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Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A $36 AUD Delivered @ Amazon


Its back again. Last time i posted this, it sold out in ~ 5 hours

Amazon deal of the Day @ 60% off

Powered by 2 AA batteries or ozbargain's favorite battery aka eneloop


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What's the best eneloop deal one can get?

  • Looking at the camel chart, oh why I didn't get this at $22….

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      Dont understand the necessity for these…seems like another gimmick to me - never used one and never had a single filling!

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        never used one and never had a single filling!

        Get an OPG to be safe

        When i had one 10 years ago, i needed deep cleaning under my gums, its painful and horrible.

        Its never about the fillings

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          maybe i get a hip replacement just to be preemptively safe?

          Dentists like to upsell mate, you should have consulted the brains trust here at ozbargain - sure you would have gotten a cheap under gum cleaning from scoopon or something…

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          @pointless comment:

          i got a second opinion for another dentist which was a friend and he said the same.

          Bone recession is not good because it causes gum recession.

          I would recommend anyone who hasn't visited a dentist for a while and doesn't floss to have one, its free and covered under medicare. You even get a report with it from the radiology place

          sure you would have gotten a cheap under gum cleaning from scoopon or something

          When it comes to my oral hygiene, i don't put a price on it. Working in the medical industry, ive seen places that dont care about properly sterilizing their equipment to save on costs.

          Id rather pay a premium and be assured that the dentist sterilizes the tools appropriately. You would be surprised how many people carry blood borne diseases such as hep B and C, and even HIV

        • +10

          @easternculture: wow! Thats a really BIG statement to make in a public forum…you should do right by the ozbargain community , and indeed the community at large, and name and shame the "places" you have seen first hand while "working in the medical industry" - if you are not comfortable with being the whistleblower, at the very least, you need to send an anonymous letter to all media outlets, governing health bodies and relevant members of parliament!

        • @pointless comment:

          and name and shame the "places" you have seen

          Its very hard to prove negligence nowdays, since multidisciplinary teams are involved as a whole in health services. Its also very hard to pin point one individual person. And rarely you find anyone that will back you up with your claims due to the legal consequences involved.

          you need to send an anonymous letter to all media outlets, governing health bodies and relevant members of parliament!

          Again, if you don't have solid proof, timelines, diaries, names .. etc, no one will be interested in pursuing your complaints. Thats the complexity of the health system and expect it to become more complex with all the health reforms

  • +20

    Never knew this existed until 2 minutes ago. Now I need one.

    • Me neither. But seems like it doesn't replace traditional flossing in terms of removing plaque?

      • No it doesn't. Think of it this like washing a car. You can hose the car with water (irrigator) but it won't be completely clean until you scrub/clean it.

    • same, just ordered mine

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    After using desktop version of water pik, I can't live without water flossing tool so buy this for next month travel.

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      Same here, traditional flossing just doesn't cut it. I only got mine last year, wish I had known about it earlier!

  • thanks op pulled trigger.

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    You had me at Oral

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    luckily i had $29 USD in Amazon Credit from a stuff up of a previous order. So got this for free :)

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    Never had an oral irrigator, always wanted one. Let's see how this goes.

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    These are awesome and really help with my oral hygiene even if my dentist disagrees.

    Last visit…
    Dentist - You teeth are looking good compared to your last visit.
    Me - Yeah, I use a water flosser to maintain oral hygiene.
    Dentist - They are pointless and don't really offer any benefit.
    Me thinks - sure whatever…you just fear losing a customer to your rival dentist, Dr Panasonic

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    So many oral jokes, so little time…

  • Bear in mind, last post someone commented replacements : Nozzle Head replacements

    And it's $37.85 for WA

    • $14 shipped for me

      • Oops I meant the actual POI is that much

  • and the additional nozzles run out of stock… as i checkout =(

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    I've got one of these, and its pretty good. Cleans your teeth in about 30 seconds. Does about 70% of the job that flossing does, so you still need to floss. Good for a quick clean

    • +3

      What's the point if you still need to floss…

      • +1

        Depends what you're eating and whats between your teeth. Like some of the other comments about the trauma the high pressure can cause your gums, I use this after meals and first thing in the morning. I'll still floss with tape floss every second day. It is extra overkill, but if you're someone who doesnt floss often, this is a start and a good price

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    As a 2nd yr dental student, from what the current literature says, these sort of oral irrigators have questionable efficacy at best. There is some evidence that shows that they reduce general gingival inflammation, however used incorrectly (too high pressure etc) they can also cause gingival trauma. Basically if you like using it, and don't over-use, then it can't be bad for you - it's just not really a proper replacement for interdental cleaning (cleaning between your teeth) like it might claim.
    NOTE - Still a student so take this advice with a grain of salt I guess :)

    • +11

      When I was much younger, I used to think gingivitis was an allergic reaction to ginger.

    • My dentist told me much the same, i.e. they're not a replacement for flossing.

    • Off topic, but can you give me an extreme deal on scaling when you finish studying??

      • +2

        Hahaha I'll see what I can do, after all I am indebted to the ozbargain community…I mean how else would I have all these eneloops :O

    • A-ha! The student has become the teacher.

