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Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Month-to-Month Plan Outright Device 32GB - $384 / 64GB $480 (Cellular) @ Optus



The device cost for Apple iPad Mini 2 month-to-month from Optus are now:
32GB - $384 (Space Grey)
64GB - $480 (Space Gray / Silver)

Please factor in 1 month plan cost, min. $5 My Mobile Broadband Plan (e.g. $389 for first month).

I would assume both device is Wi-Fi + Cellular due to tablet sim plans.

Currently Apple Store sells Apple iPad mini Retina 32GB Cellular for $589.

The Good Guys - 16GB Cellular - $529


Edit #1
Previous post of last offer (expired)

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  • Last time they just had cancelled my order… no trust for Optus.

  • Whats the cancellation fee on these? Not a bad price to cancel it after one month or so

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      "The maximum cancellation fee is $35 on a 24 month contract and
      $26 on a 12 month contract. This fee will decrease during your
      contract period. If you cancel your plan, you’ll also have to pay
      any outstanding charges for your device if you have an equipment
      repayment plan. There are no cancellation fees for the month-to-month

      • Awesome. No cancellation fees for the month-to-month plan. thanks!

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    I'm not getting that price, it's coming up to $21 per month

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      click 'month to month' instead of 24 months plan

      • -1

        still get $389 not $384

        • +2

          The first month costs $5.

        • Call up to cancel the sim and they will only charge for the tablet

        • you have to sacrifice paying $5 for online purchase, otherwise buy in-store, call your local store for stock

        • I updated to show the first month minimum plan of $5 My Mobile Broadband Plan, which totals to $5 (plan) + $384 (32GB device) = $389.

        • @tchi6: the rep said it only works if you have existing plan with optus

        • @hongd: At most you should have to pay the once off $5 and you should be able to cancel after as it is month to month based and you are not locked into a contract. But many including myself from the previous deal were able to get the $5 waived

        • @tchi6: how to get it waived? I received my iPad last week but still have not opened the package yet

        • @alwayseric: have opened all but the sim. Yet to be charged.

  • Wait a sec… iPad Mini 2 - 64GB is something new to me. Am I missing something here?

    Unless Optus is clearing out the leftover stocks from Nov 2014, there's no way you can find iPad mini 2 64GB from anywhere.

  • iPad air 64gb and 128gb out of stock :( $1152 for a 128 iPad air and 2.5gb Data! Damn missed out.

    Edit: But $1140 for 2.5gb and iPAd Air 2 128gb on a 12 month plan, awesome!

  • Just bought one outright on Thursday 07/05/15 for $528.00, it's still sealed/unopened. It's gift for mom
    Anyone know if they could refund the difference? not even a week ago :'(
    Anyone on the same situation?

    • From where?

      • Would say from Optus.

      • From Optus Melbourne. Already called the store, they can't do it. =(

        • +2

          I'm sure that you can get refund since its unopened and under a week. Go in store and do it

        • Yep, do it.

        • @tchi6: already checked with 2 different stores, they don't do refund. the staff actually asked the manager. and he said no. a bit sad, but still ok, still much cheaper than the current price most retailers are selling.

        • @zsa82: it is unopened. I'm pretty you are able to return it.

        • @zsa82: Well by ACCC, you are entitled to refund at no cost. You are expect to receive refund on exact payment method you have done. For example, if you have paid in cash, you are expected to have it back in cash not store credit.

          All shops saying no refund within the purchase of 21 days are BS. If you need to know more about this, go ACCC and their site let you know your rights as a consumer.

    • If you bought on a credit card that has insurance, you may be able to claim back the difference. Lots of platinum cards have price protection insurance.

  • Just bought a 32gb model, getting delivered in next couple days apparently - thanks OP!

  • Can we use other sim instead of Optus without unloking it or it comes as unlocked?

    • +1

      Don't think any apple product comes locked

    • +1

      It comes unlocked. Purchased a 16GB WIFI + Cellular one a few weeks ago.

  • Would this be in store also? My current mini 1 won't last another week.

  • Out of stock it seems (both colours and GB sizes)?

  • I finally can retire my "new" iPad which is slow and HEAVY!

    • +1

      Same here. The 3rd gen is showing its age.

  • $499 and $589 on refurb so good prices!

  • Decent deal I think. Hopefully they don't (partially) cancel on us like last time :)

    I think if you REALLY want this deal, it is probably better to go into their store (which may or may not have stock available).

  • Can you get the Netflix offer with this?

    • 6 Months Netflix: Eligible on $30/$45/$60 Mobile Broadband Plan 24 month contract.

  • So basically you buy it for $389 which is the first month then just cancel it and get an ipad for $389?

    • +1

      Clear as day….

    • +17

      you are allowed to take items back unopened with recipt (sic) under Australian law

      Incorrect, under the Australian Consumer Law a store does not need to refund items simply for change of mind.

      tell them that the item you bought it not what it was

      Zsa 82 has not stated that the item has any defects, only that he is disappointed he bought it at a higher price.

      they will winge but stick to your guns and demand refund

      You are not entitled to one as per above

      I hate people getting ripped

      Zsa 82 purchased the tablet yesterday. He believed it was at an appropriate price and indeed it was the cheapest price Optus had previously offered. Just because the price decreases the next day does not mean the consumer was ripped off the day before.

