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Hisense 65" Smart 3D LED TV $1296 from JB HIFI


Nice deal

A new breed of Smart TVs is here, and there is no equal. The Hisense VISION series powered by Android. Easy-to-navigate user-interface opens the door to how a Smart TV should behave. No fuss with heaps of SMARTS. Hisense VISION series Smart TV opens the door to endless entertainment, providing you a simple and smooth TV experience while getting straight to the content that you want when you want it.

Google Play Store
Find thousands of Apps, loads of Games, Movies, TV Shows and Music directly from your TV and enjoy the experience of what a Smart TV should be.

Chrome Web Browser
Google Chrome is a web browser that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Full HD 1080p
With 1920x1080 full high definition resolution, the images are so life-like, it feels like you're really there. 1,080 horizontal lines create stunning details and crystal-clear, vibrant colors to create a brilliantly realistic picture.

Key Features

Full HD 1080p

3D compatible


Chrome Web Browser

Google Play Store

8GB Internal storage

Record LIVE TV (requires external HDD)

USB Digital Media Player

2.4/5Ghz Dual band Wi-Fi

3 USB inputs

4 HDMI inputs

Air Wand Bluetooth Remote Control

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  • +2

    Apart from the smart features I will never use (as I have a htpc) the recent deal (~$1350)on the 60" sony w850 would seem a better buy.

    • I prefer 70“ w850b ($1980

    • Look up "w850 backlight" on google.

      Plenty of people with back lighting issues with large Sony tvs

      I've witnessed one such TV (actually not the w850, the Sony UHD 70 that was/is 3K) with the issue. The person who has it, I think, is just going to take a stiff upper lip and accept it because of the massive hassle.

      Lately, from researching and very almost buying that UHD 70, I have got the vibe that Sony aren't quite a premium name. When you're standing with a sales guy and he's actually giving off the vibe that whilst there is nothing even close to this price with these features (70inch, UHD etc), it's not a good deal, you have to wonder.

      Only people with problems talk about them, though, of course.

      Other than the backlighting the 70 is nice, though - no doubt.

  • At that price it should be an UHD for it to be a bargain.

    • +2

      Can you show me an example of a 65 inch uhd tv at this price? Im in the market for a new TV right now

      • -1

        He can't, he's extrapolating based on the fact that Kogan have a 4K 55 for $1k and there are a lot of 60s starting to be $1-1.3k

        • +1

          Yes he can, a Seiki from Dick smith is a 65 inch UHD tv for a similar price on sale, which happens all the time. Arguably a better brand too.

        • +2


          What about a smart TV with uhd for this price
          And I argue hisense is the better brand

        • @astarman: add a chrome cast or Apple TV, instant smart tv

        • Yes, the Seiki UHD was selling for $1,099. For $200 more I would definitely be wanting more features and more warranty for the same no name Chinese brand.

  • Great price for a 65 inch smart TV

  • all i want to know with these smart tv's when you turn them on do they go straight to the TV station or do they all go to the dumb Smart tv browser screen first ?

    • +1

      Not mine. Have used smart tv about twice!

  • Some users report boot up time can take up to a minute. Probably because of running on top of Android OS.

  • -1

    happened to have $800 of JB HIFI gift card, selling for $750 if anyone interested

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