julius Marlows?

  • Am in two minds whether to also buy Bogart - - but are they more suited to an older male? (I'm 30 - a young 30!). Thinking whether I should buy them anyway but the return process will be a hassle….. thoughts?

  • Fantastic, purchased without any issues. Thanks OP

  • got this one,
    code worked flawlessly. Thanks OP.

  • Got two pairs of work shoes, a belt and a shoe tree… Oh, Zoidberg, at last you're becoming a crafty consumer!

    Thanks OP!

  • Noooooooo
    Bookmarked the Cage for when I got home.
    Went from $89.95 to $169.95

    • Why the price rise? are they raising the price of all the shoes to compensate?

      • I don't think so. I'm beginning to think it might have just been an error…

        But I know what I saw!

    • Was the cage $90 originally before discount? Are you sure? I never saw that. Was $169 when I checked today

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