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Free Redheads Wrapped Firelighter Cube Sample Pack


FREE Samples! Introducing our latest Redheads product - Redheads Wrapped Firelighter Cubes! Convenient, light the wrapper firelighters. Mess free, easy to store and carry. Combustable wrapper burns away with no waste. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Available at major retailers soon nationally throughout Australia! FREE sample pack by post! Must be an Australian resident, 18 or older. One claim per household. Allow 30 days for delivery.

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    I'm rapt at getting in on this deal (almost red-faced with excitement)

    • So rapt you forgot to upvote it :-)

      • fair point!

  • +8

    Stoked about this incendiary offer too

  • Done and done, a piece of cake.

  • +6

    sigh…This deal is too hot to handle.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Great first post.

  • Cheers OP.

  • +2

    Cheers Richoboy, you're on fire.

  • Thanks OP.
    Being using these (unwrapped) for my fireplace for years.
    Will see how these go when they arrive.

    • +1

      I think they will get along like a house on fire.

  • +2

    This deal's a Firestarter, punking instigator!

  • Would love to receive some of these!

  • +1

    No idea what to use for but, Yep sign up!

    • Bonfire.

  • +4

    I'm a little surprised you can just post these out to people via Australia Post. Everyone freaks out if I have a spare lithium ion battery on a plane, but genuinely made-to-be-inflammable stuff - knock yourself out!

  • I cannot agree to Terms and Conditions as there is no box to tick but it insists there is ? tried with Firefox and IE

  • +4

    Nothing more fun than lighting redheads up :)

  • what a firesale.

  • Thanks! Light em up!

  • Cheers OP! Great first post

    Going camping for Queens Birthday will be very useful might order another sample to be sent to work :)

  • Thanks, didn't even need to burn any money on this.

  • +2

    One solitary cube?

    • Nope..you get 2 of them

  • +1

    These are fantastic for camping. Thank you!

  • +2

    Have used these when camping for years. They are the bomb (literally if you use enough of them…)

    Give me a 100% success rate when starting fires, makes you feel like you have Bear Grills competency levels… ;-)

    • +1

      No no. Bear Grills would light a fire in a hail storm by rubbing two dried camel turds together in a pot of mashed up dung beetles. He'd then cook the turds and eat them.

      • +1

        I'm waiting for his post-career tell-all when he reveals they weren't camel turds

  • Thanks OP!

  • Cheers op

  • Thanks :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

    Actually live out in the country and the only source of heating in the house is wood fire, fire lighters are the go when you've run out of petrol.

  • +4

    I received my samples in the post today which consisted of 3 x Firelighter cubes.

  • cheers!

  • mine arrived the other day too, and I CAN'T BELIEVE they can just get sent through the post!

    PS - I got three in the pack as well

  • ID required to pick up this item? WTF

    How do I know this is not a phishing scam to get my name/address/email ?

    • why, have you been burned before?
      (sorry, realised utopia (below) got this gag in before me!)

  • Just got it delivered to my home address. Awesome!

  • Got mine a few days ago, already used them for the BBQ.

  • +1

    Looks promising.

    Though, I've been burnt in the past.