Delivery Hero $13 off $20 Spend (Mobile App Only) **CODE REMOVED BY DH**

Moved to Forum: Original Link

As I stated here, this was a genuine coupon. DH should come clean and admit they removed the code because it was published on OzBargain. I'm not in the habit of lying, and have absolutely nothing to gain by doing so.

And to those continually asking how I got the code, the mods are fully aware of my methods… I will not be divulging any information to others. I think I've earned my reputation, and it shouldn't be questioned. I apologise profusely to those affected, and can guarantee I won't be using DH any time soon.

Finally, just noticed a new code has been provided by DH with exactly the same conditions as my post. I think this alone should be enough to appease the doubters. If DH is serious about not wanting codes posted here early, they should tell Scotty to ban their deals.

Have a great evening everyone. TA :)

Mobiles at the ready at 5pm AEST. Not quite as good as previous $15 off deals, but $13 is better than $0.

Offer available only via mobile apps: iPhone, iPad, & Android.

1,000 redemptions available, so get in quick! Enjoy :)

Mod: Deal moved to forums (invalid deal). As per previous explanation by the OP, the code was changed and this deal never went live - thus moved to forums. Thanks

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    • Maybe they'll post something on their Facebook page…

    • Thanks for the update TA!

    • But I could not see the code anywhere else like FB. What is the source TA if that is alright?
      And Thanks for the Update

    • Voted up your comment TA at 29 votes just to give you a popular comment badge :P

  • Not working. Even tried making a new account

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    Neggers - It's not TA's fault that DH has removed code.

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      we know that. the neg is for the deal itself

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      Not DH's fault either assuming it never made it to their FB page. No one's fault! Perfectly legitimate reason to neg the deal since it's not valid though.

  • Still code not valid?

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    I'm determined to get a code. I'm still trying.

    • ganbareee

  • invalid

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    Lol at all these frenzied posts at 5pm,it's like watching an epic soap opera

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    Lets try and guess the code?

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    • Ohhh i like this idea

  • YEAH!!!


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      OP is a pillar of the ozb community

      • -1

        One failed deal is all it takes.

        • It's not a failed deal, deals go bad for all kinds of reasons, you should know this..

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          One failed deal is all it takes.

          I'd expect a little more understanding from a power user.

        • @tightarse:
          I can see now that that quote could be interpreted as meaning that I no longer thought of you as a pillar of the community.
          What I was actually thinking as I wrote it was that the [personal attacker] no longer thought of you as a pillar of the community.

          Nothing personal TA. It was just a bad deal.

        • @Tal_Shiar:

          It's not a failed deal

          Oh, were you able to use the code?
          If so, I'll go and revoke my neg.

        • Now i remember you POWER USER

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        All these morons have eaten up my negs. What do I do when I see a comment from jv?

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      Oh, you may stray, but you'll always return to your dark master… The cocoa bean!

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    I mean you could try brute forcing their codes until one works, but I kinda feel like that would be against their TOS and would get your account banned quite quickly.

    I tried a few guesses but no luck and really don't want to try anymore since I like their coupons :)

  • Invalid code word

  • They might have forgotten to activate it, so tomorrow's code will be SORRYFEEDME

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    Still not working.

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    Hey guys, no need to be abusive to OP or anyone on here, if we get a voucher great but we are not entitled to free food.

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      yea dont take things for granted, be grateful

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    "Hi, we are receiving a high number of queries regarding a coupon tonight. Please note we do not give out information in advance of our campaigns. Any campaigns will be posted on our Facebook page. Thanks Delivery Hero"

    I don't think DH liked posting the code on OzB haha

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      Assuming the code was leaked, I don't blame them.

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        Yeah, I think TA knows somebody at DH and got the code off them early… and then they weren't happy with that so they changed the code.

        • which is fair enough

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    TA My stomach is making noise I need food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Code not valid
    Me not happy

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      jv junior? is that you?

  • Hi, we are receiving a high number of queries regarding a coupon tonight. Please note we do not give out information in advance of our campaigns. Any campaigns will be posted on our Facebook page. Thanks Delivery Hero
    form their Facebook

  • ohhhhhh not validddddddddd

  • Their updated FB status sounds mad

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      what the, I'm on facebook for safari I check their page and the last update was from yesterday

      • i like matt's reply haha

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    Hmm, TA, where did you get the feedme code?

