expired ASUS Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB Wi-Fi AUD $215 Delivered Via Amazon (~AUD $205 with AMEX)


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    Damn this annoys me, I just got one the other day for more

    Does Amazon refund the difference?


    I sold my nexus 7 for $200 after over a year of use. I was going to replace it with the nexus 9, but the nexus 9 seems to be a bit of a dud for the price. This by all reports flies on Lollipop. I still can't believe they have held their value so well. I hope the Nokia N1 lives up to it hype, and gives users a no compromise tablet in this price range, because seems google has abandoned the smaller tab market now.

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      I have used nexus 7 since they came out and live the size and features. The wife wanted one so I got her one for Xmas. I looked at the nexus 9 (having never heard of them before doing my Xmas research) and I just thought Google have no idea what the customer wants. I was expecting an improved nexus 7 but instead it's something two times the price (negating a nexus strength) and the screen is too big. That's why I ordered this one.

      Haven't upgraded to lollipop, the internet is full of the doomsday stories, will wait until the dust settles


      Not really, whilst I'm not interested in a tablet the price of the Nexus 9, I think it's a compelling alternative to those who are after a tablet the size of an iPad. In terms of specifications and features, it certainly does very well in comparison to the iPad, and it comes in at a lower price than the iPad Air 2 as well.

      Whilst it might not be the excellent value we've come to expect from the Nexus 7, I don't think it's fair to call it a dud given where it stands in relation to the rest of the tablet market.

      If anything, the Nexus 9 was a replacement to the Nexus 10, rather than the Nexus 7. Whilst the Nexus 10 didn't receive the fanfare and adulation of the Nexus 7, it was an excellent tablet deserving of more than an honourable mention.

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      Whatever happened to the N8. My wife wants 8 inches.

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    With all these nexus 7 deals of late I'd like to share my experience with cases, tried a few of them and the best seems to be the poetic slimline , Google It. Best fitting for me, the quality is noticeably better than others, I bought mine on eBay from a Australian seller, genuine one not fake. USA sellers sell them too however the price is more expensive after shipping costs and shipping takes longer.
    Good luck in your guys case hunting !

    Poetic slimline not "slimline" fake cases or anything that copies the original. I've tried all and the original poetic slimline quality is noticeably better.

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      Agree. I have only used the poetic slimline but I am quite happy with my purchase. Also bought from a local ebay seller so shipping was pretty quick.

      Running Lollipop on mine and it's running well. In standby, battery life is excellent although when running it does seem a little worse for some reason. I might have the screen brightness set a bit differently though.

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      no idea what mine is, but it cost me $7 from Aliexpress, is super slim, and has been going strong for a year now. Could never understand why people shelled out big money for cases.


        well if you use your tablet everyday, cheap cases usually start colour fading or the edges start rubbing off - this is from my own experience.

        I've even had 1 cheap case damage my screen as it had a metal clasp thing that when closed, touched the screen and would rub against it.

        what I don't understand is, why would people buy a expensive device and skimp on a GOOD quality case?


    Back to $199US


    So the price is nearly AUD230 minus shipping
    I just bought one from dicksmith for Aud $239


    20% offer ends 24 Nov 2014


    I have received it yesterday. Immediately rooted it and installed Lollipop rom. I love it so far. It is not compatible with some of the apps. However, they will soon caught up with Lollipop as it is so sweet.