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Officeworks: 5 Port Gigabit Network Switch $10 (+ $5.95 Delivery or Free Click and Collect)


Cheap 5 port network switch:

Tenda G1005D 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Tenda's 5-Port Gigabit Switch G1005D is a cost effective networking solution for growing business and adding multimedia applications. it can expanding your networking immediately with its (5) 10/100/1000M Base-T port. All the ports, supporting Auto MDI/MDIX, can either connect to the Gigabit terminal or uplink to the backbone network. On the basis of reserving former 10/100M network layout, you can greatly enhance your PC's transmission rate by replacing With Gigabit Switch. It is favorable Gigabit Switch.


  • Supports IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control and half-duplex backpressure;
  • Complies with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab Ethernet standards and supports 10/100/1000Mbps speed rate transmission modes;
  • Offers 5 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports and supports Auto MDI/MDIX to simplify network fragment and maintain network;
  • Supports NWA Auto-Negotiation function, auto detect transmission rate and duplex models, UPnP;
  • Adopts store-and-forward mode, supports MAC Address studying automatically flow control

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  • I know it's not the true OB way, but I quite literally needed a cheap Gb switch.
    Edit: Site seems to be having issues - nope my wifi is the prob, seems I need a new router too!

  • no stock in most places when i checked for click an collect!!

    • This item is ordered directly from the manufacturer, therefore not available for next available delivery day. Special Order items are not eligible for price matching.

  • nice find.

    getting one, thanks for post!

  • I am not quite sure about networking. Just wondering, if I have a port in the living room that is connected to my router, can I just use this to expand the available ports in my living room for PC+Tv+PS4?

    Will it just work? Router -> Living Room port -> Switch -> Multiple devices?

    • yes, as long as one of the five ports is connected to your main router, the other four can then be used for other devices.

    • Yes, it will work

    • in fact, in case you want to take your internet/network connection far away from the router using one cable for each room of your house, you can have a cable connecting your router to the switch to connect devices on your living room, then connecting another cable from your router to the switch in your office for connecting devices in your office and so on. I hope you got the idea. it is pretty much like the concept of ramification from one to multiple. for example, I have three switches in my system for the different rooms.

    • YES!. Modem -> Router -> PLA <——-> PLA -> Switch -> Device(s)

  • I'm seeing $5.95 shipping for Melb postcodes.

    Or did OP round down the .95?

  • Whoever (at officeworks) wrote that description for this product, needs to learn English.

    it can expanding

    That is atrocious.

  • Good deal as long as your not in a hurry and don't mind waiting 8-16 days for delivery.

  • Good find OP..available for click and collect marion store

    • Looks like it's available for Click & Collect from most if not all stores, just not currently stocked at any.

  • I am having Massive problems ordering this for PICKUP in ANY NSW Store.

    It just doesn't allow it for ANY NSW Stores!

    ONLY the 'Marion, South Australia' Store successfully allows you to actually successfully Pay and Pickup!

    No other Store allows you! I tried 20x NSW Stores so far.

    Has anyone found a Store in NSW that actually allows you to Order AND PAY for it successfully, for Pickup?

    Has anyone successfully Ordered and Paid for it via the 1300 phone number, for Pickup at a NSW Store?

    • It appears that, despite what they say, you can only purchase this item ONLY if it is PHYSICALLY IN STOCK ON THE SHELF at your particular Store.

      It is NOT actually Ordered direct from the Manufacturer.

      Ignore that false statement of theirs.

    • yes. did a pickup at Alexandria around 9am and it worked with no issues

  • Looks like I got the last one literally a minute ago.

  • I just ordered one for click and collect without any dramas.

    • I just successfully ordered 1 for delivery, in addition to a prior order of 2 for Click & Collect in the event the C&C is denied.

  • I just ordered one click & connect from the Marion store for $10.

  • Not out of stock, just ordered 2, in store pickup


    Bummer, needed an inexpensive switch

    Edit: just ordered a click&collect from Milton. -success

  • Just finished my order, but do believe I had it in my cart before this was marked as expired (click & collect in Bundoora, VIC).

  • Still available, but only delivery here in WA.

    For a few more dollars and local pickup why not consider:

    • Yep, and I've used Tenda switches before, nothing but problems! Never had any issues with TPLink.

      • The only bad review I've found of this one claimed a bad smell like burning bacon. I'm not sure if it was a serious review. A gigabit switch is one of the less complex more mature technologies you can buy. WIFI seems to be a different story but again I'd look at reviews for a particular product.

        It is $10 after all. If it doesn't work, bin it.

