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Solar Hot Water or Heatpump Supplied and Installed for $500 (QLD Residents ONLY)


OK so this is not your normal kind of deal from a retail outlet, however it is still a fantastic deal.

The short story is that if you live in QLD and have <b>NOT</b> already claimed a rebate for insulation or a hot water system then you are eligible for the $500 ($100 for pensioners) offer.

I had my pre-installation inspection recently and the system that is being installed is a 315ltr Conergy Split System.

It appears Conergy has the contract for all of QLD so it will always be one of their products.

Normally you have to register your interest, after which you are contacted via email with the link to the application pack.

The link I've provided in the deal will take you directly to that page so that you can download an application, without having to wait for that email.

More info on the Clean Energy site

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Queensland Government
Queensland Government

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  • +3

    they really should do this for other states too :(

  • Wow i wanted to insulation deal but i already had it, so this is even better, thanks for the headsup

  • Just be prepared to wait 6 months before they call you. There is currently 40,000 people ahead of you who have priority :)

    • The inspector that visited mentioned the govt is expecting / budgeting around around 250,000 applications.

      So it might take a while, but if you send in your application you might effectively jump the Q.

  • only valid for bananabenders

    • So?

      • I thought the same thing.

        It's clearly stated in the title, so if it doesn't apply to you why bother to comment only to vote it down?

        edit : It appears the neg vote is some sort of retaliation for me voting neg on your Woolies post, in the same vane as the neg vote for Dobs's Big W Photo Deal who voted down your other Woolies deal.

        It is amusing and kinda scary that you would get so upset about negative votes to go on a vindictive personal attack. I do appreciate you posting deals, but perhaps a link to the catalog is more useful then each individual item and the posting guidelines might help you in this regard.

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