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Order a Big Mac and Get a Small Fries + Small Soft Drink for Free (Jan 21 - March 3) @ McDonald's


I've been using the Seven Sports App to watch live tennis. Great free app however they insert their own video ads. One of the video ads was Buy a Big Mac and receive a free small fries & free small soft drink. There is nothing in the ad that says how long this will last but my guess is that this deal will finish when the the Australian Open finishes (Feb 1). Only T&C is only applies after 10:30AM.

McDonald's doesn't have uniform pricing but according to the South Melbourne branch a Big Mac costs $5. Small fries are $1.95. A small drink is $2.35. Another location in Vic lists the Big Mac for $4.95, small Coke for $2.45, and a small fries for $1.

The deal isn't listed on their website but I'd assume there is signage in store. I took an out of focus video which you barely hear if you want proof an updated video. The screenshot is from the video. If I see it come on again, I'll see if I can record it properly. Updated Video using screen recorder.

From McDonald's Employee:

Macca’s will be celebrating the legend that is the Big Mac by offering customers a free small fries &
small Coke when they buy a Big Mac from 21st January till 3rd March. This offer will be promoted
externally with media and internally through POP.

This promotion will include the following products:

Big Mac with free small fries and small Coke
Mega Mac
Angus Mac
Angus McOz
Big Mac Sauce sachets

McDonald's have now put the offer up on their website. No details or T&C yet.

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  • +1 for effort Op!

  • so… basically small big mac meal for the price of the burger…

  • basically a big mac value meal priced from the 1980's but with less burger.

    Nonetheless a win for your fat chunky-asses :P

  • That app sounds great. Will d/l for the tennis now!

    • +2 votes

      Yeah. The live stream used to be in the Australian Open app but not in this years. Looked all over the web for decent streams but then on 7 they mention you can watch live on their 7 Sports App. It's really good, 8 or so courts to watch. I've been screen casting from my phone to my Chromecast. Almost makes up for the lack of HD sports on TV (e.g. AFL, Aus Open tennis) from 7.

      • Unbelievable, can stream all the courts! This is amazing. Hello streaming tennis all day at work… and no getting stuck watching token non-seeded Australians who somehow made it onto centre court!

      • Is this using iphone? I just took a look at 7Sports for android and a review of the latest version mentioned it "desperately needs Chromecast support", so I assumed that wasn't available yet.

        • +2 votes

          It's in the Chromecast app (not the Seven app), it basically just mirrors your screen to the Chromecast. I think it's only for select Android devices. I'm using the OnePlus and works great.

        • @neil: ah fair enough, yeah screen mirroring isn't quite the same but it can be a decent backup plan when an app doesn't support chromecast natively. Cheers for the info.

  • Wonder if you can upsize the chips and soft drink to medium for a dollar?

  • Very nice find neil. Thanks!

  • Pay nearly the price of a meal, and get the meal!

  • Bulking season engaged

  • "A small drink is $2.35"
    I'm just flabbergasted that anyone would pay that much for a small cup of water and some sugar.

  • I love how the video consists of fries and coke being thrown all over the place.

  • Small drink for $2.35 and small fries seems pricey. I would rather a litre of cola and a large Farva.

  • Anyone else tried this deal?

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    how to claim this in NSW restaurants?

  • +10 votes

    I work at Maccas, this deal starts on the 21st January

    • Till when ?
      Thanks Gomo

      • +13 votes

        Macca’s will be celebrating the legend that is the Big Mac by offering customers a free small fries &
        small Coke when they buy a Big Mac from 21st January till 3rd March. This offer will be promoted
        externally with media and internally through POP.

        This promotion will include the following products:

        Big Mac with free small fries and small Coke
        Mega Mac
        Angus Mac
        Angus McOz
        Big Mac Sauce sachets

        Coke Glasses are also coming back,

        Dates of the Coke Glass promotion (including 1 week of run out period) are as below:

        VIC: Wednesday, 1st July 2015 until Tuesday, 28th July 2015
        All other States: Wednesday, 27th May 2015 until Tuesday, 23rd June 2015

        • How exactly do you redeem? Do you order a small big mac meal and get charged for a big mac? Or order a big mac and get a free fries and coke? What happens if the operator is not familiar with the deal?

        • Cheers. Have updated the deal.

        • +2 votes


          Don't worry. All crew members will be well aware of the deal by the time it begins!

        • HAHA yeah right. You can't guarantee that so a contingency advice would be nice.

        • What's with the Big Mac sauce sachets? Are you saying that if you order one of them you get a free small fries and coke too?

        • +10 votes

          @watwatwat: point to the massive display that will undoubtedly be in store whilst yelling "WANT THAT ONE."

        • I like how you guys all expect everything to go fine. In reality, it's common that there will be no signs and no employee or manager has ever heard of the deal.