        • You'd think so, but I've had multiple Tenda switches drop packets, connections and had ports die.. All in all, never buying again.

        • +3 votes

          Burning bacon is bad smell?

        • +2 votes


          Burning bacon is bad smell?

          It is when it comes from something that doesn't contain any bacon.

        • +7 votes

          @Russ: Have you opened one of these to check that it does not contain bacon?

        • @ryang:

          Fair enough mate. I'm not using this for anything critical. Xbox and media center type stuff. If I find things are going whacky it'll be the first part i check/replace.

        • @Russ:

          Have you read the small print? May contain traces of nuts…or bacon.

        • could not disagree more on your last comment about buying cheap and just binning it if it does not work.

          The effort and time wasted figuring out if a router is the cause of difficult to diagnose problems within a network will be considerably more expensive than the cost of buying a proper routers in the first instance.

          Unless there is convincing evidence that Tenda is becoming a quality brand I'd skip it.

        • @paulojr:

          It's not hard to figure out at all. If I have issues where the network communication is slow or interrupted, I swap it out for some of my older gear. If that resolves it I know it's the switch. If it doesn't, I look elsewhere. I've ordered more than one of these so if one's playing up I can try another.

          Completely understand if you don't want to go to that effort, but if it saves me some money I'll give it a try. That's what this site is all about after all.

        • @syousef:

          no offense intended here but your statement shows me that you haven't dealt with a significant real problem with networking if you believe all you will see is slow or interrupted connectivity which can quickly and easily be related back to the switch and I worry you are misleading others by suggesting such issues are trival to diagnose.

          Take it from someone that has done networking engineering for decades, with this sort of cheap s%@t you can get issues with certain protocols and data will get corrupted potentially only when using a certain protocol or under a certain environmental conditions. There is very few tools available to quickly diagnose the cause unless you have my level of engineering experience, particularly if its intermittent as many of these problems are with cheap hardware.

          Routers, modems and related hardware used to establish an internet connection is one of those few things saving a few dollars doesn't usually pay off, particularly as the average user tends to blame their ISP first, and then gets a bill from their ISP when a service technican comes and and finds the fault is traced back to sub-standard hardware between their PC and the ISP. Sure maybe you can blame the user but the reality is flakey hardware is pretty hard to isolate properly.

          So respectfully I do not agree this product is a bargain and wanted to share why its not a bargain. In this area a bargain really would be a quality brand at a significant discount, this product is not that. Others like yourself may disagree and thats fine too.

          TP-Link, although the bottom of the pack in terms of quality against brands like HP, is still reasonably respected and for $8 more (4 coffees) as was previously pointed out, it can be bought instead of this item. Maybe that should be listed as a bargain though its an everyday price from what I can see on the site.

        • @paulojr:

          I've done a lot of network troubleshooting for my own home network (2 floors, over a dozen devices connected). If you see network glitches and suspect a part isn't working you can swap it out. Recognizing the glitch for my use cases is quite easy.

          I've also seen respected brands give plenty of grief. Back when Netgear was considered good for home networking I had the worst switch I've ever owned which I ended up binning. Even good brands have bad models and can have bad QC at different points. Brand loyalty is for suckers. Also note that you can also have incompatibility issues between brands or within a brand so even devices that are fantastic on their own can combine to produce a turkey of a system.

          But it takes different strokes so I have no problem with you sharing your opinion.

        • @syousef:

          Yeh, actually I would not have rated netgear in the good bucket and my worst networking experience was with a netgear switch though I agree its not about brand loyality, particularly if you watch the likes of Asus that go from good to law suite due to deliberately designing hardware that interfers with other equipment in the span of 12 months (to fake up fast AC speeds on their AC series). .

          The best approach I know of is to seek out established models with brands that are know (at the time) to be keeping firmware current and have good support processes with lots of real reviews and discussion on forums. Its bloody hard to give advise to others on good models, as you mention things go through cycles, but what I can share is to avoid anything that's got no history or know bad history. There are some good reviewers on whirlpool that get pretty detailed on certain models but again they aren't going to focus on a brand like Tenda.

          Swap out strategy unfortunately means you have to buy more than one of everything and also you have to be careful with this approach as with the lower spec gear the faults are usually firmware or poor design so both units could perform bady, so you need two different brands.

          I've never had an issue with hp procurve switches but I realise they are often too expensive for the average ozbargainer.

        • @paulojr:

          Agree with much of what you've said, but there are still some gotchas:

          • New firmware that's buggier than the old and causes real problems. Even worse when a company doesn't support downgrading to restore previously working version.