  • +8

    Can I just use a squirty bottle?

    • +2

      just get a karcher etc..

  • +35

    Not tricking me into buying useless junk this time Ozbargain.

    mcnugget: 1, ozbargain: 743.

    • "mcnugget: 1"
      I wouldn't wanna be so sure….

  • +2

    Can these work in other orifices?

    • +2

      Shit, I don't know! Buy two, but be sure to label the non-dental one (or the dental one, i suppose - or both). Panasonic is probably working on an aural irrigator.

      • +2

        aural. yes.

    • Are we talking nasal here?

  • Bought two, got shipping about 8.88. Now I can purchase some eneloops as its justified. Laughs a crazy manical laugh.


  • Free delivery for me

    • +1

      how? please share your wisdom :)

      • +1

        I had an open order which i added it to. I've had 2 months free shipping :) over 50 items

        • I think Amazon turn a blind eye considering I've spent over 5k in their store.

        • @knackers:

          Should've paid you $20 to order some stuff for me 2 weeks ago :p

        • @tikei: If you're in Melb and in need of large, heavy items PM me.

        • @knackers:

          Thanks, i'll keep that in mind. Ordered something 2 weeks ago from amazon, paid $40 shipping sigh

  • Cheers mate bought 2!

  • Any anal irrigators available?

      • +6

        bloody hell. that's gonna be in me amazon 'viewed items' history forever now lol

        • how would you explain this to the missus

        • +3

          The first review is a cracker… (viewed in incognito mode in browser so Google, my wife and Amazon don't think I'm a sicko).

          "Great product(s) the black tipped attachment is a beast. Make sure your water flow is turned to a minimum because it will almost reach the back of your throat ! Lawd have mercy!"

          and some of the others!

          "Now I can get my field plowed with confidence."

          "My husband and I both use this almost daily.""

          "this thing really works! and feels good too! it really gets those hard to reach spots.."

  • -1

    it shows $21.49 You Save: $28.50 (57%). or is it just me?

  • Bought this last time. I leave it in my locker at my workplace. When I'm done, the large mirror is completely sprayed with water, very messy, but does a nice job.

  • +1

    I bought this last time when the deal came , died after a couple of months. I do not recommend it. I had had one from toilettree before this and it was better (broken while travelling). I have now bought one from kogan https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/cordless-water-flosser and it is def better than this panasonic one.

  • Thanks OP

  • Can't beat a nice bit of oral irrigation on a Friday night

  • Checked with my dentist whether I should buy one, but said definitely not to use this kind of device. I was looking forward to trying it :-(

    He recommended Piksters - a tiny round brush that cleans between the teeth. Comes in different sizes. Works well.
    No he didn't sell them, but suggested a discount chemist chain.

    • +1

      Unfortunately (IMHO), Piksters don't work very well for the very teeth that need 'em - the crowded kind that traps and hoards the insidious meat and veggie fibres - I even use the smallest size, Grey 0. Your mileage may vary.

      EDIT: Comprehension fail. "Others' mileage may vary."

      • +1

        Thanks. I have my doubts about Piksters. They certainly are much better than just flossing, but still find it difficult to use between cramped wisdom teeth.

  • Highly recommended!

  • Just so you know, this thing creates a mess in the bathroom…

    • +1

      Suppose to close your mouth whilst in use.

      • Nah, there is a design flaw in my opinion. The water container slides down as you use (and to drain any water left you have to pump it out) , next time to fill you have to slide it up, hold it there and then fill the water container, it is really annoying

  • Messiest. Thing. Ever.

    • Negligible. I brush under the shower..

  • -1

    If you say they create a mess, you are doing it wrong. I guess some people can't follow the simplest instructions.
    Can't believe there are people that don't floss ever. Absolutely disgusting. Do you know how much crap can accumulate between teeth that normal brushing won't clean? I don't need to be a dentist to know that.
    Don't think that this will replace flossing. To me it's a tool of convenience so i don't have to floss everyday. I use this mostly and floss twice a week instead of everyday.

    • "Can't believe there are people that don't floss ever. Absolutely disgusting."
      So every human that ever lived before Dental floss was invented was Absolutely disgusting?, I don't advocate poor personal hygiene but that's a bit extreme.

      • +1

        I wouldn't say that, but what I would say is comparing flossers Vs non-flossers, (relating directly to plaque buildup between teeth) flossers would hang onto their teeth longer.

      • And people used to not shower everyday either. What's your point?
        No wonder there are so many people with bad breath and bad teeth.

        • My point is you insulted 99% of everybody who ever lived including your own grandparents probably and some of the other posters. some Asians think its gross to wipe your own arse but they aren't on Ozbargain telling everyone.

  • Expired

  • Jittery deal on Amazon as now showing -28%, possibly about to go out of stock.
    Also showing does not ship to Aus.
    Yeap.. . expired.
    el cheapo tap attachment/AU $18.99 one as mentioned in previous thread.

  • Expired

  • aww man i wanted one of these

  • Recieved mine today, exceeded all expectations. Amazing power output

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