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Insystem DAB+ Digital Radio System $15 at Officeworks (Very Limited Stocks, in Store Only)


Finally a reasonably-priced digital radio.

Probably sparse availability; staff member at my local store said it sold out there months ago.

Description from Officeworks page:

Wood ported cabinet
Large, high visibility LCD clock and menu screen with adjustable backlight
FM RDS text information
DAB+/FM,save up to 10 Stations.
Mains power.
Headphone out socket.
Output Power: 2W x 1

Product Details:
Brand: Insystem
Colour: Brown
Dimensions(WDH): 110 X 132.5 X 175
Weight: 1.2

Edit: Sold out in at least VIC & SA (comments)

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    In-Store Clearance Only

    Which stores?

  • Coffs Harbour :)

    • Guess im racing u then lol

      • Nah.. IF it's still available go for it :)

  • - at least they've fixed the headphone out socket issue! Could be an cheap way to add DAB+ to your home theater/sound system

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      fixed the headphone out socket issue

      The OW website is and was always wrong stating there was one. I have one of these, there is no headphone out socket. Great unit and perfect for my needs though as I don't use headphones

      • Yep, my office works at Auburn had one in stock the other day - I opened the box to check if it has a headphone out socket and unfortunately, it didn't have one.

        • Noooooooo!I might cancel that pick-up then. Not worth it if I can't amplify through my existing arrangement. :(

          Thanks for the heads up!

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        "there is no headphone out socket" < maybe that was the issue :p

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      If you don't mind a pocket DAB radio, I'm quite sure I saw one at Kmart for $19ish.

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        Is this the Audiosonic one?
        Some1 picked up from Kmart for $9

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          That's exactly it! And I did see it for $9 in that same Kmart in Chermside as well. I just thought it was too cheap so I said $19 thinking that I remembered it wrongly. :)

        • Anymore info on this, might check out my local K-mart.

  • Are you sure this is instore only? It is listed on their website also for $15 with free delivery for me - 2128

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      Try checking out, it'll add the shipping fee, and then it'll tell you it's out of stock.

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    bought one a few months ago

    good radio for the bathroom. good luck finding one.

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      good radio for the bathroom. good luck finding one

      There is one in your bathroom ;)

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        if you can guess how many i have, you can have both.

        • One?

  • Found a few other showing in stock from a quick search

    Fairy Meadow Officeworks [near Wollongong] (In Stock)
    145 Princes Highway
    Fairy Meadow NSW 2519
    (02) 4224 4500

    Rutherford Officeworks [near Newcastle] (in stock)
    13 Racecourse Rd
    Rutherford NSW 2320
    (02) 4015 5100

    A few places including my local store with limited stock but mostly listed as out of stock at most other places.
    From the reviews. Unfortunately no batteries or headphone socket so your stuck with inbuilt speaker.

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    Damn; this would have worked perfectly with my new Logitech Z623 as Triple J setup for Australia day :(

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    no stock near me. All I could find was:

    Hobart Officeworks (store details)
    99-103 Campbell Street
    Hobart TAS 7000
    (03) 6230 9400
    Limited - please call

    Launceston Officeworks (store details)
    260 - 264 York Street
    Launceston TAS 7250
    (03) 6323 6300
    Limited - please call

    Traralgon Officeworks (store details)
    Shop 6 149 - 163 Argyle Street
    Traralgon VIC 3844
    03 5177 5100
    Limited - please call

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      You'd cross Bass Strait for this?

      • +2

        Of course I would. I 'need' one for work, so the trip would be work related travel expenses.

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    No stock in SA, from Elizabeth to Noarlunga .

  • SIX ONE available at Ballarat VIC Officeworks. (Called at 7:55am)

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      You bought 5?

      • +2

        Haha…. I called Ascot Vale and they checked the stock in Ballarat (which showed SIX)… then called Ballarat and they only had 1 on the shelf. I didn't buy that last one.

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    None near Brisbane / Gold Coast

    • Thanks.

  • none in mona vale, despite limited stock showing

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      limited stock = no stock

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    Chadstone VIC has no stock. Dispute the website saying low stock.

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  • A few months back they had 8 pin docks for $15 on clearance, same brand, suspicious

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    Thanks OP, got one!

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    Just went into the Hobart store.
    There was 4 left on the shelf.
    Now there are 2.
    Thanks OP.

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      Now there are 2.

      Are they related ?

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    DJ's seem to have an alternative at $30 AUD (+ shipping - not available at the stores I checked) which has headphone and line out:

    Looks to be a brand mostly sold in the UK for 60-70 GBP.

    Seems to have decent reviews on (although the picture is slightly different) -

    • This is double the price.

      • +1

        Thanks Capt. Obvious

      • And more useful for those that don't want a tiny, tinny sound. I'd pay $15 for those connections. You also get stereo with your FM radio with the DJ's product.

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      This is an excellent bargain. It sells at $229 at TGG:

      Pity DJs have completely sold out of them. Don't bother trying.

      • Confirmed, tried to do online order and received an error, presumably out of stock.

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      Good luck buying that unit..
      I've tried on multiple occasions over a few months and it always fails at checkout.
      I think it's probably a phantom stock unit.


      Review from a lovely ol' chap. Note that the line out socket is just another 3.5mm analogue plug, so you'll still be relying on the DAC in the radio, so hopefully it's good.

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      sold out all places in vic

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    none in sydney it would appear

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    I've ordered local C&C (WA) in the hope that it is not cancelled, and I can find a stereo signal inside.
    Otherwise, bathroom or gift.

    Looks like no more C&C available here. I wish my local shop luck in finding one for me!

  • does it pick-up AM too?

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      ur no. It doesn't need to.

      • It does if you live in a regional area…

        • Listeners can tune into digital radio in the five capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth now. Trial broadcast services are currently available in Canberra and Darwin. Repeaters have now been switched on in Redfern and Centerpoint in Sydney, Mt Mee in Brisbane and Central Park in Perth.

          If not, don't buy it.

        • @zzymurgy:

          don't buy it.

          We are talking 'Ozbargainers' here…

  • Forgive my ignorance but how does this pickup digital signals?

    Does it need a wifi connection?

    • Needs a receiver (which is what a radio is) and an antenna, similar to digital TV.

    • +1

      It's a radio..
      The antenna is built into the device.

      • Sorry maybe my question was wrong.

        Does it mean it will only pickup signals within Australian stations right?

        It's not the same as internet radio like Tunein Radio where you can get hundreds of stations?

    • +1

      I am not tec, but the radio bands now are fm am digitial lw. Mostly larger centres all of Sydney here is english version

    • just like a traditional radio, but using different frequencies…

    • Let me Bing that for you.

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    I just did a C&C but going off every previous in stock sales item I have attempted to buy, I will gat a refund and a not in stock notification at the end of the week. :(

    • +3

      Called me shocked, I just got a come and collect it email :)

  • Managed to get in a pick up order for East Vic Park, fingers crossed it actually happens.

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    Got one from Coffs harbour (not sure i need it) and there are 2 left

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    So happy at least some were able to get one; they're awfully overpriced generally.
    I'm intrigued that Click & Collect and Online options vary for people.

    • Maybe it's actually a mobile-site thing.

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    Grabbed the one and only in Bendigo. Not having any luck getting digital stations though !

    Just looked on that digital radio site posted above - not being rolled out to regional areas. Why sell the bloody things then !?!

    • +1

      Oh shit!

      • I was wondering the same thing…

  • Looks like they're all sold out in S.A according to Marion O.W :(

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