          • Companies that change the internal components without changing model number. Still your best bet is to get a slightly older model with a history. Preferably older stock in case anything has changed (and often older stock can be had at a discount).

          You're right that it's hard advising others. What's worse is they'll often ignore the advice and still want you to help. (I get that all the time with electronics - especially cameras).

  • Still available for c & c in Sydney stores. Thanks.

  • I was just able to order 4 for pick up from Castle Hill NSW and I got a confirmation code. So perhaps those of you that have had problems could try again? Worst case we'll get our money back.

  • MSY has the following 5 Port Gigabit Plastic TP-Link (SG1005D) $18 and D-Link (DGS-1005A) for $19.
    Lifted from the currents parts.pdf page

    That being said, I actually own some of the Tenda brand switches, they're excellent.
    I paid approx $15 from memory..

    • Avoid D-Link. I had one (DGS-1005D) and I eventually tracked back my problems to it; seems it can't really support the line with the caps it had.

      • Agree on "avoid D-Link". More flakey modems and routers than other brands (except possibly Belkin). Big waste of time because they don't usually fail outright - they become more and more marginal over time; hard to diagnose.

  • Snatched one. Cheers OP!


    Their stupid on line ordering system didn't work for me. Created some sort of circular reference when it wanted to confirm my address. I gave up…

  • Just ordered 3 for pick up from Bundoora (Vic) so still some stock around…..

  • Thanks just placed a click and collect from Doncaster Vic. Looks like stock in Vic still.

    Seems that if you have an existing account it works but a 'guest' is bounced.

  • I just purchased 3 and got free delivery to vic country, thanks O.P

  • ok, I have read both officeworks and MSY description but I am still unsure what this does?
    Is it a router? Extender? Makes download speeds faster? or other?

    Sorry but i'm not great with this stuff


      Explains it well

      Easiest way to describe it is like a power board for data — (horribly simplified but conceptually the same but instead of splitting power, you're splitting data)

      • thank you both for that. Doesnt look like something I need as pretty much all my gadgets use wireless.

    • It's a switch, which allows you to connect computers and other devices via cabling to create (or extend) a network. No wireless.

      It's a bit like a router, in the sense it allows you to create a wired network, but does not have an Internet connection to share/route.

  • That's weird. I kept getting "out of stock" messages at the end of the checkout process but now just got a confirmation email from OW.
    Hopefully only one of my attempted efforts actually worked.

  • Got one from ballarat click & collect

  • No problems here with click and collect Nerang

  • got one - delivered free - as part of another larger order I needed (?) to make

    Thanks OP

  • click and collect in Cranbourne worked

  • bought one early this morning.

    credit card charged

    but no - come pick it up email.

    how long does it normally take? or should i just head out there and not wait?

  • +2 votes

    I might need one of these.. Whatever they are good find, Call me stupid but what are these things for? I'm not to tech savy…

  • Ordered one for pickup, thanks.

  • Got 2 delivered, thanks. Too bad it kept getting an unknown error with paypal.

  • +4 votes

    I just completed checkout and it said "Thank you, Christopher".

    My name is Simon…

    EDIT: No confirmation email though which is worrying..

    • Yeh mine came through with some details for a guy names Scott, but I got the confirmation email from Paypal and Officeworks.

      Going to call them tomorrow and make sure everything went through and that they know I'll be collecting it and need to be contacted instead of "Scott"

      • I'm a bit worried that I got no confirmation at all. I paid with my credit card.

        EDIT: Finally came after an hour.

    • I got a "Thank you, Christopher" as well.

  • Ordered one for pickup, got the confirmation email right away.

  • Just purchased, with shipping. Confirmation received. :-)

  • Ordered one with click and collect, confirmation received.

  • I still have a 10Mbps bridge somewhere from the good old days. Anyone else here remember how useful they were because bridges essentially broadcast to all ports when operating in "promiscuous mode" allowing you to debug network traffic from another port that wasn't in the middle. Never really used it in anger…more just to play.

    • I also have a still have a 4port 10Mbps Netgear ethernet switch I got from from HN for $200 back in '98! It didn't have auto-negotiating ports so it would not work if you bought the wrong cable (crossover).

      It was the period where coaxial cable token ring topology LANs & associated HW were starting to be phased out. All PCs/clients need to be daisy chained, not connected to a centralised device.

  • -sorry double post-

  • Guys, news may not be good. Went to Hobart office works today. They told me they had 8 orders for the store here for click and collect and only 1 stock in Melbourne so unless I was first in line I'd get a refund.