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$10 for $30 Telstra Sim for iPad (Incl. 3GB Data with 30 Days Validity) - Australia Post instore


Don't have a link or a photo but I just went to Australia Post in Capalaba (Queensland) and saw that they have a $30 Telstra prepaid sim on offer for iPad (that's what it said on the package) for the grand amount of $10.

The sim gives you 3GB and expires after 30 days.

I am not sure if it is nationwide (should be as it is AusPost) but maybe other people can confirm please.

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  • Upload the docket if you bought one.being for iPad it prob a nano sim.

    • I did not buy one as I have got data coming out of my ears at the moment due to the Vodafone stick deal for $9 a while ago. Also I do not have an iPad.

      Went in to post a parcel to overseas and saw it then.

      But be assured, I would not be submitting a deal and expending the time to do so for something I made up (and why).

      It was at the post office at Capalaba Park Shopping Centre.

    • I can confirm this one is nation wide, in this week catalogue: http://1drv.ms/1QEn3ty
      Managed to get a few but the furthermost expiry date is end of September as Telstra has phased out these sim packs.

  • Micro or Nano SIM?

    • It says for iPad. I assume you could buy it and exchange it at a Telstra store to different size sim if necessary.
      That is what I have done before when sims did not fit (for example the spectacular 50 cents Kmart deal).

  • If anyone can confirm its Aus Post wide I'd appreciate it.

  • I tried to find it online but could not find it in their catalogue but then the catalogue does not display properly on the pc I am using for some reason.

  • But be assured, I would not be submitting a deal and expending the time to do so for something I made up (and why).

    No one is doubting you…chill.

    • I did not mean it like that. I know you did not mean it that way.
      Just pre-empting some people saying "Picture or it did not happen" or the like.

  • I imagine the price is due to these sims being discontinued.

    They have an expiry of 30 Sep 2015

  • I bought one of this with micro sim card last year and I am able to use it with my Nexus 7. Not sure whether this one is same.

    • Still for the total 3GB?

      • Ya, quite sure it is the same, it is marked for Ipad but it works fine with my Nexus. If this one use Nano Sim, maybe will not work with Nexus as Nexus use microsim.

  • What expiry date on the package?

    The current iPad sim is $30 for only 2gb in a smaller pink package.

    I had some of the older white 3gb packs bought for $10ea a long time ago but they expired May7. Managed to get Telstra store to swap them for newer 2gb packs, otherwise they would have gone to waste and Telstra would not refund/credit me in any other way.

    • Did not check but from my experience each pack has a different expiry date - at least the ones I bought before.
      It definitely said 3GB on the package so I am certain about that.

      I have managed to swap expired ones for new ones with same data volume. I guess it depends on the Telstra store you go and what kind of noise you make.

    • I've still got an order white 3gb white pack one that is yet to expiry June sometimes next month.

      It was bought from phonebot sometimes last year I think.

    • How did you get a Telstra store to swap you expired packs? I've been to two and they won't, saying it's not their stock so bad luck.

      • Just lucked out I guess.

      • I explained to them that getting money and not rendering services can be considered unjust enrichment.
        Telstra will get their money, no matter what price stores sell the sims at.
        for example, Kmart might pay the sims at $20 a pack from Telstra and then sells them at $30. So Telstra has received its $20. If Kmart decides to sell their sims at $5 a pack that does not change the amount Telstra got from Kmart.
        I think it is also questionable whether there can ever be an expiry date for a gift card, voucher, sim card etc. In other countries, expiry dates are invalid to a certain point.
        They are only valid in respect of actually performing a specific service or receiving goods. so, if the voucher says it is for a 501 Levi's jeans one cannot insist on receiving this pair of jeans once the deadline expired but one can always get the money paid for the voucher, gift card back, minus the profit a store would have made had the actual service been rendered or the goods sold.
        So if one paid $50 for the voucher and the store would have made $10 profit on that, one can get $40 from the store. However, often stores refund the whole amount as bad publicity will cost them a lot more. The reasoning overseas is indeed based on unjust enrichment/inequity theories.

  • Thank you.

  • I just got a $30 3GB SIM from Brisbane GPO for $10.
    I think they have a handful left. Ask at the counter.
    FOR THE iPad
    Expiry 30 SEP 2015

  • SO relieved to have it built-in to the plan at vodafone WKND> no more popping sims at extortionate price structures for me…but lightning tethering please.
    +1 for 67‰lol buy a dozen!

  • why is it called an iPad sim, and not tablet?

    apple zombies at the telstra? or telstra knows apple zombies need "extra help" (apple approved data signals)

    • These were initially released when iPads were the most common 'tablets'. Telstra was favouring sim plans inserted for use in iPad only. Now they've changed it to one tablet plan and that's it.

    • Because its only apple that know how to make a product so good.. So androshit fan ,, pls dont be jelaous..

  • Anyone tried to activate it as an iPhone prepaid $30 sim?

  • Does anyone know whether these can be used for Google play credit?

    • You would need to convert to $30 credit by chat. Reports of success in the past. Then can use for Play. Could possibly set up as Longlife phone plan, giving 6 months to spend the credit.

      Further details in the Teltra Starter Pack Wiki. However Telstra is changing plans etc a bit at the moment, so check current details.

      • Thanks Bruce.

      • I asked about converting or crediting for my May7 expiring packs and they said it was a $30 charge to convert to 6month long life. But I'm not sure the girl really knew what she was on about.

    • I would not recommend this. I've tried in the past, and was denied. Buy if you want to use the 3GB.