          I think back to the drop into maccas app from a few months ago. I show the checkout operator the app and she has no idea wtf it is and spends minutes walking around trying to find someone who does.

        • they're bringing back the Mega Mac? Can't remember seeing that since the 90s! They also had a Mini Mac for a little while IIRC.

        • @watwatwat:

          Yeah the instore signage and product knowledge is often really bad. Like you go and ask for one of those family bundles and you have to bring it up on the phone to show them, and then they go ask a maanger, and maybe they have it on the signage but they have to turn it over to see it.

          They have a couple of square metres of sign space but rather than just doing the logical thing and LISTING their frigging menu (like they USED TO) they decide to have this complicated manually rolling signs so no customer can go in and have any idea what the fXXX they actually sell.

        • @TheAviator1992:

          Not sure where you are located, but MegaMac has been around various Sydney stores for many months now …

        • @Mobe1969: Yes! I went in last week and wondered, where is the menu? and prices? I go there so rarely have no idea what they sell anymore.

        • 100% agree, really shits me they dont have the menu and deals up… Felt like an idiot when I asked if the still had the chicken and mayo burgers the other day… Which the did, just not on any visible menu!!!!!!!!

        • @betheball:
          My local Maccas has that. Its on the menu in the drive thru, but nowhere in the store!

        • @Sammy2000:

          They really are total xxxxing tools with their products. I feel like now when I go there I need to take an iPad along to show them what the xxxx I want. And then they have to figure out what the xxxxing price is.


        • So if we buy a big mac sauce sachet, we can get a free coke n fries?

        • Sucks live in victoria

        • Thanks for the info on the coke glasses coming back.

          Somehow I always end up stuck with bloody pink or purple ones, doh & miss out on the blk/blu..

          I will most likely forget about them before July.

          Thanks OP

        • Just bought one at Chaddy. They had signs up every where. Then it took three of them five minutes to put the order through.

          They even brought out a big manual.

        • @garratt torlesse:

          LOL they needed a manual? Someone in their management needs to get a clue. fire the marketing idiots responsible for their shitty "pretty" but useless instore sign-age and put up the XXXXing FULL MENU and PRICES.

          Or for the love of god at least put a priced menu on the counter top.

        • @Gomo

          Where did you get this info that you can get all these other burgers ?
          There is nothing on the instore promo signs except big mac.

          I asked two different staff if I could get megamac.. and both employeee and manager said
          "No Only Big mac…."

        • Do you have any official links for this? Customers seem to be having trouble getting this offer, particularly with respect to it being available to all the burgers you list here. If we have an official link, we can show them instore.

        • @lizzle:

          LOL proved you wrong. Asked for a medium and the girl said this promotion only applies to small and tried to charge me $8.65. Then I referenced their own sign that says the promotion applies to medium. Then she finally agreed.

        • @Mobe1969:

          They've now put it up on their website. No T&Cs or details.

        • @neil:

          Yes, that pic just seems to indicate Big Mac only, not the burgers listed above in gomo's post above, and the learm more just links to the Big Mac page, not any actual terms and conditions.

        • I took a sneaky 'camera on the counter' shot of 4 girls in a hotel in Osaka last year… when I booked another night at the same place on my phone before I went down to tell them we were not going to be checking out.

          It started off with one confused girl reading my booking info… and ended up being all of them trying to pretend this was all perfectly normal while not losing face.

        • @GaryQ:

          Wtf did I just read?



          See my comment below it only applies to the Big Mac,

          The other burgers I listed are just new burgers that started today, sorry for any confusion :)

        • @watwatwat: Can confirm, no in-store advertising and operator had never heard of the deal. This was 20 minutes before posting this comment.
          I flat out asked for "the deal with the big mac and free small drink/fries thanks" $5.50 it was.

        • +1 vote


          Wtf did I just read?

          Appropriate username for post.

        • @billyb67: same, i tried to get the mcoz and was told the deal is only for the big mac!

    • Yeah just tried to order it now and they told me the same thing!!

    • I walked down waited in queue, argued with the manager and then read this post! What a waste of my Mac Time.

    • Just visited Macca's. Start tomorrow in Western Australia

  • I love Big Mac!

  • WTH is a megamac?

    • A big mac with more meat.

    • it's basically a double Big Mac, it's great :)

      MegaMac has been around for at least 3-4 months now, but only at selected stores
      (and no I do not have the list of who does and does not)

      • Nothing stopping people from ordering off-menu items.. Like the pounder. lol


          You mean double pounder

        • @jubba:

          pounders exist. 4 patties.

          i've done 2 pounder (8 patties) with a friend as a challenge. both failed lol

          for those mega deals… they've always existed, they sell extra patties or chicken into your burger for additional 2 dollars or so.

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    flash ur student edge card for extra medium drink for free!!

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