      (profanity) optus

      What you are doing is completely unethical. They only bothered to refund you because you, yourself were a significant strain on their resources and the cost of dealing with you outweighed any benefit they had of asserting their rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

      • +3

        I don't know who neg you, but there is a +1.

      • +5

        yeah, I won't fight for $48. Just have to live with it I guess.
        You can't own a shop where customer comes back to you every time after price gone down.

        • +1

          one more thing. If you have used your credit card, check if you are with price protection.

      • +1

        thank you for correcting him.. Used to have to deal with that every time I had work after uni.. No more!

  • weird, order placed, but didnt ask me to make any payment??

    • maybe you selected the option to pay later

      • i selected "manual payment"

        • that meant they will send you a bill and you pay later so no payment asked

    • It says "Total due today: $0" for me as well.

      I thought this was normal?

      • Yes. they will bill later

  • ordered one, thanks OP

  • anyone knows if OW will beat the price?

    • +2

      unlikely as it's on a plan which they don't offer.

      • thank you

  • just ordered one. Can someone advise whether there will be receipt which shows the GST amount when it is delivered? Need that to get the TSR refund when going overseas in end of May.

    The Customer Authority Form only shows the monthly cost and the one-off cost of the tablet with no GST.

    • Would like to know the same , hope we get a reply

    • +1

      No prices shown, last time i ordered.

  • Great Deal!

  • +1

    already have 3 ipads, still ordered one….will think later on who to give it to :)

    • +3

      Hi hi how are you? Remember me? Yeah i told you i lost my ipad remember?

  • +1

    If I remember correctly this model versus the newer one has no difference except for a touch ID. So you're not losing much at all especially at this price.

    • +2

      I can confirm. Model specs are exactly the same bar Touch ID.

      This deal has been going for a couple of months. I found it here on OzB.

      I chose month to month. Paid nothing on order and it arrived in 2 days. I received an invoice for the iPad and the $5 of data. I never activated the Sim so called up, paid invoice by CC and cancelled the data plan at the same time. All up, I paid for the iPad and about 23c for the data. Never asked about the 23c but either way, a very cheap way to purchase a brand new unlocked cellular IPad Mini with no contract involved.

    • One more difference: you can get the mini 3 in gold… GOLD! ♪ Always believe in your soul ♫ …

  • Grabbed a 32GB - thanks OP

  • Got a 64gb in Space Grey. Thanks heaps OP, awesome deal! Added it to my existing iPhone 6 plan by using the data sharing option. Optus also called me the other day and gave me an extra gig of data for free (5gb+1gb).

  • I bought 5 ipads 2,3 weeks ago, if you have business plan, it s cheaper. $414.20 for 64 gb and $366.20 for 32gb . at that time ,normal plan is $485 for 32 gb ,they just change the price now.

  • -2

    Is this 32g one the cellular model?

  • Damn,, out of stock online

    • +2

      black still available

      • Ahh,, tried all options except the color,,anyways order placed, thanks for pointing it out. Cheers

  • why many people choose 32gb instead 64gb with only $100 more?

    • +3

      Because they don't need the additional 32gb

    • +3

      $100 is 25% more expensive.

      • Another reason is Apple has stopped 64GB manufacture few months ago.

  • +1

    you reckon optus.would give an iPad instead of the galaxy tab in their home bundle? (with a bit of an adjustment in price?)

  • The subject of this deal is Ipad mini 2 but when I go to the deal its an Ipad mini ?
    which I would assume in the first gen one ?? have optus changed it ?

    • +1

      iPad mini with Retina = iPad Mini 2.
      IPad mini 1st gen is non retina

    • Thanks @zsa82, that shows how little i know !! Well its ordered now so thanks :)

  • What is the probability of the order is getting confirmed, I did ring up CC support and I was told low stock
    Fingers crossed…

  • Ordered the 32GB space grey. Credit card hasn't been charged yet. Hopefully it ships out soon.

  • Does anyone top Virgin for BYO tablet [3G or 4G] month-by-month (ie, No Contract) mobile data?

    Eg: 5 GB for $30/mon -OR- 12 GB for $40/mon

  • They cancelled my order even though I sent them a copy of my license. I guess they don't want to make money.

    • Same to me

    • Why did u have to send a copy of your license in the first place?

      • +1

        I assume because I'm not with Optus and you need to give ID to buy a SIM card.

    • Same shit here. They aaked me to go to the store to show my ID, even I sent them in email.

    • Are any of you'll on another service with Optus?

      • I'm with Vodafone. Didn't pay them so no hassle.

  • Got the Mini 32gb today with month to month plan, 389$.

    If I keep the simcard, would they charge me 5 dollars per month for 250 MB data allowance?


  • Received ipad today, month to month plan.

    be aware guys, each purchase goes to credit history. I got my veda report today, showing optus 2 days ago ( the day I ordered ).

    • Thanks for letting us know. Should have no problems if you cancel it properly. :)

  • Anyone know of a good cover for the iPad mini 2??

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