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      TA probably can't reveal his source…that person might get in trouble.

      • I am just curious, not questioning him or blaming him. It's fine if he can't reveal his source. :)

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      If people actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the post, and just tried the coupon AFTER FIVE, and NOT CONTACT the vendor, things would've been all fine… but it seems literacy is on the slide these days.

      +1 AGAIN for TA for his(her?) grand efforts!

  • It didnt work. Cheated.

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    I don't understand how it is good economics to offer people $15 off a $20 order then recede to $13 off a $20 order via an App, then pull the deal…

    Surely fulfilling orders @ $13 off a $20 order is better than no orders or somewhat more profitable than giving people $15 off…

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      Well, technically, we assumed there was a deal. They never published a deal.

    • Actually pretty sure they lose money on a 13 off 20 order, as I think they get a 20% commission from the cost which equates to $4, so basically they lose $3 per delivery if it is a $20 order.

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    maybe it was planned…. trying to get us to order anyway even without a code since we've been waiting since like 2pm?

    • um, more info please?

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        The code was real and it was for 15

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      If this is targetted then keep it to yourself. Otherwise share it.

      • That screenshot was from the feedme code after I added it to the app

        • Ha! feedme was $13

        • exactly!

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    For those questioning my integrity, you can believe what you like. The coupon code I posted would have been valid until someone at DH kicked up a stink about it being posted here. The mods are perfectly aware of how I came across last night's code and tonight's code. I have no reason to lie. I'm doing my best to find the new code, and if that isn't good enough, so be it. But again, I apologise to those that may be upset.

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      It's ok. I'm still hungry though…

      Plenty of tools around here. Don't worry about them.

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      TA, some of us really appreciate everything you have/are doing! Thanks Mate!

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      You are the best TA

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      It's ok TA! Hungry people are hard to please!

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      You can never please everyone no matter what you do. For those people that are taking it out on you, "SUFFER, GLAD YOU MISSED OUT!"

      Your record here on OZB speaks for itself.

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      Everyone supports you TA and appreciates your excellent work :)

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        I have run out of negs. But the entertainment is great.

    • Haters be hatin bra!

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      We've got ur back tightarse, keep up the good work.

    • -2

      Can you be transparent and share how you came about the code with us?

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        Just a hunch: he knows somebody at Delivery Hero

    • all good TA! we know you do your best so even if you don't find a replacement code, doesnt matter man.

    • Thanks TA for all your hard work :)

      (Does anyone else love the fact that King Tightarse is totally supporting tightarse?)

    • +1

      ive gotta give you credit especially for last nights code. I mean you found the code and you posted it up before it was even be activated. I didn't use it but if it was me Id make sure i got first use out of the codes before anyone else and then posted it up online.

    • TA you kind of like Ausgrid at the moment! keep up the good work!

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    Is this trigger the end of OZB discount meals with DH?

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    Who wouldn't want their business promo vaccumed up by the most price savvy gang in town. You know when you've been OzBargained ;)

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      Well, we are "professionals" after all ;)

      • Still barred from Harvey Norman? lol

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    Well if the discount code run ends in a debacle, I would say DH will create a net negative sentiment from the campaign.
    Not smart advertising.

    • I think it's not smart but not for the reason you gave. It's because the prices are quite high, and without a discount the question is how many people will be happy to continue paying the regular high prices? Consumers are very cost sensitive these days…

  • Voucher invalid, 27 minutes after 5pm AEST… boohoo!

  • The Following message taken from DH facebook page: "Hi, we are receiving a high number of queries regarding a coupon tonight. Please note we do not give out information in advance of our campaigns. Any campaigns will be posted on our Facebook page. Thanks Delivery Hero"

  • not sure ifthis is related, but whilst i was trying the coupon out relentlessly i received a $5 off unqiue code, maybe its their way of sorry>?

    • it was a popup on their website only valid for tinght

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    They'll post a new code once everyone starts cooking

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      WA's time to shine. finally! :)

    • Where am I gonna learn to cook at this time of night? lol

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    Appreciate the deal posting… I negged the deal, not the OP.

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    In response to a comment on facebook, they posted "Just want to ensure our customers are aware that we haven't published any voucher"

    • Sounds pretty passive aggressive if you ask me

    • its more like, "there is no proof we published it", TA probably had a friend on the inside.