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SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHS UHS-I with Adaptor $14.99 Aldi


Came across these in my local aldi store today at Keilor Downs. Had plenty in centre cabinet

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    Just what I need but no aldi here. Hopefully enough people price match at office works so they match it.

    • Krispy Kreme and 7eleven finally made it. Time for Aldi

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    Hard thing with aldi price match at ow is that there is no direct phone to a store which is published online. Therefore they usually refuse to price match as they cannot check stock level.

    • I remember it's on brochure, also online brochure as well

      • Brochure doesn't matter. They only price match to instock items.

        Nowadays they are quite strict on the "In Stock" part of their price match guarantee. Therefore if you cannot prove to them that they have stock e.g provide them with a webpage showing stock, or provide them with a phone number to call to check stock, they will simply say no to pricematch.

        • I would at least try though as I've purchased an iPad they price matched online without them checking

        • @dan76n:
          you would be extremely lucky if this happened, officeworks makes up virtually any excuse these days to avoid price matching. I even had them refuse to price match once because an ink policy was different than their at a competitor store (I was not buying ink or printers either)

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just paid $64 for 1 at JBHIFI like 2 months ago.

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      You got ripped off. Please hand in your ozbargain card.

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        Pfft how'd he get one in the first place?!

      • I didn't get ripped off… Can I please have a card?

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          I didn't neg the deal! Why is it saying I did? :( can a mod please undo the neg? The OzBargain ghosts did it!

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          @Owl: You can revoke it, just click on the votes under the deal title.

        • @qiqi1021: Thanks @qiqi1021 I didn't know that :)

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      The first rule of OzB Club: You do not talk about being ripped off.

      The second rule of OzB Club: You do not talk about being ripped off.

      The third rule of OzB Club: The deal expires, is deleted, gets downvoted, the bargain is over.

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      These cost ~$21 at computer stores like Msy.
      You never ever ever buy memory from jb/dick smith /big w etc etc.

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      I bought 2 of these last month. (they had 2 left anyway).
      Ticket shows $14.99 but scanned at $12.99

    • You should shop around more. They were originally $29.99 at Aldi!

    • This makes me absolutely sick.

  • Will this work with go pro 4?

    • Yes. Might struggle with 4K30 on the Black Edition though.

  • Probably OzB'd by now

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    Whoa, you read my mind! Was just researching on the net for a bargain to go with this (camera and bonus action cam): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/172423

    Was about to pull the trigger for two cards on some website for $45 - you just saved me $15. :D

  • Good deal, too bad stock will probably be variable from store to store.

  • This is 29 at officeworks, so this is a good buy.

    • You're not learning, OW is not a good place to buy memory cards.
      Try Shopping Express on ebay or their online store as a general price guide.

      • Price match at Officeworks, get better than Shopping Express prices with local support.

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          If everyone did this then there would be no competition and OW will be able to charge higher prices.

  • Probably a bit of a stretch, but do Aldi sell Gateways?

    • you mean laptops? they sell their own brand medion or something.

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    Good price but I don't think is a bargain. These memories cost around $20 on Ebay.
    As it is always with Aldi, I reckon not many stores have them.

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    great price. got the last 2 from the cabinet from
    keilor store.

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      Wow there were at least 40 there when I bought mine. Ozbargained
      Also for those that go to other stores it always pays to ask as a lot of times they have stock out the back not on display. An Aldi manager told me this

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    Got my lazy ass out of the house to only walk all the way to bankstown store to find nothing. Haha

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    None in Brisbane at either Oxley or West End

  • sounds like its store specific

  • Any in N.S.W ?

  • I checked my local. There's hardly and electronic stuff left in the display cabinet let alone memory cards.

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      I dont know where your local Aldi store is

  • no stock in my local Aldi.

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      Thanks for letting us know, saved me a trip to my local.

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    I couldnt find any in brimbank, vic

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    Tried to pricematch at OfficeWorks. The guy said "ahhh this is the picture on OzBargain" , 'I'm an ozbarginer' and than told me he cannot honour as he can't prove Aldi has stock. IF YOU ARE READING THING. HAND IN YOUR OZBARGAIN CARD, YOU ARE NOT A TRUE OZBARGAINER :D

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      it's not like it gonna cost him his job if he did..

    • which card is better?

      • do the same job, all class10 but not sure what is UHS1 mean…

  • Hi dummies here, what the difference between this one and the Class 10 one? Can I use this for my dashcam?

  • I bought a 64gb 48mb/s Sandisk micro sd card for $35 delivered from Amazon a few days back.

    • I bought two on that deal.

      Problem. I read the box of the dash cam from gearbest. Only supports 32gb. Dam.

      • Will it read them if you partition them to 32gb? Is that even possible on a SD card??

  • Thanks OP.

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    Thanks mate! Keillor Downs is my local Aldi too - will pop in and buy one for the Raspberry Pi B+ :)

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    any in vic?

    • Not in: Box Hill, Burwood or Vermont. Went to all 3 not there. =(

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      not in VIC 3000

    • not in postcode 3000

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      not in postcode 3000

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    Keilor Downs - nil stock
    Keilor East - nil stock
    Airport West - stock ($20) but will not match price. Don't care what other stores sell for!
    Missed out again…..

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    None at ALDI Albury, Lavington or Wodonga.

  • Went to 3 Aldi's about 30mins after this got posted and they all didn't have stock :(

    Ended up purchasing a Kingston 32GB @ MSY for $19