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Ricoh C250DN Colour Laser Printer, 3 Year WTY, $98 @Cworld; Bonus Mono Laser + Free Delivery


The deal:

On offer is a brand new colour laser printer with 3 year warranty.
We will also include a free Ricoh Mono laser printer with the colour laser printer.
Both machines include starter toner cartridges, 3 years Ricoh warranty and free delivery to anywhere within Australia. (EXCEPT PO BOXES)
This offer is only available whilst stocks last.

More about the Ricoh C250DN:

This new printer is simple, easy to use and equipped with all the functionalities you require. The SP C250DN is set to optimize your business workflow with a blazing print speed of 20 prints per minute and cost efficient print cartridges. It comes with auto-duplex feature and network port.

You can find more information at http://www.ricoh.com.au/SP-C250DN-Main-Features or http://www.cworld.com.au/product-details/printer/186365

(Bonus Ricoh Mono laser printer link: http://www.cworld.com.au/product-details/printer/183847)


Free delivery to anywhere Australia.

Need more information:

Don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 1300 133 132 or email [email protected]

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  • I'm getting $19 delivery charge to NSW?? Thanks

  • I really want this one, but already have an all in 1 brother printer(mono and not duplex). Should i pull the trigger?

    • already have an all in 1 brother printer(mono and not duplex)

      You're already making excuses about your old one, just get it lol

  • How much are the generic toners?

    • Quick Internet search suggests the toner cartridges (genuine or not) are not cheap. Toner refill kits including reset chips appear to be available but it seems toner for this printer is somewhat less than hassle-free/cheap. Would love to hear otherwise from anyone experienced with it.

    • Seems like each colour toner will set you back around $190 , so a full colour set will cost upwards of $550 and they are only rated to 2500 pages.
      Black cartridges seem to be around the $90 mark

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    Dear All,

    Please choose pickup as the delivery method and we will send the goods to you.
    Please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1300 133 132 or email [email protected].
    We are happy to do your order manually.

    Thank you very much.

    • Have just emailed. Struggling to get through the checkout.

    • Just curious if you could change slightly the deal and include something else? I am really hard to imagine who might need to second B/W laser printer. Deals itself is not bad. Although your website seems down.. :(

  • LOL looks like its being ozbargained!!
    Page refuses to load

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    Hmmmm, This offer is only available whilst stocks or website lasts

  • Wow, legit toner is expensive for this. Basically $100 per cartridge.

    Those starter cartridges have a much smaller life-span in terms of pages printed.

    I wonder whether it is almost worthwhile to buy a few of these and use and discard instead of replacing the cartridges.

    After-market refill kits are available on ebay for around $140 shipped. YMMV. I've never done a refill before - void warranty no doubt, but it may be worthwhile in order to save $300 on replacement toner via official channels.

    I wonder if you can refill the starters and transform them into full size… Anyone know?

    • 23 kg each so quite a lot of e-waste to dispose of. Assuming you can get them the way it's being OzBargained. Tempted myself, it's a good spec, does PCL and PS, and networked, but I don't use my mono printer that much, let alone colour.

    • The generic refill kits have reset chips included. Hopefully the chip is accessible in the starter cartridge so it can be refilled.

    • I did a full pro job on a set of 4 toner carts, with a refill kit (hottoner.com.au?) 5 years back. Emptied carts, vacuumed out, changed chips, 100% as advised. Spent ~2hrs, vacuum looked like a unicorn threw-up all through it, had to blow-out with compressed air. And that nasty highly carcinogenic crap was everywhere throughout the job. Never doing one again. New generic or nothing.

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    Due to demand, we are currently ozbargained. :)
    In the meantime, we are working on a fix to it.

    Regards to the orders, please kindly leave your full name, telephone number and send to [email protected]
    Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support.

  • Didn't realise this store still exist. I thought it went into receivership.


    Nobody bothers with toner refuills these days, just dump the printer on the street and buy a new one. Commercial reality. Sad for the planet though.

    • This just means people aren't putting any research into the total cost of ownership when it comes to the printers they buy. :)

  • Free Lifetime supply of ink?

  • Bonus B/W laser printer is this: Ricoh SP100e Mono Laser Printer

    Key specs

    Speed: Up to 13 ppm, first print < 13s, warm-up < 25s

    Max resolution: 1200 x 600 dpi, manual duplex

    Dimensions 402W x 368.5D x 119H mm, weight 6.2kg/8kg/9kg (no idea what that means)

    Paper: A6SEF ~ A4/Letter 60-105 GSM, media: Plain Paper, Recycled Paper, Thin Paper, Thick Paper

    CPU 80 MHz, RAM 16 MB

    PDL: GDI, interface: USB 2.0, OS: XP, Vista, Win7, Server 2003/2008

    Starter cartridge: Approx 500 pages
    Toner cartridge: Approx 1,200 pages

    • Are you sure? Looks like cworld have an ebay listing for similar package at $199 and it includes SP213NW?

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        Hi johnno1987,

        The one that we are advertising here is coming with the bonus SP100e. (NOT SP213NW)
        By saving $101, you can probably buy another set of C250dn from us. :)

        We love Ozbargain as much as you do and hence we put the super offer at here.

        Thank you very much. ;)

  • Almost 15,000 customer scores on NewEgg, 4.3/5 average @US$110.

    Meanwhile @OzBargain… 2400 clicks, but only 35 Pos Votes.

    /shakes head

    • USA has a much higher population so ofcourse there's 15,000 customer scores on Newegg.

      • Not sure what you're saying.

        I'm saying a TON of people swear by a product, even at a much-higher price.

        People here want, but won't even click Pos+


    To those who placed the order with us:

    Sorry our system is still down and we are still trying our best to fix it.
    It will be fixed by tomorrow.
    We will process the shipment/payment as soon as possible.
    We will advise the tracking number once they are dispatched tomorrow.

    Please accept our sincere apologies and thank you for your patience on this.



    To those who placed the order with us:

    I have an update for you.

    Sorry our system is still down and under fixing.
    (The problem is worse than what we expected. :( )

    However, we are processing your orders manually, which means we are starting to dispatch your orders. (to those who have paid)
    (We have sent the a Paypal link to everyone and please help to organize the payment there.)

    Once again, thank you very much for your patience on this.


    • Thanks to you and Simon for keeping in touch via email.

      Got my shipping advice and tracking No. this arvo for delivery tomorrow. :D

      Must have been a hell of an IT meltdown for both the web services and internal systems to crash all at once!

      That pesky rip in the time space continuum will do it every time! ;)

  • Is this deal still on? The web site still seems to be down.


      Hi moyanous,

      Regards to the orders, please kindly leave your full name, telephone number and send to [email protected]
      Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

      Thank you.

      • I know the deal was tagged to expire on 30 April, but my sister was desperate for just this sort of deal. I would have spotted it before if not for a family emergency. I was wondering if one is still available? Please help :) Private messages accepted.

  • Hi, are these units brand new or reburbed?
    Any purchase limits? (I.E. Say I wanted to order 13 of them?)