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PS4 & GTA V Bundle $448, Xbox One Kinect Assassin's Creed Unity Bundles $497, $1 Zest Cases @ HN


Offer starts on Saturday 22nd November and ends Sunday 23rd November. Offers are available in store and online

Some stores are already showing they are out of stock, but you can still buy on back-order

Save a further $25 by using your $25 off vouchers

Then go and have a free photo with santa, proudly displaying your new gaming bundle. That will make Santa jealous!

Sony Playstation 4 500GB + GTA V $448 (or $423 after voucher)

Xbox One Console with Kinect + Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle + Dance Central Spotlight + Call of Duty Advanced Warfare $497 (or $472 after voucher). This bundle is only available in store

Xbox One Console with Kinect + Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle + Forza Horizon 2 + Just Dance 2015 + Dance Central Spotlight $497 (or $472 after voucher). This bundle is only available online (for delivery and Click & Collect orders)

Other deals:

Apple TV $88

WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive $74

Logitech X100 Bluetooth Portable Speakers $28

$1 Zest Phone Cases(For iPhone 5/5S, Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3)

Sandisk 16GB Cruzer Edge USB Flash Drive $9

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Harvey Norman

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  • +2

    I just bought MS xbox deal 2-3 days ago, but this one is $497 with kinect
    This is amazing deal

    • MS xbox deal without kinect was better, selling off games + extra controller and then buying the kinect by itself must be cheaper than $497.
      Unless you bought the Kinect kit fro MS, try to sell off games and you will see you will end up below this $497 too.

      • I know this is stupid question
        Where can I sell the games?
        Ebay or gumtree?
        I don't want to play assasin series and Forza horizon2
        And I gonna buy COD and GTA5

        • ill purchase your forza horizon 2 if your gonna sell it!

        • -1

          then buy the ps4 GTA5 bundle for $423 then buy advanced warfare, it will turn out cheaper then the xbox bundle and the effot of selling games. since GTA5 and Advanced warfare dont need kinect anyway. also only the ps4 version of Advanced warfare is 1080P full HD.

          cheaper, less hassel trying to sell games, better graphics.

        • You have 3 possibilities.

          I will start on:
          OZBargain Selling or Swapping Classified (In the forum tab)
          eBay the very last

          It will go easy.

          I bought the xbox kit with 5 games, I will sell the AC's games (black flag and unity) and not sure yet about FH2 + SOD + Ryse2 + extra controller.

        • @akastyl13:

  • To pull the trigger now or wait to see what comes up closer to Christmas, that is the my issue now.
    Great find though, thanks.

    • +5

      its a waiting game :D

      • Yeah, given acersaurus' analysis of the situation below and seeing I am in no hurry I might wait.

  • +3

    Good deal, I think the MS Xbox one deal was still quite a bit better though. For an extra $100 you got the following in addition to what HN are offering - forza horizon 2 (value $80), sunset overdrive (value $70), an extra controller (value $75), rise son of Rome (value $50) minus call of duty (value $70).

    • +3

      Ryse is only $28 at JB Hifi now, but still doesn't really change what you're saying.

    • -1

      why is forza horizon 2 worth 80 and advanced warfare 70? what you pulling these numbers from? also yea ryse is not $50 lol. and these bargainers can get the new game for maybe $55 to $60 and the controller around $60.

      • Ballpark prices based on the lower end of prices I have seen for brand new Australian versions. That Ryse is selling for $29 at JB changes it a bit.

        I dont think you could get a new Australian version of the Xbox One versions of Forza 2, Sunset Overdrive or Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for $55 to $60 right now, or a Microsoft made controller for $60, considering shipping costs too.

        • Yeh I'd say $70 for FH2/SO/COD are the average prices.

  • XBOX One yay

  • do you have a link to this catalogue?

  • Does anyone have a spare code? thanks

  • Does any one have a spare code pm me thanks :)

  • Spare code for me too if anyone has one! :) THANKS

  • Me too, if anyone has a spare code I would like one too. Thanks

  • +2

    I could not find related catlog of xbox one. Is it true? Any links for the original document?

    • -3

      Confirmed with HN that the xbox deal is not true.

      • +2

        Whoever you spoke to will be eating their words. This was in today's Melbourne Herald Sun.

  • ^As above would love a spare code if anyone has one to spare. Thanks in advance

  • I also want spare code please… PM me

  • anyone can tell if the GTA 5 is digital code or a physical copy ?
    Not a GTA fans , would like to know if I can sell it out

    • +1

      It's a physical copy so you can sell it.

      If anyone has a spare coupon code, please PM me ( add me to the list of bludgers lol. )

    • +1

      Either way though you'd be able to sell the code for GTA 5, some people prefer it as a download so they don't have to get up to change games ;)I believe both assassins creed games will be code, but can sell those too

  • well, the deals are getting better. I wouldn't mind kinect if I could get it for that price. I do want to play Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2 though, along with Destiny and Shadow of Mordor and a few others lol.

    I am hoping JBHIFI will start being competitive in the lead up to Christmas

    • I feel the same, I will receive my MS xbox bundle today, I bought Destiny for $59 at Target yesterday and will sell of Ryse and AC's games and keep FH2 + SOD + Destiny :D

    • Shadow of Mordor isn't console exclusive so you can just grab that on PC, the rest though yeah will need an XB1.

  • Interesting to see what happens, apparently kmart will also be having a sale for PS4 for $549, not sure what games though.

    "Our everyday price for the Playstation4 500GB console is $545. We are featuring this console in a bundle with 3 games in an upcoming catalogue, dated 27/11/14 until 3/12/14, for $549. with 3 games".

