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FREE Universal Music Album Download from SMH & The Age (10,000 Each, Mobile Number Required)


Saw this on the Sydney Morning Herald's Facebook page just then.

You get a free music album download from the Universal Music catalogue for the first 10,000 entrants. Code got sent via SMS within seconds.

Promotion expires on 31 December or when 10,000 codes are redeemed, whichever comes first.

http://theage.com.au/create - http://www.theage.com.au/support/universalp2termsandconditio...
http://smh.com.au/create - http://www.smh.com.au/support/universalp2termsandconditions

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    Heads up to all the "next-nexters", make sure you DON'T tick the second checkbox.

  • It also says one album a week?

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      Nah, that's only if you subscribe to SMH.

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    Thanks for this. Good find!

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    OP, might want to add 'Mobile Number Required' to the title - as the code is texted to you, not sent via email.

    • Good point, thanks! I've updated the post.

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    Thanks victorwilson! :D

    For once, I get to be a part of the first 10,000 crowd - YAY! :D

  • Thanks Op. Good find.

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    Thanks. Grabbed Ministry of Sound Futurism for free, 41tracks yo!! Maximum free-ness. Really pays having a $2 SIM card for junk phone number.

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      68 tracks on the Ministry of Sound Annual 2015

      • The track beating is on! Now to find some old sims

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          101 More Housework Songs - why am I happy about this??

        • @blerk: Hahah are they any good?

  • Great - thanks OP.
    Double album free :-)
    Got the SMS OK in Tokyo, even though I have no Telstra credit.

  • Thanks! Not sure which to pick from: Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump, New Found Glory, blink-182, etc!

  • Great … thanks.
    Picked up the 40 track album Creedence Collection … old favourite Creedence Clearwater songs from my teens and 20s.
    Appreciated the link greatly!

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    When the promo expires, does our credit expire as well if we haven't used it by then?

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      Your credit expires a week after you get your code.

      "15. Entrants will have 7 days from the date on which they receive the download code to redeem that code for a digital album on the redemption website." Source

      • But if you redeem it, it won't expire right? As in, I don't have to use the credit now right?

        • You redeem a voucher to get an album credit. You use an album credit to get music.

          Voucher expires in 7 days (see above)

          Credit expires in 7 days (https://www.theinsong.com/fairfax/redeem)

          Note: If your voucher entitles you to a weekly album, you will receive this credit every 7 days. Credit not used within the 7 days will be lost.

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    Something went wrong!

    We're experiencing some technical issues. Please try again.

    darn it. smh (shaking my head)

  • Thanks OP, got the Ministry Annual 2015 :)

  • Thanks OP, just got "The Complete Commodore/Decca Masters Billie Holiday"

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • downloading now.
    Nice work OP.

  • Thanks again OP! I downloaded Angus & Julia Stone's new self-titled album :D

  • +19

    deal updated - another 10,000 via http://theage.com.au/create :)

    • +3

      Nice it works with numbers ive already used.

    • Cheers! Got MoS Annual 2015 also :)

    • Thanks just got "Paper Dolls [VA]" & "How To Make An American Quilt"

  • +1

    320kbps mp3s

    Download links appear to be re-usable , and not require any type of session cookie … strange

    e.g. - numbers scrubbed

    • care to share?

    • It works, thanks :)

    • Hmmm error 003? is there a section I'm supposed to change? :S

      • As in once you "purchase" it, as long as someone has your login and password, it can be downloaded as many times as you want.

        Although one of my codes did seem to glitch and allow me register twice, not sure how, but I haven't been able to replicate it.

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          Maybe we should list the albums we've all gotten, and then exchange login details to download from each other? :Þ

        • +1

          OzPirateBay ;-)

        • +1

          Surprised we haven't started exploiting Apple's Family Sharing along the same lines. We're all one family here, right?

        • @brucefromaustralia: Haha something like that

          The family and I got the following:

          • GRRR! (Deluxe)—The Rolling Stones
          • Best Of—Credence Clearwater Revival
          • Black & White Album—The Hives
          • Oh No—OK Go
          • 30 Years of Funk—Grand Funk Railroad
          • The Who Hits 50 (Deluxe)—The Who
          • Gold—Steppenwolf
          • Magic Potion—The Black Keys
          • The Very Best Of Little Richard—Little Richard
          • Jazz (Deluxe)—Queen
          • 1989 (Deluxe)—Taylor Swift
          • My Everything (Deluxe)—Ariana Grande
          • Keith Urban: Greatest Hits—Keith Urban
          • 101 Legends—Various Artists
          • 10 Years of Hits—Ronan Keating

  • +1

    Thanks. Got Ministry of Sound The Annual 2015 & Running Trax Summer 2014.

  • Also downloaded MOS 2015. Then I remembered that the cool kids don't download music anymore. D'oh!

  • +1

    Taylor Swift 1989 downloaded! Happy with this especially after she ripped her whole catalogue off Spotify!

    • 1989 Deluxe edition:
      iTunes: I paid $20.99 earlier this month
      OzBargain today: Free
      Fantastic deal if you hadn't already bought it!

    • -1

      April 1?

  • +1

    Cheers OP - Taylor Swift 1989 downloaded!