      • With Telstra CSR on chat, you may need to ask a few times before success with changing to credit. Without that first stage working, there is no credit, so no Play. Different people give different responses. There have been enough reports of success converting data to credit to try it, but don't rely on it.

        • I did it once and didn't get credit. I asked her to confirm I would get credit, and she said yes… Nope.

          I wouldn't risk it myself, I'll wait for another $10-$12 deal and buy bulk again.

  • These don't do credit for I phones let alone Google things, 3GIG only…
    and on 4G it disappears rather quick!

  • Also try other stores as these discontinued stock are being cleared due to nearing expiry date. Woolworths Cleveland were selling their last one at $12.50, Kmart are clearing their last micro-SIM stock after selling $30 iPad nano-SIMs for 50c ;-)

    Don't forget to check that expiry date, as expired stock does get sold & Telstra say they won't swap once expired (despite a few reports of success).

    No credit, just 3GB on 4G.
    May be able to swap for $30 credit via chat. Of course that $30 credit now only buys 2GB. Recharging the iPad SIM should be at old 0.98c/MB rate for $30.
    $30 credit buys 28+days on the Freedom Phone plan - includes 1.3GB, $220 of calls etc on Cap, and leaves $30 credit to spend on Play, or transfer to another SIM with creditme2u ($29 transfers after 25c fees).

    Further details in the Teltra Starter Pack Wiki.

    $10 used to be a fairly regular deal at AP more than a year back. But with other attractive offers including data, these old packs are not so attractive, unless you need to use Telstra. eg expired Amaysim 1 Month Unlimited 5GB Mobile Plan + SIM Via LivingSocial with 5GB, unlimited calls, etc for less than $12, but only available for 1 month.

    • how do u actually pay GooglePlay with Telstra $?

    • Wait hang on, so you are saying if activated as ipad plan (3GB no credits), you can recharge it at 0.98c/MB?

      • I think that's the deal. pft.. you can often buy a regular $30 telstra SIM for $15 that gives you 2GB anyway. That works out cheaper than 0.98c/MB

        • True, but I remember last time with the ipad plan that has rates at 0.98c/MB, you can do creditme2u to keep extending the expiry date. So you don't have to recharge full amount every month. Is this still applicable for this starter pack right now?

        • @wildstone:
          Telstra & I have different views on that :-(

          That's the way to go, given you buy $30 credit for a fraction of that. But, it didn't work for me a few months ago.

          Theoretically, a $10 creditme2u should add 1GB & up to 14 days. We did agree on creditme2u extended the expiry by a further 13 days if used on the last day expiry.

          However Telstra charged me at the payg rate of 5c/MB! 14 days of dispute later, Telstra stated creditme2u is not a top up as stated in Telstra Terms of Agreement document, but is a Recharge (at pay as you go rates). So their Agreement states one thing, but they say whatever gets them the best deal. Got their view in writing to take to the TIO. Still thinking about it, as iPad plan is now no more.

        • @brucefromaustralia:

          Well it definitely used to work at 0.98c/MB for c2u, because I used to have iPad plan but I didn't use it anymore and it has been deactivated.

          So right now with the this iPad starter kit it won't work for c2u?

        • @wildstone:
          Yes, I've used it in the past, but with the demise of the iPad plan, the cheap creditme2u data top ups seem to have died. Recharging with $30 will still give 3GB & preserve credit & iPad plan - an expensive option given other choices.

          Try with $1 & check your added data. It will extend your expiry date by up to 14 days for $1 + 25c fee.

        • @brucefromaustralia:

          Thanks bruce, thought I could get one of these and still use the data top up with c2u, but apparently not.

        • @wildstone:
          Well it did 'topup' data, but at the 5c/MB recharge rate instead of the old 0.98c one. Argued with Telstra that a Recharge is very different to a top up, but they ignored their own Agreement definition.

  • Ok went to post office they had plenty, problem though expiry 07 MAY 2015.

    Is that an issue?

    • it's useless if it's expired.

      • Actually, no. You could buy them and try to swap them at Telstra shop. Always worked for me, especially with proof of date of purchase.
        If it doesn't return to Post Office and get money back as they sold you expired goods.
        That means you must pretend you do not know they are expired when you buy them.

  • Oh well if all else fails. Disposable USB, vodafone non-expiring modem 3GB $14 each in tomorrow's Coles specials till Tue 19th. If your phone rcvd two bars or are in metro.
    Also: 15 gb per 365day-recharge often down~$100 looks like less gymnastics cf. $15-a 2gig telstra monthly & with similar economics for light usages of 4G. That's a voda.

  • Coles offering $1 Telstra $30 Starter Packs (with $30 shop), which are now good for 3GB - select 30 day DATA PASS when activating ;-) Ten times as good a deal & more flexible uses.

  • short expiry date. aug2015 here in sydney

    • These were discontinued over a year ago, so all these clearance stock will have short expiry. It depends when that store received their stock. Reports some had already expired, or expires end of September. Telstra policy is not to replace with current stock.

      Also, old Starter Pack stock may have had their phone number already recycled - see discussion in Coles deal. Happened to me & is a pain to activate a SIM which is 'invalid'.

      Telstra expiry usually lasts 2 years. These packs were replaced with Telstra $30 Starter Packs for Tablets with 2GB. Those have been replaced this week by Data Pass with 3GB & $30 (limited use - can't be transferred) credit.

      That's why the Coles $1 deal is great value - around 2 years before SIM expires plus the additional credit to use on Google Play etc. Time to stock up.

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