  • I wanna get a PS4. But I don't have a $25 discount code :( sucks for me…

    • Even paying $448 for the bundle is still a very good price.

  • Damn, just bought a Kinect deal from Target last week for $584, which came with 6 games instead of 5! 3 physical and 3 dig downloads. Just hope Halo sells for quite a good price to get the overall value down!

    Damn ozbargain making me think twice, thrice about my previous purchases! :)

  • So tempted to bite but I've still got such a huge backlog of games on the PS3. Including GTA V.

  • Meanwhile, people bought PS4s for $90 in Walmart

    • omg, is this for real? cant believe it

  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare isn't in the bundle or I can't see it?

    • Someone give this man a Specsavers coupon :) .
      It's in the bottom r/h corner of the pic.

      • Not in the product linked above. Only the banner image.


        • The product code in the advertisement is the same as the product code I have linked to the HN website. It should get updated when the deal becomes live tomorrow.

      • Yeah, now it loads with the image, before it was a product link.

  • Also begging for a spare code please :)

  • Looks like this is the deal I've been waiting for so I can finally get a ps4 for my bday. If anyone has a spare $25 off coupon pm me and I'll be muchly grateful.

  • The ps4 deal is amazing

  • would love a code as well

  • can i please get a code !! pleaseee

  • Does any one have a spare code pm me pretty please

  • +1

    Hi guys i just created a forum asking for the voucher so we don't have to flood this deal :)


  • Deals are definitely getting better now that its nearly Xmas. Think I'll wait a little longer ;)

    Would have likely pulled the trigger had it been the white version of the PS4

  • +1

    Just throwing this out there for those who are in no rush to purchase.

    Amazon is listing PS4 + 2 games [GTA V & The Last of Us - both digital] or [Lego Batman 3 physical & LBP3 digital] at $400. Deal releases Black Friday.
    From what I can tell it appears to be eligible for the free shipping with AMEX payment.

    So US$400 = about AU$464 [+ any conversion fee the card may charge you]
    for Playstation 4 + 2 Games.
    Bonus = you can add controllers, peripherals and other games to your order which will be cheaper than buying them here.

    Amazon - PS4 listing

    Amex Deal

    • +1

      And when you need to make a warranty claim??
      Not much cheaper than here anyway, not worth the extra hassles imho.
      Plus buying it local will help out our economy, we'll need it heading into the recession.

    • +1

      NTSC, though, right? So wouldnt the frame rate be lower during video playback with region format issues and the different electrical current they have over cause problems or are these things of the past?

      • +2

        No NTSC/PAL issues
        HDMI has made all of that irrelevant
        Power is no issue as it can work on any voltage system - you just need to change the power lead (or use the one from your PS3 or PS2)

        I don't know exactly about warranty claims and how they work - you could argue with Sony about it because they allow Amazon to ship them to Australia.

  • -1

    does it worth get a used PS4 for $350 then purchase games?

    • +1

      Only you can answer that,but it all depends on if you want GTA V at the moment.
      If you do, it will cost you $414 for S/H PS4 and new GTA V.
      For an extra $34 i'd rather take the virgin console.
      If you don't want GTA V, sell it and the new PS4 only owes you about $380 to $390.

  • Is the PS4 bundle for black console only or white?

    • Google image search suggests it exists but no store seems to be offering the White bundle :(

  • -3

    Reckon I'll wait until they get around $300…may take a year or so, but softly, softly catchy monkey lol

    • +1

      That price won't happen for years, at least not until around the time the ninth generation consoles are released. I'm certain with deals like this our mate Gerry is selling at or below cost and is hoping to make it back on accessories - HDMI cables, extra controllers/games etc.

      • I meant to write "a few years".

        No doubt it's a great price, I just can't justify it at the moment. I'm happy to wait around for however long - Master Race gamer at heart anyway.

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/175510

        Getting closer already…Might pounce after Christmas, but we'll see.

    • Even the PS3 still garners those dizzy prices - and it's end of life!

      • +1

        I'll wait. That's cool.

        Wouldn't have thought waiting and saving money would be worthy of negs, but apparently it is…

  • Looks like the PS4 + GTA V bundle is getting cheaper and cheaper!

    I might hold until boxing day.

  • Does the GTA V bundle contain a physical disc or a redemption code?

  • If anyone isn't going to use their $25 voucher, I'm keen for it! :)

  • If anyone has a spare code I would greatly appreciate it.

  • +1

    so sick of missing out of deals or finding them out when they expire, please believe i will be at my local HN store at opening time to grab a ps4

  • Lol it would sweeten it if u score a 25 voucher I

  • Does anyone have a spare code? Thanks :)

  • If anyone has a spare HN $25 code? I would appreciate it a lot Thank you.

  • Once you guys have used the code, do you guys mind posting it here to see if it can be reused please?

    • +1

      It can't be reused. It's a unique single use code.

      • Just for chits and giggles?

  • I wasn't going to grab a ps4 for some time but this is an appealing offer with the coupon added and GTAv included…

    Must resist tomorrow! Don't need thus system until Uncharted 4 comes out!

  • its in my cart at $448 anyone happy to drop it another $25 for me pleasee

  • +2

    I have a spare code but you will need to work for it. I will PM the code to the first person who lists 5 fire pokemon. Otherwise, just PM me.

    • Charmander

      • gone. could've been more creative though.

        • lmao

          can we just try if the voucher can be used again though?

        • :(

        • I was going to give it to you. How do i PM you? lol

        • click on my name and press start conversation

        • you have to goto your messages first and allow new conversations if you havent already done that

        • @hamzie: Sorry hamzie. I originally wanted to give it to you but you disabled your private message thing.

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