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Tie Sale: 90% off BNWT Mens Avenue 100% Silk Ties -51 Styles - $5 + $2 Ship @ Avenue Clothing


Hi Ozbargainers!

We're back again with another crazy bargain on ties for you all!! This is our biggest sale yet, we have a total of 51 Styles, including a few favourites from last time and a whole lot of great new colours and styles!!!

We're clearing these from our Men's Avenue warehouse at over 90% off our RRP of $79.95 -now at just $5 each with $2 Shipping each, or buy 4 ties and get free shipping!

Many of you may have received one of these ties with our previous Tie sale or Suit clearance- so you know first hand how good the quality is!
For those who don't - these are 100% Italian Silk (except 10 styles which are beautiful Cotton/Linen/Silk blends - see the eBay listing for full details), and handmade in Italy. The Italians sure know what they're doing when it comes to silk, so we think this is a great bargain compared to the thousands of cheap and nasty silk ties floating around on eBay!

Sadly the Italians don't seem to make Southern Cross/Straya Flag ties, but we do have a massive 51 Styles available all up - see eBay for all photos! Some lovely pure silk solid colours, striped classics, intricate weaves and a few funky colour combos!

The ties are all brand new in their original cellophane sleeve.

Valentines Day is coming up - Ladies, how many bizarre 'bargain' gifts have we received over the years from our Ozbargainer boyfriends and husbands? (Sophie got a lock picking set once. What a lucky girl) - it's time to return the favour! $5 a pop for these badboys - Boom, gift sorted!
Looking for a birthday pressie for Father? Brother? Husband? No more socks and undies, go all mafia on him with some Italian neckwear!
Got a mate who you want to troll? Get him a pink tie and tell him how 'On trend' it is!
Father-in-Law? Spend $7 on a $79.95 gift and look like a bigshot…joke's on him, it cost less than a couple of coffees!
Or gents if you see something you like too grab a few and we'll bundle it up at 4 for $20!

    $2- we post these in an Australia Post large envelope (no tracking but if you need tracking/express let us know on eBay and we'll quote you)

    Purchase 4 or more ties and you will automatically receive free shipping! Ebay will adjust this at time of checkout when the quantity is 4 or more. For these quantities we ship in eBay Australia Post satchels which includes tracking.

  • SIZE
    Standard neck tie, approx. 9cm width at widest point and 148cm in length.

If there's anything else we can assist with just let us know via an eBay message and we'll get back to you asap within business hours (9-5 Mon-Fri).

At your service as always,

Sophie and Magda
Avenue Clothing

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    Thanks bought another couple!


    Bought one to give it a go. Didn't like most of the styles. I guess I'm hard to please :)

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    aren't these ties being sold at same price since Nov 2014 ? if you look at sale history (buyer's feedback) on ebay ?


      Yep, over 90% off!! We had a couple of thousand ties to clear so we can only manage a few hundred at a time. This is our third lot from the warehouse so a whole heap of new styles, and our biggest lot to date :)

    • +1 vote

      Why neg??? raiabdal has a valid point. If the seller is routinely selling these ties at $5 (which it looks like they are) then it's advertising - not a bargain.

      Rep, do you have any evidence that you've recently been selling these ties at the full price?

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        We didn't neg!!!!
        Yeah, remember Men's Avenue retail stores? That's us. We finished closing down our brick & mortar stores last year and now the DFO outlets too, so everything that's left is being cleared online at below cost.

        Gawsh you guys can be hard to please! Is $5 for a silk tie (and not a shitty quality one either) not a bargain? If that's the case we won't post it again. Admin let us know if we need to take this down.


          Please don't take the opinion of one or two posters as the general view. I really like this deal regardless whether is on "sale" or not. You are clearly selling them way below what used to be retail and they seem like good ties with a reasonable postage cost with local delivery.


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          @fryandlaurie: Hey- thanks. We appreciate it :) We have to deal with so much bollocks and nastiness over eBay and sometimes it can be overwhelming! For the most part though our customers are awesome :) Hopefully people understand that we're just trying to do our job, and we're posting here because as fellow Ozbargainers we think it's a really good deal!

          So be nice to us guys. We know where you live, and Sophie has a lock pick set now, thanks to Ozbargain. ;)
          Edit: Just in case it didn't translate, this is a joke! I don't even know how to use the damn things… -S


        Brand new ties for $5 each is not a bargain to you?. Get real, it is a bargain already.

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    Although this deal has appeared a couple times before, I still see it as a deal.
    I just purchased a few ties and thought it was good.
    I don't see this as an example of the 'regular' price being posted as a deal - more that it gets put on at this price as stock becomes available so it happens in batches.
    I appreciate being informed as and when the product becomes available again at this price.

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      The ties themselves are pretty decent. I'm don't wear ties a lot - so I'd never pay $50 or whatever Myer,DJ,etc wants for a tie, but for $5 these beat the crap out of what you can get from kmart/lowes/<insert cheap-ass-clothing-retailer-that-you'd-never-admit-to-buying-from here>.


      [accidental dupe]

  • +1 vote

    Any chance of some thinner ties?


      All standard width in this lot sorry mate - we haven't come across any in the warehouse yet :( keep an eye on our eBay store, we might have some in the future

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    I got four last time - very satisfied!

  • +1 vote

    Just ordered 5 ties, one for each day

  • +1 vote

    I ordered four ties for the free shipping, and they look like they'll do well for $20. Thanks for the deal. It would be great to see some more in plain or herringbone weaves in natural colours; brown, bronze, khaki, pale green, etc.


      Thanks for the feedback, the next lot we get from the warehouse we'll keep an eye out for these colours for sure :) Cheers!


    got so many ties but still want more because Ozbargain

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