  • +3

    Whilst it is a very good deal, I'm not sure if I want my email and mobile phone spammed by random companies, especially if I can most likely download the albums using "other methods". Regardless thanks OP for giving us the link to the T&C. I appreciate that. I'm sure others here will appreciate your post as well.

    • All entries become the property of The Promoter. All opt-in entries will be entered into a database and The Promoter may use the entrant's names, addresses and telephone numbers for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being paid unless otherwise advised by the entrant. By opting-in, entrants confirm that they allow their details to be used for this purpose. If entrants no longer consent to their details being used for future marketing purposes, the entrant should contact The Promoter on their details set out below. Any request to update, modify or delete the entrant's details should be directed to The Promoter.

    • You consent to The Promoter, to collect your personal information for the purpose of conducting this promotion. Your personal information may be disclosed to third party service providers for this purpose. A request to access, update or correct any information should be directed to the Promoter. If you are not willing for this to occur you cannot participate in the promotion.

    • +2

      Only the phone number needs to be valid…

    • +1

      hence why you give them a prepaid number u don't use… ;)

  • Excuse my stupidity, but where do I go to enter the code? The SMS told me to go the Age website, but I don't seem to be able to find anything useful there.


    • +2

      I believe it was http://theage.com.au/redeem

      • Ah! sorry! My phone formatted the SMS with "www.theage.com/" and "redeem" on two seperate lines.

        • +2

          Nokia 5110?

        • Hahaha, you got the maker right. Nokia Lumia 720 - screen's too small to fit the entire URL on a single line

  • +2

    Hrmm doesn't seem you can redeem from both The Age and SMH… says they sent a code but I didn't get it the second time.

    Edit: You CAN claim twice… just received the sms

    • Isnt it only one code per mobile number?.

  • Should the code be delivered instantly?

    • I just signed up and waiting for the code is now + 5mins

      • +1

        I'm still waiting 43 mins later…

        • got it

  • +1

    Will any of these sites work to receive the sms code?

    • Tried Twilio free - didn't have Australian numbers available. Just get "Something went wrong" when used U.S. number.

  • Can anyone recommend a good Christmas album?

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed myself Ministry of Sound Maximum Bass Redline & Annual 2015.

    You can use the same mobile number for both SMH and The Age.

  • Is there a way to download my album without downloading the MusicZ Downloader? I really don't want to install crap on my computer if I don't need to.

    • it uses java dude you dont download anything but the music to wherever you like.

      • Are you on a Windows computer?

        On my Mac, it makes me download an app. Might try it on a Windows box at home later tonight.

        • Yeah im on windows 7

    • Yeah keep scrolling down and it should say single track download. Then you can download them one by one

      • easier to click musicZ downloader which will open up another tab and using java allow you to download all or some of the album.

  • Got Ty Segall, Manipulator. Not on Spotify was just about to buy it but found it through this deal. Great stuff OP, thanks for posting.

  • So I'm trying to download the album using the java download, I select all songs, save it to downloads and when it is done 100% download nothing is there help.

    • are you sure you actually saved it to downloads? as before i changed mine to my desktop it was going to save it to my music folder automatically so maybe look there.

  • Yay. I love how the database is searchable. Tested it out and found the Frozen movie sound track available:

  • Thanks for the websites, 202 songs downloaded for free :)

    • 202 songs? Alright what did you get? BTW found Bob Marley and the wailers Legend Deluxe edition.

      • 101 Number Ones and 101 Voices, the songs are semi this era but includes some old classics back to the 80's and even some Pevlis in there for good measure. They have other ones of the 101 hits also, think they were "party, road trip and country"

        • 101 Ultimate 80's!

  • Anyone who got the Ministry of Sound Maximum Bass Redline album, did track 59 - Toneshifterz - Wild Wild Weekend download ok?

    • Nope - having issues with that particular track too. 15 byte file.

      • +2

        Sounds like a warranty claim

      • Same here

    • Contacted Universal Music about download failure (always shows 0%) on another album - waiting for response.

      • They said they tried the track that the Android App failed to download - and it is ok. But still can't download 1 of 22 tracks.

        • They sent me a link to download track on pc - worked :-)

    • +3


      E-mailed them and here was their response.

      Our apologies – it looks like that file was not delivered to us by the record label. I will need to ask for a redelivery, which can take up to a couple of weeks. We will be in touch as soon as we have the file for you.
      Kind regards,
      Customer Service Team | The InSong

      • +1

        The track is up I just managed to download it.

  • +1

    So what's with the 2 for 1 offer? It says you're eligible if you've redeemed the code. Does this mean you can download 2 albums for free? Bit confusing.

  • So I don't get this … I redeemed two codes as above last night and entered them both into the SMH site one last night and one this morning - seemed to work. I remember seeing something like '1 album credit' written somewhere last night.
    But now after adding the second code and deciding on two albums .. It trys to make me pay for 1. If I select only 1 album it trys to make me pay for it… so 2 for 1 but not free? I can't see the '1 album credit' anywhere any more, I have no purchase history and can't see history showing the voucher codes being redeemed. Hrm

  • I've got a problem downloading an album like someone experienced before.

    I used the download manager and after I clicked "show files" it's not there.

    I also selected move to itunes and I can't find it in itunes.

    • super_sayam:

      Reach out to me when you get a moment. I have some tracks you've been looking for.

  • can't find ministry of sound 2015 can someone post a link?